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2/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15


Welcome back to the second Vehicle Patrol report! Woo-hoo! On with the show…


Magical moving license plates—different episodes, aka who stole my plate?!?  smiley-angry034

Which vehicles shared the same plate in different episodes? No surprise, there’s a few… clip_image003 so I’ll only mention those that appear in three or more episodes (including episodes 1-8 covered in the previous report).

My apologies in advance for some of the unclear images—some of the plates are difficult to capture in one frame…

Virginia MR8-589 – Sudden Death, Lost And Found, and The Mole

The brown Ford LTD Crown Victoria sedan that the baddies use to stalk/transport Bela in SD shares the same license plate—Virginia MR8-589—with Liberty Larry’s blue 1960 Cadillac Series 62 convertible in LAF and the random blue coupe that Amanda overtakes in TM before leading the sheriffs to Lee.

S1E9_Baddie_TanSedan_i2 S1E12_OldBlue_MR8589


S1E9_Baddie_TanSedan_175x117_2 S1E12_OldBlue_MR8589_175x117 S1E15_Random_BlueToyota_MR8589_175x117

Washington DC 7F9-615 – Sudden Death, I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy, and Dead Ringer

A random Chevrolet Chevette hatchback parked on the street where the baddies kidnap Bela (SD), baddie Polo’s Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine (IANNNHIEBAS) and Billy’s Agency Ford LTD sedan (DR) all share Washington DC plate 7F9-615.

S1E9_Random_7F9815 S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615


S1E9_Random_7F9815_175x117 S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615_rear_175x117 S1E14_Billy_Ford_7F9615_175x117

Virginia EN6-3K8 – Saved By The Bells, Sudden Death, and Lost And Found (x2)

Virginia plate EN6-3K8 was certainly busy… willy_nilly it was in a previous episode—on the ice-cream truck in SBTB (episode 8)—and in these episodes on a GMC truck parked in the District of Columbia Stadium (SD) and twice at Liberty Larry’s lot in LAF (per previous installation of Vehicle Report; Magical moving license plates—same episode).

S1E8_IceCreamTruck_EN63K8 S1E9_Random_GMC_EN63K8 S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8


S1E8_IceCreamTruck_EN63K8_175x117 S1E9_Random_GMC_EN63K8_175x117 S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8_175x117


Virginia TL7-609 – Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, Sudden Death, Lost And Found, and The Mole

SMK hit the quadrella with Virginia plate TL7-609 appearing in four episodes. It appeared in a previous episode on baddie Bo Johnson’s Jeep in ALAGHITM (episode 6), on a random white car parked on the street (while Amanda was tailing the baddies) in SD, on another of Liberty Larry’s old convertibles (LAF) and on the red Chevrolet Corvette C4 that the sheriffs stopped to help (TM).

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_OnCliff S1E9_Random_TL7609

 S1E12_OldWhiteTL7609 S1E15_RedCorvette_TL7609

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_175x117 S1E9_Random_TL7609_175x117 S1E12_OldWhiteTL7609_175x117


Washington DC 8B3-259 – Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy, and The Mole

Back to a quinella with Washington DC plate 8B3-259; it’s on one of the embassy Cadillac limousines in ALAGHITM (episode 6), the baddies’ brown Ford LTD II coupe that Lee rode on the bonnet of, and on the random brown Chevrolet Chevette hatchback that Amanda overtook in TM.

S1E6_Cadillac_8B3259 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_i2


S1E6_Cadillac_8B3259_175x117 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i0_175x117 S1E15_RandomHatchback_8B3259_175x117

Washington DC 7E4-965 – The First Time, The ACM Kid, and Dead Ringer

It appears that the Agency managed to wrestle Washington DC plate 7E4-965 away from the baddies… It was seen in TFT on the baddies’ black sedan that chases Lee and Amanda around the parking garage and on the baddies’ red Ford LTD sedan in TACMK, but then appeared on one of the Agency Cadillac limousines used in the switcheroo when Francine—posing as Magda—“escaped” from the arboretum.

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965 S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front S1E14_Agency_Black_7E4965

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965_175x117 S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front_175x117 S1E14_Agency_Black_7E4965_175x117

Washington DC 8Z3-526 – The First Time (x2), Dead Ringer, and The Mole

Remember Washington DC plate 8Z3-526 that appeared twice in The First Time—on a black Oldsmobile (?) in the parking garage and on an orange VW convertible at Moby’s Dock? It appears again, on another of the Agency Cadillac limousines involved in the Francine/Magda shell game, and on baddie Agent (Mole) Benson’s Agency issue Dodge sedan…

S1E1_Random_8Z3526 S1E1_VW_8Z3526 S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_i2


S1E1_Random_8Z3526_175x117 S1E1_VW_8Z3526_175x117 S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_175x117


This plate—8Z3-526—also appears in another of these episodes, but I’m keeping that instance under wraps for now. clip_image100 Muah hah hah…

Crashed/wrecked vehicles…

Lost And Found

I have to include this one, just because… In LAF, Amanda and Angelo hide in a car that is, quite literally, being wrecked (crushed).

S1E12_AmandaAndAngeloTrapped_i2 S1E12_AmandaAndAngeloTrapped_i3

Lee manages to save the day, stopping the crusher before Amanda and Angelo are squished… but shouldn’t Angelo the ESP expert have had a clue that the car would be picked up for crushing so that they could have avoided it in the first place…???… Just sayin’… poke)


I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

In IANNNHIEBAS, while trying to escape from the baddies, Amanda crashes the baddies’ sedan and manages to knock herself out smiley-shocked028 (and give herself amnesia)—but only after assuming the brace position for the crash, LOL:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_AmandaInBracePos S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_AmandaCrashes


Dead Ringer

In DR, Amanda is attempting to drive Magda to the airport but Magda is spotted by the baddies, who give chase to the station wagon. Amanda decides to try evasive manoeuvres, going off-roading through a park (which I still think is out of character for Amanda—she’d be concerned about pedestrian welfare—but I digress…) and taking out a couple of rubbish bins before landing the station wagon in a “swamp” (Amanda: “How did you find us?Lee: “Well, I saw somebody try to drive a station wagon through a swamp. 1hahaha_thumb3):

S1E14_Amanda_Ford_Offroading S1E14_Amanda_Ford_Offroading_i3

The Mole

Amanda helps to save Lee from baddie Agent Benson by taking out Benson’s car door with her station wagon, sustaining damage to said wagon. Amanda (to Lee): “And the Agency will pay for the damage, right? Because, I mean, it’s entirely, practically, the whole side of my station wagon is really messed up.” Funny thing is, the wagon appeared undamaged after the run-in… clip_image117 D’oh! clip_image118

S1E15_Amanda_TakingOutDoor S1E15_Amanda_TakingOutDoor_i6

Agency vehicles

Some of the Agency vehicles we see (exclusive of Lee and Amanda’s cars)…

Remembrance Of Things Past

While Lee’s Porsche was in the shop, he must have borrowed a car from the Agency vehicle pool… (it actually looks suspiciously like Billy’s car—clip_image123; see Dead Ringer, below).


Lost And Found

The Agency used a blue Ford Econoline van for showing Angelo around Los Angeles (Washington DC clip_image003[1]), and another—white—van was used for delivering Eva to, and keeping watch over, the safehouse.

S1E12_Agency_Van S1E12_Agency_Van2_i3

Dead Ringer

The Agency played a shell game with Cadillac limousines when Francine—posing as Magda—was whisked away from the arboretum in one car while three decoys tagged along to confuse the baddies…

S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_i2 S1E14_Agency_Black_Decoys


Then, heroic Lee saved Magda, Francine, and finally Amanda, by swooping in on the skids of the Agency helicopter—a Hughes 500-D (mind your swoons, ladies—gratuitous Lee shot follows)…

S1E14_AgencyHelicopter_N1090S S1E14_AgencyHelicopter_N1090S_i2

Billy’s Agency car—a black Ford LTD fourth generation (1983-1986) sedan…


The Mole

The Mole (aka Agent Benson)’s Agency car—a blue Dodge sedan, possibly an Aspen…


Blue Leader’s car—a black Lincoln Town Car limousine (image lightened for clarity), complete with chauffeur…



Well, that’s it for the second installment of Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15; coming up in the third (final) installment: some amusing vehicle moments/trivia and the blooper reel. clip_image145

This is Vehicle Patrol signing off until next time…


1/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15


 Welcome to the second Vehicle Patrol report! Woo-hoo! In this second report, we’ll cover Season 1 Episodes 9-15 (original airing order).

Note that much of my research utilised Google Images, Wikipedia, the Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDb), and/or various other specific car sites.  When possible, I assigned a model year to cars—when not, a generation, a model, or just a make. 

Now, sit back and enjoy…   To quote Mazda: “Zoom-Zoom”. clip_image003

Amanda’s Ford
In these episodes, Amanda’s car is still the cream and wood colour Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon (Virginia JR4-502):

S1E12_Amanda_Ford_JR4502 S1E14_Amanda_Ford_JR4502_rear

A little bit more about this car—it’s a Ford LTD Country Squire seventh generation (1979-1991) station wagon. The Country Squire was produced by Ford from 1950 to 1991 and was, essentially, a (top-of-the-line chaplin) trim option on the model of the moment, with the Country Squire wagon over the years being models such as the Fairlane (third gen.), Galaxie (fourth gen.), and the LTD (seventh/final gen.). Originally a full “Woodie”, the Country Squire down-shifted to just simulated wood trim/decals beginning with the Fairlane model in 1955. This LTD generation was actually the last of Ford’s full-size station wagons, with SUVs becoming more popular.

Lee’s Porsche

It’s Season 1, so Lee’s still driving the silver Porsche 356 “bathtub on wheelsclip_image008 (Washington DC 9S1-407):

S1E13_Lee_Porsche S1E13_Lee_Porsche_side

We even get to see it (parked) with the top down (in I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy):


More on this car in the third Vehicle Patrol report (Episodes 16-22, or thereabouts)…

Noteworthy vehicles

Special Edition Lotus Turbo Esprit

In The Mole, baddie agent (mole) David Benson drives a snazzy-looking copper/red car to pick up Amanda for their date: a Lotus Turbo Esprit. Specifically, this is (or is a clone of, but I believe it’s genuine) one—number 39—of only 47 “Investor’s Special Edition”/”Silver Anniversary Edition” Turbo Esprits released to US investors in 1983…  cool one of the identifying features being the removable tinted roof hatch, and—of course—the Special Edition 39 lettering on the driver door. (More information about these Special Edition Lotus Turbo Esprits can be found at The base model colour was silver/grey, but 33 of the 47 were produced in other colour combinations—this being one of them.

S1E15_BaddieAgentBenson_Lotus_light S1E15_BaddieAgentBenson_Lotus_SpecialEd

(Note: left-hand image lightened for clarity.)

This car appears again in Season 3—a couple of episodes from now on JWWM.  In that episode we can see the Turbo Esprit logo relatively clearly on the rear panel, and the Special Edition number is more clear:


More trivia: James Bond drove two Lotus Turbo Esprits in For Your Eyes Only (1981)… a white one and a bronze one—both specially commissioned.

Real license plates on set

I didn’t notice any real Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland/etc. plates in these episodes but, again, we have multiple instances of (real) California license plates on nearby vehicles. A couple of the more prominent/interesting instances occur in Lost And Found. In one of the scenes where Amanda and Angelo are being driven around in the blue Agency van, a white Chevrolet coupe can be seen stopping at the traffic light; the car has an old (yellow on black) California plate. Then, while Lee is driving Eva to Liberty Larry’s in his Porsche, a dark blue Chevrolet with white and red trim can be seen passing, with a California license plate visible through Lee’s grubby driver’s side window. clip_image001 Neither of the plates are legible, but are readily identifiable as Californian. (First pic cropped for clarity.)

S1E12_Random_Chevrolet_CA_BlackPlate_crop S1E12_Random_CA_Plate

(Notes: Yellow lettering on black, with the format lllddd [l = letter, d = digit] for passenger vehicles, was used on California license plates starting in 1963, when all plates were reissued. Following this—in 1970—the yellow on blue style was introduced [lllddd, then rolling over to dlllddd], and the current colour scheme of blue on white [dlllddd] was introduced in 1982 [reflectorized in 1987; baseplate designs varied, e.g., font for California, or sun graphic]. However, during the time of SMK, yellow on blue was still the most prevalent plate style. Information from: BTW – when I came to California, about 18 years ago twitch, black plates were rare but still to be seen [someone I used to know was a car nut and instilled a fondness for old-plated cars in me…]—now, I can’t remember the last time I saw one. smiley-sad032 [Edited 6/20 to add: I saw one today!!! cheerleader On a shockingly bright purple VW Bug! Edited again 7/3 to add: OMG I saw another one today! On a very sweet, drool-worthy, ’65 Mustang!!! love And again 8/1: Another ’60s Mustang (ID-able trim removed). Seriously—they’re now ganging up on me; 8/6: 1950’s-ish Chevrolet wagon.])

clip_image002[1] clip_image004 clip_image006

Sample CA passenger plates: 1963-1970 (left); 1970-1982 (middle); 1982-current (right).  Images from Wikimedia Commons; author Happoshu.

More prominent/amusing(?) California plate appearances occur in I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy. Funnily enough, both the red Porsche—924 or 944—coupe and the blue/grey Mercury Marquis station wagon that throw out the anchors to avoid hitting Lee in the roadway near Milo’s Daffy Dogs display CA plates. (Crazy Californians… driving around DC, trying to squish Lee. clip_image006 Images cropped for viewing clarity.)  Was there maybe a requirement that the stunt-involved cars required valid CA license/registration when filming was done on the streets (off the studio lot)? 

S1E13_LeeDodging1_crop S1E13_LeeJumping1crop

(Note: I can’t make out enough of the station wagon to confirm whether it does have faux wood trim [it kinda’ looks like it might]… but, if it does, it’s a Mercury Marquis Colony Park—Colony Park being the Mercury equivalent of the Ford Country Squire. clip_image001)

Same vehicle—different episodes

Some of the vehicles that appeared in multiple episodes (with the exception of Lee and Amanda’s cars and Agency vehicles)…

Red Porsche – Sudden Death and I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

We see a red Porsche coupe (924 or 944 model) in the District of Columbia Stadium parking lot in SD when Bela runs away to hide in Amanda’s car… we see the same red Porsche in IANNNHIEBAS when Lee is trying to save Amanda from being kidnapped by the baddies:

S1E9_Random_Porsche_side S1E13_LeeDodging1

Brown Chevrolet – Sudden Death and The Mole

The brown Chevrolet Chevette hatchback randomly parked on the street when the baddies kidnap Bela in SD is overtaken by Amanda—when trying to save Lee—in TM:

S1E9_Random_7F9815  S1E15_RandomHatchback_8B3259

Blue Ford – The ACM Kid, Saved By The Bells, and Lost And Found

Remember the blue Ford Econoline van that the baddies stole from the Agency back in the first Vehicle Report (the Agency used it in TACMK, then the baddies used it in SBTB)?

S1E5_AgencyVan S1E8_BaddieVan_C648F9_side

Well, I guess the Agency managed to steal it back again, ‘cos they use it for taking Angelo on a tour of Los Angeles—uh, sorry…  wink Washington DC—in LAF:


Black Cadillac – Service Above And Beyond and I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

Maybe some of the baddies share a car service, ‘cos Baddie Delano’s black Cadillac Fleetwood limousine from SAAB (left-hand image) is used by Baddie Polo in IANNNHIEBAS (and the waxing/polishing job looks just as bad in both lol):

S1E7_Delano S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615_side

Note: the four Agency limos used in Dead Ringer are very similar (or, at least, two of them are similar but definitely different, however the other two weren’t seen close enough to confirm)—they’re also Cadillac Fleetwoods, but lack the red striping and the front grille is different (–> different year; Agency limos on left, baddie Polo’s limo on right):

S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_i2 S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615

Ambulance – If Thoughts Could Kill and The Mole

Tee hee hee… the ambulance that Amanda “borrowed” in ITCK object-emoticon-0004 makes an encore performance—but just a bit part—in TM, when Lee and his team try to take baddie Viktor down at the start of the episode:

S1E3_Ambulance_A327E5_side S1E15_PoliceAndAmbulance

Lee uses a fake license plate

Not in these episodes; Lee’s Washington DC license plate 9S1-407 seems to stay firmly attached to his Porsche, but keep watching and waiting… clip_image011

Amanda’s license plate goes AWOL

It seems that Amanda’s license plate (Virginia JR4-502) has been behaving itself in these episodes—unlike in the first eight—and staying put. Vehicle Patrol will keep watching to see whether they stray again… clip_image013

Magical moving license plates—same episode

It seems as though vehicles noticeably shared the same plate within the same episode only once in these eps…

Lost and Found

At Liberty Larry’s used car lot/scrap yard we see Virginia EN6-3K8 on the powder blue (Jet Stream Blue?) 1959 Edsel Ranger 4-door hardtop that Lee shoves Eva into the boot (trunk) of, and also on the pale yellow 1955 Cadillac Series 60 or 62 that Lee/Stunt Lee fights with the KGB goon behind:

S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8 S1E12_OldYellow_EN63K8

I also love the way the license plate is just rested against the boot of the Edsel… not properly attached:

S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8_175x117 S1E12_OldYellow_EN63K8_175x117

Well, that’s it for this installment of Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15. Coming up next: Magical moving license plates—different episodes, crashed/wrecked vehicles, Agency vehicles, some amusing vehicle moments/trivia, and the blooper reel. clip_image001[1]

This is Vehicle Patrol signing off for now…


1/3-Amanda King: Housewife Looking for Work

Amanda King.  Housewife?  Yes.  Den Mother?  Yup.  Agent?  Hardly.  Spunky?  You bet.  From the moment she accepts that package from Lee Stetson at the train station to the moment he comes to offer her a ride in his new Corvette, Amanda morphs into a changed woman.  Let’s take a look at how she grows from your typical suburban mother and housewife who is looking for work in TFT to becoming the Agency’s only hope in CBAH. 

But before we start, I’d like to thank iwsod for the use of her lovely screen caps.  Thank you, iwsod!!  Open-mouthed smile You saved me so much time!  Also, I am using iwsod’s season 1 episode order.

In the tag of TFT, we don’t get to hear Amanda totally explain how she figured out the entire case and helped save amanda tag explainingLee in the process.  Actually, I think Billy must not have heard the whole thing either, or I’d wonder why he didn’t just hire her on the spot as a trainee agent – not as a civilian they rely on from time to time.  All on her own she does this:

  • realizes the words on the paper in the music box are recipe titles  and researches until she finds out they are from Mrs. Welch  amanda boo boo 1
  • uses a cover to get the air dates for each recipe from the TV station
  • links each air date with the dates the agents were murdered
  • tft dates link
  • figures out Lee is missing
  • connects Lee being missing to air date of Pilgrim’s Peach Puff
  • goes out to Mrs. Welch’s mansion only to discover Francine is the tft dumbwaiter

leak and helps save Lee’s life. 

  • Oh, and she flies a helicopter.

Sounds like potential agent material to me!  Right off the bat, we see she is persistent, a critical thinker, able to quickly make connections and is very courageous. I’ll give Billy the benefit of the doubt and consider she maybe had a bit of beginner’s luck with this first case, so let’s look at the rest of season 1 and see what develops.

Initially, Amanda is asked to help the Agency because of who she is, what she does, or where she lives.  From being dimple 5asked to be the “authentic” half of a suburban couple with Lee,parent 3     to babysitting a smug “orphan”, to using her driveway to hide the next best thing in the government’s mobile weaponry arsenal, and touch 4to being a Bedside Bluebell for a crabby Lee, we see that Amanda is being used in ways that take advantage of her expertise. 

But what we see is so much more.  We see her ability to think and make connections to the job with ramble 2 “normal life”, her ability to get people to talk and share information, a saves lee 2her attention to detail and powers of observation, and let’s not forget her driving skills – driving in NYC on a saves lee 1 Thanksgiving for the Macy’s parade is equal to proving your skills at LeMans and Monaco Winking smile.  You go, girl!

Billy must also take in these skills that Amanda is displaying and practicing, because she is rewarded and gets her first “real” spy assignment in SD:  she is to be an undercover operative (messenger) at the Pioneer’s football camp where Lee is already undercover.  After successfully completing her first real assignment, she is used again for her expertise.  In Gift Horse, a “frumpier”- jack 2than-Francine Amanda with her PTA connection gets to show Princess Penelope around an elementary school. 



Lee is in need of a beautiful woman for a date to the Quickie Chickie Snack Shack backer party in SAAB and in SBTB he needs someone who will feed his fish while away meeting women in the Caribbean. 

Amanda clearly displays her people skills when she befriends Penny and gets her to open up.  She also displays her quick thinking skills and comes up with a convincing cover in SAAB.  Even Billy is impressed, “She’s thinking on her feet.  She has instincts.”  In SBTB, her observation skills are tested, but with her excellent memory and eye for detail, she comes through and she and Lee find the house where she was held captive.  We also see a new skill in SBTB: she climbs up to the top of some high shelving and pushes over a tall stack of heavy tires to take out the baddies and free Lee.   Amanda is growing and getting more used to being in the spy business!

After all this, she is rewarded again by Billy in TLCE by being given a short undercover assignment.  Although this operation doesn’t go ramble 3quite as planned, we get to witness Amanda’s bravery and common sense as well as her first aid skills.

In ROTP, Billy gives Amanda another “spy” assignment.  She plaid 2is asked to help Lee investigate his own murder by doing his legwork.  She gets to see the seedier side of life and almost amanda booboo 3gets blown to smithereens by that nutter, Sinclair.  But hey, at least she now knows the going rate for such an establishment, ahem.

By this point, Amanda has certainly proven that she adds value to Lee and the Agency beyond her expertise in being a normal, everyday mother of two housewife.  She’s recognized by Billy for her ability to think on her feet and for having good instincts.   Lee also must see some of this, because in IANNNHIEBAS, for the first time not borne out of desperation, Lee gives her an assignment: she is to pick up a message from the elevator guy and bring it to him at the drop at Milo’s Daffy Dogs.  Unfortunately, all does not go as planned. Lee thinks he’s gotten Amanda killed, and he is significantly impacted.  But Amanda, ever resilient, comes through and continues on with the Agency. 


What pluck!

Amanda next has a series of small assignments in LAF, TAD, DR, and TM.  She is asked to use her life experience plus what she’s learned from working at the Agency so far.  More importantly, she learns a couple of lessons.  In TAD, to her horror, she is personally used and betrayed by the Dodger so he can steal the final MAB sheet.  On the positive side, she learns that she has earned some level of trust with Lee in The Mole.  He trusts her to dig around in everyone’s personal business and actually gives her a badge and sends her out to interview someone on her own to get information.  

Savior is a bit of a different episode, and it is another hard lesson learned for Amanda.  Despite being used personally in TAD, she falls prey again and is tricked in Savior out of her loyalty and dedication to Lee.  But this time it is from a professional standpoint.  I think she learns that Lee is truly the only person she can trust in this business and that she needs to be wary of others who may try to take advantage of her. 


In FR, Amanda is accidentally involved in the case, literally.  And it is her relationship with the parking lot attendant that brings the videotape of people coming and going from the Agency to light.  Once again, Amanda’s people skills are on display: she can befriend a princess or a parking lot attendant.  She continues to offer up suggestions to Lee with the idea of looking for a sub-basement at the warehouse and even finds a way to help stop the baddie by taking a trick from her favorite movie,   The Sound of Music, when she removes a bunch of wires from his car.

In Weekend, we see Amanda get her last assignment of the season.  She gets to be Mrs. Lee Stetson at a posh resort.       She continues to show how she can think on her feet when helping Lee with his “pill”. 
Amanda keeps earning Lee’s trust and she is rewarded with a little freedom when he asks her to trail Valerie Tucker, one of the suspected baddies to be his eyes and ears.  

The last three episodes of the season have Amanda getting involved coincidentally with the Agency (WFG – estate sale/meatloaf for a princess, FD – Dotty/Drought Cycles of Burma, and CBAH – her charity work at the Equidome).  We also learn she’s been transcribing phone conversations and typing reports.  In WFG, Amanda’s logical mind and keen senses help Lee crack another case.  He’s impressed with her ability to glean useful clues from the tapes and even shares details of the assignment with her even though she doesn’t have a need to know. 

In FD, her attention to detail and memory help the sketch artist to come up with a close enough picture to ID Carlos,       and she quickly makes the connection between the book her mother “bought” and the fact that it is her mother the bad guys are after.  She even shows quick thinking and good aim with the hose, which helps stop the bad guy. 

CBAH makes a great season-ending episode, and I think it highlights Amanda’s professional growth. Despite the danger of being discovered as Lee’s “in” to the Equidome, Amanda comes through for Lee just like she did in TFT.  With Lee tied to the bar, Amanda takes the initiative to go search for the secret formula and winds up finding a dead body.      Not long after that, she realizes Lee might be in trouble and goes to find Billy to let him know.  Although Billy tells  her to give Lee more time, her instincts tell her not to listen.  She disobeys Billy, takes out a security guard, and rescues Lee from the freezer.  Wow!  No Lee popsicles this season!

Despite learning a hard lesson or two along the way, Amanda has proven her value to Lee and to the Agency in season 1.  She’s successfully pulled off a cover many times and has used her intuition, common sense, and quick thinking ability to help Lee solve many of his cases.  She’s grown in self-confidence and street smarts and to trust in herself, despite being used and tricked.  She’s shown her loyalty and dedication to Lee and the Agency and we’ve never seen her courageous spirit falter.  As a result, she’s earned some trust capital with Lee and Billy.  And although she still has to wear that damned Guest Pass on her lapel, Amanda King has made her mark.  I think she is ready for bigger and better things in season 2, don’t you?  (Not to mention a ride in Lee’s new Corvette!)

S2E05_Charity.flv_002676680_thumb.jpgSo, what do you think???  How do you see Amanda’s professional growth in season 1?  What do think Lee thinks about her at the end versus the beginning?  What does Amanda think about herself?  We know Amanda’s kidnapping in IANNNHIEBAS impacted Lee.  How does it impact her professional growth?  What about her other “booboos”?  Is there anything that sticks out for you?  Is there anything you can relate to?  Please share!!  Thanks for reading!