Update/Behind the Scenes


We interrupt our regularly schedule programming to bring you this important announcement:  iwsod is currently experiencing technical difficulties getting online at this time  Sad smile  Hang in there, iwsod!!  This post will most likely be the last post until Friday ….Crying face   Guess that means we will just have to continue to review some previous episodes!  We now take you back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress:


Hi Everyone! Just a short note to mention that I’ve asked BJo to help me in moderating this blog Smile  BJo lives in the USA… and I live in Australia – so this way we have all time zones covered! Open-mouthed smile

Moderation is sometimes needed if you post a comment with either a link or a photo in it.. This is to protect JustWalkWithMe from spammers who want to sell us a certain brand of sneakers that KJ loves *Ahem* to name just one – there are many products trying to get access to the blog and our eyes! Sad smile

Anyway, as always if you have any issues at all feel free to email me about it (my email’s on the sidebar) as blog administrator I’m your go to gal! 

BJo will be helping to keep things running smoothly so hopefully your comments won’t be in moderation for long and your fab contributions of pics, vids, and links will be able to join the conversation asap! Smile

Welcome BJo – and thanks so much for providing a helping hand to keep this blog a place full of easy smk fun!! Open-mouthed smile



Hi Everyone – and thanks, iwsod, for the opportunity to be part of the behind the scenes efforts of JustWalkWithMe!  I love this blog and all the folks I’ve “met” here and am looking forward to helping out with the moderation of comments (especially since I seem to be one of the folks who needs moderation…..  Winking smile )  I will certainly do my best to keep the spammers out and the genuine commenters in! 

BJo   Nerd smile

11 responses to “Update/Behind the Scenes

  1. Sorry to hear about the internet issues. Those can be so irritating. It’s amazing how far we have come with technology and how when there is a glitch it can mess up so many things. I now have all four seasons on DVD and am going back and forth with a few highlights here and there. I have been watching them on my computer and using headphones. It’s amazing how deep BB voice sounds on some occasions. Particularly when he is not angry Lee or is talking quietly. It is also cause for a little swooning. He also makes these other little sounds at times that I must say are cause for some melting and one or two are hilarious. I will struggle on.


    • Hello Everyone!! Remember me??!!!
      I’ve had computer dramas you wouldn’t believe!

      I am still having difficulties but now I am home I have managed to get online… and whoooo hooo! i should be able to publish a new post when I’ve finished this!

      I just wanted to say a huge thanks to BJo for taking on the role of moderator.. 🙂 For those of you who are new here – I don’t usually just disappear for two weeks – this is a first for me! It was unforseen and I would usually let people know if I was not going to be posting for a week or two – so I don’t expect this to happen again! (please no!) Thanks for publishing this post for me also BJo – you were a lifesaver!! 🙂

      I’ve missed you guys!!! I’ve missed my smk stress relief!!!

      Thanks for the finger crossing well wishes Jenbo, Debilyn, Melissa R, Valerie and BJo – I have been getting emails on my phone of comments and I’ve been enjoying them! but actually posting and responding with one finger typing would have driven me even more insane 😉

      The good news is, with this down time I have managed to finish up ALSALS! Soooo we should be able to keep the party going for the next week or two – and then comes Morley’s fab post on Amanda and her current situation- stay tuned!!! 🙂

      Good thing I am ahead with smk too- as I am waaaaay behind in my RL work because of these computer troubles- I have to download all my programs all over again – starting from scratch!!! At least I now have a new fangled computer with windows 8, better capabilities and maybe that will give better quality pics of Lee in a tux.. wet Lee.. Lee’s dimples.. you get the idea.. yep- reverting back to my 8 year old self for a giggle is a total stress relief from the troubles in the real world- I hope smk gives you a lovely boost too!!

      Apologies again everyone – I dislike just dropping off – and leaving right in the middle of a scene.. ugh!!! well.. anyway I will put it all behind me and look forward now [a bit like how I deal with Amanda’s hair don’t!]

      – hope you are all well!!! I’ve missed you guys!!!
      Off to publish my next installment of alsals!


      • Wheeeeeee! Iwsod’s back!
        Sorry you were dealing with computer issues. 😦 Hopefully everything–including the RL backlog–is out of your hair soon.


  2. Melissa Robertson

    Internet problems can be a pain, but we will be patient iwsod 😉

    Thanks BJo for helping out.

    The kids and I will be watching SMK while we husk 2 bushels of corn for freezing. They asked to watch so the job is more fun, I say twist my arm 🙂


  3. Thanks for the votes of confidence Jenbo and debilyn! My daughter also loves to watch SMK!! She is 10 and is patiently waiting until I buy S4 so she can see DYTTS. Damn Amazon Prime/WB!! Maybe next paycheck. She’s up to ANCPlay with Harry Barrigan.


  4. Thanks, BJo, for helping out. Hope you’re able to be back soon, IWSOD.
    Yay, Jenbo! I have a younger daughter who’s always willing to watch with me. My older daughter always turns to SMK when she’s in the mood to watch some romance, though she doesn’t always watch with me when I’m watching it. Still, at least she knows where to find some real romance. 😉


    • I wonder if BB will be one of her first crushes like he was for me. LOL now that is weird! It’s like we have come full circle!


      • My older daughter is really into the NCIS guys from both shows. My youngest really enjoys the Lee character and has started watching Babylon 5 with me, so she has become a BB fan, if not a crush. She enjoys comparing Lee with John Sheridan.


  5. Sorry you’re having Internet problems IWSOD 😦 sending fix it quick vibes your way. Thankfully I have a few episodes to watch before I catch up where I started reading this blog and commenting so that will keep me busy 😉
    Glad BJo is inboard as a moderator, she will do a sterling job 🙂

    As an aside I am totally stoked that yesterday my 5 year old daughter was asked to pic a DVD to watch. She picked SMK!!!!! My husband groaned and rolled his eyes but I am pleased as punch 🙂 we sat and watched TFT together. Start ’em young I say 😉


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