The 2013 SMKy Christmas Meme Collection!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! As a special treat.. I’ve brought together all the SMK Christmas Memes which have been shared over at Nedlindger’s  (in the SMK Memes thread)
You might like to stop by and check out other non-christmasy SMK Memes.. and think about creating one or two of your own!! 🙂
The Christmas Memes are by KC, Jenbo, Swissmiss and myself (Iwsod).
If you’d like… let us know which ones tickle your funny bone the most 🙂
BTW- the cop,wise man and elf meme was inspired by a fab joke by LASinLA in the comments of 3/Burn Out 🙂 Tee heee!
Enjoy! 🙂 and Merry SMKy Christmas!

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16 responses to “The 2013 SMKy Christmas Meme Collection!

  1. What a great collection! Merry Christmas, everyone!


  2. Merry Christmas, everyone!! Love all the memes…think my favorites may be Billy swearing about the reindeer and Francine as a Santa Helper and of course the wodka one!

    Great job you meme-ers!


  3. Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas full of joy and delight! Oh, and chocolate of course!


  4. Merry Christmas everyone!


  5. Merry Christmas, iwsod!

    Happy Christmas Eve, everyone else who isn’t to Christmas Day yet…

    And Happy Holidays to those who don’t celebrate Christmas!


  6. Wonderful Memes! Love the “so right” one. Marry Christmas everyone!!!


  7. First of all, Merry Christmas everyone!! It’s early Christmas Eve here, but I know we’re in several different time zones. These memes are so awesome and so funny!! I had to pause the show on Amanda and Lee kissing, definitely so right!! The Francine one is too hilarious!!

    I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas filled with much love, joy, happiness, and peace. Enjoy your time with family and friends and drink lot of egg nog!! Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone!!


  8. Brilliant, just brilliant 😀

    Merry Christmas everyone 😀


    • Hey Jenbo – just saw a report on the news about your snow storms.. hope Christmas goes smoothly for you!


      • It’s been very very windy and lots and lots of rain. Lots of places around country are suffering with flooding, some have lost power and I think Scotland has had some snow. Thankfully where we are it’s been bad weather and some localised flooding but we have got away unscathed.
        Not the first winter store and won’t be the last!


  9. Wheee! Christmas meme coma. Splat! 😀
    (Pssttt… you missed the Easter Bunny one–I guess I was too slow.)


    • Add it to the comments KC! 🙂 yeah missed that.. and I left out one with Billy in a hat- there were quite a few of those.. hope that’s okay.. Loved your new Humbug meme! He was begging for it haaaa!


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