12/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee seems to close his eyes here like he is trying to sleep (I though he was first watch?!) He lets out a big breath and mutters to himself: Rats.
FTF.avi_001508541Amanda peeks at Lee
– his eyes now closed..
she reaches out and snuffs out the candle with her wet fingers.
FTF.avi_001511745[how cool is this image! It’s like she holds a flame in her hand!] FTF.avi_001512812Lee realises the candle is out..
FTF.avi_001513346FTF.avi_001514414Lee: Oh, Amanda.
FTF.avi_001515849[Love how he says this.. part exasperation.. part affection!] Amanda is laying down again.. trying to get some sleep..
Amanda: I can’t sleep when the light’s on…
FTF.avi_001518151(Lee quickly lights the candle again – he’s determined! He needs the candle on more than Amanda needs it off?)
FTF.avi_001520653Amanda hears the snap of the lighter and shoots upright and simply states: . …I’m not gonna get any sleep all night.
FTF.avi_001521988[Guess she was hoping, with that information Lee would blow it out.. but nope! seems his fear is that strong! So much for mr considerate now! lol!!]
FTF.avi_001525091Lee leans back and fixes his blankie.. the candle still lit..
Satisfied with himself.. Amanda responds: I’ll blow it out as soon as you go to sleep.
FTF.avi_001527227As much as I don’t buy this fear of the dark, I do enjoy this little battle of wills going on – just because they like each other doesn’t make everything perfect.. and they will have their differences – but they still manage to treat each other like they do like each other.. I guess this is another continuation of the bantering that has been going on between these two most of the episode – this time it’s not for fun though, but in the end- they still care about each other and are okay I guess..
Hmm Lee if you ever want to sleep with Amanda all night you are going to need to get over this – Amanda can’t sleep with the light on!! Winking smile 

Amanda doesn’t baby Lee and his fear of rats – she wants darkness!!! Some may find this unfeeling? but I love it!! It’s late and she needs to sleep and I don’t really buy into this sudden fear of the dark anyway!! Winking smile

The scene ends with Lee’s little look of triumph falling flat once he realises Amanda is right – FTF.avi_001529896she’ll blow it out once he’s asleep..  he still has a wry little smile here as he fixes his blankie – he’s been bested! :)
And Amanda’s been so nice about it Smile
Tee hee.. don’t worry Lee.. Amanda will protect you from the rats..
I don’t know why Lee seems to be trying to sleep anyway.. he’s suppose to be watching Sea Chance first?! lol!

Sweet (rat free) dreams Lee and Amanda! I just hope someone is watching Sea Chance! (Maybe the rats are!!  well I guess we know two rats are – Lanz and Heck!) Soooo what do you all think? Anyone love Lee’s fear of rats? byee for now!

11/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So it’s super late and it’s time for sleep…
Lee: Yeah. You gonna be comfortable there?
FTF.avi_001448715Lee gets up to blow out the wall lamp. How sweet is it that he asks Amanda this?
[it’s more comfy than that swamp they stayed the night in for Utopia Now! Smile Hmm shame we didn’t see them share that picnic basket Amanda packed.. or I’d think Lee is returning the gesture here and is learning Smile]

Amanda: Oh, yeah, I’ll be fine.
[Amanda blows one candle out..]
Lee: Alright. Alright, I’ll probably be up most of the night, so I’ll-
(Lee pauses as he sees Amanda blow out the last candle.. it’s now dark)
- take the first watch.
Amanda: Yeah…
Lee gives Amanda a look.. he’s not happy you blew out that candle Amanda! Lee sits back down again.
…You know, look, you just tell me when it’s my turn, OK? Good night.
Amanda gets herself comfy under the blanket and lays down to sleep in the dark..
Lee: Good night.

It cuts back to Lee, wordlessly lighting one of the candles again with a lighter.
The glow reaches Amanda (such a strong glow for one measly candle Winking smile ).. she pokes her head back up..
Amanda: Shouldn’t it be dark in here?
[Such a stylish sleeper is our Amanda.. collar up.. hair perfect.. she’s lookin good Winking smile It must be the spy classes.. they teach how to do that in spy class I’m sure Smile ]
Lee mumbles a little: I, uh, I like to sleep with a – light.
FTF.avi_001476343_thumb[1]Amanda: You like to sleep with a light on?
Lee: Yeah,…
…I like to sleep with a light on… FTF.avi_001482916_thumb[1]
Amanda gives him a blank look. (non-judgemental though Smile well done Amanda!)
…It’s – it’s a long story, Amanda…
(Lee is exasperated with his blankie.. it just won’t do what he wants! He is too cute here!)
Curled up in his blankie, Lee now feels comfortable enough to maybe tell Amanda what’s going on..
…Goes back to – well, when I spent a week in Istanbul – the catacombs. It was wet, dark – rats—

Love how Lee starts off trying to sound casual about it.. like hey lots of people like to sleep with a light on! Winking smile but.. he quickly gives in and is honest with Amanda about it Smile
A week in Istanbul or a week in the catacombs?! I’ll bet someone has written a fan fic about it!
Amanda: Rats?
[Kj’s delivery here is genius.. she doesn’t over do it.. Hilarious!!]
Yeah, big –

-Big rats?

Lee: Biiig rats…
Lee: -I don’t want to give you the details.

/Amanda (same time): -I don’t want to hear this.
[the way they both say those last lines at the same time is awesome.. very well played and probably not easy to do]

There you go Lee! Amanda isn’t going to make you share haaaa.. she likes for you to maintain a little mystery Winking smile tee hee.. it’s such a cute little exchange..I can’t say I mind that Amanda cuts Lee off (if he had been wanting to talk) –I think it’s good.. she’s not mothering him. but if it was evident he really wanted to talk – she would have listened..
What do you all make of it?
Me being me.. I can’t quite see how it fits! though I love it and think it cute!  A problem with the dark on a boat, on a sofa, on the water? that’s nothing compared to being in the middle of a swamp, with no light, laying in the dirt all night, where there are probably rats!.. Biiig swamp rats!!!
If it wasn’t an issue in Utopia Now, I can’t quite buy that it is now! [unless he went to Istanbul sometime between Utopia Now and Flight to Freedom?! whahaaha!]

I mean I enjoy the gags here.. and Lee revealing a little of his less heroic, more human, vulnerable side to Amanda- this is awesome.. but it seems random to me. I do think Lee is telling the truth here.. I just blame the writing! I do love this whole scene though, so I’ll just try and move on from that!

Anyway, Amanda isn’t hanging around to chat about Rats.. she lays back down and covers herself again..
FTF.avi_001507474Amanda: Good night!
Lee: Good night.
Looks like Lee is planning on trying to sleep now.. me confused!!  I thought he was first watch?!!
This scene isn’t over.. so hang in there! back with more soon!!! Smile Anything you’d like to share about it so far? byeee!

10/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s night time now.. What a long day it’s been.. switching in and out of outfits has been terribly exhausting for our fave couple.. 3 times in one day! Winking smile
The yacht is moored and the sun has set..

We cut to inside of the yacht where both Lee and Amanda are having a glass of wine.
Oh my!!! there are CANDLES!!!! you know what candles are code for in SMK!! Winking smile Romance baby!
So ahhh does the Mata Hari II not have lights?! I can see one.. but me thinks they chose to use candles.. and they know this is special.. and they are just enjoying, comfortable with each other and their slow pace.. maybe the table between them puts to rest any wondering about them gettin physical!
Who would have thought we’d see them enjoying an evening by candlelight anytime soon??!! I’m amazed!!!

Too cute how they are so in sync – both drinking their wine at the same time, stopping at the same time..
Lee: You know, I figured on the off-chance that we might get stuck, and – well, I wanted to make it as pleasant as it could possibly be.
Love how Lee is so casual in saying this.. IMHO he is putting Amanda and maybe himself at ease about all this – because it could be a little scary. what do you guys think?
I love that this little meal here shows such forethought on Lee’s part. It hints that he was in fact looking forward to spending time with Amanda, and wanted to make it special.. he went out of his way to make the evening ‘pleasant as possible’ – Lee is being very considerate of Amanda these days huh!
Best of all, to me it screams that Lee is now actually starting to woo Amanda Smile
FTF.avi_001417617He tries to sound casual but there’s no hiding he thought ahead.. and what that means Smile No cover story to hide behind.. or excuse.. I love it!
I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this Smile
Not wanting to ruin the moment or anything. but umm you know Lee, I saw you arrive on the boat with nothing (except Amanda’s life jacket) When did you bring this stuff?? You and Amanda arrived together?! Must be the romance pixies.. [think I care about this plot hole? not really! Smile ]

Amanda: Well, you did, thank you.
FTF.avi_001419753Amanda responds as she pops a last mouthful of cheese? in her mouth..
Again, understated.. casual.. and lets Lee know she’s enjoyed it and she’s thankful.. everything is so relaxed.. but special..
I love how when Amanda thanks Lee and confirms she enjoyed it – Lee can’t help but give a big smile – we just see it as he takes another sip of wine.
Lee enjoys knowing that he pleased Amanda Smile Oh my.. this man just keeps getting more and more attractive.. when I keep thinking he can’t possibly be anymore attractive! What a gorgeous quality – it’s no wonder Amanda falls for him Smile 

The phone rings! gah! there’s a world outside this boat? Oh yeah!!!!
Love how Lee gives Amanda a look.. like do I have to answer it?
FTF.avi_001424724oh man..
then he picks up the phone and is not impressed at the interruption..
Lee: Ohhhhh!!!
FTF.avi_001428028He raises the aerial on the phone.. he frowns at Amanda – he’s not happy at this interruption. It better be good!!!

Billy: (off camera) Scarecrow, I haven’t heard from you. Any activity on the Sea Chance?
FTF.avi_001432032[Sea Chance? what’s a Sea Chance?! ]
Oh yeah! work! we’re here to work!
Lee: Uh, yeah, Billy.
FTF.avi_001434434Billy: Well, it’s getting late. What about Mr and Mrs Cummings?!
FTF.avi_001437370Lee looks at his watch..
Lee: We put them to bed about 10:30
Billy: Alright, let me know if you spot Stoller.
As Billy says this, Lee motions to Amanda – look at my watch!
FTF.avi_001437771Look at the time!!! lol.. We’re in a time warp!! or .. may watch is broken!
FTF.avi_001438071Lee seems shocked at how much time has gone by Smile
time stands still huh Lee?! Nah.. logical Lee thinks there’s a problem with his watch!! Winking smile
We see Amanda look concerned and.. she checks her own watch.. FTF.avi_001439105can’t believe it either huh Amanda!!!! Smile
Amanda looks at Lee and motions that yeah his watch was right!
Lee: Yeah. Yeah, will do.
Billy: I’ll check back with you.
Lee: OK, bye.
Lee hangs up.. and puts the phone down.. Amanda re-corks the wine.. it’s clear the night needs to come to an end!
Lee: It’s 12:45, I didn’t realize it was so late. [too cute that he says this!!]
Amanda (at same time):
We better get some sleep.
Sorry guys.. I’m going to stop here for the moment.. back with more of this scene soon! Short and sweet is my new motto! Smile Isn’t this scene adorable?! I can’t wait to hear what you all make of it.. err so far! do any of you remember seeing this scene for the first time?
Okay byee for now!!