SMK Banners by Lovesmk/WhisperRomance

Hi Everyone! You may have noticed has a new look 🙂  ‘WhisperRomance’ (Lovesmk) has completed a series of fabulous banners for me to use on this blog!!!! woohoo-022I’m so excited! I hope you are going to enjoy her handy work as I swap them around over the coming months! Do you like the Service Above and Beyond Banner? I love the blue colour throughout and find it very swoony!!!! 1swoon

Feel free to share here any comments on the banner – BJo I passed on your comments to Lovesmk and she was thrilled to hear you noticed it and liked it! Smile [maybe she’ll stop by and check it out!!]

thankyou2Thanks sooooo much Lovesmk for all your hard work and generosity!!

SMK fandom is full of many talented people huh!!!! Anyone else got some artwork they’d like to share?? You could post it here in the comments or email me about it if you like- my email is in the sidebar

[Also, comment here if you see a pic you like – I could easily make it into an avatar for you.. I’m not as creative as Lovesmk Winking smile but I can do Avatars Smile]


11 responses to “SMK Banners by Lovesmk/WhisperRomance

  1. Wanted to say that I think the banners are fantastic! And breathtakingly gorgeous – burble, burble, drool, swoon……


  2. Enjoy Lovesmk’s (aka whisperromance) latest banner…
    soooo much Lee goodness 😉 I especially like the big explosion in the middle..
    Action Lee.. Brace yourselves!!!!

    Thanks Lovesmk !!


  3. hiya! Just published Lovesmk’s banner of Lee and Amanda crashing into the pond! Such a tough set of pictures to combine -Lovesmk you’ve done an amazing job!!!


  4. HI Everyone!!! Hope you’ve all been enjoying Lovesmk’s gorgeous Utopia Now headers!!!

    Hey I just updated with a utopia now one I think I may have missed earlier.. oopsie!!! and such a special moment as Lee reaches out to comfort Amanda!! awh!!!!

    Lovesmk you’ve done a wonderful job! thanks for sharing with us!!


  5. Hiya Everyone!
    Just a little update.. Lovesmk/WhisperRomance has created some fabulous Utopia Now banners!!!! whooo hoooo!!!

    I’ll be including them in the episode post to which they are most relevant..

    We are so spoilt with all you amazingly talented SMK fans!!!

    I’ll update the header now with the header (banner) which relates to the earliest moments of the episode.. then I’ll update in conjunction with the post as I publish them.. hope that makes sense..

    Lovesmk you rock!! 🙂


  6. Hi Everyone! just a little update – Lovesmk (WR) has kindly made some more banners for us!!! Keep your eyes out for the new Lovely Little Affair and We’re off to see the Wizard Banners!!
    [I’ve set the headers to show randomly 🙂 ]

    I especially enjoyed how Lovesmk managed to show off Lee’s err jeans in that opening scene delivering Amanda’s pizza 😉 nicely done Lovesmk!!! And a banner dedicated to dreamy Lee in that blue shirt? Genius!!!

    Enjoy everyone!! and thanks again to Lovesmk for your generosity!! 🙂


  7. Lovely banner. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks to both of you.


  8. I love the banner! Great job!


  9. I did notice the new banner and I LOVE it! The close ups of Lee carrying Amanda in the show are some of the best. (Was glad to see there weren’t any long shots, though – I always try to block out the fact he’s carrying KJ’s stunt Double in the long shots). My face is the look of intense anger from Lee over the fact they tried to kill Amanda. Swoon!!!!


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