SMK Snapshots

Hi Everyone! A few of you have asked how I take pictures from scarecrow and mrs king.. So here is what I do.. I am by no means a techie genius so anything I do is very easy! woohoo-022

Firstly, you have to decide where you are going to source your smk episodes from.. the dvds? saving streaming online video? I am not in the USA, so don’t have access to any of the sites that stream SMK.. so can’t offer you advice there.

Also, I don’t have a program I can recommend to rip the discs which is free- sorry! – I bought the program ‘AOA DVD ripper’ – but there are lots of others out there..

Lee in a tux!! Do I need an excuse??

1more drooling1confusion1thuddy

However, in the past I have ripped my discs to my computer – in WMV format –[using AoA dvd ripper] and used windows movie maker [free and probably already on your computer!] to take snapshots – (this is called the ‘take picture from preview’ function.. ) – I did this for ages.. 

Recently I have tried to improve the quality of my snapshots… ( you can judge for yourself if it worked.. LOL.. panda-lol) I now rip my discs in AVI or DIVX format –[using AoA dvd Ripper] and then watch the video in GOM player [free to download online..]– which takes photos in bursts or one at a time..easy to adjust brightness/contrast etc before taking photos-  this player is very new to me but so far I love it! bunnydance

You can also take snapshots in a VLC player [free online.. plays flash maybe other stuff I don’t know! ] – it all depends where you source your episodes and in which format.. a very simple way to take pics..

I hope this helps!1shrug

For adding text to photos – I can suggest ‘paint’ [free and probably already on your computer] or I use my photobucket account [they have free accounts you can use too!].. play around and see what works for you..

If you want to source photos for funny captions or a blog post for this blog- feel free to use what is on this sitehappy-053 – just be sure to please keep my watermark..

Thanks guys!! wavingonce you get the hang of this stuff it is a lot of fun – so well worth having a go! Byeee!!running_happy

2 responses to “SMK Snapshots

  1. Any info for us mac users? 😦


    • Ahhh so sorry Melissa! As I said, I’m really not an expert on these things – and can only share what I do 😦 I think I may know someone on this forum who is a mac user.. I’ll email them and check and see if they would like to post about it – I thought mac’s made graphics really easy and so it was all done with the click of one button 😉 😆
      If you figure anything out let us know please! Maybe google snapshots mac user or something.. good luck! and sorry I can’t be more help..
      Don’t forget if you want to contribute something on this board, you can always use photos I’ve already posted 🙂


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