9/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Still in the bar.. we left Marvin walking off to get Lee and Amanda a nightcap, and Francine hovering at the bar..
Lee and Amanda watch Marvin walking away..
Lee leans in to say something to Amanda, looking over at Francine as he does –
Amanda looks up to see what he is looking at and sees Francine – she seems surprised to see Francine. I guess she wasn’t told about Francine’s involvement! Booo.. should have told her Lee! She’s your partner!!! Or.. was Lee maybe hoping to not have to include Francine maybe? thoughts?
Lee: Look, uh… you handle Marvellous Marv’. I’m gonna talk to Francine.
[sorry Lee.. Love ya.. but the hair is lookin too flat and umm immovable! eek! (Learjet your reference to ‘crispy’ was spot on! ) I think if one of the teeth on his comb was crooked we’d know!!!!  Winking smile yes.. I am thinking of ‘If thoughts could kill’ Smile  My hem is uneven?!  (edited to add: Hey Karin! I saw you noted this earlier!!! Love it!!!!) ]
Amanda: Right.
[Kudos to Amanda.. she recovers fast and takes this little surprise in her stride]
She gets up and walks over to Marvin for that nightcap he offered. Hmm there goes Marvin getting extra close to another woman.. Meh.. you may have guessed – I’m not a Marvin fan!! I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to be too!! LOL!!!! don’t mind me Winking smile
Lee leaves soon followed by Francine.
Marvin (seeing Amanda): Ah! Come.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163942.304[yes Ahhh! Marvin has Amanda all alone.. no brother.. Umm is He coming on to Amanda? err.. umm I don’t think so!]
Amanda: Well.
Amanda and Marvin find a stool at the bar.. Everyone else sitting there is looking pretty surly!
Bendix is there still drinking, and Barry and Carla are watching Marvin and Amanda closely. So are Barry and Carla brother and sister? Winking smile tee hee..
Actually I don’t know what they are.. and at this point these two are so uninteresting and uninspiring… I don’t really care what they are! But interesting to note the little Moustache wearing reunion party going on in the background in that pic above.
Marvin: Yes, we eat well…. [guess he doesn’t eat his burgers then! Winking smile ]
.. You know, I don’t think there’s a prettier sight anywhere…
…than a full moon over the Marvin’s plant.
Amanda seems surprised..
[gag..  This line of his seems to start by sounding like he is going to say Amanda is pretty.. but that’s not where he takes it. I think from Amanda’s reaction she was surprised at the end of the sentence too.
Yeah I think the message is: he’s just a harmless cheesey hamburger kinda guy.. ugh.. ]
Amanda: Ohh. (she laughs) [Yeah silly Amanda.. she thought he was coming on to her! Winking smile ]
Is this guy a much loved comedian or something? because he seems to be charming Amanda a lot more than he probably should be?! (IMHO!)
Marvin: The silhouette just takes your breath away.
Amanda (chuckling): Umm… well, I bet it does.
Ahhh yes.. I think we are suppose to be thinking – there goes Amanda and her great people skills! When really, all she has done is laugh at a couple of lame lines.. Meh! Sorry Marvin makes me a little grouchy!
We cut to Carla and Barry..
Carla: I don’t like her talking to your father, Barry.
[So Barry is his son? Ohhhh dear… so that’s why Marvin liked the family spirit.. This dim sap is Marvin’s son?! But they don’t even look alike!!! Smile whahahaahahaaa…
‘your father’ hmm okay so Carla and Barry are possibly only step siblings with the same mother?! tee hee..]
Carla: She’s fishing.
[Hmm Carla strokes Barry’s arm.. and he reaches for her hand.. me thinks they are not even step siblings! But they look alike!!! Winking smile  lookin like lovers..]
Barry: Everything’s cool, Carla. It was a false alarm in the office, and I checked them out… they’re clean. Look … Eddie is the only one who knew anything, and he’s … he’s not talking.
Carla: Eddie used to be an agent, Barry. All he had to do was make one call.
[How does Carla know that?! I mean didn’t all agents have a cover ID of some kind? surely he didn’t use Billy Melrose section chief as his reference? whoooo or Mrs Marsden?! Maybe Carla got really close to Eddie – and he was thinking of proposing.. (ala Lost and Found) ]
Carla: Huh, and now that little worm, Bendix, has developed a conscience to go with his drinking habit. [From what he was saying to Francine, he didn’t seem to have a conscience.. me confused.]
Barry: Shh-hhh shh-shh-hhh! Bendix is fine. We’re gonna ship that sauce right on schedule.
Carla: And then we lose him.

[Lose Bendix? or Lose Marvin?! and.. do I care? nope! Winking smile ]
We cut back to Marvin and Amanda..
Marvin: How about breakfast—tomorrow?
Aie.. isn’t that an old come on line?! Is Marvin trying to pick up Amanda?? Hmm err no I don’t think he is.. he just constantly has me wondering and then thinking not! He’s just really wrong to me.. maybe it’s that the script is rather random!
Amanda smiles and nods. (well there you go! Amanda’s charm and people skills have randomly made a connection with Marvin. what luck)
Marvin: About eight?
Amanda: It’s a date.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164031.354[GAHHHHH!!!!! No!!!! No it isn’t!!!! Is Amanda coming on to Marvin?! tee heee.. err no I am absolutely positively certain she isn’t.. I just reeeeally wish it didn’t sound like it! haaaa!! Hilarious!]
Marvin: Good. I’ll send my driver. See you then.
Amanda: All right… Nice to meet you.
Marvin: Yes… My pleasure.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164038.358[My pleasure?! Nooooooo.. okay okay.. I know I am being hyper vigilante here! and Marvin is a harmless fuddy duddy.. And from what Carla and Barry just said – we have confirmation that hapless Marvin is not in on the Colossus murdering thousands.. Hmm.. ]
Marvin stands up and leaves.. and we cut to Lee and Francine out in a foyer – pretending to both be on phone calls.. how coincidental – they are talking to other people.. but they take turns talking!! Winking smile tee hee..
Lee: Any luck?
Francine: Yeah, a little… Ahhh… Billy gave me a list of the Marvin’s honchos, and so far I’ve run into the… uh… controller, the senior VP of marketing, and our friend at the piano bar—the head chemist. He looks promising.
Lee: He looks innocuous.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164051.874[Innocuous? Oh Lee.. Is it just me or is this a ridiculous thing for an agent to say at this point?! How did BB deliver that line. He should have said no!]
Francine: Maybe. Maybe not.
Anyway, his name is Cecil Bendix, and he’s been with the company since the start… Uh, he’s got a big axe to grind. He’s already singing “My Day Will Come”.
[better than let’s go to Marvin’s!]
Hmm. Very interesting. Keep him talking, huh?
Francine: Are you kidding? I can’t shut him up.
[I think Lee has gotten use to working with Amanda – he should know better than to tell Francine to keep him talking! I kinda like that Francine doesn’t take that from him. Hey. She’s not a newbie here.. she’s a fully fledged agent. And Lee shouldn’t forget it! As awesome as I think Amanda is – she is not a fully trained agent.. so that does change things a bit]
Lee: Goodbye, darling. [Swooooon!!]
FFFT1.avi_20150419_164110.392(Lee hangs up his phone, glances at Francine and walks away.)
Francine: Okay, fine, then uh, we’ll talk to you later on that. Bye-bye.
[rofl. Love how Lee’s goodbye cover is saying goodbye to his honey. Whereas Francine’s sounds like a business call!]
(Francine hangs up her phone and walks away.)

Okay guys- time to finish up this post. Apologies to anyone who enjoys Marvin and is finding my meh reaction to Marvin (bordering on dislike!) to be annoying!! Feel free to share your love of the Marvin character (and the burger if you like Winking smile ) and explain yourself! whahaahah Winking smile kidding! Seriously though all opinions are welcome..  Bye for now! can’t wait to hear from ya!

8/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Brace yourselves! It’s back to the multipurpose room! Oh phew.. they’re not singing!!!

Marvin is trying to deliver an inspiration speech.. (Next stop the White House?!)
… and we’re gonna keep on growing, until Marvin’s burgers take their rightful place next to Mother, and Old Glory…

… as the three things that represent the best of everything about this great country of ours.FFFT1.avi_20150419_163732.672
It sounds like there are some in the audience on board with him – but that front table is not looking very enthusiastic!

Someone is going to need to help me with the ‘mother and Old glory’ references.. ?? I’m guessing he is putting Marvin’s right up there as a national treasure – and completely over reaching?! Yeah!! Marvin’s is what makes America great!!! (wha?!) and then  to prove how ridiculous this is… uh oh.. The piano starts.. oh noooo!!! Everyone run!!!!!
LOL I think Marvin is trying to be the conductor!
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163736.676Carla is seen to turn and look at the attendees with a big smile – sooo fake!
Uh oh.. she notices Lee and Amanda finding their way back to the room.. see now if they’d been a couple…
– they could have pretended they skipped out for a little nookie because the Marvin’s song was making them frisky! Yeah nahh who would buy that?!  But as brother and sister- that is definitely out! I guess they could have stepped outside for a family argument..
Lee and Amanda find their way back to their seats..
Carla gets Barry’s attention.. and even he notices they are acting suspiciously!
Carla is frowning and seems to be saying something to Barry we can’t hear.. because her lips aren’t matching the singing.. What we don’t know.. but it can’t be good! [I think they are in trouble because they only have on a lousy Marvin’s badge.. no hat.. no t-shirt.. they are not truly committed to Marvin’s!]

Moving on to the hotel bar.. guessing that is not at Marvin’s headquarters! (Though I don’t doubt it could use a good bar!)
We find Francine all dolled up and playing the honey trap – she seems to have caught the attention of the unknown man (KC says he is Cecil Bendix- thanks KC!]  who had been sitting at that first table not looking enthralled by Marvin. But now.. he’s pretty enthralled with Barbie err Francine.

Francine: The head chemist?  Ohhh!  That sounds so important.
Cecil: The most important job, to be totally and immodestly honest.
Francine: Mmm! What is it, exactly, that you do, Cecil?
I invented the secret sauce…
[love Francine’s ‘wow!!!’ expression! when we know she probably loathes the stuff]
…The goo that makes Marvin Metz a quadzillionaire.
Cecil: I’m the… man behind the man. The unsung hero, living in the shadow.

[Yeah those big corporations never think of the little guy..
I think Lee was thinking of guys like this when he was playing burned out agent!]
Francine: Oh, poor Cecil. That doesn’t sound fair at all…
[Francine’s Barbie impression here is fabulous. Kudos to Francine! Anyone ever wished we got to see Amanda do this??!!! Oh heck.. maybe we do and I’ve forgotten! don’t tell me whahaaha]
Cecil: It’s not. It’s not fair at all. But little Cecil B. might just turn the tables on Marvellous Marvin…
… Real soon.
Having told Francine he’s a loser with a grudge, Cecil gets up and leaves. LOL either this is just really rubbish writing or Cecil is an idiot.. it’s so convenient it feels like a set up..
and what’s with the reeeeeal sooooon!!!! why would he add that?! and he didn’t even try to pick up! lol.. maybe he’ll come back..
I guess it’s all down to Francine’s magical honey trap powers..

And yes.. I think that necklace is a weapon Winking smile and yes.. IMHO that dress is awful.. though I can see that maybe it was a fashionable fabric at the time.. but for me, it doesn’t look very flattering.. even with Francine’s assets.

In walks Lee and Amanda.. Lee seems to enter, looking at Francine – like he knew he would see her up at the bar..I guess she wasn’t foisted on Lee without his knowledge..
Amanda though hasn’t noticed Francine – has she been told Francine will be there?!
Amanda: What is going on?
They walk further into the bar..
Lee: You got me…. (Lee looks at Francine at the bar..)
[Look at these two.. soo not brother and burger flippin sister!]
…It’s the first time I’ve been on the trail of a double cheeseburger.
Marvin approaches them: Did I hear someone mention double cheeseburger?
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163858.258[Aie.. yep.. I’m surprised Lee wasn’t yelling at the top of his lungs about the Killer Colossus Burger!!!]
Lee: Hah-ahhh.
Marvin: Two of the tastiest words in the English language. Name’s Marvin Metz. Friends call me Marvellous, and who am I to say they’re liars?
Amanda dutifully laughs… though hey.. it’s possible she finds this super double cheesey cheeseburger humour funny!
Marvin: I see you’re wearing the company emblem.
[Yeah the evil burger!]
Amanda: Yes, we are. / Lee: Ha. Yes.
Marvin: Were you folks at the seminar tonight?
Lee: Yes, we were.
[thus why they are in a bar.. and probably seeking a drink!]
Amanda: Oh, yes we were.
Marvin: Err, Mr. and Mrs.?

[whahahaahahahahahahah!!!!!! Who doesn’t love this??!!!
It’s a little – ‘we sooooooo don’t look alike’!! and.. at the same time – it’s a ‘they sooooooo don’t look and act like siblings!]
Amanda looks at Lee here..  whahaahaha
Lee: Ah, Lee Stemson and my sister Amanda
Amanda: Uh, noooooo. Amanda Keene. Brother and sister.

Marvin: Amanda. Brother and sister?
[Marvin seems too happy they are just brother and sister.. Is he making a play for Amanda?! He doesn’t repeat Lee’s name ;) Hmm.. maybe not..]

FFFT1.avi_20150419_163919.281(Lee smiles and tries to look over at Francine at the bar)
[I guess since they are not Mr and Mrs Lee is allowed to do that! lol..]
Marvin: Well, I like that family spirit… (Lee looks up at Marvin)
… Come! Let me, uhh… let me treat you to a nightcap.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163924.784(Marvin starts walking toward the bar.)
Amanda: Oh, thank you very much!
Lee: Well… thank you.

LOL this Marvin dude comes across as friendly and harmless, but he also doesn’t take no for an answer here.. Hmm.. is he coming on to Amanda??!!! Hmmmm maybe not..
He just walks off assuming they’ll drink with him! LOL! Why? what’s he up to? he could be working with Carla and Barry and be sussing them out.. The guy certainly isn’t marvellously modest. Winking smile 

Was anyone else wondering about whether Marvin was a good guy or a bad guy at this point? I mean that burger that has his name is evil looking enough!
I’m going to stop here – why not! and I’ll be back with more soon.. Anyone liking Francine’s outfit?? Come on Kiwismh.. Hit? or Miss??!!!! Smile byeee!! 

7/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

The safe clicks – it’s open!!
Lee: I don’t believe this—I got it.
[rofl! yes I don’t believe you got it either!!! those super spy senses are quite a trick!]
Lee opens the safe, and takes out a folder of some kind.. making too much noise for Amanda’s liking.
Amanda: Shh-hhhh…
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163609. 88
[LOL Amanda was making much more noise a moment ago in the filing cabinet!]
Lee starts reading.. (Scarecrow can read! :) )
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163613. 98
We see a close up of a creepy Marvin burger and a blurb.
Shot closes in on the text below the graphic:

[Call me crazy, but that sounds just like the Marvellous Marvin burger dude.. he has double beef patties, tomato, lettuce, pickle on a sesame bun.. and well it probably has special sauce- ohhhh I get it… the Marvellous Marvin has glasses err and legs and arms.. and the Colossus doesn’t Winking smile tee hee.. )
Lee: Amanda…
Amanda: What is it?

Lee: Hah.  It’s Colossus.
’Colossus’ is the furthest thing from my mind right now.. I’m thinkin of a different Ancient Greek name..
Come on!!! Don’t tell me I’m the only one?!
Amanda: What’s Colossus?
[gee you mean Lee didn’t tell you about the coded message that put you on this case in the first place?! The only bit of info Lee had??!!]
Colossus is a hamburger.
[Yes, we learned that back in Lost and Found! Winking smile
Lee: excuse me miss, my Colossus of Rhodes burger seems to be missing. [actually now I think about it, that’s a great gag..maybe smk meant it to be a gag.. after all people have been searching for the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes no? So yes, it seems to be missing!

(Brace yourself for the cardy and guyliner!)
LAF.avi_20150426_135505. 60
So strange that Lee didn’t remember.. Hamburgers are totally salient right now too! I mean okay so he didn’t realise straight away that the Hamburger was capable of killing thousands.. lol.. but the words Colossus and hamburger should have brought it to mind.. whatev..]
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163634.116Uh oh.. Out in the corridor, two security guards approach. LOL so considerate of them to make a bit of noise on the way!
Lee and Amanda scramble to put away the folder, and hide.
The guards enter guns drawn.. and walk straight through the office, past a huge cupboard, to another room.. these guys are super clever!
Out pops Lee and Amanda!
LOL there is probably a meme in this shot.. feel free to use it if you like!
Amanda and Lee hurry out quietly..
And we see Marvin smiling and watching them leave..
Ugh that burger is sooo creepy!!
Oh hey, looks like he has onion in him too!
We cut to the hallway where Lee and Amanda are rushing while trying to look casual. (cue the kooky music) the guards come out of the office just missing seeing Lee and Amanda turn the corner.  The guards make it to the elevator and we hear a bell.. there’s an open door in front of them. They go through it. We zoom back in on the elevator numbers going down.. so seems Lee and Amanda made it back to the elevator. Phew.. Great lying and sneaking you two! 

The scene ends here.. So I shall too! Short and sweet this time.. I can only take so much Adonis!! Any thing about this post or the episode so far you’d like to share? Byeee for now!