2/ Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to the agency.. this scene is transcribed by Cindy – Thanks Cindy!!! thankyou2
We find Lee and Billy have pulled up some comfy chairs for the afternoon movie titled ‘Weird monks who died’
weird monks who died 2
Billy: A congressman,..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000388965
…marine general,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000392193
…and a Nobel physicist.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000394023
[sounds like the start of a bad joke!]
…All dead, at approximately the same time. The preliminary cause of death is listed as heroin overdose. For all three.

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000397419[Do you think that little sip they had would have been enough? I guess it must have been super super concentrated!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000401968
Oh my.. what a profile!! 1thuddyswoony intense! [I’ll ignore how it seems Lee’s ID badge on his jacket is digging into his back!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000406319Lee: It’s either a bizarre murder plot or a very strange coincidence. [It’s neither!]
Billy: The question is which? (Billy turns off the screen with the remote)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000412033[Haaaa love how the movie screen is covered by that ugly painting.. so high tech Billy! but really, you should have just put on the dvd with the fireplace burning that would have been nicer.. oh wait.. no dvds in the 80s.. shame!!]
… If they were murdered, it could mean anything because they all had defence clearance right up to the top.
Lee: And they didn’t know each other socially, or in government?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000415019
Billy: Not according to what we have.
Lee: What do we have?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000420315

(Francine enters the theatre err office!)
Billy: Well, we’re still waiting on the coroner’s report from pathology, but we do have a gift here from our friends in the coroner’s office.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000424696
(Billy walks over to his office desk– so that’s the layout of Billy’s office? Wow.. seems he’s gotten more space! That’s the same as a promotion! Congrats Billy!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000426564…They found that in McNeil’s car-empty…
(Billy hands Lee a wine bottle)
…And we have our lab workup here.

Lee: Man, 1945 Chateau Monet, very rare…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000434071
…Look at this, McNeil, Stargate and Hallman all signed the label….
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000436126
…At least they knew each other well enough to share a very expensive bottle of wine.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000441375[yes Lee they all knew each other well enough to share a bottle of wine.. but um.. wouldn't the immediate thought be they drank from the same bottle of wine??]
Francine: And they all had tickets to the Potomac Services Charity Auction this week. I have friends too.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000445727
[she was doing great, till that last line Winking smile Oh Francine.. you come off looking either boastful or insecure when you have to blow your own trumpet!]
Lee: Every mover and shaker in the town buys dozens of those tickets. It’s not going to help us very much.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000451555Billy: Let’s find something that will help us. Let’s find out what this is all about before the metro police or the FBI or who knows whom lets the cat out of the bag.
Lee: If it is a cat.
Billy: Whatever it is, I don’t like it. I want us to have the control…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000467722
[what’s he on about?! control? I guess the agency isn’t in charge of the investigation? and if not.. why does he cares so much? when he didn't want to interfere with the bombing of that Secretary Rawlings in Over the Limit?]
Check out that auction…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000470707
… Take Amanda with you. She’s had experience with charities.

Francine: Experience? Rolling nickels and quarters, running a baked goods concession? Billy, we are talking high society here.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000473363
[The Charity even in Charity begins at home was high society.. But then we didn’t see Francine much in that episode no?!]
Billy: What has he got to lose?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000476098

Francine: Time, sleep,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000479367
…his flawless…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000480066

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000480835
[I love that Lee is no longer lapping up Francine’s compliments.. he just sees it for what is- manipulation!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000481451Billy: Take Amanda, she might spot something that you’d miss.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000483607[Oh Billy is awesome!!!! 1rofl
Love the big grin he gives Francine!!! Take that Francine!! I love the Kung Fu trophy right behind him – when he just gave Francine a big kick haaaa!!!
Though lol I’m having trouble picturing Billy the Kung Fu champion!!! that’s a huge trophy! Maybe it’s his son’s Winking smile ]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000485059Francine: (SIGH!!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0004857033.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000486457
In a huff Francine walks past Lee back into the bullpen.

I love Lee’s quiet, knowing smile at Francine 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000488631as she passes him on the way out.. suffer Francine.. ( you can almost hear Lee thinking – concerned for my reputation? cha right!) 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000489978Lee is thoroughly enjoying Francine being put out- especially by Amanda Smile ahhh if only Amanda could see it!!! I like to think Lee recounted the story to Amanda later! Smile
(Looks like Francine has SOUR GRAPES!! Winking smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000491373

Finally, the scene ends with Lee closing the door and giving Billy a wry grin.. love it!!

So, moving on to charity HQ! ! We are back at the Sherman hotel!  3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000493813Which this time is not the Sherman hotel – sheesh..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000498606Thanks Debilyn for transcribing this next scene!!! thankyou2

Lee and Amanda enter the busy activity of Charity HQ!
Lee:  Check any connection between the dead men and the auction, then we’ll pay a visit to the McNeil place.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000510415Amanda:  Right.
Lee:  Now, (sigh)  since we really don’t know what we’re after, I think we should just make a list of the things that are being auctioned and the names of the donors, hmm?
(Amanda spots something and quickly turns Lee around to look at that something)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000516954[lots of touching Winking smile nice!]
Amanda:  Lee, that’s Jill Hulsman…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000518735
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000519642
…..She’s the auction coordinator,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000521761
…and she’s probably got an inventory list right on that clipboard.
[Ahhh the all important clipboard! Amanda knows what it’s like to lose that! Winking smile ]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000523221Lee:
Amanda:  Hello, Jill.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000524281Jill:  Amanda King. Long time, no see.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000526666I think it’s still a long time no see- Jill doesn’t take her eyes off the studly man Amanda is with Winking smile Hilarious!!! Of course Amanda picks up on this right away and uses it to her advantage – go Amanda!
Wow.. Lee does not seem to be enjoying her attention – Is it just me or is this a new thing for Lee? In the past he’s been very comfortable with women fawning over him! [Even if it was just charming him for his money!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000527812
  It’s nice to see you. This is, uh, Dr. Stetson. 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000528765
Lee turns to look at Amanda – reacting to Amanda giving him a cover as a ‘doctor’.
Amanda knows the lay of the land and here she’s calling the shots and Lee needs to go along with it! whooo hooooo!!! Which he does (with trepidation!)- wise move.. Amanda knows this is exactly what will make Jill go crazy for him and all his money!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000530593……Doctor.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000530927(Lee clears his throat) [get ready Lee, Amanda has just thrown you as Jill’s bait! haaa!!]
Amanda:   this is uh… Jill Hulsman.
Jill: A doctor? Well, I hope you brought your checkbook. (In Australia, we’d spell it: Chequebook!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000532715Amanda:
Jill: I can show you some lovely pieces.

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000536774
Lee goes to say something but Amanda gets in first..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000537000
Amanda:  Jill, it’s Dr. Stetson’s-
We hear Lee try and protest (lol!):
Well, actually, uh-
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000537763(Amanda ignores Lee’s attempts-she knows this is the best way to go!)
Amanda:  … first auction….
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000538433
[Look at Lee’s hands! too cute! He’s a little flustered me thinks!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000538662…Maybe you could preview him.
Lee seems to grin wryly.. drat.. this is a clever way to go.. I just don’t really want to do it! eek! Winking smile He is too cute when he is all bashful Winking smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0005396493.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000540255Jill:
  Of course, I’d be delighted.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0005409243.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000542830(As Jill says this, she hands the clipboard to Amanda- genius!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000544265Lee:
  Uh, huh.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000545844[love how Jill walks between Lee and Amanda separating them and then basically shutting Amanda out- Just like I’m sure Amanda knew she would.. leaving Amanda all alone – with the all important clipboard! Smile]
Jill:  Doctor, let me show you something over here.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000546637Love the last look Lee gives Amanda looking back. Lee Amanda is not paying attention to you- she’s got the clipboard! whahahaaa! Love it!!
Amanda calls back to them as they walk away:
  I’ll just take care of this for you.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000548514As I’m sure Amanda expected, Jill pays her no attention at all.. so Amanda is free to get the information they need. Kudos to Amanda such a great job!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000551358
I love the big smile Amanda gives when she turns back around (all my pics are blurry of it! grrr) but she knows she’s done good! Then.. she’s straight onto business and focused on the info. What a pro!

Is it just me or does this moment seem like a bit of a role reversal? Early in the show Lee was comfortable with using his charm on women – even in front of Amanda.. whatever! and Amanda was a bit scandalised by it all. Now? Lee’s the one looking like he doesn’t want to do this and Amanda? She’s using Lee and his charms to get the clipboard! whahahaa.. no jealousy or anything going on here. Amanda is so comfortable and on the job- I love it! both Lee and Amanda have changed quite a bit!  So what are you all seeing here in this scene guys??

Moving on we find a baddie with one of the cases of wine.. he’s opened it and tested all the bottles – but there is no trace of heroin. Seems he has gotten the wrong case- the one without the red label- when he should have been given the one with the red label. So far so good!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000569687Bad guy talks intermittently on phone:  I’m telling you. The case he brought me is nothing but wine…. All of it. I’d searched most of his house when his daughter showed up with the cops. Nothing….. Yes, I’m going back. I’ll search the car first. The police have it in their impound yard….. [whoa- look out for Gino- he’s mean! Or do the police have the same impound yard as the agency? I don’t know! Guess we’ll see Winking smile ]
That’s easy for you to say, but I’m the one who’s risking everything!
This guy’s accent is hilarious.. and welcome back Lazlo from Sudden Death!!  [Or is that Coach Lazlo!! Winking smile ]
I don’t mind when they recycle baddies.. it’s better for the sustainability or something Winking smile tee hee.. but when they try and recycle a baddie to then be Amanda’s ex-husband?! that’s crossing the line! Smile 

Ah okay. So seems McNeil brought back two cases of wine from Paris. One with a red label which was suppose to go to this bad dude (laced with Heroin) and the other case was to be donated to the charity auction. So McNeil decided to keep one of the wines from the case which was for the charity – they wouldn’t miss it.. so he thinks.. and then he must have given the other case to this guy somehow before meeting with his monk friends to drink the wine from the case that went to the charity auction. I think I’ve got it. Have I?!

Back to Charity HQ and Lee err Dr Lee, is handing over a cheque to Jill..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000580803
I am encouraged to see that Jill is wearing clothes that are not unlike what Amanda wears these days.. maybe not the same colours but similar style, as I am sure Jill is suppose to be a lady about town.
Lee:  There we go.
Jill:  Oh.  Doctor, thank you. We can certainly use this.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000584516Lee:  Uh, it’s my pleasure.
(together they walk back over to join Amanda.)
Amanda:  Here you are.
Jill:  Thank you.
(Jill takes back the clipboard and leaves)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000588724
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000589341Lee:  Got a cure for shark bite?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000590691Amanda:
  Lee, at least, it’s for a good cause.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000591496
[Awesome pun there Amanda!!]
Lee:  Huh.
(Learjet adds-I so want to put, “Yeah, right.” Cause we all know that’s what Lee is thinking.)

  Look, McNeil, Hallman and Stargate are not on that list…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000593031
…But there are 11 bottles of that same wine that was found in Congressman McNeil’s car.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000596828Lee:  Eleven bottles of Chateau Monet?

  Chateau Monet, that’s right.
Lee:  It’s gotta be from the same case.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000601901Amanda:
  I don’t know.
Lee:  Was McNeil the donor?
Amanda:  I don’t know. The donors are all anonymous and the wine is not here yet.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000604404Lee:  Maybe we can find a receipt at the house….
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000608614

[Is Lee touching Amanda’s hand with his finger?]… Come on.
They leave together and the scene ends there.

These two just look like more of an equal team now don’t they? it’s  so great how they manage to convey that while just talking about a case!
Soooo looking forward to hearing what you all make of this part of the episode!! Thanks again to Cindy and Debilyn for helping with the dialogue transcript!!!
byeee for now!

1/ Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi everyone!! A huge thanks to everyone who has helped transcribe this episode!! This one was a big JWWM joint effort!

Also just a reminder that for August – JWWM is on a go slow.. posts will continue to be published but less frequently.
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On with the show!!
Ahhhh Oh la la.. The episode opens with a panorama of Paris..LOL Hilarious how we are told it is ‘Paris’ when it’s so flippin obvious!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000078853
(Hmm in ALLA last episode we walked through we started with a panorama of Italy!)
We get to titles with the same shot.. Oh la laaa.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000083714
What a fab way to start an episode! If only Lee and Amanda had visited..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000090495
My my.. look at how old the cars are in Paris! Winking smile
Love the quirky French music to begin with..(love those little touches smk does so well!)
We see some guy working with Lab equipment..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000095876
Ohhh I see! You can see the powder is being measured and then poured into the red liquid.
He then pours the liquid into a beaker, we see him randomly pour it into something else.. lol.. lots of evil pouring going on!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000117457 Then the camera pans over to reveal there’s a small army of French men (He has a striped t-shirt! He’s French!) pouring red liquid into wine bottles. Guess it’s wine!) He has a gun? uh oh.. these French dudes guard their wine secrets very seriously Winking smile lol.. okay so it probably has something to do with the white powder they are dissolving into the wine!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000123388
They cork the bottles of wine.
French dude: Make sure those corks are in tight eh!… [yes because a Frenchman wouldn’t know to make sure the cork is in tight] …we don’t want any slip ups through American customs (such amazing use of a colloquialism! slip ups? what French person would say that!)
Another French dude sho doesn’t even sound remotely French:
Oui, especially since the good senator is kind enough to VIP us through without any inspections.
(bit hard to hear that last bit as a baddie hammers closed a wine case)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000137701
The voices here are so funny! In Paris, speaking English to each other- but clearly Americans trying to have a French accent while speaking English.. oh just go with it Iwsod!
As the baddie puts a red label on the wine case we hear a baddie pondering:  I wonder what their reaction would be! If they knew there was Heroin in these bottles!!!  (Mais Oui! )Now that line and it’s delivery is funny!! Muahahahaaha!!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000143497Moving on we see someone (we learn this is the Senator) carrying the wine case out of a shop and putting it into a car boot (trunk!) all while being recorded.. Quelle Horreur!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000148427
[interesting.. now the red label is on top of the crate?? rofl! the magic label!]
Who is the mysterious third party filming this??
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000153483I tell you what, if I looked up and saw that at a window – It would blend right in!! (not!)
A baddie helps carry another case to the car.. this time with no red label.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000161041
[red label= Heroin. I think I’ve got it.. this ep requires too much thinking already Winking smile without jumping ahead to specifics- does anyone else find this episode’s plot to be too much of a brain twister?? Maybe together we can work it out!]
Next thing, we see the Concorde landing.. Ohhhh I’m so sad I never got to go on Concorde!! Sad smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000169228However, I’m excited to see another Aussie moment in smk!!! See behind the Concorde there is a Qantas airplane (Australia’s national carrier) – you can clearly see the flying Kangaroo!!!!3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000178827
We see the two crates (one with a red label and one without-interesting, now the label is on the side- okay now I see there is two labels one on top and one on the side)  be collected a US customs officer who picks them up (and totally puts his back out- I cringe watching him move those crates!! Bend the knees!!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000189011
and takes them through the ‘diplomatic customs VIP clearance’ doors..  3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000194913
On to Amanda’s…
has Amanda’s front garden shrunk? Winking smile [Is there heroin in my tea?!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000200239
Amanda and Dotty are racing to beat their best time for putting away the groceries.. 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000201011haaa.. is this like when you don’t want to do something so you make it a race to make it a bit more fun?
Oh this is funny! Amanda and Dotty must be wearing their ‘let’s put away the groceries’ uniforms – they’re dressed practically the same!!!!
Ugh!! Buck just lets himself in through the back door..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000208750
Amanda has a go at Buck!: Buck how it usually works is you knock on the door and I say come in.
Buck helps himself to their coffee… (then again, Lee has been known to do that too hasn’t he??!!) I see he brought his own empty coffee cup with him – so I guess that’s why he decided to stop by.. maybe he’s out of coffee.
Yeah, I know. this is an emergency!
Buck declares the neighbourhood is dead..
Dotty: HUH??? Who’s dead?!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000223030
[so funny-love Dotty!!]
Buck decides to throw: an old fashioned block party.
Amanda thinks their neighbours won’t be interested.. (they’re quiet and mostly retired- really? I thought it was all families)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000231349Amanda wrestles with her timer.. stopping it because Buck won’t stop talking.
Buck: A costume party! Better yet a come as you’re favourite movie character party.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000233367Dotty: Buck, No. Not on this block.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000241344Buck: no no no we can get a permit we close off the street.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000242029Amanda is exasperated.. [packing groceries is so much more interesting huh]
Amanda: Buck Please!!!
[she really wants to get back to the grocery race – what’s the hurry!! They take this game of theirs very seriously indeed!!
They’re timing putting away the groceries.. hmmm.. Buck might be right – this neighbourhood really is dead and in need of some fun!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000246220Amanda starts the timer again with great dramatics.. and the race is back on..
Buck: I bet I can even score one of those search lights to give it that Hollywood premier touch. Yeah. I’ll get my WC Fields costume out of the mothballs!!..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000252600(with WC fields accent he points to Dotty and adds) …oh this is gonna be sharp! okay…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000254541
(as he reaches the door Amanda opens it for him to let him out)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000258305
…Thank you my little chickadee!
My little chickadeeSo this is our second reference to WC fields.. Ugh he is too annoying.. just get out! [I love how there are zero hints from Dotty about Amanda and Buck being a couple – I think Dotty would put her foot down there!! He’s sooo annoying!!]
Dotty: Amanda, what did we do to deserve a neighbour like that?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000263516Amanda: I don’t know mother but I’m gonna change that lock.
[hmm or you could just try using it for a change Winking smile ]
Dotty: how did we do?
Amanda clicks at her stop watch(did she just stop it?!):
Ohhh a record!!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000266204Dotty: good!!!

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000267052They’re both excited at their record and rush off in different directions- race is over ladies! lol.. whatever floats your boat! 

Moving on to a huge mansion..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000270399
We see the senator back from his trip to 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000272478Paris.. He’s talking to a delivery guy about to hand over the case of wine with the red label- only we see him pull one bottle out for himself first. [looks like the red label is permanently on the side and top]
Senator: I brought this collection into the country myself. This wine… (the one with the red label) is an anonymous donation to the auction so ah get them to sign the… (he points at what the delivery guy is holding)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000275696…receipt letter in there and bring it back to my  house okay?
Delivery guy with the knucklehead hat nods.
The Senator continues: Don’t forget or my tax accountant will come after you! Addressed to a Mr Twillie Congressman McNeil?
[I think I just learned something.. Senators and Congressman can be addressed as ‘congressman’? is that right?]
McNeil: uh huh. People pay good money for the names of charity donors (he hammers the case closed as he speaks)
and Mr Twillie gives me some business.
[lol you’d think he’d be a bit less open about this given he’s in public office!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000292576Knucklehead chuckles..:
and Mr Twillie couldn’t resist a bottle for himself.
McNeil: ha haa.. well Charity Begins at Home! ha haaa
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000299529
(whooo smk reference! Winking smile )
So the congressman claims the donation on his taxes, even though the name on the receipt is Mr Twillie? how does that work? eh??!!!
Knucklehead: I guess.
McNeil: So! When will this be delivered?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000303062Knucklehead: whoo gee it’s hard to say, it goes to the warehouse, and waits in line and then it gets shipped out and we are backed up to the ceiling.
[model employee, he ain’t!]
(McNeil gives Knucklehead a tip)
McNeil: well, see what you can do.
Knucklehead: Gosh a whole five!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000312582McNeil: Hey! I’m only a congressman.
[Shouldn’t he say he’s only a Senator? Would a Senator refer to themself as a Congressman? Help Americans!! Please give us non Americans the run down!
What a tightwad!!! yeah right, that’s why you have a huge cellar full of wine and live in a great big mansion?!]
The men share a chuckle.. though I think Knucklehead is unimpressed.. passive aggressive!

The Senator takes his case of wine (without the red label) and the one bottle from the other case and leaves his office/cellar –
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000320462whooo check out the WC fields outfit on the hat stand!! 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000321217
Next thing we see one of the bottles of wine being decanted..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000321445
(we can see the unopened case of wine without red label in view-I guess.. I mean it moves around so much! Winking smile So this is the bottle he pilfered from the charity auction- hope you guys are gonna help keep track of these flippin wine bottles!)
The shot widens to reveal a bunch of people dressed as monks in a cellar.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000329283
(looks like their flag is a big bug haaa) What is this dungeons and dragons for wine appreciators?
They all smell their wine and share a toast.
McNeil: Ahhh Salut a le sang de Bacchus!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000352707Together they raise their glasses and then each have a taste.. Hmm not impressed!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000353945

One of the weird monks: What the hell is wrong with this Jim? I think you got stuck with a bad bottle.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000356508The three men all look around confused and disappointed.
McNeil: I hope the whole case isn’t bad.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000358976[Looks like he gets paid so poorly he dresses as a monk Winking smile ]
More confused looks are shared.. I’m sharing their confused looks right now.. those guys are weird! Maybe they were worshipping the Greek God Bacchus or something.. and the Bacchus wine grape is just a coincidence Winking smile

Well cue the sinister music! Something’s not right!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000375607We see the Senator speeding in his car across traffic, coming to a screeching halt (window down).
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000377726In the close up the window is up and he’s  coughing and spluttering.. He struggles against the closed window wanting more air.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000379765
(man shouldn’t have just put it up in that split second there pal!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000380376Umm I know it’s not funny a guy dying and all.. but his face here and expressions he pulls are pretty funny!! These need a meme!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_000381023
MMarceauHe seems to be channelling Marcel Marceau!!!

Well, the tightwad, slightly shifty Senator/ Congressman is dead! And with that.. I shall finish here for the moment.. back with more in a few days..
Please keep on topic  – it’s great for people trying to catch up who can’t follow the walk- that way they don’t have to sift through conversations not related to the blog post – head over to Neds to discuss anything you like off topic [Marcel Marceau?! Wine? WC Fields?]!

No one to thank for transcribing Sour Grapes yet, I did this bit! LOL.. but stay tuned!! Looking forward to hearing what you make of Buck and of Dotty and Amanda- the competition grocery unpackers!! Going for Gold!!! byeee for now my lovely fellow smk fans!!

Episode Order of the First Five Episodes of Season 3 discussion

Hi Everyone!! Some love it.. some loathe it.. but thanks to some very creative original airing orders we are left with the likelihood the first five episodes of season 3 are needing to be reordered!

This conversation got started over at Nedlindger’s HERE, and here on JWWM we have discussed this a little through our walk through the first five episodes, and also in this post focused on the order of Wizard and Over the Limit.

Who here is happy to stay with the airing order?
Feel like sorting this out is as much fun as having your teeth pulled?
3_ImNotListeningWell.. rest assured – there are others who enjoy it and who have offered their suggested orders!

To recap, the original airing order was:
1. A lovely little affair
2. We’re off to see the wizard
3. Over the limit
4. Tail of the dancing weasel
5. Welcome to America Mr Brand

From walking through all 5 episodes, I’d say the episodes were all filmed together, written together and looking at major changes and swaps in the scripts – it seems it was a time of big changes and rewrites. All a big jumble! So props don’t seem like much help to me here (that big fish on Billy’s wall appears and disappears).

The production order doesn’t help either! [though I like that it puts Mr Brand so early]
It has the following:
1. Welcome to America Mr Brand
2. Over the limit
3. We’re off to see the wizard
4. A lovely little affair
5. Tail of the dancing weasel (which clearly is intended to air before wizard and ALLA)

The introduction of the Q bureau in Dancing weasel seems clear,
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000739105

but we see it earlier in the original airing order in ALLA
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001510647

(but not in scenes in ALLA where you usually would see it- like in the tag where Lee and Amanda sort Lee’s files- in Billy’s office?!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002690569

and in Wizard, Billy calls Lee’s new office ‘the Q room’ and it seems like a voice over..

sooo I think the Q bureau is all a bit jumbled.. it doesn’t dictate the order, but I think it can be taken into consideration as obviously reordering is needed.

I knew the airing order was wrong.. but because I hadn’t watched the episodes before blogging I went with the consensus over at Nedlindger’s for which order to blog in – check it out if you like. I blogged in that order, but had not committed myself to that order, I wanted to walk through the episodes and then decide (a bit chicken and egg no? 1confusion ).
Morley’s order, the order through which JWWM walked, is as follows:
1. Welcome to America Mr Brand
2. Over the limit
3. Tail of the dancing weasel
4. We’re off to see the wizard
5. A lovely little affair

Thanks again Morley for sharing your order with us!!!thankyou2

How we go about choosing the order we like will vary from person to person. I tend to stick with the airing order unless there is a good reason to change it -say if I think the story can’t make sense otherwise – you know?

So I am liking this order for season three:
Iwsod’s order-
1. Welcome to America Mr Brand
2. Tail of the dancing weasel
3. We’re off to see the wizard
4. Over the limit
5. A lovely little affair

I’ve already discussed why I see no reason to change the original airing order and put Wizard after over the limit- I think the story works great with Wizard first…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002785352

then OTL,…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001873187

I think Amanda giving Lee the rose in Over the Limit is something I can’t overlook – given how 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001298098significant/traumatic the smell of roses are to Lee in Wizard- which he heals by the end of that episode. Plus I don’t have to find a way to overlook it Smile because I love the story with wizard first! See the previous wizard/otl post if you’re interested in reading more discussion on this.. and the episodes themselves.

I have always felt OTL..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002778445

should come before ALLA,..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002780598

because Amanda doesn’t know Lee isn’t seeing Leslie anymore at the end of OTL and the start of ALLA (IMHO), but it seems clear Leslie is history in the tag of ALLA Winking smile when Lee and Amanda start to date (but they just don’t call it a date!!).
I think during the original airing order, seeing the tag of ALLA and then having the Leslie surprise was horrendous!! Very glad that has been dealt with!
When I see them dating has probably influenced my view of the order too.
I’ve really enjoyed having Mr Brand first- I think it’s a great start to the season and really lays a foundation for Amanda’s skills as an agent to develop further!
3.05 WELCOME TO AMERICA MR BRAND.avi_002811177

and loving ALLA as episode five!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002595002

These two changes alone make a big improvement in my enjoyment.. How about you?

Soooo anyone like to share their order they’ve gone with and if you like-why??
BTW- don’t worry there’s no need to convince anyone of anything here – we can come up with different orders and have different preferences no problem! I’m happy to discuss my thoughts but have no motivation to change anyone’s mind! Smile

Back to the airing order now for the rest of season 3!

****August will see JWWM on a go slow!  ****
Many of us are away on holidays etc. and it’s probably a good thing to slow the walk down for just a month..

Still, coming up next, we start our walk through Sour Grapes!!! (we’ll start at a crawl, but be back to our regular pace in no time!)
Plus, we’ll be pausing our crawl (lol!) through Sour Grapes to enjoy two posts Learjet has written enjoying Dotty’s character!! Smile Good times ahead!! Byeee for now!


14/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

I’m so happy to have reached this tag!!! Smile One of the best and most significant so far! Here we go…. We find Lee and Amanda in Billy’s office sorting out folders together.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002687234Hmm why are they not doing this in the Q bureau?? Once again it seems the Q bureau is a bit in no man’s land in this episode! oh well.. I’ll take this tag however I can get it!
A bit random that they are sorting files.. but.. I will guess this is all thanks to Congresswoman Faber’s very personal audit – now the case is finished, Amanda can help Lee- even if it’s just sorting out the folders Winking smile
I hope you don’t mind.. I can’t pretend I don’t know what Lee is up to here.. as I have seen this before and would hardly forget this tag! ;)
Amanda passes Lee a folder, they are busy working on this task together Smile [Amanda has no clue what’s coming Winking smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002688651
Lee: Thank you
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Lee: Uh oh.
(Lee stops short when he sees a file)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002689628Amanda: hmm?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002690956Lee: Here’s one case I’m glad I didn’t have to explain to Congresswoman Faber…

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002692613
(Amanda notices which file it is.. and doesn’t like where Lee is headed here!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002694111- Alan Chamberlain.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002694619(Lee doesn’t seem to meet Amanda’s eyes here..he only does so very briefly! He’s avoiding looking at her too much.. so he can see this plan of his through! I think he is totally calculated here! LOL!!)
Amanda: Why? You said it went perfectly.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002696319Lee: It worked out pretty well. But the technique – pure improvisation.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002697959
[that’s what Amanda is so good at! Improvisation!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002700571Amanda: Leeee! You said it was a textbook case.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002701451[Amanda did a good job, and is taking exception to Lee’s picking!]
Lee: It was all hinged on an accident, Amanda.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002704518[Just like how Lee met Amanda Smile Maybe Lee has had enough of leaving the important things in life to chance huh??!!!]
(Amanda lets out a big sigh here.. ugh! and wordlessly starts shaking her head disapproving of Lee as he continues.)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002706666…Now a professional, trained agent plans every detail, every nuance… [Which is exactly what Lee has done here with this conversation  and where it’s headed!!!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002708810The word “accident” does not enter into his vocabulary.  (His??!!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002712805Amanda:
Well, heaven forbid one tiny compliment should escape your lips.
(Lee has a sudden fascination with staking the folders just oh so perfectly.. ahem..)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002716330
[whoo hooo! go Amanda! she’s so much more assertive now! Smile too right Amanda! you shouldn’t put up with that! Winking smile  Hey Learjet – this plays into your comment for post 13 about Amanda’s love language being words of affirmation!!! she’s certainly noticing their absence here!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002717214
Lee smiles and tries to cover it I think..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002717822Lee: I was just trying to point out…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002718694
…– it takes technique.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002720602Amanda:
[I think that’s an ‘I’m not buying it response!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0027216503.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002722049Lee: Look. For instance,… (Lee moves over to the couch and sits himself down as Amanda stands)
…uh I’m sitting right here on this park bench. Now -
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002726996
[Lee does a great job of keeping this casual – Amanda can’t see where Lee is headed!]
(Amanda nods listening intently.)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002727950… your assignment…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002728719
(Amanda starts freaking out here a little-What’s he gonna make me do?! assignment??!!) …is to make…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002729644
(we cut back to Lee here.. makin it casual Winking smile )
…a casual and natural contact, establish a relationship with me…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002732436[Lee acts quite professional here.. and then he begins to become playful!]
… and then get me to ask you to the Kennedy tonight…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002735555
…for a Verdi festival.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002736918
[Verdi festival. I guess this is la Traviata which Murray!!!! Murray!!! wanted tickets for.. in post 4.]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002737284lol love Amanda’s reaction! well that’s ridiculous!!
Amanda: How am I supposed to do that?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002738785
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002738887In response, Lee licks his lips
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002739279
–hooo haaaa- 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002739371

he gives her a quick look up and down and responds-
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002739491
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002740068Lee: Look, you sit…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002740622
…and I’ll show you.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002740987Lee begins to get up as he responds here – and gives Amanda a wink!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002741331
[I tell ya what.. this one was a hard one to get a clear pic of- he’s moving!!]
I think he’s trying so hard to not give away himself here!! it’s very cute!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002743159[Once you’ve shown her Lee can I have my turn?!!]
Amanda slams down the folders, annoyed at Lee’s behaviour here.. and maybe feeling a little bit uncomfortable at what this spy lesson could involve- now she’s realised she has real feelings for Lee and needs to deal with her strong attraction to him- this kind of play acting would be much harder!! and more scary!
Lee just watches her grinning.. and trying to not to laugh.. oh so cute!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002744797[and okay everyone why is Amanda wearing jeans?? when at IFF working??!!! casual Friday?!]
Amanda lets out a loud huff as she sits on the couch. She’s not happy!
She gives Lee a pointed Look – this is dumb! you’re being dumb!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0027484873.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002748865
Lee is trying hard not to laugh now! [nervous and excited maybe?!] Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002750629
He seems to take a deep breath here as he launches into this part of his plan Winking smile Go on Lee! You can do it!!
Lee: Hey toots!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002750889(Lee starts approaching the couch)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002751172Amanda immediately screws up her face in response.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002751714
haaa she’s not being gentle with Lee here at all! haaaa..
Oh Amanda.. this filing has been traumatic. Let’s have a cappuccino together to collect ourselves? Winking smile
Amanda: UUUGGGHHH!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002752833
and yet, he is smiling the whole time.. IMHO confident that in the end she’ll love where he’s headed Smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002753487
Just love the huge smile on Lee’s face as he walks off camera there.. head bowed about to sit on the couch. too swoony by far!
I think Lee knows it’s a terrible pick up line and he’s being awful on purpose Smile maybe he’s thinking that’s the line Alan used! (close!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002754084

Lee: How’re you doing? [So that’s where Joey on Friends stole it from!]
Amanda: Ughhhhh!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002755218
Lee (still grinning!) sits and puts his arm around Amanda behind her on the sofa..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002757213
she crosses her leg away from Lee and angles herself away from him.
Lee: Heard any good opera lately?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002759474Amanda: No, I can’t say that I have.
Lee: Well, what do you say we ahh hit the Kennedy later for a little Verdi?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002760728[Here Lee touches Amanda’s arm.. being a bit of an oaf – again IMHO on purpose.. he is totally teasing her and she has nooo idea!! Smile ]
Amanda: Sorry I’m busy!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002762198[Amanda makes a show of shoving his hand away.. is it just me or is Amanda (or KJ?) trying not to laugh as she does this?? thoughts?]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002763158Lee: Ooh, Gee, that’s…that’s too bad…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002765024
(Lee whips out the tickets from his inside pocket. LOL seems BB had some trouble getting them out Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002765660Lee holds the tickets out in front of him so Amanda can see them when she turns to look.
…These were for tonight.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002768419Amanda turns back to Lee to rebuff him but is stopped short when she sees the tickets. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002770439She seemed to think they were imaginary Smile  3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002772238Amanda turns her body around back to Lee, and starts to uncross her legs. She’s no longer closed off from play acting annoying Lee! Winking smile
Amanda: Are those real?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002773267Suddenly Lee is no longer smiling or stifling a laugh.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002773663
Lee’s serious as he asks:  About 8?
Amanda doesn’t hesitate and states flatly: Love to.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0027745463.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002775615Lee: See how easy that was?!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002778410The both of them laugh. Amanda laughs very heartily here!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002778727
and then Lee joins in smiling broadly – I think Amanda is delighted by how Lee has gotten her a good one here! Gotcha Amanda!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002779288I think when Lee says see how easy that was- it’s partly to himself! Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002780598I love that Lee had them in his pocket the whole time, and planned the whole thing!

Does anyone know the music of La Traviata? I’m wondering if we get a few strains of it at the end there- combined with the smk theme.. 

The question Amanda asks when she sees them is very appropriate ‘are those real’? I think it is a hint at one of the themes of this episode – what’s real.. what’s fantasy.. and I think this episode has revealed to both Lee and Amanda that their relationship is a real friendship, but it’s also got some real heat goin on!!!! And there’s a possibility here of this becoming a romance! is it real?? Is the romance real? Well it’s more real between Lee and Amanda than Amanda’s fantasy with Alan. [Thus Alan and Amanda’s relationship was a ‘lovely little fantasy’ and I think ‘A Lovely little Affair’ refers to the start of Lee and Amanda’s romantic stage Winking smile ]
Their relationship is also more real than what Lee had with all the names in his black books – and with Leslie (the replacement Amanda).

I think this tag marks a turning point for both of them – I haven’t seen the episodes that are ahead so forgive me if I change my mind.. but I’m thinking this is the point where Lee and Amanda start dating. This La Traviata is a date – it’s flirty.. they are exploring a romantic relationship.. that is now a possibility – so I’d say it’s a date. However! I also tend to think – and have done for years that at this point- neither is calling it a date.. They are from now on dating.. but they are not calling it dating! They both know that is what they are doing.. but neither is ready to name it. At least that’s what I’ve thought for years. Looking forward to seeing if how I see things the same way.
So here was Lee’s way of taking that next step, without really having to completely put himself out there – he thought ahead and bought the tickets (probably when getting the tickets for Murray – though I’m guessing he made sure they weren’t seated together Winking smile ) he approached it in a fun, light way..full of irony!! As he taught Amanda the ‘technique’ he really was trying to establish a relationship Winking smile Clever man!! and I think Amanda enjoys that!!

They can take things very slow, they don’t have to call it a date and admit they are dating yet –it’s unspoken! I think they both have a need to take this slow and see how things go!!!

I could go on for ages about where they are both at and everything that has led up to this moment… but I might finish up and leave it to you fine people to explore.. and I’ll reply in comments..
Do you think they are in love now?  I’m thinking Lee is more so than Amanda, as I’ve said in the past – but I hesitate to say Amanda is completely in love when she can’t yet know for sure that Lee is ready for the kind of relationship she needs.. Hmm.. not sure! Does it make sense to say all the ingredients are now there?? for Love to fully blossom?? Now they just need some sunlight, water and time? Winking smile tee hee..
Can I say they are both in love but neither is fully madly in love?? Does that make sense? Certainly, it is too early for either to acknowledge their feelings to the other (and maybe a little bit to themselves)?

Thoughts? Hoping someone can put my thoughts into words.. I’m not sure how to express it!

Soooo we have another reference to La Traviata! And in Wizard we had the flowers labelled from ‘Verdi’ – someone in the writing staff has given up Bob Dylan and discovered Verdi! Winking smile
I had a look around to explore the plot of La Traviata.. I wondered if it was relevant to the plot here.. while I could find some connections- it didn’t really strike me as a deliberate statement. Though, I did find it interesting to discover that the movie Amanda mentions in Over the Limit- ‘Camille’ – is the film version of  La Traviata.. where yep.. in the end.. she dies of Tuberculosis.. So I found it interesting that in all 3 episodes there was this connection. Culminating here in Lee asking Amanda to that Opera! Smile 

Well.. what a wonderful journey! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it!!! [Even if you do like the chin!! -hope I wasn't too hard on him! ]
I can’t wait to hear what you all think!!
Next up I’ll do up a post next where we can discuss the order of the first five episodes of season 3 if we want to – now that we’ve covered them all. (so please hold off on ep order comments until the next post! thanks! )
Whooo hoooo!!! We are now about to walk into some very romantic, interesting times in this story!!! Smile

13/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Amanda and Alan are left alone.. it seems Amanda wanted a moment with Alan after everything that as happened.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002619349Amanda sighs and tosses her head..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002621376[I think Alan was about 90% sure Amanda was not an agent and just a tourist. She had him fooled!]
Amanda: No, I’m not…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002623379
…I’m sorry Alan…

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002625517[Is it just me or is Amanda thinking of their kiss when she says this.. I think she is..]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002626296…I didn’t mean to trick you…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002629566

[Interesting.. she did mean to not reveal she was an agent. Maybe by ‘tricking’ Alan she refers to how she led him to believe she would be open to a romantic relationship? when really.. she never really was (it was a flight of fancy)? I think she need not worry – I don’t think Alan was terribly emotionally involved in their relationship Winking smile
Alan doesn’t seem to mind so much- what do you think?]
Alan quietly observes Amanda as she talks.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002629687

Cue the sad theme again!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002631566… I think you’re very special…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002633685
…and you made me feel very special too.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002636890[this all sounds like a goodbye to me! Alan made Amanda feel special? glad she thinks so.. but umm.... he didn’t do anything for me! Winking smile ]
Alan: You are very special, Amanda.
Too right she is. You know, I think Amanda enjoyed that he made her feel special. But I don’t think she needed to hear it- not from him. She knows she’s special..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002639476Alan says the words.. but I don’t know how deeply he believes it or Amanda believes it. He hardly knows her- though I guess he can be grateful for the help that he got from her.
How interesting that in Wizard we had Amanda telling Lee he is a pretty special man. And in Over the Limit, Lee tells Leslie that Amanda is very special.. and here? Alan made Amanda feel special.. a running theme here??
– Lee needs to tell Amanda he thinks she is special!!! Smile
Amanda: I really didn’t mean to trick you, you understand?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002640402

[Alan she wants you to say it’s okay! Winking smile ]
The sad music says- this was never meant to be.. hooray!!! Winking smile tee hee..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002645231

Alan quietly: I understand,…
(He takes a step closer to her)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002648044… I understand.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002648856He takes Amanda’s arms and looks at her..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002649625

I think Alan is asking- sooo now everything is out in the open – do we still have something here?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002652098

Amanda leans in to give him a kiss..
and he joins her-
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002653773

I think Amanda’s answer, by initiating this chaste kiss is: Goodbye.
[hip hip hooray!!!]
What a lovely guy Alan is… what a tragedy that it wasn’t meant to be.. they could have been so good together! He would have been good to Amanda. – Nah.. I just made all that up- I think that’s what the writers (and the music) were hoping to inspire, but personally I have no emotional connection here at all to Alan and Amanda’s relationship. She’s way better off without him. The guy was a real lightweight.. a lovely little fantasy to admire his ownhair from a distance.. but the connection for me was never one of substance! How about you?
Amanda pulls back and ends it.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0026578433.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002659005She’s made it clear to Alan in this kiss that this is a goodbye-
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002659749

Alan takes a couple of steps back realising that’s what this is.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002661410[Yep. you don’t deserve her! Winking smile ]
I don’t think either of them were thinking they would be seeing each other again! If Alan was thinking that – then he was still in the fantasy!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002664336Alan accepts her goodbye.
Alan: Ciao, Amanda.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002665965Amanda: Goodbye, Alan.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002666273
[love how she says ‘goodbye’.. it’s like: I’m not Italian- I don’t say ciao, I don’t belong in your world. this is me. I say goodbye! Smile ]
Amanda smiles broadly.. happy with how they’ve parted.. says a lot!! there’s no regrets there from Amanda and that’s great!!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002666942Alan turns to walk away.. and Amanda watches him leave. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002670743

She sighs heavily… IMHO not because Alan is leaving.. but because of where things now stand for her with her love life..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002672137

she’s just said goodbye to a man who was wrong for her, but she could have tried something with.. and what’s ahead for her at this point is unclear. But Amanda is going to stick with reality. Her lovely little fantasy is over.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002674173

Again, I think she’s thinking of Lee here- what happened the night before, and what the future holds.. At this point she can’t be certain of what Lee wants.. but I think she must see that it is Lee she wants- not that I think she will jump into anything.. but she’s very self aware! She wants him, but is not sure if she can have a relationship with him or what’s to come you know? There are so many unknowns at this point.. ohh I’m sure you will all put it so much better than I can!

It’s always been a bit strange that Lee didn’t see this little exchange.. but I am glad he didn’t. It means any future actions he takes will be because of him and Amanda and not pure jealousy..[to react in jealousy to me diminishes the choice of how you act] 

Maybe it also would have made things more explicit between them when at this point that is maybe moving the story along too fast.. so for me, I’m happy Amanda got her goodbye kiss, and Lee didn’t see it! Winking smile [did I just type I’m glad Amanda kissed another man? what am I nuts?! lol !! no really I am.. especially because it was a goodbye!! Winking smile ]

Okay everyone.. back with the tag next up!!! [I didn’t want to have a gigantic final post on this ep and rush the tag – so have left it to the next post and this one is a little shorter than normal.. ] byeee for now!

12/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Time for Alan to do the switch of independence! 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002236562

Alan gives a speech to Wellington again about the fungus  – ‘Aseculum distalis’. (lol he already named it back in post 2.. sounds like you’re over selling it Alan!)
Alan explains he has to bathe the document in a bath of fungicide.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002259205Alan:  Important thing though, is not to subject the document to oxygen shock. After all, it has been sealed in there for 30 years. We can void this room, correct?
[This oxygen shock is made up yes? I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything – anyone? I don’t know anything about this. but does seem like Alan makes it up to get the room emptied.]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002265501Wellington says they can flood the room with helium, he wants the guards to stay with the document, but they don’t have the correct breathing equipment to do so.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002268566Alan’s quite convincing here.. suggesting everyone leaves the room then lets him get started. He gets his own breathing equipment out and the scene ends.

Back to the Sherman hotel, Lee and Amanda are searching Alan’s hotel room.
Lee’s on the phone. He searches the waste basket while talking.
Lee: What about the B team (he listens) uggh…[whooo is Lee and Amanda the A-team?!]  …
Okay, Okay it happens. You’re gonna have to call Billy and tell him you lost Necci…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002331146…Hey, suffer through it until we get a break, what can I say Francine… (Lee listens to Francine on the phone) …Okay. Okay, I’ll get back to you later. (Lee sighs)[Me too.. he’s lookin so good!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002340553(To Amanda): Alright look, we know that Chamberlain is a documents expert. We’ve got hundreds of historical documents in this town we don’t wanna lose.
Amanda: right!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002348774Lee: Amanda, you were the only one who really talked to him. Isn’t there something, some little thing that could get us a-
Amanda: -He was really troubled! He was worried about something but he said he’d deal with it.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002355194Lee: How?
Amanda: I don’t know.
Lee: Where?

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002358535[I’m liking how Lee is not taking his frustration out on Amanda! this Lee is very very swoony!!! Much more than early Lee with a short temper!]
Amanda: I – sorry – I don’t know.
Lee: Look, we’ve got, what- pens, ink, a heat lamp for aging the paper….
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002362479
…He was forging something.…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002372106
…Look at this.
Lee finds something interesting in the waste basket!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002376023

Amanda: What?
Lee: “When in the…”

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002377692(both Lee and Amanda pause a moment trying to think of what it could be.. ahhh the days before Google Winking smile Lee has a realisation..)
….”When in the course of human events…”
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002385475Amanda: The Declaration of Independence?
Lee picks up the phone again:
Hello, operator? I want to place an emergency call to the National Archives.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002394266Lee strikes the ‘talking on the phone while looking suave pose’ .. Nicely done Lee Winking smile
We cut to Alan in his breathing mask with gloves handling the document. rah rah..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002403849Outside the goonissimos (I guess the plural is goonissimi? hmm maybe I should stick to calling them goons Winking smile )  have planted some explosives somewhere outside the archives and taken out the power.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002418925Looks like they are back at the airport though-weird!
Wellington calls out to Alan to seal the vessel as the power is out. But Alan says it’s fine he’s finished. We see him pull a document out of a cylinder.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002441338For a moment we see the corvette racing toward the archives.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002443825Wellington enters the room surprised it was done so quickly.
Alan: Well, we were fortunate. The fungus was right on the verge of sporation. Had it continued, well… [oh purlease!!!! ]
Wellington: You are a godsend.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002466838
[my my.. the exact same words Lee said to Amanda at the beginning of this episode when she said she could try to help him with his accounts Winking smile ]
Alan: I’d hardly say that.
[I think we are to believe this is a guilty conscience.. hmm good to see he has one Winking smile ]
Wellington: Well, don’t be modest. If we’d lost that declaration, think of the trauma it would be to the whole country.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002474270Alan: I can imagine. [oh the irony!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002478726

It strikes me that while Alan is in this little secure room with Wellington and two guards – he could have confided in them and gotten their help.. but then.. ahem.. we wouldn’t need Amanda and Lee huh?! Winking smile 

More of the Corvette racing towards somewhere..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002482552

I swear I saw that bridge in an episode of The Closer the other day!

Is that the back entrance of the archives Alan exits??
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002485836

Doesn’t look anything like it lol.. but he leaves and walks through some white lattice.. (it’s everywhere in DC! Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002494876Where he is immediately met by the goons. Gelati takes the document from Alan.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002499039

Alan: Sophia!
Sophia: Oh Alan, thank God.
(Alan and Sophia embrace)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002501707

[we see in the background the corvette arrive- that car is unable to sneak up on anyone! Winking smile ]
What happened to the silver cylinder? Did security really let Alan in and out with that document bag?!
Alan:  Thank goodness you’re all right.
ohhhh the silver cylinder was in that black document bag!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002504917Police and the corvette arrive. (whoo Francine arrives with the Police!)
Gelati exclaims: Polizia!!!!!
Gelati makes a run for it..
Francine and the useless police approach the baddies gun drawn.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002507525

Lee: Stay in the car.
(rofl.. did I just hear that right? stay in the car? oh Lee come on! Winking smile )
Francine: Hold it right there. Drop the guns.
Francine and the police round up the very obedient goons. [love how in the pic below it looks like Francine’s about to shoot her own arm!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002514284Lee sees Gelati running for it and chases him.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002517012

Gelati shoots and kindly misses everyone!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002517594

He just shoots in the air and then runs.. rofl! [why are we back at the rose garden? oh whatev]
Lee shoots back – rofl why didn’t he hit Gelati? oh double whatev.  Gelati is holding the document.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002523619

(that Lattice suddenly looks blue?? weird..)
Lee: Hold it, right there.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002527717Gelati: Stop. I have your precious Declaration of Independence. I’ll rip it to shreds.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002530296Muahahahaa!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002533468

This stops Lee in his tracks.. but not Alan.. who takes a running leap at Gelati and tackles him to the ground. Document or no document!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002533938

Love the confused look on Lee’s face as Alan tackles Gelati!
As they wrestle, the document is torn.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002537954

Amanda gets out of the car (of course!)
Gelati gets away from Alan..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002543912

[this pic cracks me up!]
and Gelati runs again.
Lee: Hey!
Lee’s turn for a heroic tackle of Gelati! Winking smile
lol.. just like in Wizard – one punch and Lee has the baddie out cold!!!
he danger is over, Amanda runs forward.
We also see Sophia and her claws hiding behind the lattice.. relieved the baddie is down!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002555730She runs forward.
Amanda joins Lee and Alan.
Lee: You all right? (to Amanda).
[Love how Alan isn’t asking if Amanda’s alright Winking smile ]
Amanda: Yes.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002564982Lee
to Alan: Uh you know how to restore these things right? What would you do?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002566305We see a close up of the section of the declaration that Lee and Amanda are holding.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002568632

[Again Lee and Amanda hold something together – third time this ep!]
Alan rips up the section he is holding.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002571434Lee is shocked.. and Amanda physically jumps at this!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002572142[Alan’s lucky Lee doesn’t deck him!]
Alan:  Destroy it.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002573027Francine joins them.. in that awful outfit!
Lee: What?
Alan: It’s just a fake.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002574757[I can’t help but think of National Treasure the movie!!!]
[Sophia arrives to snuggle with Alan in what looks a very non sisterly way! whahaah!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002576964

She wouldn’t be so happy if she knew Alan had risked her life to have dinner with Amanda Winking smile okay! okay! I know I’m being hard on Alan! lol!!!]
Lee: That was quite a risk, my friend. If Necci found out you hadn’t made the switch…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002580413Alan: Well, I really didn’t have the time. Maybe I just didn’t have the heart.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002587138
(Poor Alan.. here is his heroic moment.. where we learn he did have some backbone and he gains some respect.. but me?? I’m completely distracted by the way his sister’s  claws are digging into his shoulder and the dopey expression on her face! This actress me thinks is a closet Ben Murphy fan relishing her chance to have a squeeze Winking smile Focus Iwsod! )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002589854…I don’t know. The point is, my sister and I wouldn’t be alive right now if it hadn’t been for you two. Thank you both very much.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002593600Lee looks at Amanda.. [I think he’s thinking it’s really Amanda Alan should be thanking alone- its very fleeting, but in this look, Lee looks proud of Amanda.. and proud to be her partner! Smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002594797Amanda seems to realise Lee is looking at her, and turns to meet his eyes.. and Lee very fleetingly meets her eyes before turning back to Alan.. awh!! a bit shy maybe?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002595709

I think they know they are a great team who together can really do good things!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002834694Lee:
You’re welcome. Uh Francine, would you, uh, ask the signorina if she wouldn’t mind going with us and answering some questions.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002601158Francine agrees (to Sophia): (something …) ho bisognio di fatti .. (something.. ) ..va bene?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002605010anyone?? speak Italian? Man.. I might email Pallina and see if she can help us with this episode if no one volunteers!  I can’t get the last bit.. well she says in Italian what Lee just asked her to I guess! LOL.. was fun trying to figure it out though!
Sophia: Si..?..lo presto
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002608973Francine:
(Given Francine just said ‘we go’ Lee goes to leave with an arm guiding Amanda to join him. but she resists.. wanting a moment to talk to Alan.)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002612139Amanda: I’ll be right with you.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002612545[Don’t worry Lee – she’s with you!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002614720Lee: Yeah, okay.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002615513Alan and Amanda are left alone..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002616549
We will wait till the next post to talk about what happens next between Alan and Amanda.. what’s there to say?? Hmm!!!  Looking forward to hearing from ya! byee!

11/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

The next morning at the Sherman hotel, Alan is being paid an early visit by Gelati and his goons (or is that goonissimos!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001881715Alan sits in a large armchair in his dressing gown..
Gelati: I never allow anyone to disobey me twice. Should I make an exception in your case? (Alan doesn’t answer)
…Or in your sister’s case.
Alan: No.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001889056Gelati: Don’t tell me what to do. You do what I say. And you do it today, huh? I’ll make sure your American does not distract you.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001893143Alan: Amanda has nothing to do with this. I haven’t told her anything
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001901833Gelati: You told her how beautiful she was. How much you wanted her. Nothing else?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001906671Alan: Why should I? She’s only a tourist for God’s sakes.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001911462[interesting.. yes why tell her anything else. she's just a woman he was trying to pick up for a fling Winking smile okay he's trying to convince the baddie here..but I think there's some truth in it ;) ]
Gelati: Stupid men like you are dangerous. (well Gelati what do you expect? he’s not use to this cloak and dagger stuff!)
…Tourist – maybe! Agent – maaaaayyybe!!…3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001928560

…I’m going to find out. And if she is, I’m going to have to kill her and it will be your fault!
The scene ends with a tense close up on Alan..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001940993

Ohhh dear would you look at that.. once again Amanda is in danger and a baddie is threatening to kill her.
I find it incredible that Alan was planning to meet Amanda for breakfast on the very day that he was going to take the Declaration of Independence!!! Dinner the night before is one thing but breakfast that day?!!
Not only is he putting Amanda at risk, he’s putting his sister at risk. Stupid Alan! Just can’t bring myself to admire this guy! The early morning visit from the baddie while the guy is still in his dressing gown? reminds me once again of Service above and beyond..
SAAB.avi_001638233SAAB.avi_001633562where Hollander threatens Delano and then tells him to have his cuticles seen to or something.. lol..

Oh and LOL at Alan having no chest hair btw – is that outlawed on smk??!! (ah no wait.. I can see Delano has a bit… maybe only baddies are allowed chest hair and facial hair on smk? ;) )

Cool edit here between these two scenes.. it edits from this:
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001942610

to this:
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001943390

nice touch! [with those nails Sophia should be able to scratch herself free!!!]
Back at IFF.. and they’ve ID’d the girl in the wheelchair Gelati was pushing around..(literally and figuratively)
This outfit of Francine’s is beyond Awful.. I just had to do a couple of memes about it on Neds to get it out of my system. A fashion police arrest just wasn’t adequate!!!

Francine explains it’s likely the girl in the wheelchair is Sophia Vessi – Alan’s half sister… The agency didn’t know about her because they’ve been living apart since they were children. [Red February was able to figure it out though! ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001949782Lee: We can’t pick him up because they’ve got his sister. Agreed?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001962487Billy: Agreed. You took Mrs King off the case?
[‘Mrs King’ Billy? why so formal Mr Melrose?!]
Lee: Yeah, first thing.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0019647613.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001965502

(wait a minute.. nooo Lee didn’t take Amanda off the case.. oh dear.. what’s gone on here?? Is Lee outright lying to Billy?? or is this a boo boo with the script,episode, entire story rewrite?? )
Billy: Good. Now listen; I want you and Francine to cover this Chamberlain like a circus tent….
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001971051
…Two teams of watchers for 24 hours. I don’t want him to pick up a case of dandruff in DC that we don’t know about.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001976417

Pick up a case of dandruff? lol! I think with Alan’s method of distracting himself he could maybe pick up a case of something else. eww.
This should have happened the moment Amanda saw Alan screaming into the phone: Sooophiiiiaaaaa!!!!! and then running like a mad man after that van. but noooooo.. it’s like that never happened. (I wonder if that was added in late- to faciliate Alan meeting Amanda.. I never did think it made any sense! Is it in the script? )
Lee: You got it.
Lee and Francine exit Billy’s office to find a circus tent Winking smile Well well well.. look who immediately notes Lee’s coming out of Billy’s office??
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001984123

Why.. it’s Congresswoman Faber!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001985299

She seems to motion to Lee and Francine (well mainly Lee!) but he keeps on walking Winking smile
Seems Lee is back on the case.. and Faber is left to deal with her underwear problem by herself Winking smile 
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001985652bye byeeee Faber!

Back to Amanda.. and whooo look! the trellis no longer has any leaves on it.. no thanks to Lee? Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001986291

Amanda is rushing around in the kitchen getting the boys their cereal, while the boys wait at the dining room table. Oh purlease.. what they can’t do this themselves? what are they? four??!!
Amanda’s in a tizz.. me thinks she didn’t get much sleep last nightWinking smile she makes the cereal then puts the cereal in the fridge and tries to give them the milk!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001999462

Dotty would be excused for concluding this is because of her date last night with Alan – Amanda has her head in the clouds Winking smile but noooo I think it’s because the midnight rambler stopped by Winking smile
Dotty reacts to Amanda bringing the boys milk, not cereal!
Dotty: That’s very clever.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002008800Realising what she’s done, Amanda wordlessly brings the boys their cereal.
Okay I randomly captured this image and I couldn’t resist!
Amanda feels trapped

Jamie: How was your date last night, mom?
Amanda: Sweetheart, it wasn’t a date. It was business.
Jamie: That’s not what Grandma said.
[lol Dotty gossips with the boys about Amanda’s dating life?? Ooohhhh deeearrr!!!]
Phillip: Yeah.
Phone rings and Amanda answers: Hello.
Alan: Hello, it’s me, Alan. How are you?
(Chamberlain is calling from his hotel room with all the goonissimos listening in)
Amanda: Oh, uh, hello. I was just getting ready to leave…3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002030315

(to the family) Could I have a little privacy, please?
Phillip: I never get any
Dotty: Turn around.
Amanda turns around to talk to Alan again but is interrupted by Dotty behind her calling out to her: Darling, you can have all the privacy you wish. [rofl!!! Dotty is incredible!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002040633Amanda (into phone): How about 20 minutes by the pool.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002045628[oh hey.. did Amanda give Alan her phone number?! Maybe the agency is rerouting it.. but what if one of the boys had answered?!]
Alan: Uh no no I’m , uh, glad I caught you. Amanda, there’s been a change of plans. We can’t see each other.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002051580
Amanda: No breakfast?
Alan: No I’m afraid not. You’ve – got to stay away from me, Amanda.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002057326

Amanda: Alan, what is the matter?
No, I’m sorry. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m sorry. [LOL why not say - I won't be there??!! I guess he says stay away from me because he was ordered to- as a test to see if Amanda is an agent.. okay.. that's making sense! ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0020665693.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002067329

Amanda dials a number..
Woman: International Federal Films.
Lee Stetson, please.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002084303Woman: I’m sorry, he’s out of the office.
Amanda: Thank you.
Oh nooooo so she didn’t get through to Lee because he’s at the breakfast.. so Amanda is going to go to the breakfast! eek!!! which will reveal to Gelati that she’s an agent!! double eek! Stupid Alan!
Alan: Well, I’ve done everything I can.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002092152[Ohhh Purlease!!!! That’s a laugh. no he hasn’t. he pursued Amanda.. and he is to blame!  Compare Alan’s shifting of responsibility here with Lee’s tendency to take it on too much. Alan has done very little to keep Amanda out of trouble. meh!]
Gelati: Well, let’s hope for her sake and yours that you have succeeded. Is it done?
They walk over to check something under a coloured lamp (we don’t see what it is).
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002108326Alan: Uh, it needs more time. It’s curing.
Gelati: More time?!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002115465Alan: Look this is my business. If it’s not perfect, they’ll spot it in a minute. I figure another hour…

(Alan turns to leave and Gelati cocks his gun)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002120742

…I’d like some coffee.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002125532Gelati: Perche no! We will be following your every move with the greatest interest.

Seems like a lot of trouble for coffee.. when dealing with dangerous men…I’ll cut Alan some slack.. I think he’s going down for coffee on the off chance that Amanda does show up – so he can warn her away. He is quite a flawed everyday guy placed in a situation which requires him to be heroic- involving Amanda in all this? totally unheroic!!! but.. maybe now he’ll make it up to her a little..
The scene ends with all the baddies following Alan down to coffee.. and a close up on the coloured lamp,
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002142192

the shot then pans down to reveal it is curing the declaration of independence.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002144562

Rofl at the ink pots and quill sitting on the document – if they spilt or anything the whole thing would be ruined!!! ridiculous!

On to Cafe of the Nations… We find Alan drinking coffee at a very rumpled looking table lol!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002150865Francine and Lee are at another table.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002154897
We see Gelati is disguised as a waiter, monitoring if Amanda shows up.. (see the guy in the foreground in the pic above eating?? he’s using a plastic fork!!! whahahahaaa!!! )
Amanda suddenly approaches Alan:
Alan, I know you said not to come but I thought maybe we could just talk.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002166047Alan freaks out!!!
Alan: believe me Amanda. you should not have come here!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002168352Gelati with his machine gun hidden in a newspaper approaches.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002169928

Oh dear.. you’d think Francine and Lee would have spotted Gelati earlier.. Hmm.. oh well..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002171496

Amanda and Alan see him approaching.
Chamberlain:  Amanda, we’ve got to get out of here, now.
They run for it.
Lee and Francine are on their feet immediately, Lee shoulders Gelati, sending him flying onto a table  and dropping his gun.
Francine grabs hold of Gelati and she’s not letting go! She cries: help! somebody help me please!! like Gelati is attacking her!
[Call me crazy but that looks like an Australian flag there on the left side of the pool!! whoo hooo!!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002187660

Alan and Amanda reach the street and Alan turns to talk to Amanda.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002190009

I can’t remember where I found this, but here below is a picture that was released as a promotional photo from CBS for this episode.. Interesting that it says the episode will air Dec 23- when it ended up airing 23 Sept! A typo?? or was it at first destined to not be the season opener like many think?
press card[Also- it says Alan is a former diplomat? eh?? and what’s this about frequent visits behind the iron curtain?! lol.. sounds like there were some major typos on this promo material.. or the episode had a major re-write!]
Chamberlain (by car)
Amanda, where’s your car?
Amanda: It’s right here!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002192440
[I think when Alan grabs Amanda by both arms here.. it doesn’t have the same effect on Amanda as it does when a certain spy does it Winking smile ]
Chamberlain: Listen to me. Stay as far away from me as possible. I am poison for you. (and runs off across the road rah rah..)
Whoa.. ‘I am poison for you’ remind you of anything? Walking through the episodes has given me the chance to note things I never would have noted before..
This line is almost exactly the same as what Lee said to Amanda in
Burn Out!!! – right after the slap, when Lee is trying to push Amanda away from him- for her own protection-
Lee: I hit you…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001157123
…You’ve just gotta stay away from me…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001160326
…You’ve seen what I’ve been doing lately. I’m…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001161928
…You see what I’ve been going through. I am poison at the agency.

Can it be a coincidence that once again, a man is pushing Amanda away from him in order to protect her?? from his poison???!!!
I doubt it – the two situations highlight how different Amanda’s relationship with Lee is compared to hers and Alan’s.. well.. really.. there is no comparison! After everything Lee and Amanda have been through, really, Alan was never even in the running.. (even if he had been a good catch.. which I am not convinced of Winking smile )
Any thoughts on this stay away from my poison theme here??? Do tell!! Anyone have an Alice Cooper song in their head now?! Alas.. I checked that song was 1989! I am sure SMK was the inspiration! ahem..

Francine back at cafe continues wrestling with Gelati crying: Somebody call the police. This man is attacking me.
A bystander tries to grab gelati: We know how to deal with people like you…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002206593But he gets tossed in the pool and Gelati gets away. Drat!
Lee (by Amanda’s car):
Where’s Chamberlain?
Amanda: Uh he ran across there.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002216482

Lee: Right, what went wrong?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002218695
Amanda: I don’t know. He called this morning and said breakfast was off. I tried to call you but you weren’t there.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002219432

I found the photo below somewhere.. years ago! Now I can see that this moment does not appear in the episode at all!!!  Either it got cut or.. they hyped up the competition for Amanda in the promos something fierce! Look how possessive Lee is in this pic? I prefer how he actually was in the ep.. much more mature.. and only a tiny hint of jealous (not a fan of overdoing the jealousy to progress a romance!)

Back to the scene we got – Lee finishes the scene by explaining to Amanda:  The terrorists have grabbed his sister. They’re holding her for ransom.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002225608
Amanda looks worried for Alan and his sister..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002227801

We cut back to Lee- he shares that worry too! I like that there is not a hint of jealousy in Lee, he too is concerned for Alan, his sister, and the national monument that’s at risk.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_002228563


Hey.. I just noticed.. Lee has on exactly the same shirt and tie combo that he was wearing to the garden party in Mr Brand!
A slightly different jacket.. (ignore the pink pj’s!)

Soooo what do you all think? do tell!!! Oh my.. doesn’t Lee look tanned and healthy in that lovely jacket of his?? I think this episode was filmed first with Mr Brand..– but mean’t to be aired fifth.. yep that’s what I’m going with!! Smile Looking forward to hearing from you- byeee!

10/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Finally! We get to the scene we’ve all been waiting for- the bedroom scene!! Winking smile
This is our first look at Amanda’s bedroom – which is interesting given we’ve seen Lee’s long before – and Amanda is suppose to be an open book.. when really her character is quite an enigma no?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001640170It’s dark, Amanda’s asleep in bed and there’s a knock on her window (on the first floor! )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001647781The knock startles Amanda awake..
Amanda picks up the phone: Hello.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001651785[rofl!!! what a great touch!!! Winking smile and.. points out that Lee could have just called..(Amanda could have made up an excuse for the late phone call if Dotty had heard it) but noooo he has to climb the trellis and tell Amanda in person! Winking smile ]
Lee whispers loudly at the window: Amanda!!
Amanda: What?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001657255[so funny how she says that.. not who is it.. no realisation the person is at her window on the first floor! whahahaaa.. Kj is awesome here!]
Lee: It’s me. Let me in.
[How swoony is it that he doesn’t say who ‘me’ is.. they just know! Smile ]
Amanda gets out of bed.
[Interesting we can see her dressing gown there on the end of her bed- but she doesn’t put it on Smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001663247She gives herself a bit of a shake to wake up and raises the blind –we see Lee clinging to the plant covered trellis – rofl! Lee looks like a Koala! there’s no graceful way to do that! whahahaa.. I love that Lee leaves his dignity behind because he is concerned about Amanda!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001668646Amanda opens the window to Lee.
Amanda whispers: What are you doing out there? Come in.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001674606(Amanda grabs Lee’s leg to help him in)
Lee: Help me in there.
(hooo haaa lots of touching going on as she ‘helps’ Lee in through the window Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001681086Amanda whispers: I was gonna call you first thing in the morning.
Lee bangs something painful.
Amanda whispers: SSHHH. Are you all right?
Lee whispers: Yeah I’m fine, I’m fine. Sorry to barge in on you like this but it’s an emergency.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001688296[love how Amanda tippy toes back to bed!]
Amanda whispers: No problem.
(Amanda gets back into bed and pulls up the covers, rubbing her hands together like it’s cold. Lee walks over and stands next to Amanda’s bed.)
Lee a little louder: Alright now. How did everything go with Chamberlain? Well?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001694774
Amanda realises her bedroom door is open.. lol Lee’s deep voice would certainly stand out – Amanda motions to Lee to stop talking, gets up to close the door and then turns on her bedside lamp and jumps back into bed.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001701445I do wish Dotty had heard a male voice and come to check Winking smile Lee could have hidden in Amanda’s closet with her things Winking smile tee hee..

Amanda: It went just fine, it was textbook, you know…3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001703292

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001706436 …Well, he just talked about his travels and his work.
(As Amanda responds she ruffles her hair and wakes herself up.) Now there’s a pic that would be a good meme!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001709263Kudos to KJ, she actually looks like it is feasible she just woke up and they’ve gone light on the make up (though not without I notice!).
[Alan also talked about why he isn’t married!!!! She leaves that bit out Winking smile but then I guess that was the cappuccino conversation! Oh and there’s that textbook again! I want to read that one! Winking smile ]
Lee: Hmm, anything unusual happen.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001709626Oh my gosh.. how good does Lee look here??!!! Wish he’d come by my bedroom window! ahem..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001711103
So nice of him to fix his hair before climbing the trellis.. soooo romantic!
Amanda:  No, nothing worth mentioning.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001712457[Amanda seems to answer no- then she remembers the kiss-
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001713425
and chooses not to disclose it.]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001716417Lee: Well, you can quit tailing him now. Have nothing more to do with him. [Love how Lee calls it 'tailing' when really it's 'dating']
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001719556[I love that this decision from Lee has nothing to do with jealousy. I also love that Amanda resists this- not because she is soft on Alan and wants to see him again.. but because she wants to do good work! Goooo Amanda! Smile ]
Amanda: Now wait a minute. I’m doing a good job.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017197623.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001721360
[Amanda thinks Lee is questioning her work.. interesting.. she is not yet secure in how Lee views her work. I think this has shades of Over the Limit and telling Amanda to go home..]
Lee: Yes, You’re doing just fine…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001722293
[‘fine’ lol.. he’s not exactly effusive is he! but then encouraging Amanda is not his priority at the moment- it’s her safety]
…But here, I wanna show you something…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001724293
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001724772Lee moves closer to Amanda’s bed- what a line to say as he moves closer to her bed.. whahahaha.. (be good iwsod!) Lee sits down next to her and pulls out a photo to show her.
[He’s on her bed! He’s on her bed! Winking smile ]
…Here, see this guy standing in the back of him.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001728648Amanda: Uh-huh.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001731080In the wide shot both Lee and Amanda hold the photo with one hand each – again, they are both holding on to an object at the same time.. but drat.. in the close up they go and ruin it and have two man hands holding the pic- lol pretty sure that man hand is not Amanda’s! Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001731651
I would have thought you’d be able to see the obvious tape recorder too! lol.. but nope I can’t see it!
Lee: He’s a terrorist by the name of Franco Necci…
[Or as I like to call him ‘Gelati’!]
Amanda reacts to this news.. IMHO she seems to be thinking – oh nooo what’s Alan gotten involved in.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001734846
…Now you factor that in and this is a totally different situation.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001737616Amanda: But Lee, look. Alan’s just sitting there.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001738860
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001740443
[what about the drama chasing after the van she saw?? and the 'Soppphhhiiiaaaaa!!!!' cry from Alan?!]
Even so, this could be a meeting. Now look…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001741907
(I’m looking!!! swoony!! lol.. I am not this silly about anything else in life honestly! smk turns me into an 8 year old girl sometimes! Is it just me?????)
… We know that Chamberlain is in DC to check out valuable documents…3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001743484

…This terrorist group, Red February, might be after one…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001750151[Good thinking Lee!!
Enough pics of swoony looking Lee sitting on Amanda’s bed? noooo I didn’t think so!]
…So we will take over from here.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001751648Amanda: That’s what always happens. I start and then you just take over!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017528773.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001755357
[wow!!! Isn’t this a fabulous come back of Amanda’s.. tells us so much about where she’s at with Lee and her work! Amanda is really coming into her own with her work – she’s standing up for herself and challenging Lee’s automatic reaction to take Amanda out of the situation entirely. Amanda has moved past this!  I love this dialogue!! so telling!! Plays nicely into the two times in Wizard and Over the Limit where Lee told Amanda to ‘Go Home’ – exasperating Amanda..]
Lee: Amanda, I’m talking about terrorists here…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001758157
[Lee isn’t interested in Amanda’s career progress.. not right now! LOL.. but Lee her work is going to involve some danger – It’s what she does!!!! – okay what ep was that and what line am I playing with here people?!]
… I can’t have you take that risk…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001759708
[I love that Lee says ‘I’ not ‘we’ the agency!]
…Besides what can you do?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001760977Amanda: I can talk to him.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001762018Lee: Talk!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001763328
(Lee looks down at the photo again thinking)
Amanda: I’m the only one who has access to him….
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001765110
(she’s right and he knows it Winking smile )
…I’m supposed to meet him in the morning for breakfast….
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001766400
(the shot cuts to hunky Lee.. listening intently to Amanda’s pitch here.. just look at how much these two have grown! Smile ) 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001767727

good heavens.. he looks adorable here! Definitely need more pics of this!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001769120

…There’ll be a lot of people. You could be there. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001770721

okay.. just one more pic of listening intently Lee. swoony!!!
When Lee looks back at Amanda here, Amanda senses she’s got him!!! lol.. she’s excited this is gonna work! she’s convinced him to let her stay on the case!!!! whoo hoo!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001771821

…You and Francine could be there at another table. He’d never know the difference…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001773171
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001775439..Now that’s textbook. Textbook manual two chapter nine.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017763563.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001776975
  [lol!! don’t push it Amanda! Winking smile tee hee.. but she’s on a roll!!! Smile love it! It’s in the textbook. Lee really can’t say no! haaa]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001777540
Lee gives Amanda a pained look!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001778908
You are too cheeky to throw that at me!! 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001779817
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001779940
She’s making sense though..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001780678
Lee: Yea-
He turns and licks his lips..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001782149[She’s totally got his number haa! maybe in more ways than one Winking smile]
Lee shakes his head: I don’t know…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001784149
Lee looks down at the photo as he adds: if only we had more to go on with this. I’d say absolutely not.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017865633.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001787617
Lee still resists.. hmmm time to pull out the final clincher Amanda!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017880913.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001788357
Amanda:  Lee, if we get any more to go on, I’ll get right in the station wagon and drive away.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017947383.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001795598Lee: You be damn sure you see us before you walk into that place.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001797538[whooo hooo!!! Lee has agreed!!! ]
Amanda: I will.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0017987223.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001800513
It’s a deal.
(Lee offers Amanda his hand to shake on it)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001801419Amanda:  It’s a deal.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001801740(Amanda takes Lee’s hand and they shake on it)
Lee: Okay.
(Lee looks Amanda seriously in the eye. Amanda is all smiles- thrilled to still be on the case and having talked Lee around – to see what she can contribute here!) 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001803076

Then.. in a moment.. everything changes!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001804812
Suddenly, Amanda’s smile vanishes..
Do you want a blow by blow pictorial?? I thought so Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001806378

Still holding each other’s hand- Amanda looks down at her nightgown.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001806441
Lee’s eyes follow Amanda’s gaze.. (So glad it’s not that dowdy one she had on in Weasel!! Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001807377
Amanda puts a hand up to cover her neckline there.. whooo watch Lee’s thumb here during this bit – he does the little thumb caress that he likes to do Winking smile He seems to look at his hand still holding Amanda’s hand. But he doesn’t let go!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001807712

Lee: Yeah. Ah.. [hoooo haaaa.. there’s  bit of heavy breathing going on here no?? hearts racing.. fingers zapping with electricity..(exactly what Lee knew was missing with Karen in OOADPigeon ;) )
I can hear it now – Amanda: dang! there’s that feeling I didn’t get with Alan!!! I feel it with Lee!! Oh my gosh.. he seems to be feeling something here too!!!! Oh my gosh!!!
and Lee? Lee: I love the feel of her hand in mine. I don’t want to let go. I could pull her hand towards me and kiss her.. I’m on her bed.. Amanda?? this is hot!!! Amanda is hot!! Winking smile and she’s so precious to me- I don’t want anything to happen to her!
tee hee.. well I am sure you lot can do a much much much better job of this than I could. I’m no fan fic writer. but someone definitely needs to do a little fan fic of what’s going on in their heads in this moment!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001809824
Lee:  Well,…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001810727
(Lee sloooowly releases Amanda’s hand from the handshake, grasping her fingers, and turning her hand over.. still not letting it go – I think Lee doesn’t want to let her go – because it feels good.. but also because they are taking the next step professionally – they’ve agreed to Amanda staying on this dangerous case – and Lee is truly setting Amanda free here- giving her the freedom to continue to do her work. There’s a letting go here of Lee’s hold on her career too.. that- and a whole lotta heat!!! It’s like in this moment the professional and private relationships they have are both altered.)
…I guess that’s it, huh…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001811757
Amanda looks up to see Lee looking at their fingers.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001812214
Lee looks up to meet Amanda’s eyes.. and finally releases her fingers.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001812560
… Till,..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001813585

[bit of trouble forming your thoughts there Lee? I know the feeling Winking smile whgoabhyaobha!]
… breakfast!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001817083(Lee looks wistfully at the window and then back to Amanda.. I don’t think he wants to go back down the trellis!)
Amanda: Hmm.
(Amanda nods)
[having trouble forming her own words?? whgoabhabahba’bu!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001818763Lee points at Amanda: You be careful now.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001819035[what an interesting thing to say to Amanda.. given the sizzling moment they just shared.. I think it shows the professional is right here in 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001820288this moment along with the personal… the two are very much intertwined with Lee and Amanda I think.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001822287how about you?]
Amanda: Yeah, be careful going down the trellis.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001822760
[It seems to me Lee doesn’t want to leave.. but then I find it hard to see Lee here wanting to stay the night with Amanda – regardless of how hot things were for a moment- they are too good friends to just jump into such a big step.. I’ve come to see this as Lee hoping Amanda won’t make him go back down the trellis!! lol.. but.. by telling him to be careful – Amanda tells him nope – you gotta go back the way you came! tee heee.. she doesn’t make it easy for him! but.. she can’t be sneaking Lee through her house – no way!! lol!!! ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001826028
Love the lopsided grin here.. oh Lee.. you are killin it!! Winking smile He gives Amanda and quick look up and down.. hooo haaaa.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001826944
Laughs.. then gives her another.. Oh yeah! Lee is totally admitting to himself that he finds Amanda in her nightgown.. sitting on her bed? -hoooottt!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001827375Lee: Oh- huh – down the trellis. I’d better go.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001827428Amanda: Yeah you’d better go.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001828378
As she says this, Amanda gets out of bed.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001829115
but reaches out to grab Lee on the shoulder to stop him getting up.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001829922
ROFL! she seems to take Lee by surprise here! Was he expecting her to suggest he stay?? thoughts anyone??
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001831435
…Please don’t get up until I turn the light off. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001832284
Amanda turns to turn off her bedside lamp and Lee gives a look.. rofl!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001834890
oh my.. Lee is hilarious here! To me it’s like he’s thinking to himself- what was I thinking?? this is Amanda!! Straight laced as anything! she’s not gonna ask me to stay the night! she’s flippin worried about the neighbours seeing me!!! Amanda’s not like any other woman I’ve known! Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001835467
So funny how she keeps hold of his jacket like she doesn’t trust him to not get up! haa!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001836232

Amanda: …Tiptoe. (Lee nods. LOL!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001839324
hoo haa.. very close there in the dark! but lol Amanda is so preoccupied with the neighbours any thoughts of the heated kind are completely gone! SMK does this so well – in an instant.. we go from professional debate, agreement, the heat of sexual attraction – to comedy and bemusement in a minute! Love it!!

Amanda and Lee tiptoe over to the window.. Amanda is poised to open the blind.. lol!!
…Are you ready?
Lee: I’m ready, I’m ready. [Amanda whips up the blind- rofl!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001852349Amanda: Be careful.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Can you see?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001854525Lee pauses halfway out the window to remind Amanda..
  You be careful! Remember our promise?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001857099[Anyone else find this swoony?? half hanging out the window.. he’s more worried about her safety.. and I love that he says ‘remember our promise’ – hmmm.. me thinks there could be more than one meaning here! Smile ]
Amanda: I’ll remember. Look out, look out, look out, look out. Oh my gosh.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001862416Lee: All right, all right, goodnight.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001864628Amanda: There’s got to be a better way.

Amanda closes the window and the scene ends here.. define ‘better’ Amanda. The phone would have been an easier way – but.. it definitely would not have been as good Winking smile or better!

Wow.. what a scene huh!!!! In just one scene, everything has changed! I won’t say much.. as I’m sure you guys will say it so much better.. but I’ll just add that now I think Amanda can be under no illusion that Lee only sees her as a friend – the heat was there for both of them to see and feel and to demonstrate to the other that they felt it.
Here it took them both by surprise.. and revealed much. This is the moment where Amanda realises – maybe Lee does see me that way?? I know what I felt and what I saw?!!! And Amanda has confirmation that her feelings for Lee are growing.. the attraction is definitely there.. it’s special.. and.. what’s she going to do about it?

For now, Amanda is revelling in the professional progress – thrilled to have earned her place in it.. and earned Lee’s trust her. A very significant moment for both of them.

Lee too must have noticed that Amanda was aware of the sexual attraction between the two of them. She didn’t pursue it.. she was modest.. but she also didn’t reject Lee.. and let him hold her hand Smile Maybe Lee begins to think that they have a chance – this special friendship might be able to move into a romantic relationship now.. With men like Alan Chamberlain being interested in Amanda.. naturally.. it’s only a matter of time before one of them interests Amanda that isn’t dull as a stick! hmm..
Both Lee and Amanda at this point I guess are aware now of what’s simmering away between them, and they are asking themselves maybe – what now?? how to deal with this??
We shall see! for now.. they remember their promise.. and focus on the case..

I like to think their promise to each other was all the way back in ship of spies.. when they got married Winking smile tee hee.. I’m stuck on that moment-something happened then that begun the change in both of them.. I think from then on there was an unconscious promise between the two of them.. here in this scene.. we see them make a conscious professional promise – while the personal simmers away barely beneath the surface.

What fun this is to explore! I’ve prattled on way more than I thought I would –I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this!!! [and it’s sooo much better after wizard and over the limit – I’ve always liked this ep after those two eps!!]

okay byee for now! *iwsod fans herself*
Learjet I don’t know how you managed to transcribe this swoony scene- we salute you!!!!
okay.. think I’m gonna swoon out now!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!!
ahbaobhabhbbdjerhusnm  v! 1thuddy

9/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Back to IFF.. and whooooo we find Lee and Faber have made the move to the Q bureau- completely unexplained!

LOL at the close up on the half a take-away 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001496411hotdog and take out… rubbish food.. and rubbish company! Lee looks miserable!! I must say, Lee is coping quite well to have lasted this long!3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001501027

Remember watching this as episode 1 in season 3?? All of a sudden we are in a magical film library!! Now though- it makes more sense that it’s after Lee has been given it- but it seems a bit strange that Lee is sitting on that side of the desk-  oh well whatever! Moving on..

Interesting to note, now Faber is sitting on the edge of Lee’s desk- as opposed to Amanda Smile BTW- also love the lamp on the desk- and how it is lit  – a little shout out to the joke in the Mole about how if you are going to be interrogated it may as well be under your own lamp! (and Lee using the lamp on Connie in Mongoose!)

Faber: Now, about the case involving a Hungarian trapeze act. Two sisters, I believe. Twins!
[Faber leans in as she broaches this subject Lee and twins-she’s riveted!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001506303Lee:aaaand a mother. The Flying Fedorovas.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001508256Lee responds factually, without looking at Faber, but handing her the file on the Fedorovas.

LOL.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001509898Lee doesn’t seem to want to even look at her anymore.. Faberova? err I mean Faber?? she’s very errr enthused at her work here- even after a long day.. ahem..
Faber takes the file.
Faber: Precisely. There should be a receipt in here….

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001512422

 …for seven hundred and twenty rubles for…

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001514805

[Knowing what’s coming, Lee turns away and squeezes his eyes closed Winking smile ]

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001515577…. “female undergarments”.
[okay- anyone got a fan fic they can recommend about this little assignment? head over to the Nedlindger’s forum to list it and discuss! Smile ]
Lee: Yeah.
Faber: Explain, please.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001519514[ick! female undergarments.. I don’t want Lee to have to explain any female undergarments to Faber!]

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001521154Lee: Well, you see, she had a penchant for pink-
Lee’s sentence is cut off at this moment by an agent entering the Q bureau suddenly.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001521885

Ohhh my goodness.. check out Faber here as Lee begins his explanation!!! The eyes are intensely on Lee.. and growing larger and more intense!!! rofl!!! Look at them!!!!! Appalled.. Fascinated.. and obsessed!!! whahahaa…  Eeeek!! quick Lee get out of there!!! This is bordering on too ickworthy to watch!!! Winking smile

Someone give that agent a medal for interrupting!
Messenger (Tim): 
Scarecrow, Here are the proofs of Mrs King’s surveillance photos.
Lee: Oh great.
Lee takes the form to sign off that he got the photos and the agent smiles at the congresswoman awkwardly.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001529016Tim: please.
Yeah. Thanks, Tim, thanks a lot.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001532603

[Tim gives the congresswoman a surreptitious glance.. and raises his eyebrows.. think he notices something is a bit errr 'off' here??!! Like why would a congresswoman be looking for receipts after 8 o'clock at night??!!! ]
(Lee hands back the form)
to Tim: …There you go. (Tim leaves.. bless you Tim!!)
to Faber: Excuse me…3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001536808

(Lee gets a magnifying glass so he can check out the proofs)

So glad we don’t see Faber checking out Lee here as he bends over to get his magnifying glass ;) She’s preoccupied with reading about the Fedorovas.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001542495

then.. she gives him a glare – like.. pay attention to me!!
no? Phew.. glad the ickness has passed though! :)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001544037Uh oh.. Lee recognises the guy in the photo [Lee 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001546635knows everyone!]

…The priest is Franco Necci. The priest is Franco Necci.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001548588Lee rushes for his jacket and the door. The pink penchant forgotten Winking smile

Faber is put out – how dare he!!

Faber: Wait a minute, Mr Stetson. What about the ladies’ underwear?3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001556656

[oh rofl! what a line!!! this is classic smk isn’t 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001559232it??!!! whahahaha  :lol: ]

Lee: Look, lady. A good friend of mine is getting too close to some pretty 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001560508scary people and she doesn’t know it…

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001562668

…So I’ll just have to take care of your underwear problem later.

‘A good friend of mine’ huh… hmmm!!! Interesting he doesn’t say – the agent I’m responsible for is getting too close.. noooo..

All things considered I think Lee deals pretty well with Faber here – and manages to get her to back off without insulting her.. err too much!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001564603‘Your underwear problem’? ohhh smk at it’s best wouldn’t you say??!!! I love how he says this!!! and that it’s her problem. Definitely not their problem, and it implies her knickers are in a knot – are any of you familiar with this little saying?? Maybe it’s only an Australian saying! I think you can guess what it means.. Winking smile 

What do you make of the twins and their mother?? Do you think Lee was err ‘dating’ all of them? I find this kind of ridiculous.. far fetched.. and suspect Faber would have assumed he was.. and been on tenterhooks to get all the details.. details!!!! Love Faber’s barely contained outrage at Lee leaving her to her underwear problem! :lol:3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001565689

A nice touch! Smile

Lastly, I love how Hutchins was given the Red February case so Lee could deal with Faber (post 5)– but he is never referred to again and it’s like Billy never did it haaaaa.. oh Billy – such authority!Winking smile  okay okay.. Maybe Tim was Agent Hutchins?!

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001575121On to Amanda’s.. LOL seems every light is on in the house!  Amanda’s just arrived home from her date errr work dinner with Alan!

LOL Learjet, I love how in your transcript you have noted here the ‘romantic harp and piano music’- tee hee.. good call!!! that’s exactly what it is… it’s that sad tune we heard when Alan and Amanda kissed again – why?? Why did they play this music again? Is this sadness because Dotty is waiting up to hear how the night went? Hoping her daughter will find a man to love with his ownhair?!
Dotty is asleep on the couch.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001577358

Amanda goes to wake her.

[She has a book? this is a lot like that moment in Wizard where Jamie and Phillip find Amanda asleep with the wizard of oz book no?? another wizard similarity- man!! it’s almost like they really wanted us to connect these episodes closely together or something.. thoughts?]3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001589577

Amanda: Mother, it’s ok it’s just me. Wake up.
Dotty: What time is it?
Amanda: It’s time for you to go upstairs and go up to bed. You’re gonna get a kink in your back from this couch.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001596903Wasn’t there something in the Over The Limit script about waiting up??

Not Dotty’s laughing at remembering how she would have sounded when Amanda got home (when she got the Rebecca’s fantasy package) but there’s something in there about Amanda waiting up for Dotty – but it got cut.. anyone?? Sorry I’m time poor right now so I’ll leave it to you lovely people to check it if you like! Smile

Dotty: First I want to hear all the highlights.
In response to this, Amanda scoffs: Ohh!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001600885Dotty: .. Did you have a good time? And don’t give me that “I’m so very bored” look.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001603369[But Dotty! Alan is as dull as a stick! Winking smile ]
Amanda: I’m not bored, Mother, I’m tired.
Dotty: Good.
Amanda: What does “good” mean?
[beats me! Winking smile Or is this Dotty saying it's good Amanda is not bored by the man? rather than it's good that she's tired? lol!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001608228Dotty: Good, I mean that’s just good. I mean, I’m glad for you. You gonna see him again?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001613905Amanda: Gonna have breakfast with him in the morning.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001615387Dotty: Breakfast.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001616851Amanda: Breakfast.
Dotty: Oh so soon.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001621612Amanda: Just breakfast.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001623227Dotty: Just breakfast. Hmm.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0016271693.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001626305Amanda gives Dotty a look.. and starts heading up to her room. Yep, there’s no talking to Dotty Amanda.. she’ll see whatever! Winking smile

Amanda (sighs): Good night, Mother.
Dotty: Good night. Hmmm good….. (sighs) Good sign.
We finish the scene with Dotty looking very contented on the couch with Amanda’s business dinner.. ahem..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001635285Poor Dotty.. she wants her daughter to be happy.. but.. this man is not going to work out.. The sad theme as Amanda arrives home, tells me Amanda has closed the door on that little fantasy..Is there some hope things will start to look up for Amanda?? well.. we shall see!  :)

Can’t wait to hear what you all make of these scenes!!

Hope all you northern hemisphere fans are having a wonderful summer – and can stop by and share your thoughts when you are able to!!! Anytime is fine – these are big episodes where lots of significant things happen – it would be a shame if we missed out on hearing what you think just because you were on holiday when we walked through this ep!!!

Just note, if you do comment on a post and it’s been a while since the post was walked through – it’s really helpful to give a little context to your comments – so when we get an email with your comment we know what you are referring to – this is a helpful little hint for everyone- and encourages people to respond (Eg.  ‘Lee with Faber and the underwear problem is hilarious’.. rather than ‘ that line of Lee’s is hilarious’!) Make sense?

I suggest this so you can have the best chance of hearing from people in reply- which is always fun huh!! And posts are always open to you adding thoughts to years later.. as they come to you!! Smile

Oh and hello to southern hemisphere folks too!! Hope you are surviving the winter and hanging in there!!!! Smile

Can’t wait to hear from you all!!! byeee for now!

8/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Back to the King home that evening.. Dotty is preparing dinner and once again- Phillip is on the phone to Linda Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001341088
Phillip: Yeah, I’m thinking about getting a haircut. Maybe a mohawk… (Dotty and Jamie are listening to this incredulously!) …Or get it all shaved off. OK, see you.
(Phillip hangs up)
[LOL! ‘or get it shaved off see ya?’ too funny!!
Dotty gives Phillip a look in response to his winning ways with Linda lol!]
Phillip in response to Dotty’s look:
Beats me, Linda likes bald men.
Dotty: Hmm. Then she wants Telly Savalas, not you. Go ahead, sit down. We’re going to eat.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001346826Dotty directs the boys to the dining room table.. and Amanda enters the kitchen- all dressed in white and ready for her date err I mean work..
[Anyone think the Phillip with his first girlfriend on the phone relates to the main plot?? Maybe it’s a stretch.. but Phillip isn’t who Linda wants.. Hmm.. interesting.. I’m going to ponder this one!]
Amanda: Hello, everyone.
checks out his mum’s outfit on the way to the dining room table:
Way to go, mom.
Dotty: Oh, sweetheart, that is beautiful. Is that a new dress?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001355351
Amanda: Oh, well, it’s you know…
[in other words yes! Amanda bought a new dress for her date with Alan.. hmm.. me thinks she is definitely entertaining ideas about Alan here! Interesting Amanda has a new dress here – and Lee bought Leslie a new dress.. hmm. any connection?]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001359610[oh Amanda.. don’t you have enough white evening wear? go on!! wear a colour!! Do you like it?? This may sound strange but.. I don’t like it!! it looks too much like a wedding dress or something! eek!]
Phillip: Who is your date?
Amanda: I don’t have a date, sweetheart, it’s business.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001361677
[Do you think this is a date?]
Jamie (pointing to Amanda’s dress):
That’s business?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001365323
[Oh Jamie.. he’s so fashion conscious! Remember his line in Always look a gift horse? ‘what about the blue taffeta mum?! tee hee!]
(The door bell rings)
Amanda: Could you get the door for me, thank you.
Phillip: Yeah, I will.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001366782Amanda (quietly to Dotty):
Mother, I may be a little bit late tonight.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001368913Dotty: Oh that’s all right. I‘ll wait up.
(Dotty laughs)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001372658
[why is Dotty waiting up? to make sure Amanda gets home?? or to find out how the date errr work goes? Winking smile thoughts? ]
Phillip: Hey mom, this is for you.
Phillip hands Amanda the corsage that was just delivered.. [hmm Alan has her home address?! I mean her Aunt’s home address? Winking smile]
Amanda is all smiles.. but I think she’s feeling awkward about this- trying to convince them all it’s not a date and then a corsage shows up?? Aie.. I wonder if it is also because she is trying to convince herself it’s just work too!!
Amanda: Oh thank you. Look at that..(Amanda checks out the corsage)

…Well.. that’s.. very pretty, isn’t it?

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001378528Amanda reads the card that came with it – hmm.. we see a close up on it – and would you look at that Calligraphy! Such a tie in with Jamie’s earlier efforts!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001379314What do you think of the letter? I think Alan is sending it so she won’t cancel on him.. ha!
Dotty: Oh my.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001380023Dotty: Nice business card, dear.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001383970
(Dotty laughs knowingly Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001384788Two can play that game Amanda.. yes let’s call it ‘business’ but we know it’s not Winking smile whoooo I’ll revisit this idea later in the episode!!!

Well, moving on we find Alan and Amanda walking away from Emilio’s (didn’t that use to be a hairdressers?) I think it was a restaurant in Brunettes.. but.. I’m not going to go check!

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001389017[Hilarious how Alan is obscured.. for a second I thought Amanda was walking alone Winking smile I wish!! Winking smile tee hee..]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001389778Alan and Amanda are strolling down the footpath (okay sidewalk for you Americans Winking smile ) silently. Alan is preoccupied..
Amanda gently: Penny for your thoughts. 
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001391361[Here goes Amanda gently probing to see if she can help him with what’s troubling him. Though I’m still confused about whether Amanda heard the whole ‘sophiaaaaa!!!’ thing! Let it go iwsod! Whether she is interested in Alan for real or not, Amanda is following the textbook here with Alan –not pressing him, keeping it light, and listening! Smile ]
Chamberlain: I’m sorry, I’m doing it again.
Amanda: No.
Chamberlain: I guess I’ve been doing it all evening…
[Dull as a stick! Winking smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001394957
…Believe me, Amanda, It’s not you. Being with you tonight makes it almost bearable.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001396857[what a thing to say to a date! lol!! Especially when you don’t tell her what the problem is!
Tricky to get  a non blurry pic here as they walk- do I mind? meh.. not so much! Winking smile ]
Amanda: What?…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001404844
…Never mind, I’m sorry…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001405382
…I shouldn’t ask. It’s none of my business.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001406486
Chamberlain: It’s ok…
(Alan stops walking and reaches out to take both of Amanda’s hands again)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001414345
… Let’s just say nobody’s life is ever quite as simple as it seems and right now mine’s a paradigm of that rule…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001418338
Amanda smiles encouragingly at Alan, not pressing (but with a quick glance at Alan’s mouth! where she’d like to be ‘pressing’ Winking smile tee hee)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001422268
Alan pauses a moment, as someone exits the home they are standing in front of, and the passers by leave them.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001428100
… But, um, I’m not gonna think about that until tomorrow. Because right now, it’s perfect.
(I think Alan’s pretty intense here.. and it’s not about Amanda IMHO I think she’s a means to an end.. )
Amanda: heh, it’s perfect.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001436771
Chamberlain: Tonight, I’m gonna put everything else out of my mind but you for as long as possible.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001441670Amanda chuckles and smiles warmly:
Well, that’s a lovely thing to say…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001445634
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001447477
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001447776…It’s early. Why don’t we go listen to some music.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001449733
[I think Amanda glances at Alan’s mouth here.. she senses he’s wanting a kiss.. but tries to divert things here and keep it light- suggesting the music]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001452204Chamberlain: That’s not what I had in mind.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001453945
Alan intently moves in for a kiss.. And Amanda accepts it.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001454767
I think while she is hesitant, she is curious to know what it’s like to kiss Alan.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001455572
Is it just me or does it look like a light peck.. then Amanda opens her eyes to look at Alan.. 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001457298and then she allows the kiss to become more intimate?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001460699
Ugh.. was tempted not to post that last pic Winking smile but.. hey.. it’s all part of the story huh..
You know, it’s not half as much fun analysing a kiss between Amanda and Alan as it is between Lee and Amanda Winking smile tee hee.. It’s not the same!
Whooo a couple of kisses there.. and Amanda is on board for the ride! Why not enjoy a kiss with an attractive man she thinks.
She suddenly pulls back.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001463800
– realising what she’s doing? There seems to be a light breeze that blows across her face- maybe it wakes her up to what she’s doing. Wow.. the music here is lovely. Very touching.. bittersweet? It’s tinged with sadness..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001464686
Amanda opens her eyes – shocked..this kiss is sad.. it’s the wrong place, the wrong time.. and the wrong guy..
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0014652463.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001465471
This is just my take on Amanda here but Amanda looks shocked by her kiss with Alan and then smiles warmly to cover it up.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0014663313.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001466663
Then she sighs and looks down at the ground.
Something just happened that wasn’t part of the plan for a romantic evening no? The kiss didn’t have the effect they were maybe both of them looking for.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001467863I think Alan senses this because there’s a moment of silence.. and then.. Alan apologises.
Alan: I’m sorry.
(Alan thinks the problem is he kissed her too soon maybe.. I think the real problem was-IMHO- it was the wrong guy Winking smile )
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001469529Amanda: No, Don’t be.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001470817Again Amanda smiles warmly here – but this time.. it’s different.. the smile isn’t full of 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001471838hope – it’s covering up her true feelings IMHO! 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001472189
Amanda again sighs and tries to lighten the 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001473402mood… Man Alan is intense!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001474579Amanda: It’s a beautiful night. Let’s..um.. let’s
[Thank goodness she didn’t say let’s ‘just walk’ too close to ‘just walk with me! Winking smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0014772073.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001476930
Chamberlain: Okay.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001478931
Alan takes Amanda’s arm and walks with her down the street.. all very proper once again!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001485368
[The look Amanda gives Alan here no longer seems to be full of the glow of a possible romance you know? or is it just me?]
The shot widens to reveal that Gelati is watching them.. uhhhh ohhhhh!!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_001494782

I’ll stop here for now so we can discuss this.. Can we talk about this kiss without mentioning what’s ahead? Hmm.. I think we can!
Just based on Amanda’s reactions here and up to this point – I’ll share what I’m seeing but I think this scene is wide open to lots of interpretations! I’m looking forward to hearing what you all make of it!

For me, this kiss here is a huge moment for Amanda. I think Amanda wanted the kiss, and surrendered fully to it.. She wanted to know what it was like to kiss Alan- maybe thinking it would be wonderful.. a little fantasy come to life. The trouble is- I think Amanda realises the fantasy hasn’t been lived up to! She doesn’t feel anything for Alan when she kisses him. It doesn’t move her – the way kissing another certain spy does!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001948148
[had to include this pic to make up for all the other kissing pics!
*edited to update with better pic.. gosh darn it was so hard to choose this one.. ahem..]
Maybe it’s just me.. but I see Lee being at the front of Amanda’s mind here from the moment she kisses Alan- Bam! Oh nooo!! that didn’t feel as good as I thought it would! Oh nooo!! I want the man I’m kissing to be Lee!!! Yep.. I think Amanda finally got hit with the realisation that she has special, strong feelings for Lee –just Lee…which the lovely little affair isn’t going to distract her from.. it just doesn’t live up to what she had hoped..

I think she finds Alan attractive, and wants to help him. But at the end of the kiss- Amanda knows he is not Lee.. and it’s Lee that Amanda wants holding her in his arms!!! swoony Winking smile 

But.. ever the professional – Amanda does not show all this to Alan or reject him in anyway – she keeps things light and maintains her connection with Alan for the case. I think this is very strong of Amanda – to have such a powerful realisation, but to also not freak out and stay focused on the case. She’s doing a great job! Smile 

As for Alan.. this whole scene?? Meh!!! I think he finds Amanda attractive, but this is not real for Alan either – for both of them, it’s a bit of a fantasy- Alan just wants to take what comfort he can get from Amanda because he has traumatic stuff going on.. which I understand is awful and scary.. but I just can’t accept him taking the chance of drawing Amanda into things- even if he thought he wasn’t – he is using Amanda here to distract himself.. kidding them both that it’s a real relationship when.. it really IMHO isn’t! It’s a lovely little fantasy – for both of them. but from this point onwards in the story – I think Amanda’s fantasy is over.. and she’s totally down to business when it comes to Alan Smile 

Oh man! I can’t wait to hear what you guys see going on here! While I see Amanda having a realisation here, I still hesitate to call it love- Amanda in love? hmmm – I think she still resists this at this point in the story – Amanda doesn’t know Lee is looking for something more with her- they have a great friendship- but she doesn’t see Lee as ‘wanting’ her – like a boyfriend should- you know???!!!! [Must resist jumping forward-I must stick with the story!] or as being open to her family and all that having a relationship with Amanda involves. Which btw- Alan knows nothing about – Alan doesn’t even know Amanda has two kids!! Sooo not a real relationship that one! Just a lovely little fantasy. So for now, I see Amanda as being in a little no man’s land- not sure where she is.. or what she is doing.. but having a realisation about Lee at least her own feelings for him are becoming clearer. Soooo for now… Amanda focuses on doing a good job! Amanda is great at keeping on with keeping on! Smile 

Okay byeeee for now!! Ohhh come on everyone! what do you make of Amanda here??!!! Bye!!