13/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Cut to the Moscovy Tea Room. Lee and Amanda with the two waiters
Waiter 1: They’d show up every once in a while, and point some guy out to us, and slip us a few bills…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_172233.686[hmm.. corrupt waiterovs!]
…We never got names. I figured they were from immigration. [plain dumb, corrupt waiterovs! – When immigration starts drugging people we should worry! ]
Lee: Yeah sure you did.
[I actually think given these guys were taking money and drugging patrons they should be arrested with assault- a verbal chastising from Lee doesn’t cut it!]
We see an old guy enter in the background, Lee turns unobtrusively and seems to take note..
The man sees Lee and immediately starts leaving..
Lee (to Amanda):
They both take off after Stanislov without another word to the waiterovs..
He doesn’t get far.. Lee calls out: Dr Stanislov?!
He grabs his arm to stop him from leaving..
(right in front of the Waigner Bakery – yum yum)
Lee: Dr. Stanislov.
Stanislav: I will not come with you! I have done nothing wrong!
Now please Sir Listen, we’re looking for your friend Dr. Zernoff.
Stanislov: Andrei?
Lee: Yes

You look for him also?
We cut quickly to a lady exiting the Muscovy tea room.. I went back to look at this because I wondered if it could be Amanda.. but I found another surprise..
I think I found Andrei and Dotty! tee hee.. There they are at the front table no?! They’ve darkened it but I think that’s a reused shot from earlier. ha!
they thought I’d have nothing better to do than to notice.. well.. I showed them! Smile 

Inside the restaurant, we find no one sitting at the front table, seems it’s after closing with all the chairs on the tables.. Stanislov sits with Lee and Amanda.
Stanislov: It is my fault, Andrei suspected something, but I urged him not to jeopardize our stay in America. I thought only of myself.
Amanda: No, you were frightened.
[I think when Amanda says this Lee gives her a sideways look –Amanda is doing her thing and great with helping people open up .. and he notices and appreciates it. Aren’t these little touches fabulous?]
When I got drunk like Andrei they took me back to the debriefing centre. Mr. Lawrence kept assuring me no one would have to know , if I could review everything I told them before.
[I don’ t know why but Stanislov cracks me up.. he’s soooo animated..]
Amanda and Lee are confused at this revelation of Stanislov’s.. and share a look.
[Lee’s thinking hard.. the thumb is tapping away!]
Amanda: (to Lee) w
hat’s the point of that?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174502. 26
I dunno. When we find Jake Lawrence we’ll ask him.
We cut back to Stanislov giving a little nod: Da that’s a good ideasovy!SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174511.972

Okay so come on everyone.. without looking it up.. anyone remember where we’ve seen the actor playing Stanislov in SMK before?!
For the answer see
HERE! Smile
Did you guess??? Do tell!!

The scene ends here.. but before we move on.
Let’s recap.. because I’m shocked at Lee’s ‘I dunno’!
[Iwsod can’t switch off from the plot.. it’s not why I watch, but.. it’s gotta make superficial sense.. and this doesn’t to me! help?! ]
In post 1 Lee learned  from Jerry his information that the unknown company he worked for had leaked information- the text of 3 recent soviet debriefings on their latest prototypes (including Stanislov’s debriefing notes).
The whole point of following Zernoff was to find out how whoever was getting this information..
In post 10 Lee learned from Jerry the informant that his company was posing as cops..
In post 11 Lee learned Zernoff and Dotty had been taken somewhere by fake cops..
In post 12 Lee learned Jerry works for Aero North Industries, and Sanderson North is the CEO. (The company Jerry worked for was dodgy remember?)
Lee also learns Zernoff’s vodka was spiked, and then he was taken away by fake cops.
Now in post 13 (the lucky number!), Lee learns the exact same thing happened to Stanislov.. he was drugged, taken to a debriefing centre by these fake cops, Jake Lawrence was there – so he’s in on it.. and that’s when these Russian defectors revealed the weapons information – so this is how the leak is happening right? And Lee doesn’t know what’s going on??
I’m surprised the baddies had Lawrence interview the men – it could have been a nameless govt fake agent.. why reveal to the men that Lawrence is involved and then let them live? but.. what do I know Winking smile Moving on.. I promise.. (non plot followers breath a sign of relief).

We head back to the debriefing centre.. where Zernoff is being debriefed about his previous state department debrief!
Lawrence: About the MIG 29. Could you elaborate on the airfoils.
Zernoff: AH. The titanium allow airfoil on the MIG 29 are 30% lighter and they’re twice as strong.
[whooo and great for tennis rackets Winking smile ]
Lawrence: Uh could you explain that in a little more detail Dr. Zernoff?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_182810. 61
Why? I went through this already when I was here before. They said I was finished.
Sir, you are a guest in our country. When there’s trouble we have to review everything. I’m afraid you could still be asked to leave. I’m doing the best I can to prevent that.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183002.158[Slime!!!! Trying to pass himself off as Zernoff’s champion? ugh!!! Hope someone punches Lawrence in that smug face!]

There’s a knock at the door. A guard whispers something to Lawrence, and he has to leave Zernoff a moment.
Lawrence: (to Zernoff) Ah, excuse me please.

We find Dotty giving the desk guard what for – goooo Dotty! Smile
Dotty: You take me to Andrei right now, or I’m going to start looking for him myself.
Lawrence: Mrs.West…..
Dotty: Mr. Lawrence , I have been more than patient. It has been over two hours and I still do not know what’s happening with Andrei. I can’t make a call, I …..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183317.560[Hey gooooo Dotty! she asked for her phone call? good for you Dotty!]
Lawrence: I’m terribly sorry Mrs. West. It’s, it’s just taking longer than we’d expected. But, um Dr. Zernoff is feeling better… (He reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder.. ugh.. don’t touch Dotty!)
… and he’s so glad you’ve decided to stay. Of course, if you wish, we could take you home.

Dotty: Oh! Oh, no, no , no , no I don’t mind staying. It’s just that I, well I would like to call my daughter.
[Hmm is she really buying this?! I don’t know..maybe she is..]
Lawrence: Oh, we’ll take care of that, security phones and all…
[How will they take care of that when he hasn’t asked for Amanda’s phone number?!]
(Lawrence directs Dotty down the hall)
…But you know, it may take a while longer, so why don’t I find you a room, where you can lie down a bit?
Dotty: Oh.
Dotty goes along with Lawrence’s suggestion.. for now? I have noooo idea what’s ahead with this whole plot! It’s quite ominous though to see Dotty at the baddies’ mercy like this.. Lawrence leading her to a quiet room somewhere.. she’s very vulnerable and it adds an element of suspense to this – well it does for me because I don’t know what’s going to happen! Although okay, I can assume Dotty is not going to die! Smile

And on that happy note I’ll pause here.. Anything you’d like to share about this part of the episode? Does anyone remember watching this for the first time? Is there anything in the script about how Lee says “I dunno” in response to Stanislov and Amanda?? Hmmm.. oh well bye for now! can’t wait to hear from ya! I’ve missed hearing from you all on our walk together Smile

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12/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

We find ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ have somehow made their way back to the agency.. and Lee has his car.. I would have thought Lee’s stunt would have taken more than a few hours to sort out.. lol Billy must have bailed them out Winking smile teehee.. can you imagine the fan fic if Francine had? tee hee.
Lee and Amanda are in Billy’s office…
Lee: I should have never let your mother get involved.
Amanda: Oh, I can’t believe I let her get in the car.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150718_162443. 93
[It’s sweet isn’t it.. they are both blaming themselves – neither is blaming the other awh!!]
Billy enters
Billy: OK, the police have an APB on them, as well as Mikhail Stanislav….
…Couldn’t you have at least checked the police out before you ran them off the road????
[Billy, you read my mind. If only Lee had been wearing a tux at the time.. a) it would have made me like the scene more.. and b) Billy could have said- “In a Tuxedo???!!!!”]
Lee: I didn’t want to tip them off!…
[Yes driving past and looking to see if anyone was in the backseat could have been a dead giveaway?! but umm.. good to hear your reasoning Lee!
Lol.. Billy let’s team logic down here.. from his expression he seems to concede Lee has a point! Ah well.. ]
… What’s that you said about Stanislav?
Billy: We’ve had agents on his house all day. He never returned from his meeting with Zernoff.
Amanda: Sir. My mother…..
Billy: We’ll find her and Zernoff, the police have an APB on them…. [lol ummm you just said that two seconds ago!] …Well you were right about one thing…The Metro Police do not have a car number 1017.
[Interesting to see that armed guard behind them in the bullpen patrolling… I haven’t seen that before- have you?]
Lee: Well whatever we’ve run into is quite an elaborate operation huh? What have you got on the dead man? [Given Billy said the information is worth Billions.. why are they surprised?!]
Billy: His full name is Jerry Dunlap. He worked with the Aero North Industries, in the defence weapons division. Their CEO is Sanderson North. Perhaps you’ve heard the name? Friends in high places. That’s about it. Oh, and we found traces of BZ in Zernoff’s vodka.
[Billy is just full of information! Is it just me or would Francine usually deliver at least some of this information? I guess she is still staking out Zernoff’s. rofl.. I can imagine her now – struggling to whip up something in the kitchen based on what Amanda brought for them.. and cursing the suburbs!!]
Amanda: What’s BZ?
It’s knockout drops plus. Causes disorientation, slurred speech and so on.
Amanda: You mean somebody slipped him a Huck Finn?
We see Billy react to this.. he smiles  and then looks at Lee – I like that there’s affection there in this little moment Smile
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150718_165240. 87
Then we see Lee react with a big smile- awh!
[I love this because it doesn’t have an ‘isn’t she an amateur’ vibe.. it has an ‘isn’t she cute’ vibe!!! what do you think??]
Lee: Auh, I think that’s Mickey Finn.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150718_165241. 22
Amanda flatly: I know that.
She looks at Billy.. still serious!
lol… Actually, this sounds like something Dotty would say too.. no? [lol give up Amanda. you’re busted!]
So umm.. I’m so use to thinking Dotty is home looking after the boys.. that I wonder.. who is looking after the boys? Is Mr Doyle still looking after them? what luck they were with him when this happened.. If this was season 1 there would have been a whole subplot about how the boys were being looked after.. Lee probably would have asked Mrs Marsden to go look after them.. or heck.. Maybe Leatherneck.. he could have distracted them with that chewing gum (lol did I just suggest feeding drugs to children?! whahaha).

Back to the “debriefing center”, where Zernoff is being led to a room.
Dotty sees Lawrence thank the fake cop, and the cop leaves.

Dotty: Are you in charge here? Because if you are I want to tell you something. You are making a mockery out of American Justice.
Lawrence: Mrs.West isn’t it?
Dotty: Dorothea West and I want you to know that at this very moment, my daughter is calling-
(Dotty why don’t you demand your phone call!)
Lawrence: I understand, I understand. I know how confusing this must seem to you Mrs.West…
…Please, rest assured Dr. Zernoff is in good hands…
…You’re right, this is not an ordinary police station. But then Dr. Zernoff is not an ordinary person. As I’m sure someone with your sensitivity can understand why this um,…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150718_170639.260 …incident must be handled with utmost care…
[Oh nooo she looks like she is buying it! maybe?] 

…Why don’t you have a seat?

[whoa.. Lawrence is so over the top here in his approach.. I am wondering if Dotty believes him.. she appears to- as she takes a seat like he asked.. but she may be still suspecting him. I think Dotty might know when she is being treated like an idiot.. the little condescending pat pat on the arm is too much!
plus how did they get such special treatment so quickly?! Those cops just happened to find Zernoff at that restaurant? I don’t think any of this would make sense – not even to Dotty.. mind you, Dotty has  a way of making her own sense out of things doesn’t she – Will she have one of her flashes of brilliance here? or is she so overwhelmed by it all that she’s going along? I honestly have nooo idea! Smile lol I’m probably wrong.. but don’t tell me!! I’m looking forward to seeing where Dotty goes with all this! ]

Dotty sits down in a waiting area. Lawrence walks over to a “cop” at a nearby desk.
Lawrence: Make sure she does not leave.
He looks back at Dotty.. and then walks off..
Dotty gives him a totally over the top smile and wave.. is she too playing a role here?
Is she pretending she doesn’t suspect anything when really she does? don’t tell me! :)
The scene finishes here.. so now seems a good time for me to finish too! I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this part of the episode.. the episode so far.. or heck.. the whole show so far! Smile

I’ll be off the internet for the next five days at least.. so I am guessing it will be a week before I can publish a new post.. Soooo JWWM is taking a short break for a week.. and I’ll be back, refreshed and ready to go with a new post next weekend!

I’ll be able to read my emails and I’ll look forward to reading your comments but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to respond.
Maybe now is  good chance to revisit an old scene or episode you’ve been wanting to get back to.. posts are always open to comment on.. Byeeeeeee!!!! Hope you are all well and avoid those Huck Finns! Smile