Scarecrow and Mrs King Christmas Trivia!

Hi Everyone!! Here’s a little trivia game to celebrate a SMKy Christmas. Try and answer without looking at the episodes! Smile Anyone like to create their own questions?? feel free to go for it – and add your questions to comments- the more the merrier!


From the Long Christmas Eve:

Q1) What is the first line of dialogue in The Long Christmas Eve?

Q2) How many agents does it take to change a light bulb?

Q3) What’s Lee’s traditional Christmas meal?

Q4) In the cabin, to which football team does Lee propose a toast? and which team do the Russians toast?

Q5) Which Christmas Carol do they sing at the cabin?

From Santa’s Got a New Bag:

Q6) What did Beaman want to raise in Greece with Francine?

Q7) What is the name of the song Joe (ugh!) plays with one finger on the keyboard?

Q8) What does Jamie get Lee for Christmas?

Q9) What can Francine ‘bag’ in 30 minutes if you give her an empty bar stool?

Q10) What’s the name of this gun Lee says he had one like as a kid?
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_000931331

Q11) What’s the name of the Titan Toys’ blue gun that Leatherneck shows Lee?
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_000922922
Q12) Under whose tree is this present?
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_001031031

Q13) Whose hand?? Whose sexually harassed butt? Winking smile
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_000319319

Q14) Under whose tree is this present?4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_000427427


4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_001064664
Q15) Whose Snowman is this?

Oh Yeah!!!!
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_001321688
It wouldn’t be Christmas without swoony Lee in his winter coat..
4.11 SANTA'S GOT A NEW BAG.avi_001329496

Q16) Does anyone know off the top of their head the dates that The Long Christmas Eve  and Santa’s Got a new Bag originally aired?1

Good luck everyone! Try and answer without looking.. Please share some trivia questions of your own if you like, BTW – I don’t think I knew any of these questions! 😉 I’m sure you’ll do better than I! haaaa.. Coming up next is BJo’s stats post for The Long Christmas Eve 🙂
byeeee and Merry Christmas!

43 responses to “Scarecrow and Mrs King Christmas Trivia!

  1. Hello everyone! Just realised I haven’t give the answers to the trivia questions I asked!!!
    I’ll list them all here for you.. Hope you had fun guessing! I had fun 🙂
    From the Long Christmas Eve:
    Q1) What is the first line of dialogue in The Long Christmas Eve?
    Russian Assassin Santa cries ‘Merry Christmas!’ (how ironic!)
    Q2) How many agents does it take to change a light bulb?
    15! One to change the light bulb and 14 to debrief the building.
    Q3) What’s Lee’s traditional Christmas meal?
    Guacamole and Champagne (Dom Perignon)
    Q4) In the cabin, to which football team does Lee propose a toast? and which team do the Russians toast?
    Lee-Washington Redskins
    Russian-Dallas Cowboys
    Q5) Which Christmas Carol do they sing at the cabin?
    Silent night.
    From Santa’s Got a New Bag:
    Q6) What did Beaman want to raise in Greece with Francine?
    Q7) What is the name of the song Joe (ugh!) plays with one finger on the keyboard?
    Deck the halls
    Q8) What does Jamie get Lee for Christmas?
    Q9) What can Francine ‘bag’ in 30 minutes if you give her an empty bar stool?
    A Bulgarian Double agent
    Q10) What’s the name of this gun Lee says he had one like as a kid?
    Tombstone Fighter
    Q11) What’s the name of the Titan Toys’ blue gun that Leatherneck shows Lee?
    Spud 36
    Q12) Under whose tree is this present?
    Q13) Whose hand?? Whose sexually harassed butt? 😉
    Beaman, and Francine
    Q14) Under whose tree is this present?
    Lee and Amanda’s Q bureau Christmas tree.
    Q15) Whose Snowman is this?
    Q16) Does anyone know off the top of their head the dates that The Long Christmas Eve and Santa’s Got a new Bag originally aired?
    Both aired the same date! ❗ : December 19 (in 1983 and 1987)
    Additional question…
    Q) Who promoted the power of mistletoe??
    The early Wizards of early welsh sagas.. (or so TP says! )

    All the questions answered now?? byeee! 🙂


  2. Here’s another trivia question from Long Christmas Eve…What reindeer name is shared by one of the characters? This is probably an easy one.


  3. To get the baby doll to cry, Amanda rocks her and then after Lee gives her the look, Amanda squeezes her stomach.

    BJo, gosh forget the poster. Santa, may I please have a life size cardboard cutout of Lee in his dress coat??
    (Maybe we can get a discount if we order in bulk?)

    Q7) Joe is playing “Oh Christmas Tree” with the drum beat on the Casio.


    • A life size cardboard cut-out of Lee in his dress coat might cause my husband to give me the boot….better stick with the poster! ROFLMBO!!!!


      • Fair enough! I don’t think you’d be impressed with a Pamela Anderson life size card board cut out.. Glad to hear you have your limits BJo! 🙂 tee heeeee


        • Taking a quick break from the Christmas craziness abounding around me (or in the case of my 5 year old grandson, bouncing like a pinball in an arcade machine) to find some sanity with y’all and what are you discussing?! Lee posters and such! ROFL! Maybe just keep the life size Lee in the closet to take out and ogle with naughty and impure intent once in a while. Yep, works for me! *wanders back to the holiday chaos with a beautific smile on her face*


      • Yeah, I guess that would be going too far, because my husband would probably want a life-size Linda Carter in full Wonder Woman regalia.
        I guess I’ll just stick to the poster above the laundry room table – admire while I fold. Now where did I put that drool bucket?


    • Aha!!! That’s it!!!! thanks Jeanine!!!! she squeezes the stomach!! Ah that was going to bug me till I settled that nagging doubt!

      rofl.. this bulk order of a Lee cut out is starting to sound a little cult like Jeanine. I prefer my Lee moving and especially talking with that gorgeous voice of his- I think I’ll stick with my dvds 😉 tee heee..

      Q7) Uh oh!!! I had a different answer!!!! Ajudicator!!! ??? tee heee.. anyone else want to have a go?? or want to go listen to it and give us your answer? No words are sang it’s instrumental so I could very well have it wrong!


      • I just checked out SGABNB for Q7 about the song Joe is playing. What I hear is Deck The Halls. Maybe different regions got different songs on the DVDs. I think it happened in some movies like “Love Actually” and some others that when they are shown in different countries or on DVDs from different regions they change the songs. Even book titles change. The first Harry Potter book here was about the sorcerer’s stone, where elsewhere it was the philosopher’s stone. So maybe that’s what happened with the SMK DVDs and why people hear different songs. Just hazarding a guess. Although his finger does match the Fa-la-la’s…


        • Hiya Valerie.. whooo that’s an interesting idea!

          Though BJo and I both guessed the same..We both guessed it was Deck the Halls the same as you did.

          what other regions did season 2 come in? I have US region 1 discs. [the only season I was able to get in region 4- Australian region- was the first season..] LOL and then I guess they didn’t sell enough 😉 boooooo!

          Yes I know Harry Potter as the Philosopher’s stone. they did it with the movie ‘Airplane’ also.. in Australia it’s called ‘Flying High’.

          Thanks for checking it Valerie!!


    • Me again! BJo had a listen to the song – and has emailed me what song she thought it was – without knowing what I thought it was.. and she has guessed the same song as me.. sooooo I am a little more confident now that I have the right answer! thanks BJo.. and nice try Jeanine!


  4. Yay! Love this post, iwsod!! Had fun reading it and all the comments. I’m a little late to the party, so I think all the questions have been answered correctly, yes? Since I’m wrapping up the TLCE stats, it wouldn’t be fair for me to answer those questions.

    iwsod, THANK YOU for that drop dead gorgreous pic of Lee in is navy blue dress coat!!! Santa, if you’re reading this blog, please let us know and please leave me a poster sized version of that picture of Lee underneath my tree for me!!! Puuuuhleeeeease!!!!!!! I’ll even frame it myself! I don’t think my hubby would mind if I hung it up in the laundry room!

    Actually, I just noticed that I don’t think anyone guessed at Q1. I should know cuz I’m doing the stats, but it didn’t fall into any of my categories. But I can see the image of it in my mind. So I’ll guess “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!” I really have no idea if that’s right though.

    LOL, I picked the scratch my eyes out choice – I just don’t think I can choose! There are so many good things to like about TLCE – what we learn about Lee, what we learn about Amanda (this will be a fantastic BSAmanda post!), the LOL humor of the unpacking of the boot (:)) and the moss scene AND Lee on top of Amanda – ha!!, and the tag – gush! For The Bag, I have such a love/hate relationship with that ep! I love, love, LOVE navy blue dress coat Lee (I’m not kidding about that poster, Santa), the oh so normal Lee/Amanda shopping scene, Letherneck’s ROFL line, Dotty’s ROFL lines (I’m laughing to myself just thinking about it), the Christmasy version of the theme song and the tag but I despise Bernie and his voice, and so many other things about this ep. I’ll wait till we walk there to go into detail…..but I just can’t pick!

    Oh, I’ll stop there….need to go finish up thost TLCE posts!! this is so much fun!


    • Hiya BJo! 🙂 I went with the why don’t you ask me to scratch my eyes out option as well lol.. I commented on it- in the comments of the actual poll – but eek maybe I shouldn’t have – oh well.. Did you read my comment BJo? I felt it depended which Christmas episode I preferred too!
      I find Bernie really funny! LOL he doesn’t bug me at all.. now Joe? making himself at home in the ‘King’ home?? all the ‘sweetheart’s???!!! when HE LEFT??!!! that is the worst part of SGANB for me… Hmm maybe we should start an ‘annoying smk characters’ thread on Nedlindger’s so we can vent over there haaaaa…

      Hey yes Q1 had not been answered – correct!!! Russian Santa the assassin calls out ‘Merry Christmas’ – first line of dialogue.. and a nice smk touch- fully of irony 😉 I can’t wait to see your stats.. especially about how Lee tries to take their relationship to the next level by tackling Amanda – that’s how it goes isn’t it? oh?? he was just protecting her? drat!!!! 😉

      Sooo what is left for someone to answer? Hmm I’ll double check! I think there are a couple.

      Okay these ones are yet to be answered:
      Q2) How many agents does it take to change a light bulb?
      Q7) what is the name of the song ( a Christmas carol) that Joe plays with one finger on the keyboard?
      Q9) What can Francine ‘bag’ in 30 minutes if you give her an empty bar stool?
      Q10) What’s the name of the gun Lee says he had one like as a kid?
      Q11) What’s the name of the Titan Toys’ blue gun that Leatherneck shows Lee?
      Q16) Does anyone know off the top of their head the dates that The Long Christmas Eve and Santa’s got a new bag originally aired?
      I later added the following question to the mix:
      Q) Who promoted the power of mistletoe?? and bonus points for guessing who says it!

      MelissaR- did we get your trivia questions correct?

      BTW – I was thinking about the doll that Amanda has to make cry – does it cry when she rocks it? I haven’t seen that scene in ages, but I am thinking Lee looks at her to get her to stop rocking the ‘baby’ and make it cry – so she stops rocking it and does something else? I can’t remember what though and maybe I am completely wrong!


      • Oops! Didn’t see that comment on the poll – not sure how to get to it. Will have to check it out as soon as I post this comment. Oh goodie! Some unanswered questions. I’ll give ’em a go:
        Q2 – I know this one – not fair to answer – it’s in my stats research.
        Q7 – I think Joe plays Jingle Bells. **Question from me

          What song has Phillip already learned how to play on it?**

        Q9 – Bulgarian double agent? Is that even close?
        Q10 – Tombstone Fanner? Can I just say that as much as I love dress coat Lee is as much as I loathe toy gun shootin’ Lee….oh well, no one’s perfect!
        Q11 – no idea. Thought it was just a squirt gun with more high tech in it than all the other toys.
        Q16 – no idea on the original airing dates, but am guessing they were both within 1-2 days of 12/25 for their years.

        For the baby doll, you have to squeeze her stomach to make her cry! Ugh – that scene is one of the reasons why I hate The Bag!

        Oh, and thank you for saying something about my new avatar! I usually change it after I’ve collected my screen caps for the episode I’m doing the stats on. There’s always a pic from each episode that I want to use for it!


        • No worries BJo, I should have just commented here..
          Regarding your answers:
          Q2) why thank you for not cheating! 🙂
          Q7) this is not the song I had!!! LOL.. BJo can you have a listen and email me what song you think it is?? maybe I have it wrong. Jeanine is guessing the song is Oh Christmas tree..
          Q9 is correct! awesome!!!!
          Q10) almost correct.. first word is correct.. ?? tee heee.. yes Lee looking like a little kid isn’t bringing sexy back. but it’s so cute I don’t mind it one bit! 🙂
          Q11 – Leatherneck gives it a name.. and it’s a cute one! anyone???
          Q16- No! neither episode aired within 1 or 2 days of 25 dec.. – I’ll make it a tad easier – they both aired on the same date in different years!!! so we are looking for one date! 🙂

          Yes I love your avatars.. it’s like it lets us know which episode BJo is givin her stats affection to at any given moment haaaa!

          Whooo cool!!! a new question.
          What Has Phillip learned to play? I have no idea! err the queen song- We will rock you! haaaaa


          • I just watched The Bag and emailed you the song Joe’s playing. At least I’m pretty sure I recognize the song. 😉

            And I found and read your comment on the poll – interesting! That makes perfect sense for you IMHO. I can’t decide because they are both such good episodes but for very different reasons.

            Nope – not Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You”. Guess again! This is 10 year old Phillip, not teenager Phillip. 😉 LOL


      • Amanda gets lost in rocking the baby and Lee has to call her name a couple of times to get her to stop, she then says you have to squeeze her stomach to get the tears and then does it. Lee is funny with what he says next, but I won’t spoil it.


      • Melissa Robertson

        I just got on here since we had our family Christmas today…IWSOD you got the questions right 🙂


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Okay I’ll take a stab although I can’t remember them too well!!!

    Q2) 3- 1 to change & 2 for look outs
    Q3) guacamole & champagne
    Q4) I know Lee was definitely the Redskins / Russians I’m going with an educated guess of the Cowboys for a play on Cowboys & Indians.
    Q5) Silent Night
    Q6) I have know idea but I’ll guess
    Q8) scarf
    Q9) I’m assuming a man since it’s Francine
    Q12) Lee’s friend but I don’t know his name
    Q14) tree in the Q-Bureau
    Q15) Lee’s friend again

    In TLCE What gifts did Amanda give to Fracine & Lee?

    In SGANB what gift did Billy give out?


    • I’m not sure what Francine got, but I know Lee got some of those argyle socks that SMK seems to like and Billy gave out his wife’s fruitcake.


    • Wow MelissaR I’m impressed! Okay.. I never picked up on the Cowboys and Indians gag!!! that is very clever!!! Lee is Indians and the Russians are cowboys- fight!!!! 😉

      Haaa nice try with number 2! I think our buddy Jack tells this joke at the Christmas party. I think you could make up the number and it would still work. LOL.. anyone remember? or should I just say? 🙂

      Q6 is goats!!! very good! LOL I see Jule got that one too!!! well done – very random of Beaman!

      A9- a good assumption!!! 😉 Valerie got this one – it’s Beaman 🙂

      LOL all the others are correct.. and Lee’s friend is Bernie as Valerie figured out 🙂 I swear I have fits of laughter when Lee arrives at his house and yells out ‘Bernie’!!!! and his house is on fire! Yes Lee Bernie! Call the fire enginies! 😉

      whooo hooo more questions! I’ll have a go.. umm Oh hang on I see Valerie has guessed the argyle socks – and they are all the same so Lee doesn’t have to match them when they come out of the dryer! Hmm Francine – whoooo I remember! a perfume ‘Intrigue’!!! Great for the spy!’ 😉 Ahhh early smk.. I love the humour..

      what does Billy give out? Ohhh something his wife made – Ah! Valerie has guessed fruit cake.. ohh yeah.. I vaguely remember he seemed to be giving them out in a – please take them away sense rather than a – I”d like to give you this yummy cake sense.. err if that makes sense!


      • Melissa Robertson

        Great IWSOD you got the questions right. Jamie giving Lee a scraf cracks me up because that’s what Lee gives everybody…LOL


  6. Q6) goats? I don’t know why that thought just entered my head. Pretty cool, though, if I’m right.


  7. Ugh! Many of the questions I knew the general answer but not the detail. Like with how many agents to screw in a light bulb. I knew the punch line but couldn’t remember the number he said…… But there were also quite a few that stumped me altogether! I love hard trivia questions! It should be no surprise then that I absolutely love Trivial Pursuit. Good job on these excellent questions, iwsod!


    • *smack*
      Sorry, that was me hitting the floor.. swissmiss?? Swissmiss!!!!! hooray!!!!! So excited to see you stop by! 🙂 Are you wearing your Stetson as you comment here? 🙂

      Thanks Swissmiss.. if you’d like to create a few of your own go for it!!!

      I just found another one as I had to go back and double check the number of agents it takes to change a light bulb haaaa..

      Here’s another question: Who promoted the power of Mistletoe?? and .. bonus points if you can tell us who says this! 🙂 – LOL yes there are no points 😉


  8. Great way to start my Christmas vacation. We had a half day of school today and then I napped all afternoon. And now an early present some SMK goodness. I feel like I’ve missed a month of this blog. I’ve got some serious catching up to do and it seems I need to review these two Christmas episodes. Here are the answers that I could come up with.

    Q3 I agree about the guac and champagne
    Q4 I also think it was a toast to the Redskins
    Q5 Silent Night
    Q8 a scarf
    Q13 Beaman’s hand; Francine’s butt
    Q14 Amanda and Lee’s in the Q Bureau
    Q12 and Q15 are the same answer, it’s the guy from Titan Toys, but I can’t remember his name

    Another trivia question from SGABNB…how does Amanda make the baby doll cry?

    Loving gorgeous Lee in the winter coat, definitely swooning….


    • Hi Guys! Feeling Christmasy now???!!!

      Don’t worry Jenbo – I honestly would not have been able to guess any of these either. There is no fail here- all for fun! 🙂 except the one about Lee on the couch chrismtas day eating guacamole and champagne..
      Anyone remember which brand? 🙂 Washington redskins is correct Jenbo!
      Yeah haaaa Lee looks like he is 8 years old again with that gun of his! haaaa. too cute!
      I included the swoony Lee in his winter coat pics because well – it was a good excuse to not have to wait till we actually get to SGANB on the blog haaaa.. that and BJo wisely suggested it (Good thinking!) and.. see with these Lee pics in the post, anyone can be free to say – the answer to all the questions is: qahboibhbyhqanbahbabhabak!!
      and it was mighty sneaky of me to include those pics and then expect an answer to my questions 😉 tee heee..

      Haaa Jule… love those jokes! Thanks!!!! tee hee.. especially like the ADD one! Nearly all your answers are correct Jule – Dallas Cowboys was a great catch!
      Q6 is not correct 🙂 A13 is half answered and Q15 is not correct- the snowman is not Amanda’s! 🙂

      Whoo cool Valerie!!! more questions! I won’t look at the episodes to find the answers I’ll take a stab! How does Amanda make the doll cry.. gosh.. umm.. I remember she rocks it and Lee looks at her like she’s nuts.. that isn’t it.. is it? 🙂

      Ahhh I hope you’ll have fun catching up on the blog. I always love to hear your thoughts!! Yes the blog has gone a little crazy with Burn out.. haaaa be careful not to Burn out! 😉
      So Valerie you got All the questions correct. Ahhh Valerie to Q 14 – correct!!! very good!!
      Q12 and Q15 are the same guy.. anyone remember his name?? His house is ‘Buuuuurrrrning’ hint hint.. This name pun cracks me up everytime!!!


      • Q6 Oops, I meant goats. Q13 Beaman and Francine of course. Boy, Valerie, you are good!
        Iwsod, this was a great idea. We obviously were burning up the blog with Burn Out fever. We had fun baking and making goodies the last couple days too. Made some chocolate mousse and manicotti to start the celebration (I will pay for this later I’m sure, but I’m darn well gonna enjoy it now! LOL!). The kids will be pulling up the driveway any minute for an early start to the holidays. I’m going to do my best to sneak away and catch up here coz I need my fix of SMK goodness as much as possible. Hope y’all have a wonderful, warm, and happy Christmas!


      • You’re right Iwsod about the doll, love that moment in the episode. I seem to remember it more than Long Christmas Eve. Bernie!! That was the toy guys name. Thanks for the hint, never noticed the pun before. It’s funny how shows now have to have holiday episodes almost every year. I actually recently watched a marathon of Thanksgiving episodes for Friends. I wish there had been more holiday episodes of SMK. It is kind of cool though to see the great change in their relationship between those two eps. I will have to check them out again now that I have a few moments to breathe.


  9. Jenbo, I’m with you on the guacamole and champagne and Silent Night in The Long Christmas Eve.
    Q4 Dallas Cowboys
    Q6 Beaman
    Q13 Francine
    Q 15 Amanda’s I think

    As for how many agents it takes to change a lightbulb, I’m sure that’s confidential information! LOL

    Okay, in the spirit of Xmas, here’s one for you Iwsod:
    A: How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Q:nOnly one, but the lightbulb has to really want to change.

    And for my extremely ADD daughter:
    Q:How many kids with A.D.D does it take to change the light bulb?
    A: You wanna go ride bikes?

    And yes, for me:
    Q: How many teachers does it take to change a life bulb?
    A: None, we just wait for it ” to live up to its potential”

    Okay, I’ll go back to my corner now * slinks away with her head down giggling madly*


  10. Um….Q3 it’s something to do with guacamole and champagne.
    Q4 Lee toasts the Washington Redskins. No idea who the Russians toast.
    Q5 silent night?
    This is an epic fail as these are the only questions I can remotely have an inkling about!
    In my defence I’ve only seen SGABNB once……..but I am sniggering at goofy Lee pointing the toy gun!
    Hope others fare better at the quiz than me 😀


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