A Just Walk With Me Update!- Season 3 Poll

I have a question for you all! As we come lightbulb momentcloser to the end of season 2, I’d like to hear your opinion!!!

See Petra’s season 3 airing order here

See Original season 3 airing order here

I have loved the journey so far and look thankyou2forward to continuing to walk through the end of season two and on to season three with you all!!!

If you currently a reader only – feel free to jump in and say hi- we’d love to hear from you!!! Smile  Byeeee!! Iwsodwave smiliey!*****THIS POLL WILL CLOSE 2 NOVEMBER *****
***********MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!! 🙂 ********

23 responses to “A Just Walk With Me Update!- Season 3 Poll

  1. Hi Everyone – well I finally closed the poll!! the results are in!!! Looks like it’s the revised order we are going with!! [LOL I’ll have to email Petra and tell her!]
    Sorry to the six who voted for original airing order – maybe you can help me as we go through to keep the original airing order in mind.. and remind ourselves of what it would have been like..

    Anyway.. thanks to everyone who participated – 47 votes? I am amazed there are 47 people out there who stopped by 😉 feel free to jump on in with the conversation anytime you like 🙂 byee for now!


  2. Yay! I think this is going to be fun! I’m excited to start – the first BSAmanda post is coming soon. I’ve already written posts for these episodes: TFTime, TGTNeighborhood, TACMKid, MBus, ITCKill and SDeath. I’m using iwsod’s S1 episode order in case you were wondering (see it HERE if you want). I also have all my notes down for these eps but haven’t edited them to make a post: Gift Horse, SAABeyond, SBTBells, TLCEve and I Am Not Now. So Morley – you can most definitely have The Dodger and all of Mr. Squires’ attentiveness!

    I’ll plan on writing the BSAmanda posts up through I Am Not Now – however, if anyone out there is dying to do the post for a particular ep I’ve mentioned above, by all means, just email me at bjosmk@yahoo.com, let me know and you can have it!


  3. YES! PETRA’S ORDER!!!! The last third of season three especially drives me crazy. Looks like most people are going for the revised order. Yay!! 🙂


  4. Hi, I always have a big smile on my face when I stop by 🙂


  5. I voted for Petra’s order, but I have a revised one all my own. I actually put OTL 2nd after Welcome to America, then Weasel, Wizard, ALLA and then Utopia Now. (And in my SMK mind I actually don’t completely get rid of Leslie until after ALLA, but she travels a lot so she isn’t really around, this way I can reconcile the scripts with the story as I see it).
    Oh, I would love to do an Amanda post at any point it seems best. I can’t wait to read what you two have come up with!


    • Melissa Robertson

      I’ve had a hard time placing OTL because in the script of the Wizard there is a scene with Leslie in it although in the final cut doesn’t have her in it or even mentioned. So I think they originally intended OTL to be before Wizard because in my mind Leslie is out of the picture after OTL.


  6. I love this idea! BJo and Iwsod–you rock!
    I voted on the poll–revised order, please. 🙂
    I’m happy to adopt an ep–let me know if/when you have an unadopted stray…


  7. I just want to say thanks again, Iwsod, for this awesome blog. And thanks to BJo, KC, and Morley for their awesome posts as well. So many different facets of this show and so many wonderful things to discuss and chat about. It’s amazing that the appeal of this show has lasted these last 30 years. The journey through the episodes, the stats, the ties, and the costumes have been so wonderful and I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. I’m sure that the tuxes, dimples, and various swoon fests make much of it worth it. What was it that Lee said once? “It’s a dirty job that someone has to do”. I, for one, am glad you accepted the package and began the journey. Keep up the great work!


    • Awww, thanks everyone!


    • Like I said, it takes a village 😉
      I like being a part of this village!


      • The Village People! 😀
        (Sorry–just couldn’t resist…)


        • ROTFLMBO!!! Tee hee!!! My 20 year old just came into the kitchen and heard me laughing to myself. He wants to know what I find so funny, I don’t think I can explain.


        • I got dibs on the Cowboy outfit!


          • Hiya Jule, Valerie, KC! Thanks for the lovely feedback and encouragement! I’m so glad you are with us for this fun ride or.. as Morley says: that you are a part of this village- I really like that Morley!!!

            ROFL you got dibs on the cowboy outfit BJo??!!!! Tee hee.. I would have thought that would be BB’s first choice 😉 I might just opt for doing the milkshake instead.. you know? the milkshake the milkshake- do the shake!! Smile sooo corny!! it’s hilarious! Vanilla! Chocolate!!! Strawberry!! yeah!!

            Actually now I think about it.. I can see why Amanda wears white so much 😉 I think this audio could make a fab smk fan vid!!! but I’ll leave that to the super gifted smk vid makers! [I don’t know how you do it!!]

            It’s been quite a while since I saw season 3.. so I can’t remember any of the intricacies of the Q bureau, Leslie and all that weird order!! I just have general impressions of where the story goes. Which is why I can’t suggest an order of my own! 😉 I figured I’d suggest the airing order (as we can always do that and debate what the order should be) or Petra’s – which I have seen lots of people approve of..

            I really don’t mind – I’ll go with the majority on this one!

            Jule when you wrote ‘production order’ were you thinking airing order? I don’t think I’ve listed the production order for season 3. I’ll get to that eventually – unless someone else would like to write it up and send it to me and I can post it for you – please! feel free to go for it! .. or.. it will need to wait a while..

            I can’t wait to explore the emotional journeys you are talking about Jule and Morley!!! whoo hoo!
            Talk of Leslie? It has been over two years since I’ve seen those episodes.. I’m not kidding! I saw a few season 4 ones when the dvd came out.. but otherwise – I’ve just been watching what I’m covering on the blog.. I don’t have time to watch other episodes.. I like to focus on the one.. or I watch another tv show to relax 😉 [I watched an episode of columbo yesterday and guess who was in it – Tricia O’neal!!! the evil Rita from ALSALS!]

            I can’t believe it.. the two year anniversary of starting this blog is coming up on 27 october!! Bizarre!!! where has the last two years gone??!!! [rabbit hole! right guys?!]

            hey I’ve noticed you guys get up to mischief when there’s no episode to discuss! 😉 tee hee.. brilliant to see you guys can keep yourselves happy! 😉

            Thanks for volunteering to write a post for Amanda Bites KC and Morley! I’ll do the odd one also.. BJo maybe you could tell us which episodes you’ve already worked on so we don’t double up.. where are you up to? you have written notes for a few haven’t you. If you tell us where you’ve done up to – we can work on one each (lol with plenty of time to get it done 😉 ) Just please don’t make me do Artful dodger!!! argh!!!!!! 😉

            Life’s busy for me.. so I get here as much as I can-but I’m always reading 😉 Keep on discussing amongst yourselves and I’ll join in as much as I can.. all this wonderful smk chatter is very soothing in stressful times! I’m really looking forward to getting to DOA! won’t be long now.. 🙂



  8. Love the idea of mini bites for Amanda’s journey! Would be glad to participate especially since we all can add so much from the female point of view.
    I like Petra’s S3 order better than production order. But, just my personal feeling, I always watch 3) Over the Limit 4) Wizard 5) ALLA. Emotionally, at least to me, it feels like it makes more sense. Hmmmmm, must think more about this.
    Cheers! And thanks Iwsod for all your hard work of which we get to reap the joyous benefits!


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