17/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff being held captive.
Amanda: All right now, when Dr. Zernoff blows the whistle, the guard will come in….
…I’ll kick the gun out of his hand, and Mother? You pick it up , ok?
Dotty: You think this is gonna work? I mean, this is not the movies. [Or on TV shows! Winking smile ]
Mother, we have to try something.
Dorothea we are fighting for our lives here.
I know that Andrei, but one of us could get hurt. I mean, Amanda, none of this have ever done this before.
[Oh my!!! this is just dripping with irony isn’t it??!!! How tempting it must be for Amanda to suggest that she’s done this before! Maybe just once Winking smile ]
Amanda: The secret here is teamwork. Right?
Dotty: Ok.
Amanda: OK lets give it a try.
I think this is a very sweet moment here between Dotty and Amanda.. they are all being very brave- and the way Amanda stares determined into her mother’s eyes while holding both her hands really helps Dotty to focus and gather her courage – don’t focus on how you haven’t done this before. Focus on the plan!
Phew.. I’m feeling the suspense here!.. Here goes!!
They move into their positions without another word.
Amanda signals Zernoff and he blows the whistle.
The  door opens, Amanda kicks the gun from the guard’s hand.
Dotty doesn’t do her job and pick it up!! doh!!!
The guard picks it up and aims it at Amanda and Zernoff.
But wait!! What’s this I see behind him??!!!!
Whooooo hooooooo!!!!
Dotty hits guard from behind with a chair and knocks him out!
Love her reaction it’s like she’s thinking– ‘ohhh my gosh! I can’t believe I did that!!’
She didn’t follow the plan- but.. she came through in the end!
Okay, so what’s with the kooky clown music!
Ummm does this work for you?
For me, I found it clunky, I’m full of suspense at such a serious moment – and they give us clown music??!! IMHO there was a real risk of danger here with not knowing how Dotty would cope – the clown music doesn’t work for me! but.. I’ll move on..
Amanda closes the door as she says:
Oh good work Mother!
Dotty: Oh dear! I think I really hurt him.
(Amanda sticks her head out to check the hallway)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_192444. 54
Amanda picks up the guard’s gun and whispers: All right, come on.
(She grabs her mother by the jacket. lol leave the guard as he is Dotty!)
Oh! (she whispers to Zernoff) Come on.
[Zernoff puts the whistle in his pocket I think?]
They sneak down the hallway, Amanda leading the way with the gun drawn. They meet North. [I loathe him.. but.. he’s so bland! maybe the point is that he is so bland the agency may not realise he’s bad.. he’s really really bad! Winking smile ] Oh hey, this means if Lee had continued to watch North’s place he would have been led straight to Amanda!
North: Mrs. King? You won’t be needing that.SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_193134.560
Kurtz sneaks up behind them..
While Amanda isn’t believing nice harmless Mr North..
Kurtz: (From behind): Would you mind giving Mr. North the gun?  [Nah.. give him a bullet Amanda!! ;) ]
uh oh.. Amanda does as she’s told and hands it over to North, who them aims the gun back at her.. what a guy! ugh..
Zernoff steps forward toward Kurtz and North.
Zernoff: All right. I tell you what you want to know, but you must not treat these ladies in such a-
Awh bless him!
Kurtz suddenly lashes out and punches Zernoff
Kurtz: I should have wrapped this up an hour ago.
Outside, an agency car zooms over the bump to get into the car park. LOL!
I think Lee may have hit his head!! haaa..
Is this a tribute to the dukes of hazzard? okay.. a mini tribute? Winking smile and why not the corvette? Oh I see.. three people in the car. hmm.
Plenty of squealing tyres.. everyone gets out of their cars..
Billy: There’s our Marshmallow Man.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_194555. 55
[Lol who cares about Mr Marshmallow who is now Marshmallow man??!!! Amanda’s car is right in front of them!! rofl!]
  …I’ll cover the back.
LOL ‘I’ Billy? Teamwork!!!
Billy doesn’t cover the back without his army! Lee and Francine head for the front door, while Billy and the other five agents [whoo hooo!!! there’s a woman agent in there!!!] all head for the back! Three cars? they’ve pulled out all the stops!

Back inside, Lawrence rushes up to North, me thinks he is having kittens!
Lawrence: (to North) Three unmarked cars just pulled up outside.
Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff listen with interest. LOL.. umm Zernoff seems to be up the back again.. almost like he was never hit.
North: Get them out of sight.
Kurtz: Come on! Come on.
Kurtz and Lawrence push them down the hallway and we cut back to Lee and Francine at the door..
It’s locked, I’ll have to blow it open.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_195412. 97
Lee steps back and begins to aim at the door to shoot at it. when the door suddenly opens to reveal North. Trying to act very casual. Like ohh I didn’t know you were there!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_195413. 97
North: Ohhhh Mr. Stetson!!!…
[rofl! how camp does he sound at that moment! hilariously high pitched! finally.. he starts to get more interesting!!! But.. will Lee and Francine fall for it?]
… For heaven’s sake I was just going to call you. I found something very unusual. Come in!
North smiles and waves them in.
Lee looks back at Francine a little confused and no longer holding his gun at the ready.. they head inside.
The vibe I get is that Lee doesn’t suspect North, which means he wasn’t poking him with a stick when he was speculating earlier..
Francine has her gun hidden down behind her handbag though…

Zernoff: I failed, I should have attacked them.
Dotty: Andrei Andrei, you did the best you could…
Amanda: Shhh
(Amanda is listening at the door)
[She hasn’t given up hope.. she’s still on the case, and given she knows Lee is nearby she’s probably on high alert! A rescue is close!!]
Dotty: I am so sorry I got you into this. But you have been very cool under fire.
I love how Dotty says this.. she’s so matter of fact. I think she too is being very cool under fire all things considered!
How interesting that in spite of everything that’s going on- Dotty has noticed how cool Amanda is Smile
Amanda doesn’t seem to respond or maybe even hear her, she’s so intent on listening for what’s going on..
Okay guys I better pause here for a moment.. as always – when I hear from you it makes my day!! I hope it makes your day to write and say hi and share what you think too!! Smile
Hope you are all well and bye for now..

16/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda is reunited with her mother and Zernoff.
Amanda: Mother!
Dotty: Amanda!
Amanda: Are you all right? Oh Mother!
Dotty: How did you find us?
Amanda: Well the Mr Marshmallow sign’s right next door.
You called the police?
Amanda: Not exactly.
What do you mean Not Exactly???
[LOL.. there it is again – not exactly!]
Amanda: Well, I did call the authorities,..
[Love it! Amanda doesn’t lie here.. she didn’t call the police, she did call the authorities.. the agency!]
…but look I didn’t even know where I was going until I-
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_180100. 88(Amanda pauses to listen to a whirring sound)
What’s that?
Zernoff: Ah, they are taking down the walls of this place….
(At hearing this, without a word Amanda walks over to the other side of the room while Zernoff and Dotty continue talking)
…It is not all what it seems.
Dotty: It’s a hoax Amanda, the whole thing’s a hoax. The police car, the debriefing centre-
Zernoff: All because of me, They want the information I gave to your government.
(Dotty and Zernoff watch Amanda.. they seem to be a little unsure of how she’s taking this!)
(We cut to Amanda who is frantically checking out a mirror on the other side of the room. )
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_180648. 83
Amanda:  Hmmmm
We cut back to Dotty and Zernoff.. [now even more concerned at Amanda’s bizarre behaviour.. lol!! too funny!]
LOL!!! Dotty and Zernoff share a look..
[Hilarious!! to us Amanda is trying to scope the place and figure out what to do.. To Dotty and Zernoff, Amanda is losing the plot!]
Dotty (to Zernoff quietly):
I uh,…
…I think she’s overwhelmed.

We cut back to Amanda who is not paying any attention to them at all haaaa..
Amanda turns and dumps the contents of her purse on the table and without looking at them she says:
We have to get out of here.
Cutting back to Dotty and Zernoff.. they are completely baffled at her behaviour. [I think they think Amanda is psychotic here in response to this scary situation!]
Amanda finds something green in her bag.. a green string or  rope? [I’m not sure what is yet.. I’ll stay tuned!] SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_181901.101
Dotty and Zernoff are watching Amanda intensely.

We cut to outside, where workers are taking down the walls.
The baddies are watching them at their work..

Kurtz: They’ll be finished in about an hour or so.
[come on Leeeeeee!!! You’ve got an hour or less before the freezer activates I mean before the baddies kill everyone!]
Lawrence: We can’t risk being seen leaving here with Zernoff and the woman. [Um there are two women there now no? you guys forgotten about Amanda already?!]
Kurtz: Luckily, Aero North leads the defence industry in the application of exotic toxins…
[I soooo couldn’t make out what Kurtz was saying here!!! thanks soooooo much to Karyn for transcribing this episode!!!!]
(Kurtz holds up one of those weird darts he was using earlier)
(He tosses it to Lawrence – who catches it looking a bit terrified)
…Don’t stick yourself!… [Oh do! please do!]
……It’s poison, it leaves no trace…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_182701.446[I think Kurtz is messing with Lawrence’s head here.. ahhhh one baddie being nasty to another? I have no sympathy for Lawrence!]
…Dump the bodies in Maryland and let the cops scratch their heads.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_182935.525(Kurtz holds his hand out to Lawrence for him to give him back the dart)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_183315.083[ lol.. shame Lawrence didn’t stick him with it!]
(Lawrence hands it back very carefully.. and Kurtz has a chuckle to himself)
[It’s almost like this is a little power play here.. Kurtz is the dominant and Lawrence is the submissive.. and he’s just been reminded of that.. i. e. when it comes to violence, Lawrence is probably a bit of a wimp. -Amanda can take him!!!! – keep in mind please, I have not watched ahead and have no idea what happens so if I sound silly that’s why ha! Smile]

Cut to the Agency.. Lee has just arrived at Billy’s office and is filling him in on where things are up to.
Lee: I spent half the night staked out a North’s place…nothing…
[rofl!!! that’s hilarious!!! In the last scene with Amanda, Leee said he wanted to stake out Lawrence’s place because “he’s the key to this”! You forget that scarecrow?!]Oopsie..]
…So I went to pick up Amanda, she was gone so I figured she came here.
Billy: You don’t suppose she went out to look for them on her own?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_183830. 90
Lee: Nah, she knows better than that-

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_183831.692(Lee stops short thinking to himself)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_183957.  3
Damn, I hope she didn’t!…
….With her luck she’d probably find them!

Good call!!!! Ahhh SMK this is genius! I love it when SMK has a laugh at itself Smile It deserves it Winking smile tee hee..
Such an understated little moment.. but huge for fans who know the show well huh!!!

There’s a knock at the door..
Billy: Come in.
We see Francine in THAT sweater enter, followed by the message taking agent..

introduces her: Officer Harmon….
[Harmon?? is that a pun?? cos she was ‘Harmon’ the chance of rescue for Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff??!! And why is she ‘officer’ she has an agency ID.. do Military get agency ID’s? and if she’s military why is she not in uniform?! ]
(to Harmon) …Go ahead, tell them.
Harmon: Well a message came in for Mr. Stetson early this morning from Amanda?
Lee: Why didn’t you tell me??
Well, I am. It wasn’t a priority.
‘Amanda’ is a clearance code all its own…1love eyesSCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_184759.258
thuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticonthuddy emoticon
[I’m sorry.. where was I? feeling very light headed here]
…Any more calls like this you handle Priority One understood?
[Pha! I’m surprised Lee lets her continue to answer phones! she’s a menace to Amanda! get her out of here! rofl.. I’m kidding!! Winking smile But.. I am wondering where Jill has gone, it’s been a while.. she never would have done that to Amanda! Smile ]
[I like to watch this dialogue of Lee’s being delivered three times.. once watching Lee.. once watching Francine and once watching Billy!]
Billy seems to have a bit of a ‘Hmm! this is very interesting!!!’ kind of reaction to this line of Lee’s.. While Francine looks at Billy with a bit of an ‘ugh’ attitude..
I’m not sure if this is – ‘Amanda is priority 1? Ugh!!’
or.. ‘I can’t believe she didn’t pass on this message Ugh!!’
I use to think the former, but now I lean toward the latter – because Francine had already identified that Lee would really really want this information.. and that this was a mistake.. What do you think?
Then again, maybe her ugh is in reaction to Billy’s taking note and enjoying this little moment of declaration from Lee here..
Yeah.. I think that can work..
Umm what do you guys think?
Harmon: Yes Sir.
Harmon is suitably chastened at not knowing of the existence of the word which equals priority one: ‘Amanda’!
[I’d like to say ‘no Harmon done’ Harmon.. but that may not be true!!]
Harmon exits.. and Lee hands Billy the message.
Billy: Mr. Marshmallow.
Francine: I don’t know about that part but in reference to the warehouse I know that Aero North has a warehouse in Alexandria. They store old equipment there.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_190235.252[I think it says something that Francine has already looked into this.. she knew if it was Amanda, to look into it – no matter how ridiculous the message – that’s interesting!!! why do you think that is?]
Oh my.. intense Lee.. hands on his hips.. wearing jeans..swoon emoticon
I’m sorry was someone just saying something??!!!!
swoon emoticon
swoon emoticonHang on… I think Billy said something blah blah rah rah..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150802_190431. 35
head slap emoticon I’ll rewind it..
Oh yeah, Billy said:
  And if I’m not mistaken the North-eastern Candy Company makes Mr. Marshmallow in Alexandria!…
[Billy knows this?!]
…Let’s go!
They all head for the door in a hurry.. on to Alexandria!

I best pause here for the moment everyone – can’t wait to hear from ya!!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading..byeee for now!

15/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning we see the  view of the Mr. Marshmallow billboard in an industrial park,
and pan down to the “debriefing centre”.
Inside, we find Dotty walking down the hallway saying to herself: I do not believe what time it is! I’ve got to find a telephone….
She stops talking when she overhears Lawrence in the distance.. and she sneaks closer to have a better listen- whoo hooo! goooo Dotty!
(off screen): They’re getting close. A couple of agents were over questioning North….
[Yep, brilliant idea to go question North and tell him they are on to him.. when Dotty is in danger! ugh.. but… love that Amanda is being called an agent! :) ]
(We see Lawrence is talking in another room with the door open.)
…We never should have gone ahead with Zernoff in the first place. (Dotty is listening around the corner)
Kurtz: We’ll have everything out of here by 10 o clock. Nobody can possibly find this place or trace the operation to us…
[Ummm Stanislov can!]
(We cut to Dotty as the men continue to talk and she listens in..)
What about Zernoff and the woman?
Well, of course we have no choice…We’ll have to get rid of them.
I find Dotty’s reactions here as she listens fascinating.. I’ve tried to include her reactions as the dialogue unfolds here because it says a lot- This (above) is what Dotty looks like when she overhears someone saying they are going to kill her? she amazes me! And.. I’m left with the impression I have completely underestimated her! Hmm.. now who else does that sound like??!!!
Dotty doesn’t panic.. she keeps her cool. she keeps quiet! [And for Dotty???!!!! that’s saying something!!!!!] I’m impressed!
Dotty sneaks quickly back down the hallway, minding her heels don’t give her away [good thing she didn’t get those bells put on them like Amanda suggested back in wizard! Winking smile ]
Dotty sneaks toward the desk where the guard is asleep and slowly lifts the telephone off the desk,
she creeps around the corner (being careful with the cord). slowly, carefully, she lets out the breath she had been holding and dials a number..
[It’s so much easier these days.. no cords!
Interesting, earlier Lawrence had told Dotty there were no outside lines – I think this shows Dotty doesn’t believe a word he’s said now- and that she’s using her head and questioning everything.  No panic in sight.. Dotty is a pro!!!]
We cut to the phone ringing at the King house- Amanda runs to the phone.
Amanda: Hello?
Dotty: Amanda
Amanda: Mother! Where are you? Are you all right?
(very quietly): I don’t know where we are. But I do know that there are some men here who are trying to kill us.
(calmly): All right Mother, tell me where you are?!
Dotty thinks..: Um ..there are a lot of warehouses,…
…and um, the sign over this one says, um, Debriefing Centre. Oh!,…
…and I saw the Marshmallow Man…..AH-
(she gets cut off)

[Love Dotty’s smile at remembering marshmallow man- it’s like: Yippee I remembered the marshmallow man, but she has forgotten she is being held hostage and about to be killed! ha!!]
A hand reaches in off screen and removes the receiver from Dotty’s hand.
poor Dotty.. she looks scared when the hand appears.. she’s now remembered the bad bit too.. oh yeah.. they’re gonna kill me!
This is probably totally inappropriate.. but take this next image out of context and it would be a FABULOUS pic to create some memes!!!!!
Amanda: Mother! Mo-
(phone goes dead with an audible click) did I say dead? nothing is dead! no no it went silent.. no death around here at all!! Dotty’s gonna be okay!!!
(Amanda puts down the phone with a sigh and thinks to herself..)
Before we move on – I’ll just quickly add that this conversation is very informative for both women. I imagine that when they look back on this call there will be great food for thought!!!
Why? firstly, Dotty is telling Amanda that she is going to be killed and Dotty keeps her cool!
That’s got to be a revelation to Amanda.. how brave her mum is..
Secondly, Dotty tells Amanda that they are going to kill her and Amanda is calm as anything!!!! Gee it’s almost like she’s been in life and death situations before.. Amanda is not only calm, she’s on the job – and doesn’t get carried away with emotions that her mum is in danger.. she uses her brain!
Final food for thought? Dotty’s life is in danger and she calls Amanda – not the police, Amanda! I like to think that deep down, Dotty suspects Amanda is going to be able to help somehow here.. by calling the cops for her? hmm maybe.. but I like to think that deep down Dotty suspects her daughter may have ways to help here (though I think she can’t really consciously comprehend the truth) –maybe Amanda can help with someone she knows? I mean Amanda was charged with murder and managed to get out of that.. Then, Amanda was involved somehow when Joe was in so much trouble.. Amanda kept her head there too.. Gee yes maybe Amanda will know best what to do! lol..
Unconsciously, in this little moment, I like to think Dotty is acknowledging a slowly dawning truth – that her daughter is able to help here.. and I find it interesting!
Hey, it could be that she just wanted to call Amanda so Amanda could call the cops. but Dotty could have done that couldn’t she? If she said she was being held hostage the police would have had to act on it no?
then again, maybe right now Dotty doesn’t trust herself to reach the real police given these fake police are right there!!! lol.. but.. I still prefer to think Dotty acted on instincts here.. and they were right about her daughter Smile 

Anyway.. getting back to Amanda pondering Dotty’s clues..
Amanda thinks out loud: … Marshmallow Man…
(Amanda realises where Dotty is!)
She grabs the phone and begins to dial.
At the agency, a phone is ringing in the bullpen.
An unknown agent answers.
Agent: International Federal Film….(she listens)… Mr. Marshmallow?
(She notes down the message)
…Yes Ma’am. Lee Stetson? I’ve got it…
shakes her head while hanging up)
It’s gotta be a crank.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150729_155704. 72
drat.. can’t read her name badge.. but it gives me the cranks that she gets an id card and the crank err Amanda still doesn’t!

If Amanda had called Lee ‘Scarecrow’ would it have been a crank?  And why is it any other time she has called since the start of this show Amanda has been able to dial Billy directly in one way or another? rofl.. on this show, the longer Amanda is with IFF it seems to get harder for her to talk to someone.. change for the phone, clearance codes, and now being a crank! lol!! And we all know Francine is usually the one to do everything at IFF, why didn’t she answer? ahhhh there must be a plot reason ;) lol..
Oi! IFF!!!! Fix Amanda’s ID badge.. and.. give her a clearance code will ya!

By the way, it was so decent of Dotty to get herself kidnapped when the boys were away on a sleep over!! ;) haaa..

Amanda pulls up out the front of the debriefing center. Of all the buildings around, she picks the right one!
She gets out and sees the Mr. Marshmallow sign.
Oh I see, as Amanda enters the building, you can actually see a ‘debriefing centre’ sign on the front door..
She opens a door and is surprised..
Lawrence: Mrs. King? You’re alone I see.
smug bastards
[sorry couldn’t resist!]1baddie speaks
… Your mother’s expecting you.
[Oh that soooo should have had an evil laugh after it!]
How does Lawrence know Dotty’s daughter by sight? and by last name that is different to Dotty’s? Hmm..
Amanda looks suitably worried..
Now Amanda what was with the whole lets open the door and not be careful??!! she knows there are people there who want to kill Dotty and Zernoff.. so probably armed.. ??
She did the same thing in FFFT- when she rushed into that room and straight into Wimpy Barry and Nasty Carla- when is Amanda going to learn to enter rooms carefully??!!

Oh well.. at least she was wise and called IFF and left a crazy message with a random agent.. Amanda will be fine Smile 

At least her car is parked out the front.. Lee should spot it a mile away.. But if Lee comes.. will he finally meet Dotty???!!! I can imagine when this aired on TV there would have been lots of suspense about this!!!
Okay all- I’ll need to stop here for the moment.. this is getting to be a massive post. You know usually this part of the plot is a bit meh.. when the action revs up and the baddies start busting people or whatever, but this ep I’m totally into what’s going on.. and I love all that it reveals about Dotty, and reveals to Dotty about Amanda! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts everyone!!!! Byee for now Smile