Season 3 DVD Release Countdown!!!


16 hours to go!!

The Back cover blurb reads:
Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner return as mismatched but mutually attracted agents Amanda King and Lee ‘Scarecrow’ Stetson. Season Three’s 22 episodes on 5 discs feature stories torn from today’s headlines, including cyber espionage, Afghanistan arms trades, fast food scandals and stolen nuclear detonators. With Amanda’s tenacious enthusiasm, Lee’s decisive instincts and their clever banter, this single mom of two and jet-set playboy make for dangerously effective and highly entertaining operatives. Whether they’re handcuffed together, posing as a pair of art experts or squabbling over Amanda’s stealthy rise up the ranks, sparks fly, cases are cracked and the American homeland remains secure.

5 responses to “Season 3 DVD Release Countdown!!!

  1. Shelley that is sooooo wonderful!!! You win the prize!!! You are the first person I have heard who now owns Season 3 on DVD! 😉 I am sure BB or KJ will be turning up any moment to give you the big paper check and trophie 😉

    Seriously though- details Shelley!! what does it look like on the inside? can you describe it?

    Who did you buy the DVDs through? very curious!!

    A very exciting day today!!

    Hang in there Cindy.. how many days to mother’s day??!!


  2. iwsod,

    I just received my Season 3 DVDs in the mail today! Just watched the first episode. I was soooo nervous that all my newfound fanfiction and you tubing would have wrecked it, but thanks to you all, I think i am actually enjoying it more. 🙂 Kudos to you and to the fan fiction world at large.


  3. Hi there, just love your blog!! I have two episode related questions (though not from season one). In Wrong Way Home when they are visiting her old College Dorm and the Lady running the dorm wants to chat Amanda says something to effect of “you will get me into trouble” your take on this? Secondly in “Unfinished Business”- I think- when Lee says “nice pick up” and she says “I think I am going to regret that” ..


    • Hello Eileen! so glad you found my little blog!! I hope we will be hearing your thoughts on episodes in the future! Thanks for reading and hurray for introducing yourself!!! 🙂

      I don’t have access to the episodes Wrong Way Home and Unfinished Business at the moment- so I won’t be able to look up what you are referring to in those episodes – maybe there is someone else reading this blog that can take a look for Eileen?

      If no one gets back to you Eileen I will happily look it up for you and share my thoughts …. I am in the middle of moving house and my season 3 and 4 (poor quality) copies are miles away… Remind me if I don’t get back to you about this please!


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