3/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on to Amanda’s..
Phillip: Mom do we have to take that goofy picnic basket?
Amanda: Sweetheart this is a nice picnic basket….
[I think Phillip should have said goofy welcome basket – check it out!!! ribbons? guides to Arlington?!  Goofy would be spot on! I love that smk inserts little comments like this.. it’s almost like it knows it’s going over the top with the whole homey suburban welcome thing!  Smile]
…Mother, could you hand me the marshmallows please…
It’s official: SMK is proudly sponsored by: marshmallows! Ugh..
Dotty seems to be standing in the kitchen, absorbed in her book.. ‘Full Moon Over Moscow’ whoooo that is the second reference to ‘moon’ this episode.. does it mean anything??
Also interesting that the last time we saw this jumper, Dotty snuck up on Amanda learning Russian from her agency tapes in We’re off to see the Wizard  – is this intentional? What do you make of it?? Is it a hint that maybe Dotty is not so Dotty after all? or lol.. that she really is a bit dotty?! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what she gets up to in this ep.. maybe we’ll have some more clues!

Slowly, Dotty reaches for the marshmallows..
I don’t know about you all.. but me? I regularly stand in the middle of a kitchen reading a book for enjoyment….. not!
(Doorbell rings)
Phillip: I’ll get it
Jamie: It’s probably Linda, selling more of those Blue Jay candies
[Blue Jays huh.. not trailblazers?! Is this the same Linda that Phillip was on the phone with in A Lovely Little Affair?! ]
Amanda: Sweetheart, we don’t need any more Blue Jay candy!.. [you never needed Blue Jay Candy!]
(to Dotty) …
Boy that must be some book!
Dotty: Oh it’s wonderful. It’s about a Russian scientist who escapes from the USSR with a secret formula…
.. But then the KGB, that’s the Russian secret police…
[ROFL!!! Oh the irony!] …they follow him and he goes to America, and he meets this wonderful girl….she’s a tight rope walker in the circus…. and then-
Amanda: Mother, isn’t that a little far fetched?
[No more than a housewife from Arlington partnering with the Agency’s top spy.. who is ironically code named scarecrow! whahahaaha. I think smk is having a laugh at itself here! Smile Or.. if it’s not.. it should! :) ]
Dotty: Amanda, you have no imagination.
Amanda: Ohhh!
  Of course that is not really your fault. Because around here everything is so ordinary. Don’t you wish sometimes that life was just a little bit exciting?
What do you all make of this??
I think Dotty here is like Amanda when we first met her – Dotty would never have settled for boring Dean in this mood.. and Amanda was looking for an adventure.. Just like Dotty here too! Maybe Dotty and Amanda are more similar than I first thought? Hmm.. thoughts?
In response to Dotty’s question – Amanda just quietly smiles.. A knowing smile Smile
‘Ordinary’ is an interesting choice of words too.. we are again back to that idea of average/ ordinary.. like Billy hinted at back in the office.. and which we heard quite often during season 1 and less so of late.. would you agree? disagree? what do you think this all means? Or lol maybe it’s too soon to say?!
(We hear a door close off camera.)
Jamie: I told you that was Linda…that’s the fifth box he’s bought from her! [Ah love!]
Amanda: Oh Phillip.
Why don’t you just shut up!

Amanda: Hey! Don’t tell your brother to shut up, and Jamie it would help if you didn’t tease Phillip ok?
[I may be in the minority here, but I think Phillip needs a kick up the pants..In 3 years we’ve gone from don’t hit your brother in the head with trash to don’t call your bother bozo to don’t tell your brother to shut up.. lol..  ‘nuff said from me on that subject.. Except, I’m secretly glad Jamie is giving as good as he gets now Winking smile ]
…Here why don’t you take this outside and wait for Mr. Doyle and give me that you’re already sweet enough already you don’t need any more candy…
(the boys head off carting the goofy basket)
[Sweet enough?.. he was just yelling shut up at his brother?! grrrr..oh and he gets a kiss?! Maybe he is sweet because he’s buying candy to make Linda happy.. yes I’ll go with that..]
…Now go on… Well OK Mother, I’m going to go to the
market, and then I’m going to make a Welcome Neighbour visit…
[Who is Mr Doyle? seems the goofy basket was for the boys to take with Mr Doyle. okay!]
…There’s a Dr. Zernoff whose just moved
into one the uh, unfurnished houses for rent on Magnolia.
[So the extra goofy basket is for Zernoff. Why oh why does Amanda mention his name.. his Russian name.. to a woman just longing for some excitement and fascinated with Russia??!!!!! What do you all make of this? I’m not sure yet.. help me? Smile ]
Dotty: Zernoff, that’s a Russian name!
Amanda: I guess so.

Dotty: Amanda, I haven’t made a Welcome Neighbour call in a.. and I-
Amanda talks over Dotty cutting her off:  No Mother, Mother please listen…
…He’s just moved to this county and he’s probably very shy and we don’t want to overwhelm him…
…Besides, somebody’s gotta wait with the boys for Mr. Doyle…
[Umm Amanda you are the boys’ mother.. why don’t you wait with them and let Dotty go if she wants to?! And Amanda seems to talk to Dotty here like she is a child! uh oh!!! ]
[The far off look here from Dotty is classic.. it’s like she’s chained to the house and can’t escape.. but she is soo close to something exciting and exotic!!!]
…OK? Alright I’d better get going. I’ll see you later. Bye Bye
[Amanda seems like such a fuddy duddy here..
Why is it less overwhelming for Amanda to call rather than Dotty? As far as Dotty is concerned, I would think she would find Amanda here quite strange.. especially if Amanda is trying to control who Dotty does and doesn’t talk to. The Dotty of Over the Limit would not stand for that! Being so adamant Dotty not go could have the opposite effect.. and make Dotty even more determined! What do you all make of this?]
Amanda reaches over to give Dotty a peck on the cheek..
Dotty: Bye.
Amanda leaves and Dotty goes to read her book again but stops.. Why read a book about Russians when you can go meet one who is maybe lonely and new to town.. whooo and a doctor no less!!! Winking smile tee hee..
Dotty has already made up her own mind as to what she will and won’t do.. and bad idea to try and control her like this Amanda.. she never should have mentioned the name in the first place.

I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this.. Is it just me.. or have we’ve seen very little of Dotty lately?- much less than in previous seasons? I’m glad to see her again! LOL maybe BG was two timing at this stage with Remington Steele Winking smile tee hee! After all she wants excitement! err no wait.. something’s not right here.. Dotty isn’t real.. BG was real! Remington Steele is real though right?1confusion  Okay bye for now!

2/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda walk down the main IFF hallway..
Amanda: My neighbourhood? What if he’s a double fashion police badge and warningagent? [GAH!!! I’m more worried about Amanda being seen in that ghastly shirt in her neighbourhood! nook! why!!!! Why???? Why!!!! I’m sorry this one really deserves an arrest!!]
No way no way. But you see, that’s why these leaks are so mysterious. Now Dr. Zernoff is a scientist, one of their top metallurgists. He spent 25 years with the Vosha Research Complex in Minsk.
Amanda: Well, if he’s a genuine defector, why worry about it?
Lee: Well the other three are genuine defectors too but we still have the leak. You see if we don’t plug it, the future of the entire defector program is on the line.
[Lee told Amanda about the other 3 defectors? My my.. wouldn’t that be on a need to know basis? seems Lee has told Amanda lots she doesn’t really need to know! Ahhh he trusts her so completely nowadays!
Is it just me or is Lee’s hair here a bit too styled and perfectly flat.. I much preferred it in the opening scene.. oh well..  ]
Amanda: Ah, so you want me to meet him and make friends with him and just…..
Lee: -Yeah, yeah right. Now, Amanda he is starting a new life here. He’s going to need a friend, someone to talk to, and you are a good listener…
…You help him, you help us at the same time. Everybody wins.
Amanda: Okay.SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150622_205740.221
I can get on board with the whole Amanda is  good listener. Smile It fits with her character well..
Just don’t give me a Marvin spills his life story over breakfast in 2 seconds scenario!

Soooo what do you all make of this appeal to Amanda’s being a good friend/listener? It explains why Lee left Amanda with Marvin in FFFT maybe? Do you think this fits better before or after FFFT? I’m thinking it’s fine either way.. I don’t mind.

What do you make of Lee’s compliment? It could be Lee is working on Amanda to get her to help out.. but.. I’m thinking it is a sincere compliment..while encouraging her to take the job!  thoughts? and what do you make of how Amanda accepts this compliment?? She seems quite understated here..
Interesting! compare this to FFFT  and Amanda’s reaction to Lee’s compliments about her stopping Barry with the boxes.. she seems more comfortable now. Or is that because this compliment was about being a good listener and the FFFT compliment was about being a good agent?? That was more out of her comfort zone – being a good listener and friendly has always been in Amanda’s comfort zone.. Hmm what are you all think about this? Any ideas?

What was her concern about? I’m thinking it wasn’t over her ability to do the job being asked of her.. Maybe it was her ability to do it so close to home?? It would be easier to do the work not in her own neighbourhood I’m thinking.. Or was it that she was worried about danger coming to her neighbourhood? or lol.. maybe both?! tee hee..
What do you guys think?
Oops sorry I’ve rambled! Very short and a little sweet this time! Life’s busy.. so just a little post today to keep things moving along Lee and Amanda’s journey. Should have more time for smk in the next few days –hooray! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.. I’d love to hear your thoughts! byeee for now!

1/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi Everyone! As we start this episode- I’ll give a big shout out to Karyn – who has transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – what a great effort!!! Karyn – JWWM and all it’s readers Salute you!!
Does this title win the ‘weirdest smk episode title’ award? anyone got any ideas what this could be referring to before we dig into this ep? Is it a well known play? piece of literature?
This episode was aired back on 6 January, 1986- the first smk episode of 1986!

Anyway, this episode starts in the dark.. with a sign:
Hmm this seems to be a car licence plate? sticker?! Is it? Seems to be saying he has clearance for years 1985-1986?
This man in the car is looking nervously about.
Holding a large envelope, he gets out of the car and watches another car approach and stop on the other side of the street.
Man: Mr. Stetson?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150617_195016.484[Don’t you know about Lee’s famous corvette??!!]
A man gets out of the car…
Nervous Man: Mr. Stetson? That you?
[Either this guy needs glasses, or he doesn’t know what Lee looks like]
The other man draws out a large gun- he seems to take his time, and slowly raises his arms to aim at the man..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150617_195025.492The guy rushes back into his car..  We see the corvette pull up.. and the guy with the gun looks regretful that he can no longer take the shot and he leaves.
Lee gets out of his car and looks around.
Oh my.. he looks.. really good!!!  Jeans.. nice shirt I can cope with.. Jacket that’s not clearly plastic.. Mmm.. good!
[Oh dear.. this ep seems to be one of those that seems to produce lots of blurry images.. I’ll do my best!]
Tyres squeal and a car with no lights on zooms down the street nearly knocking Lee over – Lee stylishly somersaults out of the way Winking smile whooooohooo! Is it just me or would it have been quicker for Lee to just step to the right?! but okay.. much less stylish! After all Lee is a champion from the Gymnastics Olympics!
Lee pulls his gun.
Nervous Man: Mr. Stetson?
Lee: Yeah I’m Stetson. What’s the matter with you man?
Nervous Man: They’re watching. I’ll try to get back to you later.
He throws a manila envelope at Lee and speeds away.
LOL love how he doesn’t mention there’s a guy back there with a gun.. ha! Oh well I guess he figures Lee can take care of himself.. he’s gotta get out of there!
Whoever this guy is he has guts, he nearly got shot, but still managed to find Lee, stop, throw the information and flee. Kudos!
Lee looks around, then gets back into the Corvette and leaves. We see the other car with the gunman follow.
So is he following Lee? Or Gutsy nervous guy?

So anyone know where we’ve seen the gunman before? It was bugging me.. so thanks to IMDB I narrowed down the episode.. and found him in Dead Ringer – no character name..
In Dead Ringer, he’s a random agent! Here he is!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150619_172911.195He comes to Billy’s office door to say Francine did good lol.. Has this agent gone dirty? LOL.. or is he not an agent and a completely different character? Me confused! lol..
We see a view of Washington DC..
looks like they are heading into winter..
Then, the exterior of  IFF.. looks like it’s still spring or summer?
We find Lee, Francine and Billy meeting in Billy’s office. Interesting that these setting up the plot scenes lately have all been Lee, Francine and Billy – Amanda is still not a fully fledged part of the team. Sometimes I forget that!
Lee: Jerry, that’s the only name he gave me on the phone. Said he wanted to do something for his country. That his company was cheating on contracts.
Billy: A whistle blower.
[you know what- I have zero recall of what the company is.. and who’s cheating what! How about you?
but Kudos to Jerry! Oh hey what about the number plate thingy we saw ‘Aero-North Corp.’ is that the company he works for?? did Lee see that??]
Billy: You have any theory on why he ran out on you?
Lee: No, no I didn’t see who was driving the other car and I didn’t know what happened when I got there.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150617_195147.576[I gotta say, Lee didn’t even try and find out who was in the other car.. he just left! If only he knew it was a former agent –orr.. maybe not Winking smile man  my head hurts]
Billy: And you have no idea how Jerry got hold of whatever that is? [How do whistleblowers get hold of Lee Stetson? that’s what I want to know.. I want that phone number ;) ]
Francine: This is the full text of three recent Soviet debriefings on their latest weapons prototypes. Everything we got from Cherniov and Valeska last year year, and Stanislav in January.
[Poor Francine.. she has lots of important things to say.. I just see stars! Nooo Moons!! but this outfit, for her, is actually not bad!  the pointy ends of those moons on her earrings look sharp. Ouch! Now they are weapons!!!
Maybe they should be facing outwards?]
Billy: Damn! We’re already catching flack on our defectors program…. [lol me thinks Billy needs a ‘deflector program’ whahahaah] …This is the kind of intelligence that any defence contractor can use to make a billion or two!…
[Love Lee’s little ‘Mmm!’ agreeing with Billy..]
…What about Andrei Zernoff?
Lee: Well we’ve still got him at the debriefing center. We’re finished with the others.
Francine: But we’re about to kiss him goodbye and resettle him in DC.
[Me thinks Francine is not ummm ‘over the moon’ about this!]
[Lee does another one of his: Mmm! lines of dialogue.. rofl!]
Billy: Good, cover all the Russians we have while we watch Zernoff. If anyone gets to him we’ll know about it.
And if nobody does and HIS transcripts show up?
The leak’s in our plumbing then.
Francine: Right, so where do we put Zernoff? If the leak is inside then we can’t put him in one of our safe houses.
[‘safe house’ how ironic!]
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150617_195234.621[I think this is one for Francine.. for once Lee is just going along and Francine is taking the lead here. Go Francine! ]
Billy: It’s got to be an average neighborhood. He’s got to believe it’s genuine. Any ideas?  [Someone say ‘Average’?!]
ROFL straight away Lee is looking like he knows where this is headed.. Billy doesn’t need to spell it out..
He looks at Francine. Francine looks at Lee.. Hmm! I think she doesn’t need it spelled out to her either. That’s progress no?
No Lee, Francine isn’t that good a friend of Amanda’s!
You’ll have to tell her..
Soooo why do you think Lee is a little bit uncomfortable or unsure about Amanda getting involved in this is some way? At least, he seems uncomfortable to me.. what do you all think? Do tell!!! byeee for now!