Just walk with me…. through the order of Season One episodes, Part One

I have reposted earlier comments here into a blog post of their own so they are easier to find… I originally wrote these comments in the 3rd post for Sudden Death.
Link to original post and comments:

One final thought about Sudden Death and the other foot injury episodes ( gift horse, service above and saved by the bells)… I had a look at Amanda’s movement throughout this episode.. we basically never see Amanda move – she is always standing in one spot or sitting down – If we see her moving, it is always back to camera and most likely a double ( her hair is a bit softer).. In one moment you can even see her cast- but it is also hidden by many random props throughout!

I can’t prove it conclusively, but this leads me to believe this episode was when her foot injury was the worst – I put this episode at episode 5.. I think it was originally the first time, there goes the neighbourhood, the Acm kid, Magic bus, and then after Magic Bus this episode ( this is why Lee is soooo cranky to see Amanda in the locker room – he didn’t think he would see her again) and before Always look a gift horse – when her foot injury is first mentioned..(we actually see her walking on it in Gift horse- she doesn’t walk on it at all in this episode..) Hmm would you guys be interested in discussing the order of these early season 1 episodes? or am I boring you with my theory? I won’t elaborate if no one is interested that’s cool Smile I know not everyone agrees with me.. and that is fine, but I can’t shake the thought that this episode was the first foot injury ep- and it got postponed to delay their first kiss.. I find it interesting to view gift horse, service above and saved by the bells through the lens of this episode!!

And in the comments of that episode:

Cindy Davis | February 7, 2012 at 2:54 am | Reply | Edit

  1. RE: True ep order
    Where would you put “If thoughts could kill”? I think it would come definitely after ACM Kid but before “Sudden Death”. This would explain his dismay (in Sudden Death) of seeing her . She was a reminder of everything he went through. She did see him at his most vulnerable (in a hospital gown :P ) and worst. It should be after ACM kid because I found it odd that Amanda knew so much about Lee’s character and personal habits after only working together twice. I mean, she’s good, but not that good.

    • iwsod | February 7, 2012 at 11:05 am | Reply | EditHi Cindy! I find If thought could kill (ITCK) to be a tricky one to place – because we don’t see Billy’s office – ( there are lots of things that change in Billy’s office that give us clues as to the episodes order..)From The Long Christmas Eve we see Billy has a new Fancy chair.. and the noticeboard makes an appearance… (but in If thoughts could kill.. we have no opportunity to see..) so any episode with those in Billy’s office you know is later..

      I am keeping one eye on this whole idea as I go through the episodes for this blog.. and will continue to keep an eye on it… the trouble is occassionally you get a line of dialogue that means an ep must be before another – but it can’t be.. so you know it is just bad continuity! so how do we distinguish? ! I’d love some help with that! With some episodes.. I think there may be no way to know for sure so opinions can differ.. I am not 100% sure.. but I like to try and work things out.. and the foot injury helps us!

      I knew ACM kid had to come third, as Amanda goes to Lee’s apartment and comments on it and looks around – it is her first visit there.. so it must come before ITKC..

      In ITKC Amanda’s (or should I say KJ’s) foot is fine.. she is wearing heels ( and it is her not a double!).. so it must have been done before her foot injury – as there is no cast, and after the cast is gone, she wears runners for a while..

      I then had Magic Bus, as I thought it fit with Amanda not yet actually doing a proper job with the agency ( Lee just thought they were parking the RV in her driveway and that’s it) .. and the episode ends with Lee commenting he may not see her again.. Amanda tells Lee this is the first time she has seen his legs ( and she sees them in ITCK) so maybe ITCK is the episode after this??

      Lee’s extreme reaction to Amanda being his messenger in Sudden Death always bugged me.. it was so over the top.. I thought maybe because he thought he would never see her again.. but then.. if the episode before was ITCK, where he hurt his knee – the knee injuries mentioned in Sudden death would make sense.. if there is a length of time between the episodes.. And ITCK can’t be after Sudden Death as that’s when the foot injury comes up. Can anyone think of a reason why that order of Magic Bus, ITCK, Sudden Death wouldn’t work?

      Ok.. so I am thinking:
      The first time
      There goes the neighbourhood
      ACM Kid
      Magic bus
      If thoughts could kill
      Sudden death
      Always look a gift horse
      Service above and beyond
      Saved by the bells

      (bold is foot injury eps!)

      What do you think?
      I wonder if they changed the order so Lee wasn’t in pain, injured or shot for 3 episodes in a row?! but they kept two episodes of Amanda in grave danger together.. hmmm… thoughts anyone?
      I’ll keep an eye on this as I keep going.. but I am pretty sure Amanda moves on to runners for the long christmas eve and remembrance of things past.. man.. maybe I should start a separate blog to discuss this?LOL! I haven’t even gotten the pics out :)


  2. Cindy Davis | February 7, 2012 at 11:48 am | Reply | EditAny re-order that lessens the ‘jerkiness’ of Lee (I now have Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” running through my head. Great. :-( ) is fine by me. At least this way, his feelings about Amanda develop in a little more consistent and understandable way.

6 responses to “Just walk with me…. through the order of Season One episodes, Part One

  1. I think “Service Above and Beyond” should come before “Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”.
    She mentions the little league injury in both, but in Gift Horse she says she thought it was nothing at first but turned out she needs a cast.
    It makes no sense for her mother to ask her about her injury after she already had a cast.


    • Hi JollyGood – welcome to JWWM.
      I’ll have to keep this in mind when my brain comes back around to season 1! Unless I’m immersed in this stuff I find I can’t make sense of it.
      However, your logic here sounds fair!


  2. SilverCorvette

    Its been a very long while since any comments were made on the order of Season 1 but lately I have been going through my Season 1 DVDs again. I think you are right, iwsod, that The ACM Kid should be before ITCK, and that Sudden Death is out of order. I had the impression watching ITCK that Amanda seemed to know Lee a lot better than having just met him two episodes ago and that they seemed to have taken several steps backwards in Sudden Death, after SAAB and SBTB.
    When Amanda arrived at Lee’s to babysit Alexei in The ACM Kid, she says “This reminds me of a place I lived in when I was in college, Mother saw it and made me move”. I don’t think she would have said that if she had already been there in ITCK.
    That Lee was surprised to see her in Sudden Death and did not want her there seemed odd after all they had been through in SAAB and SBTB.


    • Hiya SilverCorvette! Great to see you stop by! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. good to hear your experience is that my order for season 1 is feeling like it’s on track so far! 🙂

      Ahh season 1. You know I am looking forward to eventually going back to season 1 and walking through those eps in as much detail as I manage these days.. whoo hoo! 🙂


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