SEASON ONE Quick Links

Listed below are all Season One Episodes in original airing order, with the following information:
1superhappy!The original airing date in the USA
1superhappy!The episode’s blurb on the DVDs (some are dodgy!)
1superhappy!And a direct link to the blog’s first post on that episode – hopefully this will make it fast and easy for you to find the episode you are after..
Also note, I’ve added a ‘Season One Quick Links’ category that will bring you straight to this post anytime, from anywhere on the blog 🙂
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Season One

1- The First Time ( Oct 3, 1983)
Small package- big surprise. A handsome stranger shoves a package in Amanda’s hands, and the adventure begins.

2- There Goes the Neighbourhood  (Oct 10, 1983)
’Til death do them part. Danger lurks when Amanda and Lee play Mr and Mrs to investigate international gunrunning.

3- If Thoughts Could Kill (Oct 17, 1983)
Agency brain drain. A sinister doctor takes control of Lee’s mind during a routine physical.

4- Magic Bus (Oct 24, 1983)
Geared up for action: Lee and Amanda head straight into peril in an uparmoured RV.

5- The ACM Kid (Oct 31, 1983)
The KGB could learn some moves from one of their countrymen, a 12-year-old with super-spy computer skills.

6- Always look a Gift Horse in the Mouth(Nov 07, 1983)
Protecting a Middle Eastern prince and princess turns into a royal mess when assassins take aim at the crowned heads.

7- Service Above and Beyond (Nov 14, 1983)
Amanda’s assignment: vamp a Quickie Chickie magnate who’s selling something a lot more dangerous than extra-crispy wings.

8- Saved by the Bells (Nov 28, 1983)
It’s double trouble for the Agency when enemy spies kidnap Amanda, mistaking her for Scarecrow.

9- Sudden Death (Dec 05, 1983)
Lee and Amanda go undercover to foil a plot against a placekicker on the Washington Pioneers football team.

10- The Long Christmas Eve (Dec 19, 1983)
A spy who picked Christmas to come in from the cold wants a hard-to-find gift: his long-lost daughter.

11- Remembrance of things Past (Jan 09, 1984)
”A warning: I’ve got my eye on you.” Lee is the next item on a killer’s to-do list.

12- Lost and Found (Jan 16, 1984)
A case involving a defecting ESP expert brings Lee’s former love back into his life.

13- I am not now, nor have I ever been a Spy (Jan 30, 1984)
She forgot to remember. Amanda has the 411 on a terrorist cell until a clunk on the head gives her a case of amnesia.

14- Dead Ringer (Feb 06, 1984)
Amanda opens her home to a humourless Hungarian defector with an uncanny resemblance to Francine.

15- The Mole (Feb 13, 1984)
Trust me. I’m a spy. Lee and Amanda hunt for someone in the Agency who’s been slipping secrets to the Russians.

16- Savior (Feb 27, 1984)
Amanda vows to save Lee from a bad career move: leaving the Agency to work for a slimeball arms dealer.

17- The Artful Dodger (Mar 05, 1984)
Amanda’s new suitor is an ex-jewel thief who has branched into even more specialized work: stealing defence secrets.

18- Filming Raul (Mar 19, 1984)
An Agency courier is nabbed and a Hollywood wannabe captures the whole thing on film.

19- Fearless Dotty (Mar 26, 1984)
The latest thriller: an innocent mix-up at a bookstore plunges Amanda’s mom Dotty into international intrigue.

20- Weekend (Apr 23, 1984)
To catch a kidnapper, Lee and Amanda pose as newlyweds at a posh resort – and make surprisingly believable lovebirds.

21- Waiting for Godorsky (May 07, 1984)
”She must be dead within 48 hours” Foreign agents target a witness scheduled to speak before a senate committtee.

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