Scarecrow and Mrs King Season Four on DVD–some encouragement for everyone!!

While we wait for the release of Season Four on DVD..

Here’s why Scarecrow and Mrs King fans can be hopeful of a Season Four DVD release soon!! 🙂

The history of Warner Bros and Scarecrow and Mrs King on dvd:
Season one DVD release was announced on 10 December, 2009, for a 09 March 2010 release…

Season two DVD release was announced on 08 December, 2010, for a 22 March 2011 release…

Season three DVD release was announced on 30 November 2011 for a 20 March 2012 release…

Seeing a pattern??

Fingers crossed we will be seeing an announcement for the release of season 4 on DVD early December 2012, for a March 2013 release!!!! If the Season 3 sales are good enough!!!

If we are really optimistic..  we will see the announcement of the release of a 4 season box set of Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD early December 2013, for a release of March 2014!!- With bonus features, like deleted scenes, behind the scenes interviews.. commentaries.. bloopers.. a reunion of the remaining original cast.. maybe a few of the guest starts.. ahhh we can dream! 🙂

22 responses to “Scarecrow and Mrs King Season Four on DVD–some encouragement for everyone!!

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  2. I know I am getting a little ahead of myself, but any thoughts how you will handle season 2 order? I was surprised to find out Charity Begins at Home was supposed to be the end of season 1. I guess the powers that be originally thought the ‘death’ of Lee’s true love (a real cliffhanger) would be an appropriate way to end the season. Will you do the airing order or production order or some other? Gotta run because trying to post via my phone is driving me nuts.


    • Awh cindy! thanks for persisting with the darn phone! Hope you get your computer fixed soon!
      Hmm.. you’ve asked an intersting question here…

      At the moment, I am working my way through to the end of season 1 in airing order.. though I was considering covering charity begins at home before moving on to season 2 and to catch a mongoose..

      I am still playing around with season 1 episode orders.. I think a few need to be moved around- and I am looking forward to seeing weekend and starting that episode in a day or two – because I am not sure where it fits in the episode order.

      It is an unusual episode.. If I am remembering correctly, we don’t see Billy’s office – and I know we don’t see Lee’s car – they drive to the cumberland in a sedan.. which is a bit strange no? why not Lee’s car? but it is not explained.. it makes me suspect the episode could have been the season ender (after charity begins at home) .. but I am not sure.. still thinking it all through – if you or anyone else have any thoughts about this I would love to hear them!

      As for what order to do the rest of season two.. I was just going to do what I did with season One: work my way through in airing order – while keeping one eye on the episode order – and coming up with a different order as I go along.

      I know there are a few episodes which are obviously out of order ( thanks to Amanda’s magic hair) but I think I will keep it in airing order – I can come up with my own season 2 order, but maybe not everyone agrees… so I think it is best ( except for charity begins at home) to stick with the airing order and lament the fact they are out of order!
      What do you think Cindy? or anyone else reading- what do you think? I am open to discussing it.. 🙂


    • By the way – I will post regarding the order of season One episodes after I have posted on them all – and I would LOVE for you guys to give some input!! I would love to discuss it.. a few of the last episodes in season 1 are a bit tricky to place.. and would love to bounce ideas of you guys and hear any suggestions you may have!! 🙂 Byeeee


  3. You’re welcome, Cindy. Petra is an SMK expert, so I trust that her list makes perfect sense. (Well, as perfect as possible, considering some of SMK’s eccentricities.) IWSOD, how are you doing with your ordering of S1?


    • hiya Redgold! thanks for providing people with Petra’s episode order for season 3! it is interesting to hear her reasoning for the choices too.. maybe one of these days we could get her to share them with us here 🙂 I don’t really have time to chase that one up though at the moment.. I know she mentioned eventually her list would be available on her website but for now it’s not there yet.

      While you watch, keep one eye on the episode order for yourself – you never know what you might find! If you have any ideas feel free to share them 🙂

      How is my season one order going? I am slowly just working my way through as I go through the episodes – I am in no hurry – and well I can’t be I have too much study to do! haaaaa… if you have any thoughts about it let me know..

      I have a few ideas festering away, which I keep in mind as I continue on.. and when I am ready I will share my ideas and people can decide for themselves what works and what’s just plain ridiculous 😉 there is no right or wrong answer anyway here.. just ideas and some fun to be had 🙂 and as Cindy said ( I am pretty sure it was Cindy!) any order which reduces Lee’s bad attitude with Amanda is fine by me 🙂
      Hope you are well – and thanks for commenting!!!!!


      • Hi Everyone!! Just commenting to add here what I had originally included in this post when I first wrote it:
        -original post-

        Hope everyone is enjoying their Season Three DVDs! Mine have arrived.. but I can’t watch them for a few days I’m too busy to do it justice – but.. just knowing they are here and ready to watch is a wonderful feeling!!!!

        I think I will go straight to the Triumvirate – an episode I have only ever seen very very blurry! Got any Season Three stories to share? Which episode are you or will you watch first of Season three? Will you go straight through in airing order? or go with Petra’s revised order? or.. Will you skip to a favourite episode like I am?? do tell!!! 🙂
        -End of post-

        (wanted to focus the post a bit more, as we waitin hope for the release of season four on dvd!! )
        Any favourite season four moments? Any suggestions for pictures as we wait for Season Four?? we may as well have some fun 😉 byeeee!!


  4. Just got my season 2 and 3 DVDs, such a pity that I have real work to do. But still cause for a major improvement in my mood 🙂 I do not know about my husband’s feelings though 😉 Probably he thinks, this is even worse than when she made me watch Pride and Prejudice.


    • I just wrote to Petra to ask about her episode order for S3, and she sent me a revised list and said to tell everyone “Hi” here.

      Welcome to America, Mr. Brand

      The tail of the dancing weasel

      We’re off to see the wizard

      A lovely little affaire

      Over the limit

      Utopia now

      Reach for the sky

      Sour Grapes

      J. Edgar’s Ghost

      Flight to freedom

      Wrong way home

      Fast food for thought

      One bear dances … one bear doesn’t

      Playing for keeps

      The Pharao’s Engeneer

      The Triumvirate

      The eyes have it

      Wrong number

      The boy who could be king

      Dead men leave no trails

      Three little spies

      All the world’s a stageI

      LOL about your husband and Pride and Prejudice. (That’s one of my favorite movies, by the way.)


  5. Hi Julia, I did a cursary search of Petra’s site and can’t find where she discussed viewing order, but I did find this on the ‘television without pity’ forum
    (Based on production order, rather than viewing order)” 01 Welcome to America, Mr. Brand; 02 Over the Limit; 05 Tail of the Dancing Weasel [produced fifth, it really needs to come before both WOTSTW and ALLA which both use the Q Bureau]; 03 We’re Off to See the Wizard; 04 A Lovely Little Affair. After that broadcast order is fine, not perfect but fine. Actually I personally just move WTAMB, Over the Limit, and TOTDW to the beginning in that order and watch everything else in broadcast order since I prefer A Lovely Little Affair to come before WOTSTW. And I know some people just move TOTDW to the beginning of the season and watch everything else in broadcast order. ”

    I know some others make a strong case for moving “Three little spies”, but I haven’t found where I had seen it (I really need to use bookmarks more!). I hope this helps.


  6. Hi, I just finished watching the first season and ordered the german version (not that I watch them in german, but I need the right country code) of season 2 and 3 (season 3 came out in german today).

    So I guess, I can start wishing for season 4 coming out too. (And with the right country code for me please). And of course for the posts to resume 😉

    Where can I find the better episode order?


  7. If my husband is getting my not-so-subtle hints (including me e-mailing the link of the DVD set, texting him whenever I see the DVD in sprawlmart, HMV, etc, getting my daughters to remind him that season 3 DVD set is out), I should be getting the set for mother’s day in May. Yes, it is extremely hard to wait that long, but I don’t want hubby to think I’m obsessed by SMK and have to get it the moment it’s released.
    Think I’ve fooled him? 🙂
    I will go with Petra’s viewing order. Honestly, the major problem I’ve had with Lee was his inconsistent attitude towards Amanda between the episodes and watching her order rather than the airing order makes their developing relationship more believable and sweet.


    • May? MAY?????????? Noooooooooo… keep those not so subtle hints coming! 😉

      Ahem.. there’s no shame in SMK obsession 🙂 You are in really good company! 😀

      Whoooo I would love to hear what you think of watching it in Petra’s order.. I agree Lee’s weird good cop bad cop routine with Amanda ( 😉 ) from episode to episode is jarring!

      Drat.. i wish I had time to do a new post 😦 I miss my SMK!! ( me? obsessed??? you bet!!!)
      Byeeee and hope you are well!


  8. RedGold, you’re going entilrely tooo slowly for me! Are you the type who opens their gifts very slowly preserving all the wrapping paper, lol?!? The suspense is killing me!

    So what is my viewing pattern for S3? Well, I was (and still am) in S4 for my treadmill routine when my S3 DVDs arrived. And I’m the type who is a bit compulsive, so I decided to stick to my treadmill schedule. But all is not lost! As my Goddaughter and I get a moment to watch an episode or two, we are stepping through the S3 eps. And she is loving it!! I think we’re up to Fast Food for Thought but I’m not sure when our next chance to watch will be. This is a very busy time of year, sigh.

    And meanwhile, on the occasional visit to my daughter, we will watch an episode or two, so we’re up to mid-S2. She’s compulsive too, we go in order. It’s complicated!

    I haven’t written to ask for a boxed set with extras including outtakes/bloopers, but I do plan to *soon*, when things quiet down a little, whenever that will be!!


    • My family would get a hearty laugh from your post–I’m well-known as the one who urges people to open presents early, and I unwrap my own presents with a satisfying ***rip***! I have developed the ability to linger over SMK only because I love it so much and I know that that a limited number of episodes is in front of me. Remember, these episodes are all brand new to me!

      It sounds like you’re having fun re-watching and introducing SMK to various family members, as well as incorporating it into your fitness regimen. It’s really an “all occasion” show for its legions of fans, isn’t it?

      I’m glad to hear that you’re planning to write to the WB executive about the boxed set–lots of requests might have an effect! (I suspect that the number of requests on Amazon for S1 finally got someone’s attention.)


  9. I’m going to get on my soap box to encourage readers of this blog to write to Warner Bros. to express interest in a boxed set with the kinds of extras that IWSOD has mentioned above. If the Powers That Be realize that there is a real demand for a boxed set, they may actually create one! The address for the vice-president in charge of marketing at Warner Home Video is posted on the Yuku forum, but if you like, IWSOD, I can post the contact information here, too. Just let me know.

    That’s great that your DVDs have arrived, IWSOD! As for the viewing order of the long-awaited S3, I’m going with Petra’s list, which begins with “Tail of the Dancing Weasel.” And so far, I’ve resisted the temptation to go farther than that episode. If there was any doubt of Billy’s matchmaking inclinations in my mind, they were swept away by Lee’s off-camera line after a twinkly-eyed Billy gives the Q-Bureau to Lee and Amanda– “Oh, get that smile off your face!” I can hardly get the smile off my face, thinking about having 22 new (to me) episodes of Lee and Amanda’s adventures. (By the way, IWSOD,, L. and A. are still using the formal “vous” with each other in the French subtitles for “Weasel.” But “A Lovely Little Affair” is up next! Wasn’t that the episode that you thought would mark the switch to “tu”?)


    • Hi RedGold!! So great to hear from you!

      Whooo please let me know when they swich from vous to tu!! 🙂 [my dvds have french subtitles for season 3 so I’ll be looking for it when I get to it!)

      Yeah sure you can post the contact details here.. Good idea 😀

      Hmm I might send the person my picture of Dotty and Amanda discussing the upcoming (hopefully) DVD releases 😉 maybe that will get their attention (in a good way!)

      Redgold.. I hope you are taking notes of your experiences as you watch Season 3 for the first time – in Petra’s order- I would LOVE it if you would share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us fans here – maybe do some blog posts of your own?? If you are interested?? when we get up to Season 3?

      Drat.. I wish I was up to Season 3!! and I don’t have the time at the moment to go any faster getting through season 1 and 2 – also I guess I shouldn’t rush.. I should enjoy them! Maybe by the time the season 4 dvds comeout – we will be up to the beginning of Season 4! There’s a happy thought!



      • Hi, IWSOD. First, here’s the contact information for the Warner Bros. executive I mentioned. She had some very nice things to say about SMK just before S3 was released, so I hope that she’ll look on the suggestion of a boxed set of the entire series favorably! The idea of sending that photo of Amanda and Dotty is great–that will get Ms. Markson’s attention. (I sent an e-mail a few days ago, but there’s been no reply yet.)

        Rosemary Markson
        Warner Home Video
        Work Phone::(818) 977-4786
        Work Fax: (818) 977-7026
        Work Email:
        Work Address: 3400 Riverside Drive
        Rm. 4098
        Burbank, CA 91505
        Work IM: rosemarymarkson (AOL)

        I will definitely let you know when Lee and Amanda start using the informal “you” in the French subtitles, but you may get there before I do because I plan to watch S3 slooowly. (We’ll see if I stick to that plan!) By the way, in the version of SMK dubbed in German, Lee starts using the informal “you” during the ambulance scene in “Service Above and Beyond,” while he thinks Amanda is unconscious–typical! In the subtitles, I think that they switch to “du” even earlier. Maybe by the time that Lee and Amanda are engaged, they’ll be saying “tu” to each other in the French subtitles.

        I am taking notes as I watch S3, and I posted some about “Tail of the Dancing Weasel” on the Yuku forum. Thanks for your suggestion about blogging. I don’t know if I’m up to that since about all I know how to do with computers is type on them. I’m sure you’re impatient to blog about S3, but the romantic relationship that I *hear* Amanda and Lee form in that season wouldn’t be possible without the friendship, loyalty, respect, and attraction that grows gradually in S1 and S2. (Well, I think that the attraction is there from the beginning.) I absolutely love the gentle arc of this series, and I’m so grateful that the writers and creators of SMK let Lee and Amanda’s relationship grow and change.


      • I am glad I checked out the yuku forum. I found out what IWSOD stands for: 🙂 Learn something new every day.


        • LOL Cindy!! If you had asked I would have told you.. but hunting through all the smk info would be a fun way to find out 🙂 My blood runs true Cindy! It had to be something to do with smk.. I like it as a nom de plume! 🙂


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