Congrats Paula!!!

Hi Everyone! Paula emailed me to share with us all that  she 2Womanhas given birth to her 7th child! whoo hoooo!
(back in April- as you can imagine-she’s busy!!)

Lee likes that!

A little boy called Leo.

Paula wrote: I can call him ‘Lee’ for short Smile!!!!

Now that is SMK dedication right there Paula! I am sure Leo will be happy to see how fabulous his namesake is Winking smile one day!

Paula, I’m sure others will join me in wishing you and your family a big congratulations on your new addition!
We miss hearing from you and look forward to a time when you can once again stop by – in the meantime, glad to hear you are still reading all about BJo’s Plaid sightings, Cindy drooling on her computer and Raffie replacing windex with drool.. lol.. never a dull moment around here! Smile And.. we can all guess who that drooling was over right? Smile 
This was the best Scarecrow and Mrs King baby reference I found Smile ! tee hee.. [There’s an SMK reference for everything.. right?]

Nooo pressure at all to comment here Paula, just wanted to wish you and your family all the best – and thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us all!

All the best!



11 responses to “Congrats Paula!!!

  1. Hey, thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone, and for the nice write-up, iwsod! The Sound of Music rocks! Perhaps if I had a better girl-to-boy ratio, I’d have some singing talent/interest in here, but alas…

    Now that Leo’s safely here, I’m back to watching my season 2 SMK again and catching up on posts. This closer look at Car Wars is reminding me how much good stuff is in that episode. I tend to forget it in favor of the more obvious favorites, like SOS and BO.


  2. As a mother of 6, I congratulate you and hold you in high regard. May love and joy and peace abound. Congratulations!


  3. Congratulations, Paula, to you and your family!! BJo, love the Sound of Music quote –what a great movie, so full of humor and grace. 7 children indeed, yet Maria makes it look so easy 🙂 And yep, IWSOD, there’s an SMK moment for everything! Nice choice for the pic.


  4. Congratulations, Paula!!!!!!! My wish for you is plenty of rest and no colic. 🙂


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Thanks for the news…I was just wondering about Paula yesterday. Congrats Paula on little Leo!!!


  6. Congrats, Paula. Hope you and Leo are doing well.


  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome Leo!!


  8. Hi, Paula congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of Leo…


  9. Fraulein Maria: 7 children?
    Mother Superior: Don’t you like Children, Maria?
    Fraulien Maria: Well, yes, but 7?”

    Not sure if you’re a Sound of Music fan, Paula, or if I did the dialogue justice, but this immediately came to mind when I read iwsod’s post. That part in the movie always makes me chuckle.

    Congratulations on your 7th – that’s awesome! And I hope the Lee in Plaid pictures can always put a smile on your face even in the midst of the all the energy, laundry and love in your house from your 7!


  10. I don’t know Paula but just wanted to say congrats on the safe arrival of your baby. 7th?! And here’s me thinking life was busy enough with two of my own LOL


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