A Just Walk With Me Update!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well. Update time!

If you have any suggestions, requests etc. to do with the blog- please feel free to email me Smile I’m learning about blogging as I go! Smile The walk through the episodes will continue as it has always done!!! 1BIG GRIN

What’s ahead for the blog? 2 things:

1) There has been talk  about doing a series of posts about Amanda’s journey- BJo and I had a chat about this and we’ve come up with an idea we hope you’ll enjoy: A series of bite-size Amandapandaposts focusing just on Amanda– Small posts just about Amanda in an episode. In bite sized chunks, hopefully it will be quicker and easier for people to share their thoughts Smile We are all busy people no? good to fit in a little smk where we can Winking smile

BJo has written a post on Amanda in The First panda-lolTime which will be published next, getting the ‘Bite Size Amanda’ series up and running.. [Thanks BJo!thank-you ]

Would you like to join in and write a small blurb on Amanda’s journey in an episode and spark discussion? Have a think about it Smile you want to explore my journey

I feel like when I wrote the big Lee’s journey post (remember that?!) it was too long-I would love to make it easier for people to join in the conversation!!

We’ll start off with Amanda.. Her journey tends to be a bit neglected when compared to scarecrowLee’s. Let’s see how we go.. if people like it: we can do bite size Lee posts too.. there are no limits! Bite size Francine?! Dotty?! 😆

If you currently a reader only – feel free to jump in and say hi- we’d love to hear from you!!! Smile Byeeee!!


[Iwsod edited so sticky post at top of page was just the poll Smile there is a method to Iwsod’s madness 😉 ]

5 responses to “A Just Walk With Me Update!

  1. Glad you are safe and sound! It really is a small integrated world now, isn’t it. Earthquake and fires strike fear in California so we hear about worldwide events in the local news. Sympathy pains! I know what you mean about being so used to fires, and earthquakes in California, that unless ash is falling or you get thrown out of bed (which has happened) you just go about your day. We have tons of groves of Eucalyptus trees in the Central Coast of California. They were planted for railway tie use in the 1800s till they realized that were not suitable, not straight enough for ties. But the Eucalyptus trees attract the yearly migration of monarch butterflies which is spectacular, so all is good!


  2. Hi iwsod, just wanted to check and see if you were affected by the fires. I hope you and your family are safe and well. It’s scary to be in the range of wildfires. We’ve had bunches of them in California and it’s dry as tinder here. My thoughts are with those affected in eastern Australia. Hope you’re okay!


    • Hi Jule, I’m surprised the US is even hearing about our fires.. usually you guys don’t hear much about us 😉

      Oh yes.. I know you guys have bad fires too.. you have lots of the same trees don’t you ? I know there were lots of Eucalypts in San Fransisco!

      I am safe and well.. there are a few fires near me but nothing to worry about – we so use to there being a fire somewhere it doesn’t worry us..

      Thanks for thinking of me Jule! Very kind of you! Hope you are well..


      • I was thinking of you this morning IWSOD when reading they have declared an emergency in the news website this morning. Glad you’re safe and well, thinking of all the Aussie readers of this blog – stay safe everyone xx


        • Thanks Jenbo! Lovely to hear from you! Life settling down a bit?? I do hope so!! I miss hearing from you – but understand: real life must come first!

          Thanks for the well wishes… I have no heard the news for a day or two but my understand is most of the fires are nowhere near me.. all is okay for me.

          Other Aussie readers? surely you jest! 😉 I feel like I am the sole SMK Australian fan.. Gosh I would be thrilled if an aussie or two decided to join in the fun here.. but – I tell you what: I’m sure thrilled with you guys who already stop by!! 🙂


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