Hooray!! Thanks for a Great Year!!!

Today is the first anniversary of my starting this blog!!!

Ohhh how time flies when you’re having fun!!! For one year we have walked through 29 episodes! Not bad!!
We’ve gone from this:
14amanda agrees to help Lee

To this:
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001836836
And I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! Yes, even Artful Dodger! (grr) because I’ve been walking through the episodes accompanied by my fellow Scarecrow and Mrs King fans!!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who stop by, and say hello – thanks for keeping me going – I probably would not have lasted the year if not for your encouragement. Knowing you are out there makes a huge difference.

I guess that means in a year we should be up to.. the 58th episode.. which would be… Season three, episode 14, Playing for Keeps! I would love to be up to the Triumvirate by then.. but I must not rush!!

When you’re talking about SMK, you have to be patient! Winking smile

3.09 J.EDGAR'S GHOST.wmv_0009953613.09 J.EDGAR'S GHOST.wmv_000994860
[ Remember Amanda saying to Lee in J.Edgar’s Ghost: ‘Lee we’re talking about Love! When you’re talking about love, you have to be patient.’ ?! Whooo so much good stuff is coming!!! ]


16 responses to “Hooray!! Thanks for a Great Year!!!

  1. Hi IWSOD,
    It is almost 8 years since this post. Thank you for all your JWWM posts. Although I only found your blog last month, I am enjoying them all.


    • Hi new2smk – Great to hear from you! yeah crazy huh. Yesterday was the blog’s anniversary – This blog started 9 Years ago!!!!!!!!
      had I stopped to think about committing to something for 9 years I think I would have been a little overhwelmed, but 9 years on I’m just extemely grateful for all the joy this blog has given me personally, and the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to converse with – enjoying our fave couple together 🙂

      I’m always thrilled to hear people are enjoying the blog – thanks new2smk!


  2. I know this comment is late in coming. I just found this blog. I have loved revisiting Scarecrow and Mrs King this way!
    Thank you! It’s as if I’m experiencing the program for the first time and have laughed hysterically at your well placed comments.


    • Hello Linda! Welcome!!!! Better late than never!! Hope you can join in the current discussion of wizard – it’s a great way to get to know this little community!!

      It would be great to hear your thoughts on earlier episodes too if you’d like to share them!

      Awh cool – you made my day! Thanks for the kind words! and again – Welcome!!!


  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! ….I enjoy a lot with your blog. I am happy to know I am not the only one who loves SMK….and will continue walking with you


  4. Thank you for all you have done with each episode. It has been real funtimes for me seeing and reading each episode through you eyes and thoughts….some I would and did not notice. I cannot wait for the rest. Conny


    • Thankyou everyone!
      I am so glad you found this blog.. and decided to walk.. and talk! 🙂 tee heeee..

      Yes!!! Debilyn, what a happy though!! Season 4 will be lovely and clear, and here soon!!!! wow!!!!


  5. Happy blog-aversary! Such a fun way to share SMK with fellow fans. I can’t believe its been a whole year, ISWOD. Whether we make it to Playing for Keeps or not, or further, it will be fun all the way. The good news is, we won’t have to stop at Season 3, cause all four seasons will be out in clear, viewable DVD’s. Woohoo!


    I wasn’t there when this blog started, but now I am and I’m glad to be here. I just love to go through the episodes bit by bit and together with all of you. Three cheers for you, iwsod, and your work, please keep it going, you’re awesome… or as Lee said in the magic bus episode: “Your work was… not bad…” 😉


  7. Happy Anniversary!! I wish I had found your blog earlier, it’s so much fun to follow along on the episodes! 😀


  8. Happy Anniversery! So glad I found your blog… keep on walking! 🙂


  9. Thannk you for a fun place to go for one of my obsessions!…uhm, I mean a favorite show of mine! Hehe…


  10. Woo hoo!! Happy Blog Anniversary! It has been a lot of fun, and a great diversion from all those pesky off-line concerns like bills and working a job and why, oh 6th-born, do you scribble with crayon on every available household surface Every Single Day?! *Ahem*

    Anyway, looking forward to continuing the walk. Thanks again.


  11. Happy anniversary! I cannot express how much I’ve enjoyed this blog and am so happy I found it near the beginning. No matter how stupid real life got, I knew I could sneak away here and relive some fantastic memories. It was also very nice to know I was not alone in my obsession — I mean appreciation of SMK after all this time. Thanks for all your hard work!


  12. Congratulations!!…. it’s been a great year…. I enjoy every single one of your entries…. they are funny and informative as you have pointed out things I have missed…. love to watch SMK, and enjoy reading the blog along with the applicable episode…. Thank you for providing us a place to share our favorite show….


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