Season 4 DVD back cover.. From ‘I spy’ to ‘I do’

New info!! We now have the back cover to the season 4 DVDS!
Very interesting… Amanda described as an ‘Agent’ and a ‘consumate professional!’  I like this copy – I think it is the best written and most interesting out of the lot – and true to the show.. love the use of ‘Power Hungry Wachos’ !  Oh and I love that they used a pic of Amanda listening in on Lee’s peacock dance (‘What a drag!’  ) Ohhhh I can’t wait to discuss season 4!!!

This picture is the best I can do sorry! Hope you can read the copy.. if  not head to and you can use their little magnifying glass to read it more clearly.. I had to take a snapshot of my screen to get this pic! (being in Australia I don’t have access to the Warner Bros tv on dvd website-if anyone can get a better pic can you send it to me please? pretty please?)
Season 4 back cover

Hey when it comes out.. should we walk through an episode together to commemorate it’s release? I am soooooo tempted!!! tell me what you think!!
Many thanks to Eagle Eyed Redgold for pointing out to me this information has been released!!!  🙂

Byeeeee! Iwsod

10 responses to “Season 4 DVD back cover.. From ‘I spy’ to ‘I do’

  1. No, you got it….the back cover I got from Amazon…. didn’t see the back cover on the Warner site yet…. in the end glad you were able to use the image…. 🙂


  2. I. want. it. 😀


  3. Hope you get this, Conny


    • Hiya conny! Yep I got your post from different email
      No probs- I approved it 🙂
      Great to hear from u!

      I’m traveling at the moment so must
      Be brief- but fabulous to hear from you
      Again!! 🙂 Iwsod


  4. Thanks for sharing the back cover for season 4…I cannot wait for the dvd to arrive. Also, thanks for all the work you put for each episode. I do enjoy reading them. Conny


  5. YES! YES! YES! 🙂


  6. the back cover is not on the Warner site yet…. but saved this from Amazon…..  hope this helps   Best    DeniseRose



    • Hi Denise Rose!! So wonderful to hear from you!! Hope you are well!

      Thanks for checking the warner’s site! 🙂 That helps alot!

      Was there something from Amazon you wanted to post? maybe send me an email with it if you like..


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