14/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Birchwood where Amanda is ‘picking the residents brains’. Sounds like they’ve had a lot of that lately Smile
We see a lady in yellow patrolling the perimeter. Oh wait.. Is this Ms Walker?!
We saw her earlier this episode..
Is Birchwood on her route? or has she since retired?! Winking smile lol.. Maybe it’s Ms Walker’s ‘Aunty’ Winking smile

Oh hey, the scene before this shot was that Sphinx riddle..  remember?
TPE.avi_20151005_193605.307What walks on four legs when it’s young, two when it’s grown and 3 when it’s old?
I think the transition to this shot of Ms Walker with her Walking Walker stick could be a clue- lol I haven’t looked it up and this may be really obvious lol.. and.. probably by the time you read this you will have already sorted this one out in the comments to the previous post. lol.. but I’m only now maybe solving that riddle.. this lady has 3 ‘legs’ and is old! Me thinks the answer is People. Am I right? Maybe I’m not because I don’t get how this is a riddle about the sphinx. My head hurts. moving on! Winking smile
Okaaaay moving on.
We find Amanda interviewing Glynnis.
Glynnis:  I supervised the menus for a 24 hour work cycle.  Non-stop, go, go, go.

Amanda:  OK, Miss Mendelssohn, I have that.
Glynnis:  Protein, energy food, that’s the main thing.  No junk.  You can’t expect your people to give you their best on potato chips.  [hallelujah!]
Amanda:  Miss Mendelssohn, do you know where they used your menus?
TPE.avi_20151005_193655. 56
[Hey I just realised.. Amanda is wearing the same clothes from the day before.. and.. Lee in the last scene was too.. sooo they were up all night long and never changed? I would have thought they’d have changed before waking Rupert. I must say – Amanda looks terribly well put together for having been on stake out all night. And Lee? well.. he always looks terribly well put together no? Winking smile ]
Glynnis:  We don’t need to know.  That’s the Agency way.

Amanda:  That’s right!  Well, thank you very much for your help.  I hope maybe someday I can come back and tell you what this is all about, but in the meantime —
TPE.avi_20151005_193715. 84
:  Mum’s the word.  Don’t worry dear, we know all about it.

Cut to a drill working it’s way through an ancient Egyptian cement wall Winking smile  A baddie nods at Durran, who nods back. Seems things are going according to plan – so far!
You know, these baddies have a nerve! don’t they know they’ll be cursed if they break into a pyramid and find the Pharoah’s tomb?! And what I want to know is – which Pharaoh built this Pyramid anyway? Was it King Harry V Thornton?

Back to Billy’s office.. Billy has a clock on his wall..
Can anyone make out what is the picture under the clock?
Billy turns and says: Keep trying, Amanda.

We see Rupert seated with Amanda..
(Lee is perched on the side of Billy’s desk watching on.)
Amanda:  Yes, sir.  Um, Rupert — Rupert, Mr. Eisenstein supervised the formulation of a high-fiber content weave for a new carpet.  And they produced 11 square acres of it in South Carolina.
Lee:  Yeah, the carpeting, Rupert.  Tell us what you were going to use the carpet for.
Rupert:  The question was, whether to use carpet at all.  I had to fight that one, I can tell you.
Billy:  I’m sure you did. And you had good reason.
Rupert: I couldn’t make them see that.
Amanda: Who, Rupert?
Rupert: The bigwigs! The stuffed shirts! The pencil-sharpeners. The guys in the suits. Ah . . .
…What was the question?

[love Amanda’s ‘we’re in big trouble’ expression!]
: What else, Amanda? Something else you found out might grab him.

Amanda: Uh, Rupert — Mr. Olney designed a ventilation system,..
(We see Rupert snoring- understandable. He didn’t get much sleep the night before!)
…and he based it on an aircraft carrier with the inflow and the outflow and the residu– Rupert!
Billy: Rupert!
Amanda: Rupert, please!
(LOL both Billy and Amanda start shaking him. Lee watches on from a distance) [I keep wishing someone would bring Rupert a nice cup of hot tea!]
Billy: Rupert, the air conditioning. This is the design for the Pyramid. Do you recognize it?
Rupert: Air conditioning? What do I know about air conditioning? That was Olney’s baby — ask him.
Billy: More, Amanda — come on, come on.
Amanda: Yes, sir…  (Super upbeat now!) …Rupert –Did you know that Washington sits on an alluvial plain above a granite base…
…called the Appalachian Spar? Huh?
Rupert: Hmm . . . Good rock…
…We had to blast the dickens out of that stuff. But boy, do you get a nice hole in the ground. Solid!

(Billy seems to be thinking there’s no use..)
Lee: Digging!
Billy: Basements.
Lee: The White House War Room, the new facility was built in the 60’s.
Right on cue in comes Francine and some annoying dude who interrupts: Sixty-eight!
[LOL what a dude.. Francine hasn’t even introduced him yet]
All: Shhhh!
[LOL!] Francine is a bit shocked at their combined reflexive Shhhh!!! But hey.. you didn’t even tell them you were there!
Seaforth dude
: We put a “G” model in there.
[They seem to realise who this guy is.. and suddenly Billy is addressing him rather than shushing him. Weird edit here.]
Billy: You ID’d the blueprint?
Lewis: We were up all night with the microfilms.
Francine: This is Doug Lewis with Seaforth Alarms — he just got in on a flight from Tulsa.
Lewis: Studied all the Seaforth 900’s in the country. Sixty-three to the present. Model A to the latest — the T. It’s not there. No match.
TPE.avi_20151005_194027.952[He flew in to tell them no match?!]
Lee: Wait, it’s gotta be. It said “Seaforth 900” as plain as could be.
: Best damn alarm money could buy. More transistors than Carter has pills. Ha! A beauty.

Amanda: Oh, I’m sure it is, Rupert! Why don’t you tell us about it?
: Eleven levels of sensors. Closed-loop system. Indestructible. Cost six million to develop. But I said, it’s worth it. You don’t go to all this trouble to hide things, and not be secure.

Amanda: Oh, you sure don’t! But why did it cost so much money, Rupert?
Rupert: It was the prototype! The first one! Serial number, ought, ought, ought!
[I think Rupert does a good job here of divulging but still being under the influence!]
Lewis: My —, the prototype. I never thought of the prototype. Who would? I only looked for the production series!

Billy: Think, man — where is it?
[Okay, is it just me or.. when you get over how swoony Lee looks here.. does this shot look really ridiculous??!!!! Captain America and his super short but plucky side kick? kinda ridiculous? ]
Lewis: You’re standing on it.
Whoa… everyone takes a second to compute this..
TPE.avi_20151005_194156. 36
Amanda (to Rupert): Pyramid is the Agency?
TPE.avi_20151005_194204. 50
Rupert nods..
He looks exhausted.. if he weren’t on drugs about now he’d be thinking – now I understand why they use to bury the Pharaoh’s engineer with him when the Pyramid was sealed!! [or lol is that just a myth?] TPE.avi_20151005_194209.185
Amanda nods back.. and KJ does one of those expressions she’s so good at.. you know.. oh boy what are we into.. what’s going to happen.. and they cut to commercial or another scene.. I think KJ is expert at these!

I’ll pause here.. and look forward to hearing your thoughts everyone! I think I’ll be able to finish this ep in the next post… that or I’m going to start behaving like Rupert on these drugs.. 

13/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

How are we all going?
This ep seems to have inspired less discussion..
I do hope my write up is not reducing the level of enjoyment you’ve had for this ep.
I would pick up the pace when there is not much discussion but I simply don’t have the time to keep up with writing the posts now –  but.. I cannot wait for the next episode!!!
Bad iwsod!! focus on this one! we’re not there yet!! Maybe there are more gems to discover yet here:)
okay.. pep talk over.. and.. on with the episode!
We find the fab four walking down the agency corridor..
Billy: I left orders with Dr. Pfaff to tape every word that Rupert mutters.
Lee: He could babble for a week without saying anything. I’ve got a feeling we don’t have that much time.
TPE.avi_20151005_193126. 80
[An interesting angle here on the four of them as they walk, we don’t see this often.. do we? do you like it?]
Billy: I’m afraid you’re right. Amanda, get back over to Birchwood and pick their brains about code Pyramid, and we don’t need information about florescent bulbs.
[lol! now you’re talkin! Billy gets tough!]
Amanda: Yes, sir.
Billy: Francine, get on the horn to that clown at Seaforth,
TPE.avi_20151005_193142. 85
[At this moment we see Lee and Amanda exchange a little private nod goodbye.. and Lee gives Amanda a little smile as she leaves.. I love to see their silent private communications Smile ]
…and have him here at the Agency ASAP, with some answers…
[Both Francine and Amanda leave]
…Lee, I’ve got a team waiting for us over at Blue Star Insurance. We’re gonna blow the lid off that place.
Lee: All right.
[whooo hooo! Billy is on fire here! this is the most in command and on the ball I think I’ve seen him! lol! Being ordered out of bed by Lee in the middle of the night to pull files seems to put the fire in him! :)
I love how Lee says ‘All right!’ like he’s just been given permission to play by his pappa!]

Call me crazy, but as far as I can see – they have zero evidence that the van that crashed with the blueprint at the start of the episode and gave them the clue about Seaforth, was in any way related to Durran or Code Pyramid – there was just a guess by Billy at one point (in Post 8) that because Durran is in town it must be to do with him! rofl.. Billy is savvy.. he knows how the smk world works ;) Or maybe I have missed the evidence that actually linked the van to Durran and Code Pyramid? help?

Moving on to Durran and his crew.. they’re loading up two vans..
Durran: Come on, move it. I want to be through that wall by shift change.
We see them loading the G-S Gas into a container.. lots of G-S Gas! uh oh.. these guys are seriously bad!! whooo (yawn).
On to Blue Star Medical Insurance..
Billy: Jackson, take the side door. Smith, Allen, seal the back. Nobody in or out. Let’s move it, people.
Wow.. six cars.. Billy wasn’t kidding.
e: We understand that your company provided health insurance for an Agency project in 1962.
[You mean, they use an insurance company for a project and then move on to another? Is this a bit weird? what am I saying? this whole show is weird ;) ]

Mrs. Dell: Yes, well, it’s been a while. And we handle numerous government contracts. But I’m sure Mr. Atkins could fill you in. He’s our senior account executive… [ohhhhhhh!!!] …He probably handled those contracts. He did most of them in the 60’s. Well, his office is that way. Right this way. I can assure you that everything is in order. Blue Star has always stood for the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Leo?
[She goes to open Leo’s office door..]
Billy leads the lady away..
Billy: Mrs. Dell, just try to be calm.
Lee heads into the office for a closer look. A high tech closer look from the sounds of it. He checks his pulse.
He sees a note on Leo’s desk.
TPE.avi_20151005_193400. 5
No idea what it means (let’s ask TP!)
We see a parking garage exterior..
Then Durran and his crew..
Cue a big close up on Dragon..err I mean Durran blowing cigarette smoke out of his nostrils!! whoooo he’s bad.. he’s really really bad!
As a still shot I think it looks hilarious!
Durran:  Everyone in position!  Alright, gentlemen, it is now 4:50.  I want to be inside precisely at 5:50.  Let’s go!
  [So is that what the note was? the time?]
The drilling of the wall starts..
Back to Blue star insurance.
A close up on Billy’s watch tells us it’s 5 o’clock.
TPE.avi_20151005_193508. 82
Nice watch Billy Winking smile
Billy calls out:
  Shake a leg, Scarecrow!
Lee:  I told Mrs. Dell to have the Metro Homicide boys send their preliminary reports straight to your office. [no women in metro homicide I guess.. meh!]  But Billy, we are going to have to give them some official oil about why we left the scene, and about why we copped some evidence.
Billy:  Well, protocol is the least of our worries now.  We can’t hang around here.  And finding Atkin’s killer’s not going to help us, either.
[Wait a minute!!!!.. so Lee is the one worrying about protocol? and Billy is the one saying they can’t worry about that now?! What kind of alternate universe are we dealing with here??!!!It’s like Billy said Lee’s lines and vice versa! I think the script typist got the names wrong for these lines above and no one noticed ;) tee hee.. ]
Lee:  I saw Atkins with Durran.  So at least we know how Durran got his list of the Pyramid team.
[this is visually a rather boring scene.. even with Lee in it.. ahem..but KJ has tried to mix it up with some interesting camera angles.. do you guys like it?]
Billy:  What kind of a lead is 5:50?  Is it a number, a code, a time, and how do we find out? [Ask TP!]
Lee:  The only way to find the “Open Sesame” is to crack Rupert, or one of the other oldsters.
Billy:  This damn case is aptly named, you know that?
Lee:  Yeah.
Billy:  What’s the riddle about the pyramids?
(they start walking to their respective cars)
Lee:  Aw, you’re thinking about the riddle of the sphinx, uh – what walks on four legs when it’s young, two when it’s grown-

Billy:  And three when it’s old.
Lee:  You got it.
[I haven’t got it.. like a lot of this episode.. can someone explain this riddle to me?! this whole episode is a bit of a riddle to me Winking smile  ]

I’ll finish here for now.. Looking forward to hearing from you!!! Smile 


12/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the baddies..
Durran: This old man has just found the needle in our haystack, Atkins — the weak wall. It’s on Level F…
[Seems Durran had another copy of the blueprint Winking smile ]
…It has taken me 20 years to figure out this pyramid. Thank you, Rupert Simpson.

Whimpy Leo Atkins: I don’t like it. What if he remembers something?
Durran: Nah, he’s harmless.
: He worked for them. What if he tipped someone over there? Mentioned Pyramid?
(Durran reaches over to a box of vials.. uh oh..)
Durran: And broke his oath of secrecy? Nah, they wouldn’t have made him Pharaoh’s engineer if he was prone to that.
Leo: What are you going to do with him?
Durran: Well, this little booster is going to make Mr. Simpson so addle-brained…
…he won’t be able to string together two coherent sentences for the next week…
…It’s cleaner than murder, and just as effective…
[Is it just me or does this have shades of Service Above and Beyond? Reluctant wimpy baddie watches on while the big baddie draws up drugs and injects others!]
[Very decent of the baddie to cover the injection with his hand so we can’t see it]
…There, right.
(Injection done, Durran opens the door)
Durran calls for the men in white:
Get him out!
Durran walks back over to his blueprint..
Durran: Now, come on, loosen up, mate!…
…The fun’s about to begin.
Leo: ‘Fun’? ——, what a curious word you use.
Duran: Hey, I paid you for the full ride, Atkins. Too late for second thoughts — way too late.
Leo: I wish I had used my head before I got involved with the Agency.
Duran: In a little less than 10 hours, the Agency will cease to be a problem for anyone.
[Who is this Leo Atkins? He’s involved with the agency? Not that I need to (or want to) know all the details or anything but I have no idea who he is and why Durran had to pay him anything… I guess he is with Blue Star Insurance.. Is all this about bringing the agency to an end?? destroy the agency??
I went back to an earlier post [post 8] and Atkins says “They can track those names through my policy lists. I’m the one who’s exposed.” – I find it all quite vague.. maybe it’s because I’m not especially engaged with the story.. but here’s my guess so far- Durran paid Atkins to locate the agents who worked on Code Pyramid through Blue Star Insurance policies.. and it seems the agency tends to deal with Blue Star.. lol here again we wonder – should the agency have it’s own insurance company? I thought agents were suppose to have covers so they were not identified as agents.. but whatever..  Do you think Durran wants to know about Code Pyramid to destroy it? or is there more going on here?]

Back to Lee and Amanda staking out Blue Star insurance in the corvette.
TPE.avi_20151005_192716. 30
They see the white van exit.. and they follow…
The sun rises over Washington D.C.
We see Lee and Amanda again pull up at Birchwood.
TPE.avi_20151005_192752. 90
Lee and Amanda enter Rupert’s room with a little trepidation.
Love how Amanda holds on to Lee’s arm Winking smile
Lee heads over to Rupert’s bed to pull back the covers while Amanda nervously stands back.
Lee: Rupert? Rupert, wake up.
Rupert suddenly sits upright
– scaring Amanda.
Rupert: What’s wrong? Did I miss breakfast? Oh, I always sleep in my uniform,..
…so’s to be the first one in the latrine! And the mess hall…
TPE.avi_20151005_192859. 22
…Rotten food. But there sure is lots of it.

Amanda: Rupert, are you all right?
Rupert: Yeah, course. Fit as a fiddle…
…Slept like a log…
…Do I know you?..
…Where the devil am I? Oh-ho-hoo,..
…I’m in the wrong barracks!
(Rupert sorta puts his hat on)
TPE.avi_20151005_192933.366 (Rupert salutes Amanda and heads for the door)
(Amanda, confused sorta salutes back)
As he leaves the room Rupert mumbles:…Right, left, right, left, right.
Amanda turns and heads to the door still saluting. Lol..
Amanda is still saluting as she turns to Lee confused..
And still saluting as she heads for the door after Rupert.
[It’s all too blurry for me to bother]
Amanda calls after him: Rupert! Rupert? Rupert!
Amanda’s funny here.. good to see a bit of humour being injected here.. phew.. we need it..
what do you all make of this?

Yes Amanda.. you were this silly when you were ate the chicken salad sandwich Smile but IMHO you were funnier!

Moving on to IFF, and whooo Ms Walker is still patrolling the perimeter!
In Billy’s office we find Rupert sitting at a table and doing kooky weird things with the jigsaw puzzle..
Does anyone find drugged Rupert funny?
I don’t, but that doesn’t mean others can’t find it funny.. if you do please share what you’re thinking!

I wonder why it is that I could find drugged Amanda funny, but I can’t find drugged Rupert funny? Maybe it’s his frailty? Anyone having the same experience I am?

The camera pans from drugged kooky Rupert to the other side of the room..
What a shame we didn’t see Amanda in front of the flag.. I think we saw that in the bit that announces the show will be right back – I vaguely remember seeing that on recorded of the  TV dvds.. Anyway.. moving on!
Lee: How is he?
Pfaff: Let’s skip the exotic psychological gibberish. [Oh booooo I enjoy that! Winking smile ]  Most of us exist in three dimensions. Right now, Mr. Simpson’s drifting in and out of about four or five.
Lee: What did they do to him?
TPE.avi_20151005_193030. 9
Pfaff: Blood analysis indicates substantial traces of trichlorolmethyldehydrine… [Phew!! Kudos to Happy Camper who managed to transcribe this!!]
TPE.avi_20151005_193034. 11
…which — more gibberish, sorry. It’s a psychoactive drug administered as a gas that does a terrific and non-lethal job of scrambling the brain. Lasts for about a week — give or take a day — but no lingering ill effects.
[I’m glad to hear it. But.. Rupert was given an injection and a gas.. I thought the injection was the psychoactive drug.. given so he would say nothing that made sense? Yet again, I’m confused.. give me some of that drug!!]
Francine: And there’s no antidote?
TPE.avi_20151005_193054. 54
Pfaff: No, just time.
[Oh my gosh.. That outfit needs an Antidote!!! those ear buttons!! gah!!!! ]
Billy: Can we talk to him? I mean, can we get any information out of him?
TPE.avi_20151005_193058. 43
Pfaff: You can talk to him all you want; he’d love it. Probably drive you nuts.
TPE.avi_20151005_193102. 50
We cut back to Rupert doing kooky things..
and the kooky music..
Meh.. enough of Kooky Rupert.. we get it..
Is it just me or is this all a bit slow?!
So who likes the flag? Who doesn’t?

What are you all thinking of KJ’s direction?
I know some of you said earlier you enjoy this episode, please forgive my narky comments.. and feel free to share what you love – always open to hearing different views.. maybe you’ll help me to enjoy this episode more!  Can’t wait to hear from you all!!!