Happy New Year 2014- the blog year in review..

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

Thanks for the New Year wishes Jule, Valerie, Jenbo and LASinLA – [over on post 9 of Burn out – our current episode] I hope that 2014 sees us continue on our journey together..

I thought it would be cool to look back on 2013 on JustWalkWithMe and share a few fun stats about what our JWWM community got up to!

People from 102 countries stopped by to have a read and/or comment! SMK is loved around the world!!
1BIG GRINThe Top 5 countries readers were from in 2013:
1) United States
2) Germany
3) Republic of Korea
[ South Korea?! yep.. come on readers from South Korea do say hi- we’d love to ‘meet’ you!!! I don’t think we’ve ever heard from a fan in South Korea. Did Scarecrow and Mrs King air in South Korea?]
4) United Kingdom
5) Canada

The most clicked on picture in 2013 was this one:

Hardly surprising that it features Lee in a tux Winking smile you guys have good taste! 1swoon

The top five most active commenters for 2013 were:
1) Jenbo (506 comments)
2) Cindy Davis (303 comments)
3) KC (272 comments)
4) Melissa Robertson (247 comments)
5) jule (229 comments)
2applause-appl**Thanks for joining in and making this blog such a fun place to be guys! ** Congrats on making top five!

In 2013 there were 198 new posts.

The most commented on post in 2013 was post 6 of Burn Out!!! This post covered the infamous Slap!! Great to see people sharing their different ideas freely!! Smile  The post currently has 113 comments!!! whoohoo! want to add your voice?? go for it!!

Lastly, 2013 saw us start the year walking through
Playing Possum [Season Two, Episode 10] and ended with us walking through Burn Out [Season Two, Episode 21] – which means in 2013 we walked through… 12 episodes!!!! It didn’t feel like it to me!! How about you? I’m shocked it was so few!!! I hope though you are enjoying the pace, as we savour this walk  – exploring the episodes from the point of view of the characters – and not taking into consideration future events in episodes.. it’s been an interesting and unique opportunity to gain new insights. running_happy

If we keep up the same pace, at a minimum, by the end of 2014 we should have reached J. Edgar’s Ghost! [Season Three, Episode 9]

I am loving everyone’s comments on the walk through the episodes, BJo’s Stats posts, KC’s patrol posts, The Amanda bites posts which focus on Amanda’s sometimes overlooked journey.. Loving Morley’s thankyou2wardrobe posts and Lee’s women posts.. and Cindy’s Baddie recap…
Want to write a post?? If it’s SMK and doesn’t go beyond where the walk is currently up to – you are very welcome to write about smk and share with us in your wonderfully unique way Smile
Thanks for a great year everyone!
byeee and Happy 2014 Smile 

37 responses to “Happy New Year 2014- the blog year in review..

  1. Hey, Iwsod, is that picture on the top of the blog there to remind us of Amanda on New Years Eve at the Russian Embassy in her black dress with pearl buttons? I wonder exactly what that dress looked like. Was it that one? Would the pearls be white ones, there are beads on that dress but they are black? I have even google searched looking for an image of a dress like the one Lee describes. Lee sure was impressed by it wasn’t he? And that was around the time of Possum, before SOS… hmm, food for thought.


    • Hi Morley! Oh LOL! You give me waaaay too much credit! 🙂 I think that reference is in Over the Limit – I have vague recollections of it but don’t remember any of the detail- I haven’t watched the episode in a long time.. so no the pic is not a reference to that. haaa but it could be if you like 😉 why not! 🙂

      So is that what the line says? a black dress with pearl buttons? I can’t remember. Help?

      The pic is taken from Always look a gift horse – I think Amanda looks just lovely.. and she deserved her own solo pic for a time on the home page! 🙂

      I think the dress is a black version of the white dress Amanda wears in Ship of Spies- which I LOVE!!! how do we know the NYE was around playing possum time? LOL I guess I’m a bit like Lee at the moment.. I’m compartmentalising smk into what I’ve covered on the blog and blotting out (for now) what is to come! 🙂

      You can get different coloured natural pearls can’t you? Like grey/silvery ones? or even black ones..
      whooo I just found this: http://www.thepearlmarket.co.uk/pearl-shapes.htm
      and it refers to ‘button pearls’ – they are not necessarily a button, but a description of the pearl’s shape – so maybe the dress didn’t have pearl buttons – rather it had pearls on it somewhere that were the button pearl shape. does that make sense? [edited to fix pearl buttons to button pearls where appro. sometimes I confuse myself 😉 ]

      Any request for a home page pic? Let me know.. though I’d prefer it’s not ahead of where we are on the walk through so I don’t have to look at the episode to take the pics! [It’s too tempting! then I want to watch the whole episode!]


      • I think I want it to be that dress. Yeah, I think Lee noticed that dress right then, where you grabbed that picture in Gift Horse. I think that is why her asked her to the Quickie Chickie reception, so he could see her in a formal dress again because she left an impression on him in evening wear. I do wonder if Lee would know that a pearl in that shape would be called a button pearl, maybe he would, he is a highly cultured guy…
        I used the dates of the show airing to place New Years at that time in season 2, even in my revised season 2 order it falls right around there. I bet he did notice Amanda at that time, he seemed pretty pleased to have her on his arm in 3 Faces, why wouldn’t he remember everything about an evening with Amanda at the Russian Embassy at that time. I love to create the whole picture… It is too much fun. I’ll give you the credit, Iwsod, good thinking for the pic!


        • “I do wonder if Lee would know that a pearl in that shape would be called a button pearl, maybe he would, he is a highly cultured guy…”
          Sorry–but I couldn’t resist laughing at the thought of a “cultured guy” when the conversation is about pearls… (cultured pearls)
          *wandering back to the rabbit hole*


          • whahahaaa! the same thought popped into my head KC!!! I was thinking Morley did a pun on purpose! 😉 Lee is often smooth, and he definitely sparkles.. and he’s ohhh soo precious! 🙂
            So if Lee is the pearl, who or what is the oyster???

            KC, your comment about being naughty and going off topic, and ahead and me laughing out loud too – very cheeky! 🙂 You’ve been a very good smk fan lately! haaaa.. you are too funny 🙂


            • Yup, I was being punny. And don’t get me started on pearls. Very wonderful things, pearls. all starts with some irritant that gets layers of coating and the end result is something precious. Hmmm?


              • Good One Morley 😉 LOL.. next time- can you give us a wink or something so we can be 100% sure of your intentional awesomeness? 🙂 tee heee.. I was confident but not 100% sure! 🙂

                Ah!!! But Morley.. If Lee is a Pearl, then what is the oyster?? Anyone want to have a go at this one? 🙂 or *ahem* should we stick with the bread analogy!


                • actually if I was to take this analogy to its completion, I think Amanda would be the pearl in Lee’s oyster. That would make complete sense. I would be interested in other people’s ideas too. Maybe Amanda is the oyster, maybe life is the oyster and Amanda is the coating that goes over him creating the pearl. Maybe the pearl is their loving relationship, maybe…. stop me.


  2. Happy New Year everyone! I am so grateful for this blog and all of you. It kept me sane when I was overrun with Teenage boys and their craziness. It made me laugh when life got tense and nutty and it was the most wonderful thing to look forward to when life got too mundane. Thank You!!
    I love reading everyone’s post. I love knowing that there are other people who are as crazy about this show as I am, even if it is a 30 year old show. I love it that we are from all over the world and have different opinions. And I love it even when you only write “I love this!” because then I know there are many of us enjoying this. Michele, you should post whatever you want, whenever you want even if you don’t think you are as articulate as others. It spurs us more verbose ones on. I lurked for about a year before I first posted and I was a nervous ninny the first time I wrote anything because I thought I wouldn’t be able to make my thoughts make any sense. I guess I just needed to get going… Once I started commenting I couldn’t stop and I started noticing more in each episode the more involved in the discussion I got. If I loved the show before I started commenting, I love it more now that I have joined the discussion with others here on Just Walk With Me. Every time any one offers a comment it makes it even better for the rest of us.
    Here’s to many more posts to comment on in 2014!!!


    • What a wonderful way to start the year!! so much smk goodness here! 🙂

      LOL yeah lets see who is in the top five commenters for 2014! 🙂

      Morley I don’t think I can add to what you’ve said here – you’ve said it so beautifully!!!
      I agree with you! There is lots of value in saying simply ‘ I agree!’ or.. ‘I love that’.. even if it’s been said a dozen times.. it hasn’t been said by you!!!

      Sooooo Biiiigggg Welcome Michele!!! So glad you found your way here – and congrats on taking the step of commenting!!! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the blog- With this added dimension, you may enjoy it in new ways!

      Morley I didn’t know you were reading for a year before you said hi! wow!!! that is so cool! I am soooooo glad you did!!! 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback on the pacing guys – very appreciated! Oh yeah! early season 3 has some cracker episodes!!! I think one of them will have the most comments 🙂
      I love the show even more thanks to discussing it with my fellow smk fans too 🙂


      • I just looked, my first post was February of 2013, some short comment on SOS. I know I was reading your blog in July 2012 and I must have know about it before that. I remember being on a camping trip far away from any computer and realized that I could find your blog on my husband’s smart phone. It was on that trip that I started reading your posts from The First Time on. It was such a relief to finally begin to put words to my thoughts… Yup, once it starts its hard to stop. All one long Amandaramble huh?


  3. Hi everyone and thank you iwsod for this brilliant and addictative blog. I can not believe I have have been lurking for so long- I thought less than a year but couldn’t be as we were still on season one ( albeit near the end) when I started the journey. Sorry, im not from South K orea but really good to know of the universal appeal of this show. I never comment as Im just not up to the standard of the rest of you.. My comments would be of ‘oh I love this one’ or ‘not my favourite’- really insightful!!!


    • Hi Michele welcome! Love it! Same goes here. I’m more the reading type.
      The thoughts won’t show up in my computer.
      Mhhhh maby to much pics of Lee in the tux 😉


      • Hiya Claudia! Great you are still reading and enjoying the journey! When you want to share – we are always happy to hear from you!! 🙂

        haaaa.. yes Lee in a tux will do that to you! maybe I should put an ‘antidote’ at the end of each of my posts..

        Houseboy Walter or Hobo Lee maybe.. LOL..


    • Welcome, Michele!

      Happy New Year to everyone! It’s great to have some friends to share this obsession/interest/fascination with. Amanda and Lee are great characters to analyze, aren’t they? So much to see there, so much depth. Thank you all for your great insights and comments. And another thank you to IWSOD for the blog.


    • “I never comment as Im just not up to the standard of the rest of you..” Bah! Please, please, please comment more – my comments aren’t up to the standard of the rest of them either!!!

      Seriously – welcome to the blog, Melissa, and I’m glad you de-lurked even if just to say a quick hello and to disappear back into lurking. It is always great to hear from people, whether it’s an ‘I agree!’ or a ‘You’re nuts!’ or the most insightful comment you’ve ever read or written.

      I discovered the blog almost a year ago and just took the plunge and left some comments. I hope you’d find it a welcome place like I did and now the blog is a fun place place to discuss something I love.


  4. Wishing everyone the happiest, healthiest, and most wonderful of years in 2014!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    I can’t believe I made the top 5 list…I do enjoy this blog (definitely a highlight for me) and the show!! I just wish I had better insights to share…like you IWSOD and Morely 🙂


  6. Happy New Year everyone! I think by now all the world is now in 2014? Yay! I am looking forward to all the good things to come our way – ahem, more tuxes, dimples and plaid :D. Not to mention those lovely first half S3 episodes! Wonder which ep will get the highest number of comments in 2014? iwsod, I know you can tell post has the highest number of comments for the year, can you tell which of the 12 eps got the most all together?

    I just discovered this blog in 2013 – mid Spiderweb, I think, and it has been a top three highlight of my year. I can’t believe we averaged one episode per month, but I love the pace. Love that we get time to really think about each post, comment, comment on other’s comments and just have fun!

    Thank you, iwsod, for creating this blog and for doing such a great job with it as well as sticking with it!

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014 to all us!


  7. Happy New Year!!!


  8. Does this mean I talk too much?!? Please don’t ask my husband, he’s biased! LOL! Happy Happy New Year to all of us down this wonderfully delicious rabbit hole! I’ve got the chocolate and fuzzy robes; meet you there!


    • Hey Jenbo and Jule – if you are in the top five – I did say: THANK YOU to you!!! 🙂 and I mean it!!
      Because without comments.. the blog wouldn’t be what it is.. and heck, I probably would not have stuck at it this long.. truly.. the blog is what it is because people comment -Commenting too much is just not possible!!!!
      Yeah I was thinking Jenbo that a lot of your comments must have been before you moved house 😉 you don’t comment as often now- but I’m grateful to hear from you anytime you are able any amount is great! 🙂

      Where is this rabbit hole exactly Jule? It sounds so much more classy than the old ‘gutter’ 😉 tee heee..
      LOL.. maybe we should start a thread at Neds titled ‘The Rabbit Hole’ for sitting in our fuzzy robe, eating chocolate, drinking wine (red I guess!) and umm.. wearing a helmet? what else goes on in the rabbit hole? remind me! drooling over Lee I am guessing also? 🙂


      • Anything and everything chocolate! Drool buckets and helmets are a necessity (what good is it if you can’t remember why you’re drooling??), and fuzzy slippers too coz we must keep our tootsies warm while repeatedly watching SMK episodes! LOL! Isn’t that a delightful picture of all of us sitting around in a rabbit hole?! Uh oh, I see men in white coats at the front door. My husband must’ve called them. No no no no no! don’t take me! at least let me get my DVDs of SMK first!


      • “Commenting too much is just not possible!!!”
        Uhhh… unless taking things off topic or mentioning future episodes, which I’ve been wont to do… bad KC! Bad, bad, KC!!! 😀 (I’ll try my best to behave myself in 2014!)
        Thank you, Iwsod, for creating such a great blog, for running through the episodes so wonderfully, and providing a place for us SMK nuts to hang.


  9. Melissa Robertson

    May all my SMK friends have a Blessed New Year!!!


  10. Happy New Year!


  11. Eek top poster?! In my defence I only found this blog earlier this year and started commenting on the very first episode onwards.
    Oh that and I CAN talk for England 😉
    Thanks to IWSOD for starting this blog, to the other contributors, I’ve had a blast reading and talking with you all 🙂

    Happy New Year to one and all xx


    • Quite a gap between first and second place, LOL. In my defense, several weeks of that time I was computerless and was only posting from the library (I think I had 3 computer meltdowns in 2013).


      • LOL! Hi Cindy! Well.. I think in 2014 you need to do better!! 😉 Kidding!! 🙂

        The stats don’t include myself as administrator and BJo as moderator.. I am guessing either if not both of us would be right up there too..

        But what about South Korea eh?! South Korea is hiding!! Reading lots.. but no one from South Korea is saying hi to us!!! – We’d love to hear from you South Korean readers! 🙂

        Cindy, I think you did an amazing job of staying sane after 3 computer meltdowns.. much less managing to post so often too! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re here for the journey! 🙂


    • ” I only found this blog earlier this year and started commenting on the very first episode onwards.”
      LOL Jenbo! I guess that makes two of us in the top three in that situation! 😀 (How the heck did I make number three? I don’t think it was until July that I found the blog… but I *love* it!)


      • I found it in August and I made the top five. Oh dear, me and my rambles love this blog lots! Cindy, I get totally crazed by computer meltdowns. One year I went through four laptops at work, both Macs and PCs.


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