Just walk with me…. through the order of Season One episodes, Part Two

Hi Everyone! Now that I have finished looking at the first 13 episodes of Season One, I thought I could revist the idea of episode order. I find it a bit of fun to ponder.. So, just walk with me here 🙂

I found a surprise in the script of I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy:- when Lee comes to Amanda’s house to tell her who she is and who he is – Lee says to Amanda that this is the first time he has ever seen her house from the inside.. that usually he is looking in through the window..!! Of course this line is not in this episode.. and it was a first draft of the episode-  I think it is still a significant clue!!

I think this episode was suppose to come before Remembrance of things past – where Lee stays at her house.

Here’s my thinking ( Just IMHO!!) Long Christmas Eve, Rembrance of things past, Lost and found and I am not now – are definitely together.. before that KJ has her foot injury.. and Billy has his old office chair – in these episodes Billy has his new chair. Stay with me here!! ( don’t faint!!) After this – we have Dead Ringer, the mole, savior etc- Lee has his new side part hairstyle for these episodes.. so these 4 episodes are together..

But what order for these 4 episodes then? I can’t see any reason why the Long Christmas Eve doesn’t come first ( or in this case episode 10). Also, in the Long Christmas Eve we have Dotty and Amanda discussing Dean, and Amanda says she needs more time- then describes the thoughtful things Dean has bought the boys for christmas.

I think episode 11 works best as I am not now, nor have I ever been.. a spy – where Lee was scripted at one point to comment on seeing her house from inside for the first time. Lee asks Amanda if she is still seeing ‘that guy’ – and Amanda says yeah I guess so.. Also, Lee offers to buy Amanda a chili dog.. a small step..

Episode 12 I think is Remembrance of things past- which starts with Lee taking Amanda to Monks for a drink ( a step up from a chili dog). We don’t really have a mention of Dean, other than Amanda having some of his clothes around- no other real comment is made about him. Also, I don’t see Amanda making the comment about Lee’s lady friends boiling him him a Lamb chop after the whole trauma of Eva in Lost and Found.

Episode 13 I think is Lost and Found. I don’t think it comes earlier and Dotty’s conversation with Amanda advising Amanda to tell Dean how she feels? After Dotty has left the room, Amanda shakes her head and says – Dean… The tone of that to me was that she knew it wasn’t going to work with Dean.. it felt Final. Whereas other times she had spoken about Dean it hadn’t felt that way.. avoiding or minimising sure.. but she wasn’t shaking her head about him.. ( ie.subconsciously saying No to Dean!)

I discussed the order of the first 9 episodes at the end of my posts on Sudden Death- I will repost those thoughts into a new blog post so this discussion is easier to find (incase anyone is interested!)

To put it all together my order is:
The first Time
There goes the Neighbourhood
The ACM Kid
Magic Bus
If thoughts could Kill
Sudden Death
Always look a gift horse in the mouth
Service above and Beyond
Saved by the bells
The Long Christmas Eve
I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy
Remembrance of things past
Lost and Found

So these are my thoughts on the episode order up to episode 13.. If you have any thoughts about this feel free to share, disagree, question or whatever!

Of course, as I continue to go through the Lee side part episodes ( 😉 ) I’ll be looking to see any other clues for episode order and will post at a later date about it – if you see anything please let me know!!!  Thanks for reading and bye for now!

5 responses to “Just walk with me…. through the order of Season One episodes, Part Two

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  3. Durn – it — my smiley emoticons didn’t come through (and made me seem more type A than I am) — this is all in good fun. I appreciate the thought and effort you put into this, your order as is, or slightly modified is a huge improvement over the original airing order.


    • Hey Cindy! Don’t worry all fine! don’t know what happened with your emoticons but I appreciate your care and concern for how your comments are read – that is very kind of you!!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I assumed others would see it differently… you are right – they could have cut that line in I am not now because of continuity – they do just plain stuff up continuity sometimes don’t they! it is possible that is the case here too.. I thought it fit well with the process of dumping Dean, so I went with it – but in the end, it is a judgement call – and I could be wrong… or very wrong haaaaa.. I just enjoy having a go with it – and hearing from others what they think..

      Lee crossing the threshold from dead to live? that does sound very romantic! I guess with my order Lee is crossing the threshold from nobody to Amanda – to somebody!! 🙂

      Let me know if you have anymore thoughts! And anyone else reading? If you have any ideas please share – or if there is a reason why an episode can’t go ahead or after another please point it out – more minds will see more things! 🙂

      A class act? Ohhh boy.. I hear ya!! that dumbing down of Amanda reaaaally bugs me too!!


  4. First thoughts on the new order, and I reserve the right to change my mind with sober second thought 
    HMMMMMM. I am still sticking to “Remembrance…” coming before “I am not now, nor have I ever been…a spy” (honestly, is that the longest episode title, or what?), simply because I fell in love with the idea the first time Lee crossed the threshold into Amanda’s world, he was ‘dead’. And I will stubbornly hold on to the belief the line about it being Lee’s first time in Amanda’s house (first draft -IANNNHIEBAS) was a continuity error TPTB wisely took out in the future drafts (wish they had done that with Class Act in season two, when Amanda’s physical skills were dumbed down in comparison to what she was able to do in Magic Bus — but I digress).
    I will have to ponder the points you made about “Lost and Found” coming after the Remembrance-IANN../IANN…-Remembrance). Is Amanda having conflicted feelings about Dean and then forgets him, or does she forget him and then realizes she has to end it?
    In any case, this new order takes care of the inconsistencies with “If thoughts could kill” and makes Lee less bipolar in his treatment of Amanda, especially in the early episodes. This takes care of the major issue I had with SMK in the first season.


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