Hiya! I’m still here!! :)

I just thought I would quickly let you know I won’t be posting any new posts for the next week or two – I’m currently away at university attending intensive lectures and such.. (trying to get a bigger brain Winking smile ) But … wishing I was blogging on smk instead Winking smile 

Just wanted to let you know I am still around, will still be blogging.. and I haven’t stopped Smile RL is just like that sometimes.

I hope in the meantime you will feel free to chat amongst yourselves.. and I’ll get back to posting as soon as I can Smile Hope you are all well and enjoying your Season Three dvds!!!

To tide you over… here is few pics from the upcoming episode Savior:

We learn something new about Lee.. ( ahem..)

Can anyone guess what????!!!

We get a reappearance of the Amanda headband! whoo hoo..

And… the start of a beautiful friendship


Lee finally admits they are friends!! Winking smile 

(We’ll always have Arlington! Winking smile)

byeee for now and back when I can!!


5 responses to “Hiya! I’m still here!! :)

  1. Hi! I hope your quest for a bigger brain is going well. I know exactly what you mean about RL getting in the way. I wish I’d been able to spend more than a few minutes in the last 3 weeks doing things SMK-related (whether it’s obsessing or actually watching videos!).

    Your powers of observation always amaze me. I never even thought twice about what Lee might prefer in the boxer vs briefs department 😉 … LOL!

    Looking forward to your return to blogging.


  2. Have fun and thanks for settling the boxers vs. briefs debate. *wink*


  3. You are such a tease, just when I got hooked to your posts you put me on withdrawal but I agree, it is great to see Lee admitting they are friends in this episode and it will be worth waiting for your detailed description. Take care!


    • Whahahahhahaa!!! Oh Julia.. you make me laugh!! I’m sorry I’ll be a bit delayed though and will get back to posting asap!
      Hope you are well!!


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