13/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

 Where were we.. Amanda ran to the elevator while Francine tried to hold off Jepard – she gets shot in the thigh and stumbles into the hallway and takes cover in a room opposite.. so Francine is now out of the picture in protecting Amanda.. Uh oh..
Jepard runs out to the hallway and sees Amanda in the elevator.
As the door closes he aims his gun. too late- phew! [The elevator is on Amanda’s side!] He runs to a stairwell. Amanda exits the elevator on the ground floor and runs through the lobby area. Lee sees Jepard as he exits the stairs. They shoot at each other.
Jepard disappears down more stairs and Lee follows him—at first cautiously, then with more speed.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Amanda exits the building,
We see a close up of her running in heels..
Errr.. no wait.. Running in what is usually her heels..but ahem.. at some point she has cut off her heels and turned them into flats! See? No heels! My my.. what a woman!!! she just thinks of everything! Run Amanda! Run!!!! Smile
Amanda passes the Corvette, and gets into a brown car parked behind it. She starts looking for the keys. [Suggestion: Next class for Amanda? How to hot wire a car!]
Karl Eagles appears at the door and holds out the keys to her.
Amanda: Oh, good, Mr Eagles –
(He draws his gun and she stops short, letting go of the keys.)
Booooooo!!! Poor Amanda.. her face falls when she realises Karl is no good. Booooo!!! You Evil Administrator you!!! You….. Pencil Pusher!!!!
My goodness, Karl really has turned to the ‘dark side’ [Hey, the Force has awakened so why not a little Star Wars reference?!] He is well and truly getting his hands dirty now and can no longer kid himself about the evil he is carrying out. Is Amanda a bad person? Is this justice? This goes against Karl’s arguments about not killing Lance earlier… he has turned his back on society’s principles and it seems he has even turned his back on his own that he held earlier in the episode..

Meanwhile, upstairs, Lee creeps along the wall and down the stairs, his gun ready. Jepard takes a shot at Lee, who ducks then returns fire. Why do these hallways look familiar?
Lots of creeping.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good.. and ducking.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good..
There’s a few moments where Lee looks like he’s enjoying the hunt! Get him Lee!!
The shoot-out continues between Jepard and Lee,.. hiding.. and shooting.. and Lee lookin good.. and dodging.. and Lee lookin good..
More sneaking.. and hiding.. and shooting and Lee lookin good.. [you didn’t want to see any shots of Jepard did you?! didn’t think so Winking smile ]
Whoooaaaa!!!! Lots of super heroic action Lee to savour.. Jepard disappears..
As Lee faces the other way, searching for Jepard, we see Jepard on the floor above, behind a ledge with greenery and a pot of flowers. As he takes aim, he knocks the flower pot off the ledge. [rofl this is so lame.. words cannot begin to express how lame this is.. Mr super scary Diablo 666 just happens to knock over a flower pot when lining up the kill shot?! whahahaaa.. The flower pot was on Lee’s side!! Smile Nature fights back!]
It falls to the floor behind Lee, alerting him.
Lee somersaults.. looks good..  does some super fancy rolls.. looks good.. and then shoots Jepard twice from the floor.
Jepard is hit- hooray!, collapsing against the ledge.
Lee lies on the carpet for a while,.. Phew.. that was close!
his gun pointing up toward the ledge, and then gets up.3.16-TT.avi_002225825_thumb
But.. where is Amanda?!

This whole Lee gets called back to IFF and Francine is watching Amanda when the assassin strikes is all super contrived..What do you guys think?
Yep.. the baddie couldn’t have sturck while Lee was protecting Amanda – or Lee would have failed to protect Amanda.. and we must finish the sequence with Amanda having been captured.. and Lee still looking super heroic.
I guess they needed to find a reason why Lee would be rushing back there all super dramatic to intervene- and the phone calls thing was the clue.. flimsy at best IMHO.
Oh well.. I’ll just focus on how good Lee looks trying to save Amanda and take down the bad guy.. and.. on Francine taking a bullet for Amanda! whoo  hoo!!

Moving on.. back to IFF the next day..
Tired Billy leaves his office and walks toward Lee who is  pouring coffee.
[I think it’s implied they’ve been working on finding Amanda all night]
Billy: I spoke with the hospital. Francine’s out of surgery…
…Jepard’s bullet went straight through her leg. She’ll be on crutches for a while.
[Billy does a massive yawn]
Lee: What about Jepard?
(Billy yawns)
Billy: Not so lucky. He lost a lung;… [Hooray!!] …some arteries… [Hooray!!]...He could go at any time… [Hip Hip Hooray!!]
… They got him over at isolation.
Lee: Come on!! He is the only one that can tell us where they’ve got Amanda, Billy!! [Ohhh yeahhh.. errr Jepard’s still alive? Hip Hip Hooray! Smile he can die tomorrow!]
Billy: Did you search the hotel?
Yeah, every inch of it…
[I’m sure Lee searched it more thoroughly than anyone had ever searched a hotel room ever] …She didn’t go back home…
[whooo Lee has a bit of an all night shadow here on the side view.. whooo.. stubble.. whooooo ..shgahsbahbaba head slap emoticon… errr.. sorry.. Where was I?]
…and no-one saw her come back here. Jepard is our only chance.
[LOL it sounds to me like Lee says Jeopardy is our only chance (when he says ‘Jepard is’). Hey – For 50 points.. Where is Amanda King?]
Billy: He’s gonna be a tough nut to crack. He’s a real pro.
Lee: Oh, yeah? Well, right now, he is thinking about dying…
…That loosens a lot of tongues.
Lee walks off determined.. I guess he’s heading for the isolation ward..and Jeopardy err Jepard!
Billy: Heard that! [I.e. ain’t that the truth]

So.. things are looking mighty bleak.. Will our hero come through for Amanda? Anyone not remember if Amanda makes it? whahahaahahaa Winking smile Can’t wait to hear your thoughts everyone! Thanks for reading!!!

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Hi Everyone! I’m trying to make sure that, no matter how busy life gets this year – the walk will be able to continue so I need to plan ahead a little for walking through season 4.
Firstly though – A
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Now that I am trying to get ahead before real life picks up the pace for 2016, I thought it would be a good time to put out there my request for assistance with transcribing the dialogue of season 4 episodes.
looking for some excitement

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12/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So where were we?
Francine had just interrupted Lee and Amanda’s cosy hideout (or game of hearts)  to replace Lee in keeping watch on Amanda, because Billy wants Lee back at IFF.
Reluctant Lee walks out to his Corvette, gets in and drives away.
Lee: You’re coming in loud and clear. I thought the phone lines were messed up?
3.16 TT.avi_001968301
(in his office): There’s nothing wrong with our phones.
3.16 TT.avi_001969502
That’s funny. Francine said she could barely understand you.
3.16 TT.avi_001973506
[I love how Lee is holding the phone to his ear while driving.. in this day and age – Lee would be breaking the law!! well.. at least in my neck of the woods – very naughty! Both hands on the wheel Lee!! but then.. well … it is urgent and about keeping Amanda safe.. soooo.. go ahead! Smile ]
Billy: What? What’s going on, Lee? Why aren’t you with Amanda?
Lee: She’s with Francine. Look, what’s up?
[Eh? Is it just me or is Lee a bit slow on the uptake here? What’s up? Billy just asked you why you aren’t with Amanda- helloooo?!! Hmm.. I’m going to blame the editors for trying to make Lee look a bit dim – their jealous Winking smile ]
Billy: Well, you tell me–I haven’t spoken to Francine all afternoon.
Lee: Well, someone who sounded just like you did… someone who knew our… our recognition codes… [Bing! the penny drops! Gee.. just like that dude who stopped by Amanda’s to pick up the cheque!]
3.16 TT.avi_001988621
…Billy, I’m gonna go back there.
3.16 TT.avi_001989622
Billy: You call their room. I’ll take care of that phone call from here. [take care of what phone call? anyone?]
3.16 TT.avi_001995028
Lee puts the Corvette into a snazzy screechy super heroic  U-turn and starts driving back to the hotel,..[Oh my.. swoony very worried mode!]
3.16 TT.avi_002002635
…then Lee picks up his car phone again.3.16 TT.avi_002004838
…Jepard, wearing black clothing, is outside the hotel behind a hedge….
3.16 TT.avi_002012045
Uh oh.. this can’t be good!
He carries a gun and is wearing a crossbow …
3.16 TT.avi_002022055
He starts scaling a mesh fence.
I get why Jepard would know Amanda is being hidden in this building.. but how would he know what floor Amanda is on? oh wait… the only floor with the lights on maybe? lol!

Cut to Francine and Amanda inside the suite in the hotel room. Francine ‘s on the phone..
3.16 TT.avi_002028261
(off screen): Francine, I just talked to Billy. He never called you.
Francine: They’re trying to shake us off Amanda.
[yeaahhhhh don’t be offended Francine.. because the implication here is that Lee would have been better at protecting Amanda than Francine haaaa– so they tried to get him out of the way!  It seems rather dumb to me- and risks the surprise element giving them a clue something is about to happen.. but.. I’ll hold this thought for now]
3.16 TT.avi_002032065
Lee: All right, all right. Now you just sit tight. I’m on my way.
3.16 TT.avi_002033066
Francine: OK.
Amanda: What’s going on?
3.16 TT.avi_002036670
Nothing good. I’m gonna call security—have ‘em send up a guard.
She picks up the phone and starts dialling.3.16 TT.avi_002044878Jepard is climbing up the side of the building, using a rope. Francine is waiting for security to pick up her call..
3.16 TT.avi_002050283
Jepard continues climbing. The Corvette screeches to a halt in front of the hotel. Lee sprints through the door and into the hotel. Jepard looks to have arrived on that balcony to Amanda’s room.. you know.. the only one in the hotel?!  Lee runs around the side of the hotel, pulls off his jacket and dropping it as he keeps running, then pulls out his gun.

In the suite..
Francine: Something’s wrong. Nobody’s answering.
[Why is no one answering? Doesn’t seem to me like Jepard would have had time to go inside the foyer and shoot security then get back outside to scale the building.. anyone? help?]
3.16 TT.avi_002080313
Yep, Jepard is on the balcony immediately outside the suite.
Yeahhh… that super convenient balcony for the baddie to get ready to attack from. Gee what a shame they hid Amanda in the one room with a balcony! whahahaahaaa
3.16 TT.avi_002069703
He lifts his gun and starts aiming it towards the door.
3.16 TT.avi_002073707
[Umm.. it looks like the door to the balcony is wide open?!]
Below, in the garden, Lee aims at Jepard and fires.
3.16 TT.avi_002083717
Jepard twists and rolls onto the bed in the suite.
3.16 TT.avi_002085118
[This must be one of those magic doors that opens both out and in!]
Francine slams the phone down and raises her gun.
3.16 TT.avi_002085919
Francine: Get down, Amanda…
(Francine takes cover behind the sofa and shoots.. but misses Jepard who’s also taken cover…)

3.16 TT.avi_002088722
…Amanda, get the backup car; get it started. I’ll be right there.
[Really? Let Amanda go alone?! Kinda makes me wonder if this was the back up plan, why didn’t two people guard Amanda.
Aie… it’s times like this I think Amanda should have been given some kind of weapon to defend herself! Then again, given all the improvised weapons Amanda has used in the past (
Brilliantly identified by Jestress HERE) maybe they thought she wouldn’t need any! ]
3.16 TT.avi_002090724
Amanda leaves the room.
[Kudos to Amanda for how quickly she can unlock that chain and open the door while in the firing line!
LOL at how for that moment no one chooses to shoot – lol Francine doesn’t even give her any cover.. the baddie is so polite! thanks Baddie!]
Francine aims at Jepard and shoots again, she misses- again!
Amanda runs down the stairs.
[In heels! whooo danger danger!]
3.16 TT.avi_002095929
Francine runs towards the door and Jepard shoots at her,..
[Seems she can’t make it through the door as quickly as Amanda did Winking smile ]
3.16 TT.avi_002099132
Uh oh – Francine is hit by a bullet as she reaches the doorway.
Amanda pushes the elevator “down” button several times, and then gets in. Francine struggles out of the room and collapses on her bottom, revealing a bleeding gunshot wound on her thigh,..
3.16 TT.avi_002105138
Francine struggles to get up and heads into another room before Jepard can get to the hallway to finish her off…

I’m going to need to pause it here for the moment guys.. we’ll pick up right where we paused!

Is it naughty of me to enjoy that Francine took a bullet for Amanda?! tee heee..

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this post and the ep so far Smile Thanks for Reading!