Introducing: Nedlindger’s -The Scarecrow and Mrs King Forum

Hi SMK Fans! Jenbo here!1_bouncy-smile5_thumb

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that comments on this lovely blog can spark a number of discussions about many things not directly related to SMK. It’s amazing how we can go from SMK to Lord of the Rings to Top Gear. All in  one episode 1Emoticon cheekywink

Sadly IWSOD’s blog can’t quite handle the off topic discussions, so in response to the need to have a little corner of cyberspace where we can chat about anything and everything, I would like to introduce you to Nedlindger’s.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000504838
Pull up a bar stool, find a booth, order a drink of your choice and make yourself at home Smile The Nedlindger’s Forum is open for business! Smile

Registration to the forum is free and open to anyone and everyone, whether you are a subscriber to this blog or not Smile
The forum is in its infancy and depending on demand other boards can be created if needed. I thought we could start of with the basics and take it from there.

So far there are two boards:
The Off Topic board
I’ve set its contents to be visible only to registered members – as a way of providing a bit more privacy if people would prefer that. It’s easy to register and join in the fun, free chatter Smile
2) The SMK board
This board can be read by everyone and is for any Scarecrow and Mrs King discussions. However, please note.. The forum is not intended to replace commenting on the episode discussions here at JustWalkWithMe,  but to complement it and provide a home for off topic chatter.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000618451

I am the administrator of the forum, so if you have any questions or issues,
please feel free to email me at:

So in the words of Tom Cruise in Cocktail
(the 80’s reference far too much of my life Winking smile )
“Bar’s open!”
–  Jenbo
Hi Everyone!  Iwsod Here!
Congrats Jenbo, the forum looks great! 2applause-appl

I’ll be stopping by to join in the chatter when I can 🙂 I’ve signed up as Iwsod Smile it was easy!

I’d just like to add that this blog will continue walking through all 88 episodes..discussing the show as we go. I hope that you will continue to stop by to discuss the episodes as we enjoy this walk together – I’m having a lot of fun! I hope you are too!

As always, if you would like to have fun with SMK and express yourself by doing a blog post of your own, I would be very happy to post it here for you Smile

I feel very lucky to have such insightful and friendly SMK fans as my travel companions as we journey through the show together!!thank-you[3]

Iwsod.wave smiliey!


10 responses to “Introducing: Nedlindger’s -The Scarecrow and Mrs King Forum

  1. whooo hooo! so exciting!!
    I always thought it was spelt Nedlingers till I took this screen grab.. whoa! I’m going to have to get use to Nedlindger’s – don’t be surprised if I get it wrong!

    Looking forward to chatting with you all over on the forum – I just wanted to add that I hope BJo and Morley will continue to feel creatively inspired by SMK and continue to share their posts here on the blog.. but- I also wanted to add that while I love them – there is noooo obligation and SMK must never be work! It must always be fun!! 🙂 Thanks BJo and Morley!!!! and anyone else is welcome to post here also 🙂

    I’m about to head off to university for a week (and ugh.. exams!).. so how much I’ll be around the next week is anyone’s guess.. The posts will keep on coming but I may be a little absent 😦 but I’ll look forward to getting into the forum when I get back 🙂

    Soooo are we going to organise a Happy Hour at Ned’s??!!

    WE are free to talk about smk on the forum yes Jenbo?
    I mean while we discuss episodes here as we go through them, we are free to explore smk in other ways on the forum yes?

    I was wondering if the forum would be a great place to get a few ongoing discussions going about Lee’s journey, Amanda’s journey, Francine’s and Billys! well everyone’s! and we could add to them as we think of things or discover things through the episode discussions on this blog.. does that make sense? of course if someone is really inspired to put together a post of what they think is Amanda’s journey for example – this blog would still be a great place to do it and you’d be v welcome!

    I think working out where to discuss what is going to take a little getting use to 🙂
    but I am sure we will work it out together 🙂
    and if we are not sure we can just ask right?
    LOL I will if I’m confused 😆
    Please guys feel free to discuss smk on the forum – however you like.. I know here on this blog it is following a set path..and quite systematic.. but on the forum there is more flexibility/generality to post random smk thoughts etc. Is that right?

    How about a game or two – maybe?? any ideas?

    Hey! Claudia!!! Great to see you are still on board!!! 🙂

    OH LOL just read your comment BJo- cool! glad you will continue with your drool worthy stats posts!!! 🙂 funnn!!!

    byeeee for now!!


    • Yes people can talk about what they want on Ned’s, including all aspects of SMK 🙂
      I will let you all in on a little secret. The forum you see now is actually the THIRD version! I had to delete one version because I couldn’t spell Nedlindger’s correct, I mean who knew it had a D in the middle!!!

      All the best for your exams IWSOD x

      Liked by 1 person

    • I never noticed the “d” either.
      Good luck with your exams Iwsod! And of course I will keep up the costume posts, I am working on one for Magic Bus right now. And I still have part 2 for Lee’s Taste in Women in season 3 and I think the Dissociation Theory will need a wrap up at the end of season 2. I love the systematic way we walk through the show here, even when I get excited and rush ahead. But it is a great way to really look at the show.
      It has been nice to meet people who have similar tastes as well, so its nice to have a place to chatter with them too.


  2. Really hope everyone enjoys the forum, it is all about fun and having a giggle in my opinion so if there is anything you want to discuss feel free to stick a post on there 🙂


  3. Love it 🙂 always relaxing and having fun when I read your posts!


  4. Nedlinger’s!! What a perfect name! Love it 🙂 I am off to register – woo hoo!


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