Season Two Production order

Hi Everyone! I thought it might be helpful to provide the production order of Season two episodes..

I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination!
For me, I tend to view the production order not as an exact episode order to watch – As the odd episode can be swapped  and more than one episode was filmed at a time –[I read somewhere BB confirmed they tended to film two episodes at a time?? sorry can’t confirm this!] However, the production order does give lots of clues about episode order.. and it’s interesting to keep an eye on this order as we work our way through the season (especially towards the end where we get magic Amanda hair! short long short long! 😉 ). I thought you might find it interesting too!

So here is the production order of Season Two: (first to last)

Charity Begins at Home  (filmed for season 1 and postponed.. )
The Times they are a Changin
The Legend of das Geisterschloss
Our Man in Tegernsee
To Catch a Mongoose
Affair at Bromfield Hall
Double Agent
The Three faces of Emily
A Class Act
Brunettes are In
Car Wars
Playing Possum
Ship of Spies
A Relative Situation
A Little Sex, A Little Scandal
Life of the Party
Odds on a Dead Pigeon
DOA: Delirious on Arrival
You Only Die Twice
Burn Out
Murder Between Friends
Vigilante Mothers

Interesting to note how far down the list Brunettes Are In is!!
As anyone who has read my posts lately will know- I think this makes a big difference!! 🙂

At the end of season two I’ll give my version of the episode order.. which will be similar to this but with a few episodes swapped I think.. but feel free to offer your own ideas or theories if you like! byeeeeee for now!

7 responses to “Season Two Production order

  1. IWSOD, Where did you find the production order? Can you please post a link for each season? I keep seeing references to this but can’t find the original source and it’s driving me nuts. I’d like to look at the dates and see how it ended up.


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  4. Well it certainly explains (not excuses) why Lee was freaking in “Brunettes” about Amanda taking the solo assignment since it was just after “Class Act”. Yes, she saved the day in the end, but she certainly wasn’t at her best. No wonder Lee was doubting her abilities, and I think it explains why Billy was willing to get Amanda more field experience.


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