Munich Location Map-The Times They are a Changin(2.02) & Our Man in Tegernsee (2.07)

By Guest Contributor Claudia.

The Times They are a Changin’ & Our Man in Tegernsee Locations.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000088588

For a broad overview of Munich
(see detailed maps below):

Center of Munich

2    Restaurant “Zum Spoeckmaier”,
Rosenstrasse: where Lee grabs Amanda

3    Number 10 on Amanda’s map the “Viktualienmarkt”
4    Rauthause (city hall) & Glockenspiel
5    Rathaus courtyard: scene where Amanda & Lee arrive with the motorbike
6    “Frauenkirche”, Street Frauenplatz: we see the Church exterior only.

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000333033

7    Friedensengel (Angel of Peace),
Street: Prinzregentenstrasse

8    Odeonsplatz: Scene with Amanda, Dotty & the Boys and scene with  Lee & Amanda (Where Amanda tells Lee about Haddy being a Daddy-iwsod)
9    Caffe ‘TAMBOSI’ at the Odeonsplatz/Hofgarten: Amanda, Dotty & the Boys (in the tag) and scene with Lee & Amanda

10    Hofgarten/Arcaden:
Amanda, Lee, Billy and Francine meeting
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_00091531511a    Residenztheater, Street: Max-Joseph-Platz
(Our Man in Tegernsee: OMIT)

11 – The ‘Police station’ is the Munich Residenz – [a former royal palace!] which houses the Residenzmuseum

12    Restaurant ‘Spatenhaus an der Oper’,
Max-Joseph-Platz (OMIT)
[where Lee and Amanda sit and Amanda tells Lee how she got the counterfeit $$]

13    Hilton Hotel,

14    St. George Church,
Street: Bogenhauser Kirchplatz 1, interior only.

15    St. Emmeramsmuehle,,
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002242442
16    Englischer Garten: where the Motorbike scene is according to the original script.

Great Job Claudia!! Thanks so much for contributing! 1tiphat

Editing to add:

Additional Our Man in Tegernsee location info:
*Charley has identified this location:

This restaurant ‘Mesner Gutl’  is located in Tegernsee.

It is seen at the end of the episode, where Lee and Harry leave Amanda at the party to catch the bad guys at the sawmill.. – it is suppose to be on the other side of Munich, in Solln, but seems they filmed some footage in Tegernsee and used that instead 😉
Here is it’s website:
Great find Charley!! thanks!!
ETA: new detail on Map: addition of 11A – and new details for 11 & 11a- thanks Claudia!! 🙂

12 responses to “Munich Location Map-The Times They are a Changin(2.02) & Our Man in Tegernsee (2.07)

  1. Thank you for this latest episode of the show, I especially enjoy the scene (amongst others) where they touch fingers. Used to do that when I was a kid…lol! You sure put a lot into this and I really appreciate and like reading along especially your “asides to the show”. Conny


    • Hello Conny! Hope you are well! Thanks for the encouragement! Glad you are enjoying the show with us!!

      Have you visited Munich at all? Me? no.. but I would love to! byeeee


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  4. Amazing work, Claudia — Thank-you! And ISWOD, I would happily take Bruce off your hands so your Lee Stetson fantasy can remain intact. Hey – that’s what pals do for each other.


  5. Hi Claudia – again thanks so much for putting all that work into finding these locations and sharing them with us! Hey who here has been to munich?

    I was thinking maybe we could get a list going of all the scenes and locations from these two episodes here in the comments? that way if anyone would like to join in they can? I know Claudia is at work doing this.. maybe a little group input might be helpful and fun? 🙂

    Who has been to Tegernsee? and where is it in relation to Munich?

    My biggest confusion is over the last scene of times changin’ – where Lee and Amanda ride into the square on the back of the motorbike – where is that scene filmed? it was confirmed it is the real location.. but it looks so small I have trouble picturing where it is.. is it an internal courtyard or something?

    I am serious when I say I would love to get together a group of smk fans and tour the european locations – won’t be happening in the next few years – but hey.. I still want to do it! Is anyone else interested? Maybe put feelers out with other smk fans to see who is interested.. otherwise I’ll go by myself ! 🙂 wouldn’t it be hilarious if we managed to get BB to come along?! tee heee.. ( only eerrr that’s right I decided I didn’t want to meet him and ruin my Lee Stetson fantasy 😉 sorry!) Maybe we could tempt KJ out of seclusion?! tee hee.. now I am getting into the realms of fantasy! aaaannd doing an Amanda ramble.. eek! I should get on with my work here –

    Thanks again Claudia for sharing your research with us all!!! It is fantastic!


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