Waiting For the Release of Season Four Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD..

…Why don’t we have some fun? ! Anyone like to submit some artwork of people from Scarecrow and Mrs King waiting on the Scarecrow and Mrs King Season 4 DVDs?

Like to have a go? Or make a suggestion?
Go for it!! It’s lots of fun 🙂
 For reasons to be optimistic about the Season 4 release, see this previous post on Warner’s SMK DVDs history: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/03/28/scarecrow-and-mrs-king-season-four-on-dvdsome-encouragement-for-everyone/
Hopefully we will have an announcement for the release in December this year!!  Open-mouthed smile

19 responses to “Waiting For the Release of Season Four Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD..

  1. OMG..iwsod, your pic of Amanda and Bela is hilarious! ROFL


  2. New GIF, funny!! It’s Dr. Pain!


    • Hi Paula – You got it! You like that moment too?!!! I laugh every time I see that scene.. one of Lee’s funniest moments IMO! Glad you like it.. wish it was bigger.. but oh well.. I’ll do a bigger one when I cover that episode in what ohhhh a year or so ! 😉

      Any requests for a gif? or suggestions?? I’m always open to ideas..


  3. 😉 I can be Julia-with-a-link, if that works for everyone! 😀 Or I can change my name to Jewel… I make handcrafted jewelry, so it fits. 😀


  4. Hey Iwsod, do you mind if I re-use some of your screen shots for a post I’m doing for this site? How do you grab screen shots? Right now, I don’t hink I have the capability to do my own. (How do you grab them?)


    • Hi Cindy! 🙂 I don’t mind at all.. if you are happy to use them! If you would really like to learn how to do it though, I could give you some advice – I have tried a few different ways… or would it be useful if I did a post on it? would others like to know how to do snapshots? ( screen shots tends to be what its called when you take a picture of your whole computer screen)
      If you have photobucket it is really easy to add text to your pics as well – Like how I added Lee beating up connie for season 4 dvds info! 🙂

      If you have an idea for a funny picture and caption but don’t want to actually do it- you can always post your idea here and me or someone else could have a go at doing it for you 🙂


  5. Hahaha! I really love this. I’m eagerly looking forward to season 4 on DVD!

    Your in-depth looks at the episodes are so fun to follow along! 🙂

    (Funny that there’s another Julia commenting here, I don’t often run into people with my name). 😉


    • Hello Julia(2!)! Welcome Welcome!!
      I would love it if you stopped by regularly and joined in – but can you maybe distinguish yourself from the other Julia? LOL! it could get confusing!! As iwsod I don’t have that problem 🙂

      thanks for the encouragement.. it’s great to hear you are enjoying smk here – it is a great show which (for me) just gets better and better with age! I hope you will join in and share your own thoughts and offer feedback too while we are waiting for the release of season 4 on DVD 🙂
      Where are you from Julia? byee! 🙂


    • Welcome Julia 😉 Iwsod, we are distiguished already, she is Julia with homepage, e. g. Julia with a link I am without. Also she is a native speaker and I am not and we are in quite different time-zones 😉


      • Cool! If you’re happy I’m happy:-) just forgive me if I confuse u:-)

        Ahhh I completely get the wanting Amanda to go with
        Lee! I think some delayed gratification was needed4
        The audience at the time though- as well as Lee;)
        IIRC- tiff’s tagalogue 4 this ep went in that direction
        U could always try that 4 some wish fulfillment!
        They r the only fan fic I ever read.. I’m answering
        On my phone- so will post link later- unless someone
        Helpfully beats me to it 🙂
        My season 1 episode order is being published in next day
        Or two- busting to hear your thoughts!! Byee


  6. Wow, this looks great, anyone else thinking he is looking a look like Han Solo in this pict?


  7. Iwsod, that is just too hilarious! Love Lee getting all heavy on us over his DVD’s!


  8. Iwsod, I don’t post often but please know the highlight of my week are your emails. I know I have a few minutes ahead of sheer unadulterated pleasure. thanks heaps and please know it is appreciated-Jane


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