18/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Joe have got to talk..
We see  the exterior of a large building.
Have we seen this one before? anyone?
We then see Lee looking around for Joe and Amanda and so far not having much luck..
We find Joe and Amanda scurrying into the library- well Joe is scurrying and kinda pushing Amanda along for the ride.
What do you make of the way Joe handles Amanda here?
I find it very controlling –but then, I guess he sees Amanda as a housewife and the grumpiest man she knows is the milkman Winking smile Joe is in for a shock! Smile
Amanda: Joe, wait a minute. You gotta stop running, it’s not safe.

[help me.. why is it ‘not safe’ Amanda doesn’t know they are in danger yet?]
’it’s not safe’ is still ringing in my ears and we TWWH.avi_001778878see the terminator’s shiny shoes approaching –  think there’s a shot in the Terminator like this too..
I can’t. Somebody needs a fall guy and I’m afraid it’s me. Amanda I told you it was way too dangerous for you to try to see me.

Amanda: Oh J—
TWWH.avi_001785485(Amanda stops short the second she hears the cocking sound of a gun)
[.. go Amanda! you legend you!! Winking smile Watch and learn Joe- Amanda is no longer just a housewife!]
Ohhh rofl!!! so this is where KC found the picture of the filing cabinet shooting!!!
whahahaha.. [where is that meme, gosh.. anyone got time to search for the link? me no Sad smile] Anyway, we see a terminator arm reach around TWWH.avi_001786986the side of a filing cabinet and shoot his gun at Amanda and Joe. Amanda shoves Joe down to take cover..
By the way- this is a magic terminator gun.. we hear one gunshot – we see two bullet holes!
We see Lee outside immediately react to the gunshot. He looks up, his gun ready.. and he takes off toward the noise. Hurry Lee!!
We see Amanda and Joe moving quietly around the library..
We see another shot..
This time Amanda and Joe are moving between the book shelves…
We see Lee turn toward the noise outside- ta da!!! the Georgetown university Research Library.. what a non descript entrance.. Hmm this must be the staff entrance ahem.
The terminator walks to a different part of the library.
We see Amanda and Joe still hiding between the books.
…He’s moving.
Amanda motions to Joe to move to a different spot.
We see Lee arrive, carefully entering the library gun drawn.
Whooo he’s looking good!!! Smile
ahem.. focus iwsod!
Lots of Amanda and Joe moving, the Terminator Prescott moving.. and Lee moving..
gee.. which one do we want to see a picture of??!!! did I guess right?! Smile
Back to Amanda and Joe.. still crouched and trying to avoid detection. They pause a moment, and Amanda seems to give her okay to moving..
Could this be Amanda now taking the lead?? Whereas when they entered the library Joe was running the show?! Very interesting!
In a wide shot, Lee comes across the terminator.. but there’s a crouching innocent bystander..
(man.. the consequences of not returning your books on time at this library are brutal!)
Lee to crouching lady:   Get outta here…
(Love how she suddenly just flings the books)
However, when she flings the books it gets the terminator’s attention.. so he does a groovy roll and then takes a shot at Lee and runs out of the library.
Lee runs after him, but can’t get a shot..
Prescott the terminator gets away to fight another day (Hmm let me guess – He’ll be back!!  Winking smile )
Lee immediately looks very worried..
He looks around.. searching for Amanda.. (okay and maybe Joe Winking smile  )
Lee calls out: Amanda!
Amanda pops up from behind the counter: Here!
ROFL Amanda scares the daylights out of Lee! Smile
Lee: Come on…
Hey.. do you think that little sign there saying ‘History’ is deliberate?
history and future
(Lee helps Amanda over the counter.)
I like to think Lee wants to touch her asap to feel better about the close call there! Smile
(to Joe): … you too… there’ll be people crawling all over this place soon. Let’s go.
LOL umm is there no other way out of there? I can just picture librarians getting in and out that way Winking smile whahahaa. okay they were in a hurry I guess! but the idea of librarians doing this cracked me up!
I notice that Lee doesn’t let go of Amanda until they are truly running out the door Smile
Joe? He can get himself over the counter – haa.

Amanda: Joe, could you get my purse?

rofl.. the magical purse! don’t worry Amanda – it will find it’s own way back to you!! Smile
The scene ends there.. with the three of them rushing out of the library..
Okay I need to finish up here..
What do you make of all this?
What must Joe make of all this? who is this man that Amanda seems to know? who calls Amanda by her first name, who carries a gun, and who touches her so easily?!
And how did Amanda manage to avoid the gunshots?? and how did she know they were in danger and to take cover?? Joe must be absolutely full of questions now!!

17/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Lee watching Amanda leave to follow Joe.
Lee stands up to follow them…Calamity!!
Yo Lee!!
Uh oh.. Shamba has found Dooley’s!!! and.. he’s spotted Lee! eek!!!! It certainly increases the suspense here!!!
Shamba: Hello.
Lee: Inspector, what are you doing here?
Shamba: Police work.
Lee: Ahh.
Shamba: One of the students at the house said that they saw Joe here last night, so – er –…
…we’ll wait here until he comes.
[Gee why didn’t Lee and Amanda think of that! Smile Guess Shamba isn’t as dumb as he pretends to be]
Lee gives a nonchalant nod..
Lee: Hmm.
Shamba: And why are you here?
Well.. thirsty!…

[haaaa good one! Quick Lee.. you might loose Amanda and Joe!]
…Uh, look, why don’t you wait for me right here at the bar….
(Lee directs Shamba to the booth he just left, for Shamba to sit on Amanda’s purse? ;) )
… I’ll be right back, and have yourself a beer, huh? Good…
Shamba goes to sit at the booth.. not sure of Lee at all.. Hmm can’t see if Amanda’s purse was still there! drat!
(Lee approaches the bar..)
…Hey, Dooley. Listen my friend over there…
TWWH.avi_001674674(Lee points at Shamba)
[for a guy who actually gets a name, we don’t get a very good look at Dooley!]
…wants to pick up the tab,…
(Much louder now):
…in fact he wants to buy a round for the whole bar!…What a guy!
[whooo ‘what a guy’ is that shades of Hart to Hart?! or Lester the duck?!]
Everyone in Dooley’s thinks Shamba is an alright dude! they crowd him and share their thanks..
TWWH.avi_001685185[Dooley…lol.. I guess it had to be.. Ned at Nedlindger’s.. Dooley at Dooley’s.. and at Monks there was… Monk?! I guess it wasn’t ‘Monk’s’ so maybe not.. lol..]

Lee sneaks out while Shamba is distracted..
Looks like Dooley’s is grammatically correct! Smile
Outside he finds no sign of Amanda or Joe.. Uh oh!!!
Gosh you’d think Amanda would have left some kind of a trail for Lee to follow but no.. she doesn’t.. maybe she didn’t know she needed it at first… it  leaves open the question – maybe.. was Amanda doing to Lee what Lee was doing to Shamba?? Does Amanda want Joe alone so they can talk before Lee gets involved??

We find Joe heading down an alley way- Queue the sad/wistful/bittersweet music.. which I can only guess is the Joe/ Amanda theme!
Joe stops halfway and hides, Amanda walks down the alley and past Joe not seeing him.
[Do you think the writers were wanting us to feel a little suspense here that Joe may harm Amanda? Hmm.. or I guess it could be suspense that Joe may evade Amanda.. thoughts?]
Well I’m in suspense!! Just what will Amanda’s purse do next?!!! It seems to have an automatically return to Amanda homing device inserted..Or maybe Amanda bought one while she followed Joe… an identical one.. ahem!

Joe comes out from hiding, and follows Amanda around the corner – revealing himself to her.

Amanda’s immediate reaction is a smile.. TWWH.avi_001728728
Joe: Oh Amanda.
[I’m not thrilled to see them hugging!! lol.. I’m trying to reserve judgement about Joe till I’ve seen this episode’s events in completion, he seems to be a ‘good guy’ but(!!) he left his wife and two kids because he ‘had something to give’?!
So far, this character is not meshing for me! The possibility that Amanda could still have feelings for him makes me like him even less at this point – ha! ]
Amanda: Oh, I’ve been so worried about you. Everybody’s worried about you.

Joe: Everybody?
TWWH.avi_001737137[why does Joe ask that?? Is he wondering if there is  a new significant other in Amanda’s life?]
Amanda: Well, yah, me and mother and Mr Prescott at EAO…
…You look kinda tired.
Joe: Yeah.

Amanda: Would you like to come back to the house?
[I gotta say, with Joe in trouble this feels like a silly thing to suggest – why bring the boys into it? but then, I guess at this stage there is no known danger as far as Amanda can see]
Joe: I can’t. I daresn’t take that chance. But we have to talk – not here.
TWWH.avi_001749449[I think he says ‘daresn’t’ as opposed to what Kiwismh heard ‘daren’t’ – what do you all think? It sounds flippin ridiculous either way.
He may as well have done a Boromir Meme: Amanda, One does not simply come back to the house!
(something about the fumes being a poison haaaa)
-This is for you KC! Smile ]
Joe and Amanda leave to go somewhere else..and heading sneakily down the alley way is
Prescott.. still on their trail! gah!!
He will not stop until you are dead!!

Sooo I shall stop here for the moment.. what do you all make of our first chance to see Joe and Amanda alone?
A smile and a hug?? So flippin welcoming! this is not animosity!! This is not a vibe of he deserted his family!! What do you all make of it??
All views very welcome!! Smile
Anything else you’d like to share about this part? I love all the possibilities Joe’s arrival brings.. but.. can’t say I love him being around! haa!!!
Byeee for now!

16/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before we continue.. a quick mention of how the script had a slightly different in the conversation between Lee and Amanda.. Thanks for sharing this with us kiwismh! ________________________________

Kiwismh’s script notes: At Dooleys, where Lee and Amanda hope to catch Joe.
Lee-You wanted to be a housewife.
Amanda-I wanted a home. It was like a separation for two years, and we finally said, “This isn’t working.” Life’s turned out okay.

Any thoughts on this guys? Which do you prefer? why?

On with the episode..
Amanda suddenly notices Joe arriving.
Lee looks up and see’s Joe arrive too- This is our first wide shot since ‘okay isn’t good enough’ – do you think they are holding hands here behind that beer jug? I’m thinking not.
Lee looks worried as he tries to instruct Amanda..
So.. this was Lee’s first look at Joe.
How interesting.. and.. Amanda’s first look at Joe after what I can only assume is 3 yrs minimum?? Maybe 5?
Lee continues:
Alright, I want you to get his attention…
…while I come around by his blindside.

[I’ve gotta laugh.. umm maybe you guys should have had this conversation before he showed up??!! lol!! but I also notice that this is Lee thinking of using Amanda to distract the ‘baddie’ as a tactic again Smile Just like he did in Vigilante mothers no? ]
Amanda (gently): No, no, no, no—

Amanda: He doesn’t know you. You’ve got to let me talk to him first. He’s bound to be nervous… [Hmm gee so maybe you two should not have been sitting together waiting for Joe?! good thing Joe doesn’t see them first!]
…You watch, and I’ll give you a signal, alright? TWWH.avi_001627327
[We cut to a wide shot, Amanda is leaning toward Lee, pleading with him to listen to her – and.. IMHO Amanda has reached for Lee’s hand there behind the beer jug.
Lee seems to freeze here.. other than his thumb- which seems to reach for Amanda’s hand in his..
Lee lets Amanda make the decision – it would have been easy for Lee to become angry and bossy here (old Lee might have.. but here Lee lets Amanda call the shots). why does Lee freeze like this?? everyone??
Maybe seeing Joe in the flesh Lee needs a moment to collect himself..? Is it that he has to watch Amanda approach Joe without him? Is it that his feelings for Amanda and the whole situation are challenging Lee? do tell- what do you think?!!]
Amanda continues: Now come on, don’t scare him off.
Without waiting for Lee to respond- Amanda finishes what she is saying and immediately moves to go meet Joe.
Watch Lee here! Oh my… he still seems frozen
except for his thumb on his left hand..
it seems to be caressing the part of his hand which held Amanda’s just a second earlier.
Whoa.. for me this has an air of Lee experiencing loss here- is it just me?
[looks like Amanda left her purse on the chair?! ]
Lee watches Amanda approach Joe.
In this moment – I think Lee is struggling to come to terms with his fears, what they are and their strength. why? I think it’s because he cares about Amanda and wants the best for her- and he is putting her needs first during this really serious situation.
I also think it’s possible Lee is wondering now if Amanda still has feelings for Joe- especially after the way she just explained the divorce in a way which was extremely (IMHO) gracious toward Joe. Also, Lee knows Amanda wanted her family together – is this now an opportunity to finally get what she wanted all those years ago??!!!!!
I don’t think Lee would want to stand in the way of Amanda having her family together again, and the boys having their father back.. I think he would step back and give Amanda the freedom to have that home she wanted for her family. If that’s what Amanda wants.. Thoughts anyone? everyone?! :)

It seems to me that just like back in the Q bureau when Shamba arrived – things are still up in the air between Lee and Amanda.. what’s going to happen next? – who can tell!!!! Based on what I’ve seen so far I’m not sure where Amanda is at!

I think Lee gives himself an internal shake here.. just focus on helping Amanda and doing what’s best for her and her family– and don’t worry about yourself. If he does this, he will be happy with the outcome – whatever that may be. [though devastated to lose Amanda me thinks] This is related to how I saw Lee earlier in the Q bureau – I didn’t see him thinking of himself or motivated by his own needs  – I felt he was motivated by Amanda’s and Joe’s needs and solving the case. Lee probably had a little fear and curiosity going on- but they weren’t motivating him or dictating his actions.
Here, I still don’t see them motivating Lee – but.. I do see Lee as having a moment where it all hits him and he needs to collect himself- maybe it is a moment where a decision is made for Lee – worry about himself vs just do what’s best for Amanda..?  Thoughts everyone?

Can’t wait to hear how you guys see it! I am seeing Lee as being quite mature and selfless in this episode – this is a man who is demonstrating real love. Not the kind that fades away when you want to travel with your work and your kids and wife want a home so you say I’ll take the job and you leave. Not that kind of love – and I wonder if this contrast is part of what the writers were wanting to convey  – given the conversation Lee and Amanda just had about how love wasn’t enough for Joe and Amanda.. ( I tend to see this more as it wasn’t a true love – it was a young immature love) real love is selfless and steadfast. but hey this is just my take on things! Oh dear.. sorry I’ve rambled on!

Well, Joe sees Amanda and then turns and walks away – Amanda seems surprised by this and turns to Lee – eek!
Amanda’s worried right now.. and doesn’t need Lee to be all thinking of himself right now!
[Hey see the joke etched into what Amanda is touching?? something about what do you get when you cross a ??? and a computer?? anyone know this gag??]

So Amanda follows Joe out, and Lee gets up looking determined to follow, catch Joe and support Amanda…. but.. I’ll pause here.. and we’ll pick up again at the same spot shortly – I really can’t wait to hear what you all think!!!
Byeee for now!