Scarecrow and Mrs King Season 4 on DVD

*ticker removed as countdown completed*
The release of Season Four on DVD has been announced for 22 January 2013.. Hurray!!!!! Let the countdown begin!!

**A huge thankyou to Lovesmk for providing the gorgeous artwork for this ticker!!! ** I could not have done it without you Lovesmk- thanks sooo much!!!!
Hasn’t Lovesmk done a fabulous job??!!!!

18 responses to “Scarecrow and Mrs King Season 4 on DVD

  1. Hi Everyone!! Hopefully the ticker will behave itself – I think it said 1 day to go when it was two though.. but now it is actually one more day till the DVDs are released based on New York time of 9am on 22 January- I figured I’d make the time the first morning when the shops are open and stocking it – although: I am hearing people have started receiving their deliveries in the USA already! And I’ve been notified by Amazon that my order has been shipped.. so the precious little cargo is on it’s way!!! πŸ™‚
    Let us know when yours arrives! πŸ™‚


  2. I have just seen: the german edition will be for sale from 22.2.2013.


    • YES!!! πŸ™‚ That’s ten days after my birthday but hey… better belated than never! πŸ™‚


      • hooray! that is great news for German viewers!

        I will update the countdown timer with the German release date once the US release date has passed πŸ™‚


        • And since the North American release is a few weeks before Valentine’s day, I don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to get season 4 — YAHOO! My first instinct has always been to rush out and get the DVDs the moment they hit the store shelves, but I think that would tip my hand to my family that I may be a wee little bit obsessed with the show. πŸ˜‰


  3. Where is the hours and minutes spots on your countdown ticker? πŸ˜‰


    • ohhhh cindy!! you are so cheeky πŸ˜‰ I love it!! Yes.. very neglectful of me to not give the hours and minutes! teee heee! I did set the time so it was counting days from New york time though.. if that helps! πŸ™‚


  4. I’m looking so much to the release, can’t wait and still so much time left til then… Made me watch some scenes of the 4th season on youtube when I stumbled over this: Bruce Boxleitner is in Melbourne right now. Found a recent interview on youtube, where he’s also talking about Scarecrow&Mrs.King. The audio output was quite bad where I was when I listened to him and so I’m not really sure but if I got it right, he and Kate Jackson talked about a possible launch of a new SMK? Could somebody confirm that? At about 5:25min ->


    • Hi Charley!! ahhh yes sorry about not calling you Julia! but you have a great nickname πŸ™‚

      This whole idea of a new smk series is a bit shocking isn’t it!! I haven’t watched the video yet.. I’ll check it out.
      If you head over to the yuku forum, there are fans over there discussing this whole idea.

      I will believe it when it is officially announced.. or if KJ came out and confirmed it. but in the meantime, it is fun to dream! I have never read any of the virtual seasons so don’t really have any preconcieved ideas of what their future would have been like..

      We’ll see I guess! Hey if there are more episodes coming.. I guess I better hurry up and get through the four seasons huh?!

      Byeee! so great to hear from you Charley! πŸ™‚


      • Well, the idea isn’t shocking at all, but the thinking about what it could be like πŸ™‚ I am not sure about whether I would like to see it come through or not. Would be great to have them back just where they stopped but when the focus would be on something else, maybe their kids as mentioned that wouldn’t be SMK anymore, hu? I’m just afraid of a posible big disappointment for both, the fans and the actors! But as long as BB und exspecially KJ pull the strings that could become something great… Geee… so many ifs and buts… πŸ˜€

        And yeah… hurry up, I’m hungry to read more episode! πŸ™‚
        BYE Charley


      • I wonder if it would be possible to reprise the old SMK and set it in our current time, like they’ve done with Hawaii 5-0. I love KJ and BB, but, like Charley, I’m concerned about what direction the show would take if the original actors took up the same roles 30 years later. It wouldn’t really be SMK anymore, not as we’ve known it. It still might be good, even terrific, but it would be an entirely new show, and would depend hugely on the appeal of a new generation of characters.


      • Exactly, Paula! I don’t know how to set SMK into our current time. Hawaii 5-0 is something different. Police work hasn’t changed much but “spy work”? Cold war is over, what do spies do nowadays? There’s no real visible enemy anymore but many little organisations, terrorist groups and other things. Further, industrial espionage / economic spies are what we have today. Not to talk about the huge technical progress. How much is done with pcs nowadays?
        What I could imagine, though, (Listen now, people πŸ˜€ ) could deal with that: Lee and Amanda, already retired long time ago and enjoying a “normal” life get called back to action because of an enemy from the past or something like that. Could be fun to possibly see Lee struggling with the new ways things are handled while Amanda in her unconventional ways of solving problems has not that much problems with coming back. But that is just the idea for what to be called a “reunion movie” that would be SMK like but I’m afraid I have no clue how a whole new series should look like!


        • Hi Charley and Paula!

          I am so glad to hear you guys discussing this.. ( or read?!)

          I watched the link you sent Charley, I didn’t watch the whole thing but just until he finishes talking smk..

          I agree with you both – it is very hard to visualise what it could be like! And.. because SMK is special to us we fear that is could be not done well! I tell ya what.. it’s a good thing this kind of decision is not based on what I think because I would say do nothing!!

          It sounded like KJ and BB had discussed how the spy world had moved on.. so it would no longer be about the cold war…but more about Amanda and Lee helping out their kids who are spies now.. ( maybe some of those old techniques come in handy) it sounds like they have thought about that.. and taken it into consideration.

          I have a hard time getting my head around it – It is interesting to ponder.. but it hasn’t even been pitched to the execs yet. so who knows.. I didn’t watch chuck but Bruce mentioned it as a model of sorts didn’t he? where the younger generation are the stars.. and Lee and Amanda are not – I can see how that could be attractive to BB and KJ – being the main actors is a huge workload on a series..
          Maybe KJ wants to direct it πŸ™‚ gooo KJ!

          Do you think most smk fans saw a reunion movie as a possibility, but a new tv series was completely out of the blue? It has certainly made my head spin!! I admire KJ’s creativity and guts to suggest it.. πŸ™‚ It is a risk! but.. I do hope it works out for everyone!

          I could have seen Lee and Amanda doing the hart to hart thing.. solving crimes as they come their way.. maybe it will be a little like that – only the b plot?

          Fascinating stuff! thanks for sharing your thoughts Paula and Charley!

          I’ll try to get the first post of Brunettes are In up today ( you do love that episode don’t you Paula πŸ˜‰ ha!! )

          Hey which current actors could you see in the main roles?? I am guessing there would be a new Lee and Amanda like couple- which one is the new spy I don’t know…but any suggestions? LOL! Let’s start Casting! teee heee.. people who can do action, comedy.. and romance! πŸ™‚

          Yeah good point about hawaii five-o.. Is it better to tie it to the old series? or give it a completely new spin? so people dont need to be old smk fans to get it.. Interesting!!


      • Something unexpectedly fun I find about your blog, iwsod, is that it really illuminates which episodes I find especially appealing. I didn’t realize until lately just how much I drool over Brunettes Are In. I first started watching SMK with gusto in syndication when I was about 17 (around 1990). That episode just got so much repeated play on the old VCR, especially certain scenes which I’m sure I’ll swoon and cringe and squee over all over again when the time comes. Oh dear, look at the time…gotta pick up my son from scouts! Byeee!


        • Hi Paula – that’s really cool!! I am truly thrilled to hear that blogging through the episodes is bringing up insights into how you enjoy the show!!

          I love that this is not just me going through them – but that we are all walking through them together – Thanks for sharing Paula!!!

          Can I guess which moment makes you swooon? πŸ™‚ tee hee.. this could be fun! πŸ˜‰ I am guessing: Lee: You were going to sell Amanda?????!!!!!!!!!!! SWOON!!!

          Am I right? I haven’t watched the episode yet- it’s been a while.. but that has always stuck in my mind!

          Anyone else out there reading- We would love to hear your smk thoughts, experiences!!! Don’t be shy!!! πŸ™‚

          Ohhh actually that reminds me – for those of you that don’t sign into wordpress to comment here – are you seeing advertisements when you read my blog?

          Ok ok.. off to actually start writing about Brunettes Are In! will be back with a post soon as I can!


    • Hi! I hope we see KJ and BB together again on tv and the chemistry of these two is sparkling one more time….maybe in a new smk show built around L&A. Lee with Billys job, Amanda working at the agency too, and then……
      There are so many great fanfictions in the net, maybe good stuff for a reunion. Buuut Charley you are right, so many ifs and buts, buuut lets hope!

      I found a new story and I love it:


  5. I think my favorite cover is Season 1, then Season 3 comes in second. Can’t wait for Season 4 on DVD!


  6. Hey… as promised I’m commenting πŸ™‚ Better late than never! I’m back from your beautiful country and I have a little time now!

    Just a quick comment on this cover… It has nothing to do with season 4! Lee might be of season 1 or 2, Amanda season 2 maybe – anyhow with really bad hair!!! To me, a very unhappy choice!


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