How to add images to comments

Hi Everyone! Hope you are well!

I have found a way wordpress will let us add images to comments.

Firstly, if you can see any improvements which could be made which could enhance everyone’s experience of this blog – please feel free to let me know.. suggestions are most welcome.

WordPress have only provided one method ( at the moment) for adding images – which is not as simple as just clicking one button.. but trust me, if I can do it – it is not very hard Smile [though I’d prefer one button to do it anyday! ] Improvements or additional wordpress plug ins may become available in future.. so this is the latest info I have to date.. if any improvements are made I will update you.

Instructions on how to add images to comments:

Firstly, you will need to host the image on the internet.. I use photobucket – it’s free to use, and easy.. so I recommend it – but if anyone uses anything else feel free to make suggestions or offer feedback here Smile 

To insert an image into a comment:
copy the image’s URL from photobucket
( the code labelled ‘direct link’ in photobucket)
then insert the URL into the following code, in place of the asterix:

<img src=”*”>

For example, if you add this url :

in place of the asterix, you will get this:


In comments, this will give you an image.. give it a go! 🙂

If you do insert an image into a comment- it will go to moderation: but don’t worry I’ll approve it as soon as I see it!

Expect a little delay in seeing your comment -this is normal (and when I approve it I’ll double check the image is working for you!) and necessary to avoid spam getting access to this blog and spoiling our fun!

Of if you get the code wrong while giving it a go don’t worry  I’ll fix it for you – it’s worth giving it a try and getting the hang of it 🙂 so don’t be afraid to go for it 🙂

Hope this option adds to your SMK fun! 😆


So what do you think??? :)

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