Operation Sandstorm- Scarecrow and Mrs King Transcription project

Hi Everyone.
For Scarecrow and Mrs King fans who are new to the SMK Fandom, I would like to introduce:  Operation Sandstorm! Currently underway amongst SMK fans around the globe..

This project (international and top secret! Winking smile ) was born from SMK fans wishing they could have access to transcripts of episodes in one central location to refer to whenever we like. It can be fun to read a transcript, search transcripts for dialogue etc. without having to search episodes. Also, scripts can be very different to the episode which actually aired.

We all benefited from the hard work of Claudia, who transcribed all Season One episodes by herself – and kindly made them available to all fans on the internet.
2WomanSo we thought – what if many SMK fans chipped in and did a transcript or two? This could be a fun project for people who are interested, and able. A massive job for a few, but a manageable job for many! 😎

A number of SMK fans over the last year have already transcribed or proof read episodes. These transcripts are being hosted by Petra at her website www.smk-land.com for everyone to have access to. Petra is responsible for organising this project! 🙂 Thanks Petra!  [To access the transcripts at Petra’s website, membership is required, but this is a very simple process!]

Here’s the current status of episode transcriptions, with the title of the episode, transcriber in brackets, and status or location listed.
Any transcripts at smk-land.com can be accessed HERE – in the steno pool.

Season 1:
All transcribed by Claudia here

Season 2:
 1 To Catch a Mongoose (Claudia) here
2 Times they are a Changin (Claudia) here
3 Double Agent (Chezanne) at smk-land
4 The Legend of Das Geisterschloss (Petralit) awaiting transcription
5 Charity Begins at Home (Petralit) awaiting transcription
6 Brunettes are In (Chezanne) at smk-land
7 Our Man in Tegernsee (Petralit) awaiting transcription
8 Affair at Bromfield Hall (MACHMabel) awaiting transcription
9 A Class Act (stillbuffy) awaiting transcription
10 Playing Possum (IWSOD) at smk-land
11 The Three Faces of Emily (MrsVanderhosen) at smk-land
12 Ship of Spies (ereshai) at smk-land.com
13 Spiderweb (Iwsod) awaiting transcription
14 A little Sex, A little Scandal  (skftex) awaiting transcription
15 A Relative Situation (swissmiss70) awaiting transcription
16 Life of the party (Chezanne) at smk-land.com
17 Odds on a Dead Pigeon (ereshai) awaiting transcription
18 Car Wars (Jaemie) at smk-land.com
19 DOA: Delirious on Arrival (Kauhly.caflocals) awaiting transcription
20 You Only Die Twice (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
21 Burn out (Raffie) at smk-land.com
22 Murder Between Friends (IWSOD) at smk-land.com
23 Vigilante Mothers (Jaemie) at smk-land.com

Season 3:
   1 A Lovely Little Affair (Kauhly.caflocals) awaiting transcription
2 We’re off to see the Wizard (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
3 Over the Limit (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
4 Tail of the Dancing Weasel (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
5 Welcome to America, Mr Brand (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
6 Sour Grapes (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
7 Utopia Now (Jaemie) awaiting transcription
8 Reach for the Sky (BJo) awaiting transcription
9 J. Edgar’s Ghost (KC) at smk-land.com
10 Flight to Freedom -NOT ALLOCATED
     12 Fast Food for Thought (KC) at smk-land.com
13 One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t (Karyn) at smk-land
14 Playing for Keeps – (Kiwismh) awaiting transcription
15 Pharaoh’s Engineer -NOT ALLOCATED
16 The Triumvirate (Learjet) at smk-land.com
17 The Eyes have it (Jenbo/ BitsyBeans) awaiting transcription
    18 Wrong Number – (Kiwismh) awaiting transcription
19 The Boy Who Could Be King  – (Kiwismh) awaiting transcription
20 Dead Men leave no Trails (KC) at smk-land.com
     21 Three Little Spies -NOT ALLOCATED
22 All the World’s a Stage (Karyn) at smk-land.com

Season 4:
1 Stemwinder (Part 1) – (KC) awaiting transcription
2 Stemwinder (Part 2) – (KC) awaiting transcription
3 Unfinished Business – (learjet) awaiting transcription
4 No Thanks for the Memory -NOT ALLOCATED
5 It’s in the Water   -NOT ALLOCATED
6 Night Crawler (Jaemie) at smk-land.com
  7 Billy’s Lost Weekend -NOT ALLOCATED
8 Photo Finish -NOT ALLOCATED
9 The Man Who Died Twice -NOT ALLOCATED
10 Need to Know -NOT ALLOCATED
11 Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag -NOT ALLOCATED
12 Any Number Can Play – (learjet) – at smk-land
13 Promises to Keep -NOT ALLOCATED
14 Rumours of My Death -NOT ALLOCATED
15 Bad Timing (Schlunki) awaiting transcription
    16 Do You Take This Spy -NOT ALLOCATED
17 Mission of Gold -NOT ALLOCATED
18 One Flew East -NOT ALLOCATED
19 All That Glitters -NOT ALLOCATED
20 Suitable for Framing -NOT ALLOCATED
21 A Matter of Choice -NOT ALLOCATED
22 The Khrushchev List -NOT ALLOCATED

Interested in contributing?woohoo-022
Please email Petra at: info@petralit.de  to choose which episode you would like to transcribe. Smile
Or if you want to tell me I can pass it on for you.. I don’t mind- whatever!
If you would like a guide for how to set out the transcribing, and what level of detail is required for Operation Sandstorm see Claudia’s website for examples (this link is ‘the first time’ transcript).. I spoke to Petra,  before posting about this – she said to say a big hello!! And she will stop by when she is able.
Thanks Petra for hosting the scripts and the transcripts for us all to enjoy!!thanks

All transcriptions are proof read where possible by a fellow SMK fan to make sure all is ok (beta readers), and are then sent to Petra, for her to upload to her website.

So far, many fans have joined in! The idea is, there is no rush to complete a transcript, it can be done in small amounts over a length of time.. just a scene here or there over many months.. and that way it is not stressful or onerous for anyone. This is how I do it.. just a scene here or there.

[updated 25 Jan- I just finished transcribing  ‘Murder Between Friends’ – whooo!! cool ep! Once I got into the swing of it, it was a lot of fun – It feels so good to complete it!!! and  you know the episode very well by the end of it!!! Smile  If you chose to transcribe one feel free to share about it here too Smile
If you are in the process of transcribing one now- hang in there!!!! 🙂 You can do it!! 🙂

There is no obligation to do transcriptions, but if you would like to contribute to the SMK fandom in this way – it would be very welcome!! Operation Sandstorm is underway and we can always use new recruits!!! Smile

Thanks to everyone who has transcribed episodes so far – I have found the transcriptions invaluable in blogging about episodes!!!


Any general questions? Feel free to post them here and I can try to help you.. Anyone else done a transcription? How did you find it? did you find it manageable? Byeee!  waving emoticon

[EDITED 11JAN14: To update listing of episodes looking for someone to transcribe them 🙂 Also, there is a thread at Nedlindger’s about transcribing and looking for beta readers HERE.
And at Yuku HERE
Thanks everyone!!

[updated again 25 Jan 14] ]

Updated listing of episode status:
19 May 2014
11 June 2014
28 Jan 2015
06 Sept 2015

*Note there’s this post where I asked for help from readers with transcribing the dialogue only of some season 3 episodes which don’t have completed transcripts to help me with JWWM episode posts.. this is slightly different to Operation Sandstorm, as there are no scene descriptions or character actions listed.. but if you are transcribing dialogue only – and are interested in taking it a step further and adding all the location descriptions and character actions go for it!!! but.. you are under no obligation to- no pressure at all! byeeeeee!!!

15 responses to “Operation Sandstorm- Scarecrow and Mrs King Transcription project

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  6. Thank you so much Petra, Iwsod and all of you for the transcripts!!! Great job!!! Very useful (also) for non-native speakers :-)!!! Thanks!!! 🙂


    • Squeeeeeee!!!! A Pallina sighting!!!!!!! I’ve missed you!!!!!!!

      That’s really great to hear that the transcripts help non-English speakers – studying smk must be a really fun way to learn a language. Though I suspect Pallina, that I would not be able to do it – drooling and swooning over Lee while trying to actually learn something? I think that might be asking too much of me! 😉 I forget English half the time when I watch Lee and it’s my first language! whgowabhaohbah! tee hee

      [btw- please call me Iwsod online- it’s less confusing for me to have just one name!]

      So great to hear from you!


  7. Hi Everyone! I thought I’d share this message I got from Petra with you all.

    Here’s Petra’s message:
    “Just a short but heartful thank you to you and all the people over at your blog for doing such a wonderful job transcribing episodes and dialogue. Thanks to that the list of finished transcripts on my fanpage grows longer and longer! Please say hi to everybody!

    Some lovely encouragement!!! thanks to everyone who is helping to contribute to the transcripts, and ultimately to Operation Sandstorm 🙂


  8. Hi Everyone, I’ve updated the episode listing with the status of all episodes.. whether they are allocated, finished or awaiting completion to make things clear for everyone – bye!


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