2/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The baddies are back at the mystery car park that exists in another dimension… whoooooo.. (That is how good IFF’s security is.. their car park is hidden in another dimension so that people can’t usually see it!- I guess this smokescreen 39malfunctioned this week ;)) One of the baddies is the same actor who played the supposedly Australian assassin in ‘It’s in the water’.. The baddies explain they need the film, and can’t terminate Raul until they get it .. Why I don’t know.. but whatev!
Hey, is it just me or does that baddie look like he ain’t afraid of no ghost??? (It was the same year as this episode
41but i think this baddie came first.. was Ray Parker Jr around before Ghostbusters?  The Moustache must have made a comeback in 1984!) So the baddies approach naive Scotty and he shows them her car buying their line about being insurance 40inspectors.. they check her glove compartment.. err why is Amanda’s car not locked?? eh?? it’s just sitting there with the window down from the looks of things.

The baddies read her registration information..(do people usually leave that info in their glove box?) 43hmm nice double meaning there from the smk writers when the baddie says to Scotty “you want Mrs King to get 42what’s coming to her don’t you?”
Nooooooo!!! we don’t thank you !!
Finally the penny drops with Scotty that these are bad bad bad men! They’re lying! Mrs King didn’t tell Scotty to give him the film of the accident! cha.. good one Scotty just tell them who has it.. derrr.. and then… he finally realises these are the same two men who chased the other guy..

The baddie reaches into another unlocked random car, takes the keys and opens the boot to put Scotty in.. Why put Scotty in the boot (trunk!)? wouldn’t they be better off keeping him in the car with them?? where he can’t make noise and attract attention?? why let him out so he can warn Mrs King? The whole reason they stay there is to wait for her..don’t get it..

Amanda and Lee are walking to the carpark to talk to Scotty…
: I know you’re upset, but you’ll feel much better once you’ve talked to Scotty.
Lee: I will feel better when I have every bit of film that he is taken.
(Yes Mr patience and control..)
Amanda: Oh, come on, look, Lee, it wasn’t as if he 45was going to open it up with a big premiere or something. I mean, he was only making the documentary for you.
Lee: For me?
Amanda: Yes, he believes International Film Fed is a real company.
46Lee: It’s just our cover, Amanda. Look, twice a year, we grind out a couple of documentaries on the — the romance of earthworms, and that’s it.
47Amanda: I know it’s just a cover, but people are supposed to believe that the cover is real, aren’t they?

: Great.
Amanda: Oh, well, come on, you do make a couple
48of movies. I mean, you made the one about tractors, and then you made the one about crop rotation —
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: — and that was really pretty interesting.

Lee: I know, but that is just to protect our cover.( Derrr Lee..image Love how he says that really loud – the people passing by would be able to hear that! ) Now, look. We have got couriers, 49technicians, double agents, people who are known within the intelligence community. If they can be connected with IFF, our cover is blown. Now, a lot of people are in jeopardy. Now, don’t you see that?
Amanda: Of course I see that, why do you think I
50gave you the cassette? Look, you’ll talk to Scotty, he’ll understand, everything will be all 51right. You’ll know what to say. He’s a very nice boy and he takes very nice movies and he’s talented 52and — Well, you saw his movies, they’re clear and they’re sharp and they’re in focus and that might 53seem basic to you, … but if you’ve taken as many out-of-focus pictures as I have —

I find this whole dialogue weird.. how is it that Lee can’t grasp the concept that someone thinks IFF is real?? eh??? what are we turning Lee into a scatter brain now?? It is obvious this whole dialogue is to explain how the cover works to the audience..  we can understand Scotty thinks IFF is a real film company, we don’t need it explained! Or at most, one line would have done just fine.. this way makes Lee look it was his turn for a lobotomy.. at least for once it is not Amanda they are dumbing down! How could Lee not realise someone might believe the IFF cover.. come on!!! (btw- I’d just love it if Lee took me to a movie on the romance of earth worms.. ROFL!!) Considering Lee is being a dill here Amanda is being very patient with him.. she talks him out of his stressing and calms him down nicely.. way to go Amanda.. ( I say that a lot don’t I! Well.. she is a trouper!) and off Lee goes to talk to Scotty with Amanda trying to keep up with him..

The baddies see Amanda and Lee arrive and find Scotty in the boot ( trunk!).. (LOL there goes Lee with his little lock pick purse! I bet that doesn’t last for too many episodes! ) They get him out- 54don’t you just love how Amanda dabs at his sore cheek and fusses over him ( a lot like she did with Lee last week and his poor Jaw. only this time it is Scotty’s poor cheek!) Can Scotty describe them? Sure!! Scotty can describe them down to their wing-tipped oxfords- he says he has an eye for details,  shame he didn’t have that eye for detail when they first came back posing as insurance inspectors!

So Scotty saw that the guy who hit Mrs King was being chased- why didn’t Amanda notice that at the time?  put it down to post traumatic scatter brain.. (Experts call it PTSB)

56Amanda: The same guys who chased your friend Raul. Now, why do you suppose they came back?
Lee: After the film,
57obviously. I mean, this guy has got the two of them in living black-and-white.
[Is living black and white a saying? I thought it was ‘living colour’?! we don’t live in a black and white world] . . . That just might save his life.
58Amanda: Whose life?
Lee: We’re talking about Raul, Raul’s life, remember?

Amanda: I don’t understand. [That darn PTSB again!]
Lee: Amanda, they must have caught Raul. If they hadn’t, he would have have phoned in, right?
Amanda: Right.
Lee: I just hope they don’t try to dispose of him before they get their hands on that film. I mean, that super-eight is like a signed confession.
Amanda: do you think Scotty told them that I have it?
Lee: we’d better go find out…

Whoooo and off they go to find Scotty and have another chat.. 

Hurray! Lee’s brain is back from holiday!! he is back to his old self.. it seems Lee and Amanda can’t both be clever and fully with it at the same time!

I shall leave it there before we get into the awesomely funny ‘ they’ve got my registration!!!’ scene- one of my KJ favourites!!! Any thoughts?? gripes?? questions? feel free to share!! Smile  byeee for now!

4 responses to “2/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Methinks Lee took a stupid pill this morning. IFF is a cover, it won’t be a very good cover if people don’t actually believe its real *face palm* Sometimes the quality of writing on SMK beggars belief…..
    I googled the phrase “living black and white” it appears to be the name of an album by a Kevin Coyne from 1976 (I’ve never heard of him)……maybe one of the writers is a fan 😉
    I might being dense but how is that super 8 as good as a signed confession? I don’t doubt it might raise some awkward questions as to why they were chasing Raul but it doesn’t show any kidnap, just a not very good car chase……..maybe I should have been a defence lawyer, I am always looking for the “evidence” LOL


  2. Melissa Robertson

    In the U.S. we have to have our car registration and proof of car insurance with us. We keep ours in our glove compartment. Yeah, really don’t get Lee not understanding the IFF concept but maybe that is SMKs way of introducing IFF to us????


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