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Amanda’s Apparel -Part One: The Formal Collection

Welcome to Amanda’s Apparel welcome These posts will concentrate on Amanda’s fashion choices. When I think of Amanda’s clothing, what stands out for me are her evening garments, and a certain hairstyle change (with accompanying unfortunate ear accessories) near the end of season two. So we’ll focus in the first post on Amanda’s formal outfits and move onto best (and unfortunate) moments in the next post.

The formal wear: it seems that Amanda only wore three colours when she was attending a party or dating a baddie in seasons one and two. Occasionally, she added a bit of silvery sparkle to line things up. I think some of her outfits are stunning, and others are desperately boring.

Amanda’s first foray into formal wear was to a party
S1E6_formal_black_Amanda hosted by Princess Penny and husband in Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth.

   S1E6_formal_black_hairstyle_Amanda She looks lovely especially with her hair up. I wouldn’t normally go the rose hair decoration, but it looks great here.


It’s hard to see if this is the same dress in Service   S1E7_formal_black_side_AmandaAbove and Beyond.It’s either the same, or Amanda’s added a few sequins to the bodice to “rejuvenate” it. (It’s tough being divorced housewife with a mortgage and two kids, and only a few designer evening gowns in your wardrobe wink  )

A bit of a departure here for AmandaS1E14_Black_hippy_formal_Amanda with this fringed black bag, compounded by a black Amanda band  (Dead Ringer).




 When your figure is this good, don’t cover it in a bag. (On the left is Amanda in her bag, on the right is Michael Weston from Burn Notice in his bag; she chose to wear it; he didn’t)

S1E14_Black_hippy_back_formal_Amanda  Head bag from Hot Spot BNS2E11
And another recycled outfit (The Mole and The Affair S1E15_black_sparkly_formal_Amanda  at Bromfield Hall). Much better.       S2E8_black_withsilver_formal_Amanda

Even with the (IMO) overdetailed sparkly bits in silver. Love the updo.



 And in the running as the worst formal outfit of theS2E16_formal_Amanda entire series: I present: this black dress covered by a fish-scale inspired jacket (Life of the Party). Plus there is the hair don’t. And ear-buttons which set off the scale jacket. Even more frightening is the fact that KJ wore this to the Golden Globe Awards in 1985 (See Iswod’s research at Neds)

Charlies Angels scale outfit



 The only consolation is that this is toned down in comparison to the Charlies Angels scale look.

With a couple of exceptions, I’m not wild about Amanda in white – formal or otherwise. This first example is just hideously fussy
yuck (Service Above and Beyond). S1E7_formal_whitetop_Amanda With her fine features, Amanda should never be wearing this, no matter what the computer says Jim Delano would like Victoria Greenwich to be wearing. Even her hair is OTT (literally!)  here.


And the next jacket is a little bit dull. S1E17_formal_whiteshimmerytop_Amanda  Amanda, in her early 30s at this point, is not yet at the black trousers, white vest and sparkly overtop stage (The Artful Dodger and Weekend).




I don’t even think I, who am, sadly, well beyond my early 30s, would go to the Cumberland in that outfit.

And two more granny white outfits S1E21_milk_Amanda – Waiting for Godorsky (even her drink matches her outfit – very wholesome)

S2E1_white_formal_Amanda  and another one in the casino (To Catch a Mongoose) sigh

Next is my favourite formal outfit of the entire series and the major exception to the “white is boring” rule: the one I’d love to own; the one I wish I’d look like Amanda (The Three Faces of Emily). The fit, Lee,  the beading, Lee, the asymmetrical feather, LeeIs there anyone out there who doesn’t want to be Amanda in this scene?



Next up: Ship of Spies – we have the dress for hanging from the lifeboat outfit – S2E12_white_boat_hanging_formal_Amanda which, as Iwsod points out, is basically the white version of the black dress in Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth. Yawn, it looks better in black.


S2E12_white_boat_hanging_formal_full_Amanda But Amanda’s scapular stabilisers look like they’re in good nick .


And who could forget possibly the most famous “formal” outfit – the San Angelo cover wedding dress. Amanda chose a fairly typical design for the mid-eighties. In fact she got the idea from my Barbie doll, Isabel’s wedding dress from 1983. Unfortunately, my kids cut if up (!!) last year so I can’t show you a picture of it.

S2E12_wedding_Amanda  S2E12_wedding_side_Amanda

The final white outfit is from the dream sequence, modelled on Casablanca, from DOA. S2E19_whitesuit_formal_Amanda Although Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) wore a few suits in Casablanca, I think this outfit’s sparklies are more ‘80s than ‘40s.




Lee the chauffeur may have thought she looked fabulous in this outfit (SAAB) but for me – it’s another bag. With a set of furs that give me the creeps.

S1E7_formalblue_full_length_Amanda     S1E7_formalblue_withfur_Amanda

Not sure what that hair accessory is (a bow? a clip?) but I love this dress from Dead Ringer S1E14_blue_open_formal_Amanda . The daring back is fun and I like the colour.S1E14_blue_open_close_formal_Amanda Not like the usual royal blue – more a French navy.




This is the only time when Amanda takes a leaf out of Francine’s book and get her inspiration from an animal – this case, the Dalmatian (The Affair of Bromfield Hall). Hang on a second – didn’t Francine lend her this outfit?

S2E2_formal_Dalmatian_Amanda       S2E2_formal_Dalmatian_bin_Amanda

Vote now for your favourite!!


So what’s your favourite Amanda look? Would you wear any of these outfits yourself? Which do you think Lee likes the most??? I’d love to hear from you all!
And up next – in Amanda’s Apparel Part 2 – the informal collection: the good, the bad and the professional!

And Now a Word from our Sponsors

Hiya Everyone!   While iwsod is on a brief break from posting more of OBDOBD, I thought it might be fun for some comic relief from some of our favorite SMK characters.

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Now that’s funny right ‘here…channeling my inner Larry the Cable Guy – or is it Mater?  Just look at that smooth skin on Lee’s cheeks!  No wonder he ended up an Estee Lauder model!



Love it!!  I almost don’t mind those ear buttons!!  Rolling on the floor laughing  Is this not one of your most favorite Amanda Francine moments?  What do you think – do you like Amanda better here or in the Freezer in FFFT?  What other “Amanda bests Francine” moments have we had?


And let’s hear now from a few of our other wonderful sponsors.


Bob, I think those cost $5,000!   Bwahahaha!  That’s two poison gas canisters…ha ha ha Lightning



Want fries with that?  I think Billy does.  Or maybe he’s stumped…wondering just how Amanda read his mind….

Just what do you think he is thinking or looking at in this picture?  Amanda, Lee, and the Russian guy whose name I can’t remember at the moment seem to be very keen on something off to their left.

And from our final sponsor of the evening…



I bet you’re all craving a glass of milk right now, aren’t ya??? Winking smile

Have to say I’m glad he’s not sporting the milk moustache – even though I know you’re a big fan of the ‘stache, KC!


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Bite Size Amanda – Magic Bus

And we’re back!  Back for more of Amanda’s journey!  I hope you are enjoying our small little side trips down into this rabbit hole!  Bunny The whole point of these posts is to get the discussion going and keep it going.  There are no right or wrong answers – please join in the commentary if you would like to!  Your thoughts and opinions are yours alone to share.

In MBus, we see thrust into a new case by the Agency.  Although she deals with it well, it is just dropped on her doorstep, practically literally, without any real agreement on her part.  I wonder just how much that irks her, yet she just goes along with it.  Are you feeling a bit like a doormat here, Amanda?

doormat 1doormat 2

In MBus we also see Amanda getting more comfortable with Lee personally and with working with him.  Remember this? 

touch 3touch 1

Of course you do!  Winking smile  Maybe after the helicopter ride in TFT, the crane ride in TGTN and being tied up in TACMK has shrunk their personal space boundaries.  (I think someone brought that point up on the blog somewhere recently – was it you?)  There is lots of teasing and even a bit of sexual tension in this episode. 

wanna comedimple 7

Amanda continues her quest to learn more about Lee’s personal life.   In her mind he has had a really interesting life and I think she lunch for a spyjust wants him to like her as a person (making him a picnic lunch even though he’ll never appreciate it) and have some respect for what she brings to the table instead of thinking of her as a nuisance. 


She still views him as someone who cannot relate to normal every dayreal people life.  “Real people live here and they won’t understand you.” 

Although Amanda thinks of herself as “normal”, she takes her job at the Agency seriously and wants to get the training she training

was promised.  I think she believes in herself and in her ability to contribute successfully to her job and by the end of the episode insists on Lee admitting it.  You go girl!   What a change from the doormat treatment at the beginning of the case! 

so petty

Unlike TACMK, Amanda is key to the successful resolution of this case and I am glad to see Amanda stand up to Lee and let him know that she is a strong, confident and capable woman.

And what about Dean?  Amanda tells her mother that Dean is the only dean only manman in her life.  Hmmm.  Is she getting comfortable enough with her lies about the Agency that she is now lying about Dean to her mother?  Or is she lying to herself?  What do you think?

I’ll stop there – but have a few other questions to ask…

What do you think of Amanda’s transformation from doomat to making a stand for herself?  Thumbs up

Why does she make him a picnic lunch? With a bottle of wine nonetheless – he is going to be driving after all. Do you think that Amanda wants Lee to like her as a person?  Send a kiss

What does Amanda mean by the “real people” comment? She seems to understand Lee – yet she’s real.

Why do you think Dotty asks Amanda if she is having an affair? Do you think it’s more than Amanda being distracted and missing late night TV?