8/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Agnes and Amanda have a heart to heart in Agnes’ bedroom..
JEG.avi_001000567Agnes: We, uh… We met about six months ago. I… stopped off at Kelsey’s after work…Agnes adds: You know, just to be with people…
[why the need to explain?! Amanda doesn’t react much other than with a quiet smile..  does she interpret this as disapproval?] Well, everybody does that sometimes, don’t they?
JEG.avi_001015281[Agnes seems pretty defensive about going to Kelsey’s.. Agnes didn’t do anything wrong]
Amanda: Sure, Agnes, everybody gets lonely.
JEG.avi_001018284[Very true… Everybody.. even superspies Winking smile ]
Agnes: He told me he loved me…
We see Amanda react.. wordlessly – like this is a terrible thing Nicky did.. what do you think?
JEG.avi_001024290[I think KJ has white pencil on the inside of her lower lid here.. what do you think? I think this is a bit of a new look.. makes her eyes very bright.. sorry I digress!]

Poor Agnes, She sobs a bit and struggles to get her story out. It’s all sinking in – six months of her life and her heart has been invested in this man..
Agnes continues:
He didn’t love me. It didn’t have anything to do with me…
…It was just my job. ugh..
…Oh. Oh, Amanda, I never knew. I never… I never abused my clearance…
[Not only does Agnes have a broken heart, she has to worry about what her work will think of her Sad smile  You know.. Amanda knows what this is like.. Alan Squires was only using her for her job too! though okay, she didn’t love him! I think it must be so much worse – Amanda had the comfort of knowing she hadn’t really given away her heart to him, something had held her back. Agnes doesn’t have that comfort at all – she’d fallen for Nick completely. I think that would do a real number on your belief in yourself.. and you would feel very lost Sad smile ]
…But I should have suspected…

[I don’t think she should have.. I think any reasonable person who has been in love and with a man for six months would not jump to the conclusion he is using you! what do you think?]
….The other night I was sick, and… I thought he might have looked at my homework. 
And now it’s too late.

Amanda: No, it’s not. It’s not too late, Agnes. You can talk to Lee, and you can talk to Mr. Melrose…
…and we’ll see what kind of trouble we’re in…
…I know it’s not enough to make up for what he’s done to you, but-

JEG.avi_001067534Agnes: Oh, Amanda,…
…I don’t want revenge…
…I just want Nicky.

Agnes starts crying again, overwhelmed with the hurt, and IMHO the great loss that she’s experiencing.
I see Agnes as going through the grieving process here and throughout the rest of this episode..
Anyone who has had their heartbroken can’t help but feel for Agnes, I just feel so sad for Agnes. She couldn’t have know. Nicky put a lot of time and effort into grooming her.. and she fell for a man who she thought loved her – Love is a risk.. and sadly, Agnes was duped. She’s possibly never felt more alone than in this moment when she realises that Nicky was telling her he loved her when he didn’t really want to be with her – the humiliation.. it wasn’t real.. but it had been very real for Agnes – I don’t think we can switch off these feelings so quickly. It’s going to be a process for Agnes.. and that’s all I’ll say on that! for now!

I wonder if Amanda’s character felt that kind of deep pain when her marriage ended? Man, I wish we could have discovered more about that. Ending a marriage is probably never easy.. it does make me wonder if Amanda felt this lost when her marriage ended.. and things didn’t turn out as she had hoped..  :(
Anyway- looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this everyone.. a little sombre this part of the episode no?!

Amanda, may have a few things to learn about love too.. maybe.. I think Amanda misunderstood Agnes a little here, her sense of betrayal and need for revenge..her wanting to protect her job –  none of that mattered – Agnes just missed Nicky. Poor Agnes! Nicky does not deserve this kind of love from a woman  – it’s a precious gift.

I hope Lee gives him a few right hooks and then turns him into a Eunuch! though.. given this show is PG.. I might have to use my imagination and fill in the blanks!

I like that Amanda doesn’t perfectly understand Agnes- she can’t always right.. but she does listen, and she is sympathetic.. bless her..

Anyone disappointed we didn’t get to see Lee attempt to do some girl talk?!! Winking smile Lee could tell stories of how Eva had used him for his job too.. and tried to shoot him Winking smile 

The scene ends with Amanda giving Agnes a bit of a ‘fair enough.. this sux!’ kind of look.
JEG.avi_001074441Heartbreak flat out sux.
[but.. finding love is worth that risk!! I wonder if this is something Lee and Amanda are grappling with at this point?
I think we might more readily see that Lee is afraid to get his heartbroken – due to his difficult past and his history of protecting his heart ferociously.. but what about Amanda??
if divorce left her heartbroken – she might need to grapple with taking the risk on love too. Even if it is with her (now bestie) Lee – she risks losing her bestie if things don’t work out!… Does Agnes’ heartbreak remind her of her own? What will Amanda decide to do with this reality? That sometimes the search for love is painful.. but.. ‘everybody gets lonely’ – Amanda too! ] Sorry I ramble! I am really looking forward to hearing what you all make of this..

Anyone still out there?? I know I’ve been very slow lately.. RL has been too busy, more than I’d like.. but.. hopefully things will calm down soon.

Anyone who stops by – I am thrilled to hear from any smk fans.. whatever your view might be.. all opinions are welcomed here.. explored here even! Smile so feel free to discuss away.. we all love this show.. and know there’s more than one way to view the show Smile oops.. me on tangent.. again!

One more tangent! Thanks KC for transcribing this episode!!!!! Smile You Rock KC!!! I don’t know what I would have done without you!! – It would have been a veeeery long time between posts!!! phew!!

Okay! finally.. moving on with the episode..
Next thing we see the officer with Lee’s haircut searching…
and finding Nick Cross… Nick smokes? lol.. that’s an smk warning sign that he’s a baddie!!
Oh dear.. Nick is bringing the overall into disrepute.. Lee does them oh so well.. no no this is a coverall that Nick is wearing.. Definitely not a blue jumpsuit.. they are sacred!!!!!!! ;)
What’s with the towel?!
Nick: Sorry to keep you waiting; I’m Cross.
[So am I! Cross that you broke Agnes’ heart!!! you snake!!]
Ronson: You’ve been watching me? [someone should.. seems the agency isn’t! ugh!]
Nick: Well, I had to check things out. I’m a careful man. I know what I want, when and where.  Today, I want the missile launch codes for that atomic sardine can you skippered-
JEG.avi_001114381Ronson tries to physically attack Nick.. oh dear Hey Ronson! Nick has the affect on people – a lot!!!! Winking smile he’s well practiced in fending off angry lunges! Winking smile
Nick: Cool it, Captain. The name Mary Austin mean anything to you? Huh?

So blackmail is it?? Nick is beyond contemptible.. I loathe that he seems to find this fun!
JEG.avi_001121287Nick: You know that story about you boys dropping trou on the Potomac? Well, I placed a few articles in the press just to whet everyone’s appetite. I got a lot more ugly stuff. I can get that story about Mary Austin in the paper, too. But… … my next customer’s gonna be the Washington Post, unless I get what I want.
JEG.avi_001129696I can’t wait to see Nick get his comeuppance! So the newspaper stories are just to get the ball rolling.. the real deal is blackmail.. He didn’t romance Agnes for six months for a few smalls stories to give to the press.. he wants the big stuff.. missile codes!
Ronson: Where’d you get this information?
JEG.avi_001132399Nick: I thought you’d guess by now. J. Edgar Hoover—may he rest in peace.

Nick walks off, and raises his hands to the sky as he pays his respects the JEH. Oh my.. with the towel around his neck he almost looks like a priest! Maybe that’s why he has it- by having access to those files, he hears all kinds of confessions!!! Ugh!!!
[I find it strange that Nick would say where.. and confirm their existence.. still maybe he is cocky enough and smug enough to not care]
Ronson: You found them? All his files?
Nick: The whole shooting match, Ronson. The whole shooting match. ha ha. He may be dead, but his dirty old files live on. 
I can work this gold mine for years. Your missile codes are just the first nugget. Wait’ll I go to work on Congress… the White House…
JEG.avi_001163630[More religious imagery?
Now this really makes no sense.. why tell Ronson this is his first bite of the apple? and why tell Ronson about the big evil future plans? it only gives Ronson one more motivation for not giving in and giving over the codes! Wouldn’t a smart baddie say give me the codes and I’ll go away? Why tell a solider give me the codes and then I’m gonna destroy your country?! lame..]
Ronson: Shut up. I’d rather take my chances than listen to that kind of crud. Just tell me what you want. I’m about to change my mind and break your neck.
[do! do!!! why not? It’s… defending the country!]
JEG.avi_001173840Nick: Oh. Please…  don’t, don’t make that mistake…
…Please don’t.
Think of Mary.
[Yes! don’t do it Ronson! If you kill Nick, the first thing he will do is leak the story about Mary to the paper Winking smile whwahahaha]
JEG.avi_001187954…Get the missile codes—I’ll be in touch.
Ronson: With those codes, the Russians can neutralize our entire sea-based nuclear deterrent…
[Now that is squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube!!! ;) ] …Who the hell do you think you are to give them that?
JEG.avi_001195161Another awful line of dialogue-
Nick: I’m the worst nightmare this country has ever seen!..
…I’m J.Edgar’s Ghost!

LOL.. Nick is the quintessential bad guy.. He gives a maniacal laugh and walks off..
Oh boy.. This officer needs to tell Lee what he’s up to!  Don’t you kinda wish the officer punched Nick?? with that smug look on his face?? Bragging about being J.Edgar’s ghost??
So Nick has found all J.Edgar’s files? Hmm I guess we will find out.

Well I can’t finish here.. there isn’t a scene with Lee in it in this post.. no no that won’t do!
I’ll continue till we see Lee!!!!! Smile
Back in the Q bureau. Amanda is reassuring Agnes she has nothing to be embarrassed about, and Francine is looking at a printout..
Ahhh finally!
JEG.avi_001219486Lee enters with bad news.. he can’t find Nick. Nick has well and truly Nicked off! 

And with this Lee sighting (sigh).. I shall sign off on this episode for now.. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the continuing story to unfold.. very sorry about the delays..and not being able to respond much to comments :( booo! I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this part of the episode.. and the episode so far.. and heck.. the tv show so far! Smile lol! byeee everyone!!

7/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

JEG.avi_000808675Back to IFF that night..
Lee, Billy and Amanda are discussing the case. [Err where is Francine? has her earlier performance banned her?! Winking smile ]
Amanda: Who took these pictures?
We see a close up on one of the M street photos Billy is looking at.
Lee: One of our photo surveillance teams.
JEG.avi_000815582The photo sitting on Billy’s desk doesn’t look like it’s from M street?
Well, well, well… the elusive Mr. Cross. The master of disguise. What are we doing about finding him?
[Master of disguise?! LOL! I’ve seen zero evidence of that so far! Lee located him quite easily.. he just.. got away! and.. Where is Agnes this night? shouldn’t they  have immediately had someone stay and chat with Agnes? Nick could be contacting her now.. weird!]
JEG.avi_000821588[That black thing next to Billy’s desk – is that a shredder? hey.. Billy’s desk is on wheels!! rofl… I’ll have to compare with other eps to see if this has been seen before!
Lee: We have 24-hour surveillance on M Street, Metro police has been alerted, ditto the FBI and NSA.
[what about Agnes? anyone watching Agnes?]
Amanda: It’s funny, this doesn’t look like the kind of man Agnes Snow would go out with.

BTW-I like Amanda’s hair here.. but I gotta say Lee’s is looking waaaay tooo styled.. it makes him look older.. less styled makes him look younger..

Does anyone like this line of Amanda’s?! Sorry if you do.. but to me it’s a dumb thing to say is that!  This line drives me nuts.. always has – how does Amanda know what kind of man Agnes would go out with?! and obviously Agnes doesn’t know what kind of a man Nick is! Amanda is not usually so quick to stereotype people when it comes to matters of the heart IMHO! ]
Lee: I told you about the Lonely Hearts Patrol, didn’t I?
[Whooo Lee… I want to hear you talk about the lonely hearts patrol! No fair!
Umm is the lonely hearts patrol men who prey on lonely women? or women dating that kind of a man? or is it that women like Agnes are so lonely they ends up with a dumb schlep?]
Amanda: Yeah…
JEG.avi_000834501Billy: Agnes Snow… is a research librarian who works with classified documents. It’s not a coincidence.
[no kidding!!]
JEG.avi_000839606JEG.avi_000839906…Pay her a visit, Scarecrow… and take a sweep with you. Knowing Cross, he’s probably bugged her place.
Amanda interjects: Sir, if you don’t mind my saying so, Agnes Snow jumps if you slam a door too hard. [does she? we are being told alot in this scene that we are just suppose to take on face value.. Nick is a master of disguise.. Agnes is scared as a mouse.. rah rah.. Sorry this scene isn’t really working for me.]
…This is gonna scare her to death.…Maybe I should go?
JEG.avi_000848314[I think we are suppose to see how Amanda cares about Agnes. For me? I’m seeing Amanda doesn’t think very much of Agnes!]
Billy: I was just going to say the same thing.
Lee’s turn to interject: Ah, now, wait a second, Billy. Ah, I conducted a few interviews myself…
JEG.avi_000854020[wha?? what’s Lee up to here.. why does he feel the need to defend himself and his interviewing skills here?  Is Lee trying to make a point? that he won’t just bulldoze over Agnes or something? I don’t have the brainpower to think this one really through – I’m to hand it over to you lovely folks – someone! Please explain this to me?! Smile ]
Billy: Okay. Okay. Both of you go.
[Umm wasn’t that what Billy was saying in the first place? or lol.. is that the gag here maybe..!]
Amanda: Yes, Sir…
(to Lee) …
Well, that’ll be all right with you.
JEG.avi_000861828Lee gives Amanda a little indulgent smile here me thinks..
seems Lee was not bothered by Amanda going with him.. as Amanda predicted.. Maybe Lee’s interject was purely wanting to defend his interviewing/people skills.. Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!

Moving on.. the next day we are at Agnes’ place.. Classical music is playing loudly.. I know! It’s Bach’s Air on the Gstring!  that’s thanks to Karen Rudolph who educated me.. I miss you Karen Rudolph!!! If you stop by please say hello!!!

Lee checks Agnes’ apartment for bugs, while Amanda attempts to talk to Agnes.
JEG.avi_000875642Whooo this checking for bugs is tough work.. requires Lee to dress casually.. me like! What no Jeans?? :( ok, I guess Agnes is rattled enough.. Very decent of him. Winking smile

Amanda: Agnes… (sighs) …I know this is very difficult.
[From the looks of Amanda, I’d say she’s been trying to get through to Agnes for a while]
JEG.avi_000881047Lol actually, Amanda does have an idea of what it’s like.. Alan Squires only dated her for her job too! Winking smile (okay only an idea though. because Amanda was not in love with Alan.. and that makes all the difference)
Agnes: No, it’s… it’s not, really, because the man you’re describing couldn’t possibly be my Nicky.
Okay, Agnes is wearing pearls, an apron and baking an apple pie?!! oh dear.. could she be anymore of a cliché??
…Uh, could you get me the cinnamon, please?
Amanda: Yeah, where is it?

I actually think it’s pretty realistic that Agnes would not just take their word for it. She truly loves this man, has been dating him for six months wasn’t it? She knows him better than Lee and Amanda… so she thinks!

Like I said – Nick’s behaviour at M street should have started Agnes to questioning – but I don’t think it would be a fast realisation when she’s given him her heart.

Agnes directs Amanda to the pantry for cinnamon.
Agnes: In between celery seed and coriander.
JEG.avi_000894260Amanda: Ah, alphabetical. Should’a known.
Is this suppose to be funny? I just find it terribly lame.. all such a cliché.. the librarian with a pantry in alphabetical order.. ha haa.. then again, it was Amanda in ACM Kid who put Lee’s record collection into alphabetical order – Stones, Rolling! what do you guys make of this?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Lee finds a bug..
Agnes (to Amanda, quietly): What is that?
JEG.avi_000903870Don’t want the person listening to the bug to know it’s been found?? then don’t look for it with a machine that goes Beep! Beep! Beep!!! really loudly when it finds it.. whhaaahaaa!!

Lee carefully lifts the purse over to the kitchen bench.  Oh dear, it’s in Agnes’ purse.. Poor Agnes!!!!
Lee and Amanda exchange a look..
I feel for her.. and she was defending her Nicky all the way.. well why would she believe it, until she sees real proof.. it’s only right.. but.. poor Agnes! Not only does she have proof her boyfriend has bugged her – she’s now got a ruined purse!! Winking smile
JEG.avi_000920687Gah! We see a close up on Lee tearing the lining of Agnes’ purse.. and pulling out a bug. JEG.avi_000928795Amanda pours a glass of water.
Agnes is stunned at what she sees.
JEG.avi_000938405Amanda takes the bug off Lee and drops it into the glass.. haaaa. good one Amanda..
Lee stifles a chuckle.
Lee: Amanda that is not exactly the regulation way of disposing of -
Amanda: yeah but it will work!
[Who is this woman?! She’s changed so much!! Early Amanda would have been all whoooooo at finding a bug.. Lee do something! that Amanda is long gone Winking smile and she seems to know a thing or two about bugs now!]
Agnes: What is that?
JEG.avi_000948014Lee: It’s a bug.
[oh my.. he looks so good here!]
Agnes: A bug? In my purse? That’s ridiculous….
[It is! But.. it’s also true! Poor Agnes struggles to get her head around what’s happening]
… Well, who would want to hear what I have to say?
Lee: It’s not a microphone, Agnes. It’s some sort of a homing device. Cross used it to track you wherever you went.
JEG.avi_000959426Agnes turns to Amanda.. Amanda has nothing she can say that can change this.
Agnes heads to her room to take it all in…. Poor Agnes! Her head must be swimming.
JEG.avi_000973540Lee sighs and says to Amanda(while looking at Agnes):
I’m going to have to take her in for questioning.
JEG.avi_000975642Amanda: Lee! give her a chance.
JEG.avi_000977744Lee: Amanda time is important here

JEG.avi_000979245Amanda: Look, we’ve just broken her heart all she can think about now is how terribly she’s been betrayed.
JEG.avi_000981948Lee seems to be struggling a bit with his temper here: She’s probably part of a major security breach…
…We do not have time to be patient!

JEG.avi_000989155Amanda: Leeeee! We’re talking about Love…
…When you’re talking about love you have to be patient.

JEG.avi_000993660On hearing this, Lee seems to stop. [Like my heart did looking at Lee here.. too good lookin!]
and.. I think he squints a little and  glances at Amanda’s lips Winking smile
Amanda sees Lee react..
and..seems surprised by his reaction here..
JEG.avi_000995762that his mind went to the two of them- when talking about love and being patient.. (That should tell Amanda something right there no? How reassuring for Amanda.. talking about love – Lee immediately thinks of her Smile and her lips! Smile )
Lee can’t sustain the eye contact.. and looks down..
JEG.avi_000996963it’s not the time or the place for these two to have a love discussion about the love between them. Because of Agnes, Nick and the security breach? Sure! but also because – love needs patience Smile and it’s not yet time to speak those words between them Smile awhhhh
JEG.avi_000998765Lee: alright.
JEG.avi_000999666Awhhhh.. Lee relents. Amanda calms him down and helps him to see reason.. Lee can’t just stomp on Agnes’ heart here..awh!
The scene ends here.  

When was the last time (if ever) that Lee and Amanda talked about love? Smile do tell!

The little subtext here about love and being patient?? very sweetly played.. and makes this episode worth watching!!!
For me, it’s all in the look they give each other after Amanda has spoken.
From previous discussions – I remember some thought Amanda was really talking to Lee about the two of them. But.. sorry I’m not seeing it. while what Amanda says does also say something about Lee and Amanda, I don’t think she intends to say anything about them – she just does anyway.. She’s focused on Agnes..
Some also thought that at this point Amanda is just waiting for Lee to get his act together patiently – I don’t see Amanda as waiting for Lee here.. I see her as along for the ride.. she needs to time to fall in love too – Love takes patience.
I think Amanda is reminding Lee that he has a heart, and he needs to be sensitive to Agnes here.. and her words do indeed remind Lee that he has a heart – and that he is well on his way toward giving it to Amanda Smile
Lee knows Amanda’s right.. you can’t be all business all the time Lee’s got a heart too! [After all, he’s scarecrow! not tinman! Winking smile ]

Anyway, that’s it from me for now.. I’ll probably be a few days before I can publish a new post-sorry.. moving house and working full-time is a nightmare! But.. I’m lucky to have a home, and a job.. and lovely smk to escape with – and all of you to enjoy this escape with Smile thanks for stopping by!!!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! byee for now! 

6/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We see Lee and Amanda meet up again..
It seems Amanda was walking out (to get away from Craiger and men hassling her) and then happens to come across Lee.. Lee seems ready to leave and no longer playing his cover (that cover of  pretending he’s not with Amanda Winking smile ).
Oh wow.. we actually see one of those women Lee said hello to earlier walk past Lee and Amanda as they rejoin each other
– and Lee?? Only has eyes for Amanda.. doesn’t even notice the woman walks past.
[What if she’s a baddie?! Lee doesn’t care Winking smile ]

[Okay it could be because she is now just a random extra.. but I prefer to think it is meaningful- Lee prefers Amanda Smile Am I deluded? quite possibly! Smile do I mind? nope.. quite happy with it.. and my smile is probably quite scary.. if you know what I’m saying Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh.. Ohhhh…
(she seems to let out a sigh as she finds Lee.. relief maybe?)
Lee: What’s wrong?
…Nothing, really…Nothing.

JEG.avi_000753119[Amanda turns back to look at Craiger- I guess she’s thinking about the dating game on M street..
Seems Amanda has chosen not to tell Lee about Craiger.. why do you think that is? ]
Lee: Amanda, you have got to relax.
[I can just make out that Lee touches Amanda’s arm-those darn extras keep walking in front of them again! To comfort Amanda because he can see she’s stressing?? or maybe to get her attention focused back on what he’s saying… I love that Amanda is smiling here but Lee knows she’s stressing anyway – awh..]
Amanda: I know,…
…you know,…
…it’s just,..
…I feel kind of like a piece of bait on a hook.
[I like that Amanda is honest with Lee here.. I do think this is what’s going on with her.. she’s feeling uncomfortable with being the bait on the hook. Lee seems to smile a little.. I think he likes this about her too! Smile what do you think??!!]
Lee seems to suddenly remember they are suppose to be playing a cover (oh yeah- bait on a hook!).. and looks up and smiles at the room as he responds:
Well, that’s what you are, remember?
JEG.avi_000758525[Lee doesn’t sugar coat it.. lol.. I think this is not about Lee here, it’s about Amanda needing to get use to this part of the job.]
JEG.avi_000759726Amanda: Well, I know, but it’s just, it’s a funny feeling… it’s not something that I’m really- (Amanda notices something on the other side of the room that catches her attention.. so she stops mid sentence)
JEG.avi_000760927– I’ll pause here briefly before we continue. I can’t see anything here that indicates a problem between Lee and Amanda – how about you? I think if Amanda was not happy about Lee smiling and enjoying himself that this is not something that has really upset Amanda.. but I do think she has noted it – and has taken something away from this observation.. what? I’ll share this when I think it is revealed Smile

The whole talking up of M street for me in this day and age seems silly – I know.. I gotta remember this is the 80s.. but even in the 80s I don’t think we see anything terrible happen on M street that we didn’t already see at an embassy party – maybe the pick up lines were slightly more classy – that Amanda reminds him of a portrait! Winking smile gosh. what episode was that? Umm was it Dead Ringer?

I think this episode implicitly says M street is suppose to be a place where ‘good girls’ don’t go.. It’s where men and women go to hook up.. (or as Francine says do Karate!) but while Craiger wasn’t a charmer, I don’t think he was being offensive – not like men in this day and age who in meat markets can be very offensive (IMHO). It’s not edifying, so I won’t go there.. but I think I would have been okay with M street in the 80s.. but the version of M street of today kinda turns my stomach.. Maybe it’s just me..

I can see though that 80s M street is not something Amanda is use to. She is use to attention from men.. but for some reason this full on dating game on M streets makes her uncomfortable. Maybe because it is more of a hooking up vibe than a dating vibe?
I wonder if we have the same vocab here – to me hooking up is basically finding someone to ‘play backgammon with’ and then say bye bye! Dating can be that too.. but with more of an intention (or pretence of an intention!) that there could be a longer term relationship in the works! lol hope that makes sense.

Okay, back to the episode.. so Amanda suddenly stops mid sentence as she notices something on the other side of the room.
JEG.avi_000761227She keeps looking a moment.. then gets Lee’s attention..
Amanda: – Oh, look at that.
We see Agnes is standing across the room, with Nick. She gives Amanda a little wave..

Lee: What?
Amanda: Look at- There’s Agnes.
We cut back to Lee trying to look without looking like he is looking.. but Amanda just full on looks and points! whwhahahaaa..
JEG.avi_000764531Lee quickly grabs Amanda’s arm to stop her pointing.
[now that looks suspicious! Winking smile ]
Lee (quietly): Shhh…
JEG.avi_000766633Why can’t Amanda point- Agnes just waved to her.. ugh! Lee is talking all quiet and trying to act cool.. my goodness Lee- Agnes just waved at you in front of Nick Cross… I think it’s more suspicious to pretend like you don’t know Agnes lol!!! Oi! don’t shush Amanda!  JEG.avi_000767534
Lee: That’s Nick Cross…
(too late Lee! Agnes has brought attention to you. Gee if Lee had said that name back at the meeting.. this episode could have ended much sooner ;) )

The guy my editor friend told me about. (Well gee, then why have you been standing there for 2 hours?! Go find Nick Cross already!)
Amanda: You’re kidding.
Lee: Shh. Stay right here, hmm?
(Nick is looking at them still and increasingly worried.)
[ but why? does he know Lee? ahhh I guess Agnes said- whooo there are my coworkers at the agency!]
JEG.avi_000774140Amanda: Okay.
Lee: Hah.

Lee tries to play it cool.. smiling, he starts to walk slowly toward Agnes and Nick..
But.. Nick isn’t fooled!
JEG.avi_000778945He starts bolting for the door..
Lee bolts after him, pushing a woman out of the way (sort of) and almost knocking over a tray of drinks.. Lee tries for speed.. but seems to also be careful of those around him.

Agnes watches after bolting Nick and chasing Lee.. surely she would be starting to question what’s up. she knows Lee is working on these leaks, she knows he was headed to M street with Amanda.. where the leaker usually hangs out.. and when Nick saw Lee? He bolted!!! hello??!!!! (Poor Agnes)
JEG.avi_000802068We cut to Lee out in the alley.. searching for Nick.. but he has nicked off! Winking smile 

The scene ends there.
I shall too!!! Looking forward to hearing from you all! Sorry I’m not around much at the moment.. I’m loving your comments and hearing from you all! byeeeeee!