Hello SMK Fans!

Welcome to my new Blog! I have decided to create my own space for revisiting, recaping and just plain enjoying my favourite show from the 1980s – Scarecrow and Mrs King.

I hope you will join me on my journey through all 88 episodes and share all your thoughts, insights, comments etc about our favourite show!

I will be posting on each episode in their original airing order. Although there is some debate amongst fans as to what the actual order of episodes should be. I will discuss this in the episode posts as this issue comes up.

It is my hope that those of you visiting my blog will feel welcome to join in on the discussion and share any and every thought you wish. The respectful expressing of differing opinions is welcomed here- encouraged even!  I know I still have lots to learn about this wonderful show. I look forward to learning from other fans; new insights and different points of view – and just plain having fun!!!

Scarecrow and Mrs King ( or SMK as we fans like to call it) is a lot of fun to revisit – a quirky show which everytime I watch offers a new surprise or two!

So please join me for the journey through all of SMK’s 88 episodes – and hopefully lots of laughs along the way!

I will try and update as regularly as I can 🙂

Oh and get ready for lots of Swooning over Lee Stetson…. I can’t help it! Especially Lee in a tux..  Lee in uniform..  Lee in jeans and oh.. well.. umm you know how it is..

Let the FUN begin!!!!

9 responses to “Hello SMK Fans!

  1. Hello!

    My apologies if this is an odd place to put this, but since it doesn’t apply to a specific episode, I thought it might work here.

    File this under “newbie” question, LOL…has anyone gone through the credits to identify where each of the clips are from? I saw you had done a bit of this for the first episode, but I have to admit that there are parts of the opening credits that I’ve looked at from time to time and gone, essentially, “blink, blink…wait…where is THAT from?” I mean, I know that I haven’t watched the episodes in years, but I think I would have remembered an ep. where Amanda is drying her kids shoes in the oven, and I have yet to find the scene with Amanda holding an umbrella and slipping in the street as Lee pulls up in a taxi. Does anyone know where these are from? What episode, or even better, what part of what episode? Or where they just used for the credits, as their original use got left on the proverbial cutting room floor?

    Mind you, I have been re-watching the episodes, and like you, iwsod, I planned to watch them in order, I even started out that way, but, well, you see…LOL, I had to first watch the ones that I liked! Which usually means a (sometimes over-long) google search to figure out just which episode I’m hunting for. “Life of the Party” I found fairly quickly, because I remembered one of the bad guys’ names was “Vic” (mind you, I was picturing the wrong bad guy from that episode, but it got me to the right episode, so no worries!), but it took several days of trying different combinations to find “The Pharoah’s Engineer” . LOL, do you have any idea how many different things you”ll get if you type in thinks like “Scarecrow and Mrs King, garage, explosion?!” At any rate, the point is, these clips may belong to episodes near the beginning of the series that I have temporarily missed, or haven’t seen since PAX ran them as reruns (around 2001 or so, I think).

    So, anyone have any ideas, or is there a list on here or elsewhere that I can reference? If no one’s made a list, I may be able to tinker and come up with one over the summer- just let me know.



    • Hi Alyssa!
      You know, I’ve thrown the idea out there a few times about doing a review of the credits.. I think it’s a fabulous idea! Especially because the credits for the first episode are different to the rest, and then they change again at the start of season 3..

      I can’t take it on right now as I’m too busy keeping up with the walk through the episodes..

      if you’d like to do up a list, I can add screen caps to it and publish it for you no problem! 🙂

      To answer your questions-
      If there are any others just ask.. someone will answer you 🙂
      -drying the kids shoes in the oven? – just filmed for the credits.
      -the slipping on the street with her groceries and Lee arriving in the taxi? – filmed for the credits!
      [would have been a cute scene though huh!]
      I think there are some fan fics out there which have given that moment a story (I haven’t read very many so I’m not the one to ask) – maybe if you head over to Nedlindger’s here:
      [bitsybeans or ‘Jenbo’ runs the Nedlindger’s forum – thanks Jenbo!]

      You can post there and ask someone to recommend some fan fics for you if you are interested and you can discuss at Neds.. most who stop by here at JWWM also stop by at Neds – it’s where everything goes that doesn’t fit into the format of this blog basically – the blog is pretty limited in what it can do.. so I’d suggest you head there for fanfic suggestions if you want them (it’s very easy to use).

      But if you want to write a post for smk credits, we can publish a topical post on that here.. whenever you are ready.. no hurry- if you are interested! 🙂 no pressure!! but I think it would be fantastic!!!

      Haaaaa love your confession!! You didn’t watch them in order? lol!! well I just hope you are enjoying them!
      I have actually been holding off watching beyond what I write here on the blog – so I can write about them fresh.. sooo haven’t seen many season 3 episodes for years!!!
      Since you’re new – I’ll just let you know, the episode discussions don’t refer to what’s ahead in the show- we follow the show as it unfolds.. so hold off please referring to episodes we haven’t covered yet here.. but always feel free to head over to Neds and discuss whatever you like over there..
      It’s been an interesting way to experience the walk through the show and I’m seeing lots I never saw before by not looking ahead and staying with the story – hope you’ll enjoy the journey too!!




  2. Hello! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to find your blog. I just moved and last weekend I found my old SMK tapes and have been forcing my husband to watch them with me. He says I have to analyze everything so it is nice to see a blog where I can read someone else’s impressions. Thanks!


    • Hi Samantha, thanks sooooo much for writing to say hi!! That is really encouraging!! I hope you will feel free to post often your thoughts on the episodes ( not just on my posts – you are not restricted to only commenting on what I cover in the episode if that makes sense!)

      Now you can analyse here to your heart’s content.. safe in the knowledge that others feel the same way about smk – and feel overanalysing smk is just not possible! 🙂



  3. Wahoo, it’s official! SMK S3 DVD has been announced, so I’m spreading the cheer to your blog! March 20th can’t come soon enough 🙂


    • Hiya Patty! Wonderful news isn’t it!!! I am so relieved!!! I really wasn’t sure it would be released! Thanks for sharing the news with us on this blog!!!

      When the email came through from tvshowsondvd – I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!


  4. Congratulations Iwsod on your SMK blog! The name is perfect and I love your writing and thoughts. Looking forward to future blogs. Colleen


  5. Iwsod – so glad you have this up and running! You know how much I love your posts. You are so funny and post the best pictures. Great job!


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