4/6 Season One, Episode 19:Fearless Dotty–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So because Carlo tried twice to take Amanda’s shopping- Lee wants it checked at the agency.. That identikit photo stuff sounds really hard! I 69don’t think I could even describe my own face like that!! Love how Amanda describes Carlo: he had a mean little mouth !!  Open-mouthed smile
Poor Amanda, it’s hard enough to describe someone much less while all your kid’s presents are being pulled apart. Amanda is getting more and more distressed here as Francine and two male agents open up all of Phillip’s presents. Oh 67
nooo!! That idiot agent just sat on Captain Galaxy! (I don’t know why but I think it is really funny how we just see these little legs sticking out from under his butt! tee hee..)
Amanda: That was the last Captain Galaxy doll in the entire city. Awh.. Lee is in Mr fix it mode!! I love 68that he senses Amanda’s distress!!! ( At times he can be a total block head- but other times, he can be very sensitive to Amanda!! awh.. and this is one such moment!) .. isn’t he lovely here! ( do you think he is thinking of his own childhood 70here?? ) It’s also nice to see Lee trying to make things better for Amanda- because Amanda does the same thing for Lee – tries to fix his problems for him too! Awhhhh!! Francine: Ohhhh boy! She picks up the broken little pieces of Captain Galaxy’s head..
71Lee: Amanda, listen I promise you I’ll get you another captain galaxy, trust me huh!
Amanda: By tomorrow?! My mother and I looked for that doll for four days.
72It’s the only thing that Phillip asked for. Oh, look, I know it was an accident, but what am I supposed to tell him? Am 73I supposed to tell him that he almost had a wonderful birthday, he almost had a birthday 74that he would never forget, and he almost had 75the best birthday present in the entire world until 767778one of your guys sat on him?!  [Lee is such a softie when it comes to the boys and Amanda Smile ]
79Lee: Amanda, listen. I promise you I will get you 80another Captain Galaxy. Trust me, huh?
Amanda: of course I trust you, but you don’t know the toy market! imageLove the look Lee gives 82in response to this – like: err yeah.. I better learn it pretty fast!  We hear some other toy snapping and Lee growls at them! Sharing Amanda’s annoyance with their carelessness!! Lee: people!!!! In comes Billy..

83Whoa! check out the computer screen!! It seems so ancient now!

Of course, Lee takes one look at the printout and knows who the guy is! Lee just knows everybody! Amanda: Was I mugged by a well-known person? HA!
What a fabulous line!! haaaaa.. Billy wonders out loud if Carlo had anything to do with Hadj’s murder – well..  a better questions is always – does Amanda have anything to do with it?!! LOL!! I love how Amanda just gets up, says she is ready to go home now and heads for the door without asking if it is ok.. go Amanda! She just wants to get home to her family.. and probably away from those dills destroying Phillip’s presents!
Lee: Uh, Amanda.
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: I’m sorry. You’re being provided with the best security there is in the business.
Amanda: Yes, I know.
Lee: For you both and your family.
Amanda: Yes, I know.

 84Winking smile Carlos is a delivery man eh… hmm.. can he get Amanda a Captain Galaxy???!!!image Does he know the toy market? Winking smile

Love love love the dirty look Lee gives the three idiots opening, searching and ruining Amanda’s presents for Phillip on the way out!!!!  It is hard to believe this Lee is the same Lee that was in the Artful Dodger!! I’m enjoying this sympathetic and supportive Lee!! Smile

The other baddie with the moustache has recruited a new partner- seems he hasn’t had time to grow a moustache yet after taking over from the other guy! I thought this guy was following Carlo? so why is he at Keene’s? guess he gave up on that tactic.. Sooo Keene knows these other baddies too?? the ones who 87were trying to get the book before Carlo and then from Carlo? Hmm..  Wow.. what a little creep Keene is – he is now sending these two baddies after Dotty as well. This man has no shame.. He’d give them his own mother.. ugh! ( he even asks the baddies if they need a street guide to find Dotty! ughhhh!!) 88Keene: Anything you want at all- shoot! …err I didn’t mean.. ( Oh please do!! )  I mean… -ask! eerrrr ahhh instead of shoot…

Oh dear..  it seems everyone is heading to Amanda’s it’s the place to be!! Good thing Dotty is so clueless!! We see some agents setting up a cover as surveyor’s or something while they 89protect Amanda’s home.. We saw that guy with the tripod in Filming Raul.. seems we have a generic agent No 2 ! Hmm nice hard hat.. think I’ll call him agent Bob! ( The builder..)

We see Amanda furiously mopping her kitchen floor and Dotty is heading out for her appointment.

Dotty: I’m running late. If I miss my appointment with Mr. Emilio, he will kill me. (Kill me?? Ha! Hey! considering what’s coming that’s a great pun!! Dotty is nearly the Death of Mr Emilio! Smile)

Amanda: Yes, Mother. Uh, look, I’m really sorry that I can’t drive you, but this is the last chance I’ll have to clean the house before the party.
90Dotty: Don’t worry about it. I will take another driving lesson one of these days. Now think about Phillip’s book. If you think about it — hard — you’ll get it.

Amanda is reminded by Dotty of the book – and calls Lee..
91Amanda: Hi, it’s me. I just remembered the book.
[Don’t you love how she doesn’t have to tell Lee who it is??!!! Just ‘ it’s me’ awh!!!]
: The book?
Amanda: The one that Mother bought for Phillip. She’d already hidden it when I brought the other presents in to be checked out at the Agency, and so you haven’t seen it and I just thought that maybe it might be important.
93Lee: Well, I won’t know till I run it through analysis. What is it, anyway?
Amanda: I don’t know.
94It’s supposed to be a surprise and Mother said that it was one of my favourite books when I was a kid.
Lee: The title, Amanda.
Amanda: I’d have to look at it. . . . But I . . . guess, under the circumstances, I. . . .
95Lee: Amanda?
[He’s so patient with her here!]
Amanda: I’ll look at it.
: What is it?
Amanda (
Drought Cycles of Burma.
97Lee: Your favourite book was Drought Cycles of Burma?
Amanda: No, of course not. This has to be a mistake. I mean, Mother must have picked it up by
98mistake. Gosh!  Oh, that’s it! Oh, that’s got to be it! And she’s having her hair done!
Lee: Wait, whoa, whoa,
99whoa. Whoa. I’m not following you.
Amanda: Lee, I’ve been worried because I thought that I should be protecting my home and myself, but, you know, uh, Carlo. I don’t think he’s after me, I think he’s after
100my mother! And she just left the house, she’s out there all alone.
Lee: Okay, okay, hold it.  Just tell me where.
Amanda: She’s at Mr Emilio’s, 14th and Cleveland, I’ll meet you there.

Ok Amanda! We’ll meet you and Lee there at the start of the next post!! Smile I shall leave it there for now!!

Is Captain Galaxy for real? or based on a real doll in the early 80s? don’ t you just love how Lee is even patient with Amanda on the phone when she isn’t making sense??!!!!

Love to hear your thoughts! byee for now! ciao!!

11 responses to “4/6 Season One, Episode 19:Fearless Dotty–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. ScarecrowsAngel

    I just saw the picture of Carlo on that ancient monochrome computer screen and found myself reminded of a toy I once had: The Game Boy Printer. Oh, and the Game Boy Camera. Any photo I took with it got printed out just like on that screen! LOL



  2. Can we assume “Drought Cycles of Burma” is soon to be a major motion picture (er, documentary) from Int’l Film Fed? Sounds like a good double feature with “The River That Refused to Die.” Scotty, I think you have your next assignment!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not sure I’d be buying a toy which is so easily broken! Sure an agent sat on it but I’d expect it to be a bit more robust. Likewise it doesn’t seem a very posable toy with his fixed straight legs! Captain Galaxy? I think you we’re robbed Amanda 😉 I reckon he’s based on Buck Rodgers (ah Gil Gerard…..another early childhood crush…..)
    No Lee doesn’t know the toy market LOL Espionage is nothing compared to getting your hands on the latest toy! It does beg the question why they have run out of dolls. That generally only happens at Christmas (well here it does) and since this is Philips birthday I find it a wee bit odd all the toys have suddenly sold out.
    Keene and his line “anything you want at all, shoot…..” Has me giggling every time 🙂
    Lee you need to catch on a bit quicker if you think Amanda was interested in Drought Cycles of Burma. Super spy? Sometimes I do wonder……
    Mr Emilio’s? Seems a bit formal for a hairdressers lol

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  4. Is Captain Galaxy for real? or based on a real doll in the early 80s?

    If “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” had used a real product (or a real book in the case of “Sky Chief Rides Again”), they would have had to pay royalties for the use of that name and then again every time that show would broadcast. So Captain Galaxy is not a real toy, but is based on a lot of the space themed toys of that era. Not mentioning any names, but the popular movies and TV shows of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

    Also, please notice that while in the kitchen, you never see a real product. All product labels have been alter. For example, the BO box on the kitchen counter in “Saved by the Bells”. That is actually a box of C&H sugar. It is easier for the prop department to alter a label than design a new one from scratch.

    In “The First Time”, Amanda is a den mother of a cub scout troop belonging to the Boy Scouts of America organization. Once the show received the go ahead for filming, now Amanda is a Junior Trailblazer leader. Again a fictional organization, so “Shoot the Moon” productions didn’t have to pay royalties for using the name.


  5. Yeah, I’m thinking the one who sits on Captain Galaxy might be Duffy who appears in many episodes for usually just moments at a time. Of course I can’t think of any right now except Triumvirate (where he is at the head of the line/queue that Amanda is at the back of). I’ll have to keep an eye out now and keep track of which episodes I see him in. (I want to say his first name is Frank, but you know my bad memory, so odds are it’s something entirely different!!)


  6. [
    oops, ‘since’ = ‘scene’ … learn to proofread, raffie!]


  7. So agree, Julia, the ‘drought cycles of Burma’ since is an LOL one for me no matter how many times I watch it! Lee sounds so serious and confused: “Your favorite book was ‘The Drought Cycles of Burma”?? I guess the fact that he even thought that was remotely a possibliity shows how good she is at keeping him off balance!

    Is the agent that sat on Captain Galaxy the Duffy guy again? I can’t quite decide from the picture, but I’ve recently been amazed to notice how may episodes Duffy appears in.across the seasons.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Raffie! who is Duffy? Is he the guy who sits on Captain Galaxy? do we see him again? do tell! I’ll keep an eye out..

      the drought cycles of burma is fabulous isn’t it!! I considered making it the name of my blog for a while there.. but I figured it was too obscure for fans new to smk.. and I couldn’t go past Lee’s first words to Amanda 🙂

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  8. “You don’t know the toy market” and “Your favourite book was Drought Cycles of Burma?” must be some of my favourite lines! So great!!! I simply love them. And Lee is as sweet as those agent covering the house are dumb, I am already banging my hand at them in anticipation of their foolishness. Can not wait for the water hoose scene, I love this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, those agents sure are dumb! No wonder Amanda didn’t want the best protecting her in ‘Filming Raoul’.
      I am glad to have sensitive Lee back, though Amanda’s ditziness in not wanting to look at the book that has already caused several deaths makes me groan.

      Liked by 1 person

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