Release of Season 3 on DVD of Scarecrow and Mrs King announced!!!!

TVshowsondvd  state the release date will be 20 March 2012

Here is the Warner Bros blurb that came with the announcement:
Operation: Laughs, Romance & Danger on DVD with Scarecrow & Mrs. King: The Complete Third Season! American spy “Scarecrow” Lee Stetson and his housewife sidekick Mrs. Amanda King are truly partners now that Amanda is a full-fledged operative in the third season of Scarecrow & Mrs. King! Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner again play the mismatched operatives, mixing laughs, intrigue and battle-of-the-sexes verbal jabs in this collection of 22 episodes on 5 DVDs.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King - The Complete 3rd Season

Information care of Tvshowsondvd: Thanks TV Shows on DVD!!!

Scarecrow and Mrs King fans around the world are doing a Happy Dance today!!

9 responses to “Release of Season 3 on DVD of Scarecrow and Mrs King announced!!!!

  1. I need your help. I have to create a petition so that Warner Bros edits DVD of SMK in France. Thank you for signing her and sharing the link.

    Yes for the release, in France, DVD of 4 seasons “Scarecrow and Mrs King” !

    The television series “Scarecrow and Mrs King” knew a big success in the 80s. 4 seasons aired in France on Antenne 2 (France 2) without any respect of the order of the episodes. DVDs are out since 2010 in the USA, Canada even Germany … but not here in France.

    So, for the fans of “Scarecrow and Mrs King”, those of Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner, for the youngest generation which do not know the show and because there is nothing better than to hear the actors real voices while watching a show on TV, you would made us deeply happy and thankful to release and sell out the 4 seasons of this great show “Scarecrow and Mrs King” in DVDs VF and VOST in France.

    For those like me who want to watch again and again the adventures of Amanda King and Lee Stetson, please sign this petition and share this lin.à-la-sortie-en-france-des-dvd-des-4-saisons-les-deux-font-la-paire-yes-at-the-release-in-france-dvd-of-4-seasons-scarecrow-and-mrs-king

    Thank you for your help !


  2. I still think it would make more sense to release it before Christmas, but what do I know?


  3. Oh, I am a happy, happy girl! 🙂


  4. Love the news, love your blog! 🙂 Congratulations!


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