Update on blog features..

Hi Everyone! Here is a post for you to bookmark and refer back to.. Time to show you the new wordpress feature: Markdown! [And remind you of wordpress emoticons]

Markdown makes rich text in comments possible using regular characters and punctuation marks and without the need for complicated html codes.. hooray!
If you want more info: Here is a link to a word press article on what Markdown does.

Here is the Quick reference guide to markdown.

markdown3markdown4markdown5markdown6Feel free to experiment and if you aren’t happy with something and want to delete it just let me know and I’ll delete it Smile

While I’m at it.. I’ll also remind you that word press has 22 emoticons or ‘smilies’  that are available to anyone use in comments.
Here they are:

wordpress smilies1

And some more..
wordpress smilies2
And some more!
wordpress smilies3
There you go ❗
Feel free to use none of these features if you prefer :mrgreen:

[heck…including a pic of Lee – just because I can 😉 ]

Any questions feel free to ask here and hopefully someone can answer you (this markdown is new to me too!!) Byeee and good luck!

9 responses to “Update on blog features..

  1. Hey, iwsod, just wanted to leave another comment here – I’m loving these new updated changes to the blog! And it looks like just about everone is getting in on it. Being able to bold, italicize and block text are fantastic features – just to name a few that I’ve started using. Thanks too for all the emoticons – 😎 😀


  2. A definite bookmark-er 😎 Thanks, iwsod!


  3. I can read Latin, Greek and a bit of Hebrew but this is alien to me. No problem, I think I will stick with my ancient, dead languages. Enjoy every one. 😆


    • whwhaahaaaa.. true.. I don’t really speak it either.. but this one is designed to be very simple. I tried out the block quote function yesterday and it worked. and my computer skills are pretty basic!

      If you at least use the italics and bold options they will give you options! oh and like the emoticon there Morley haaaaa! :mrgreen:


  4. Basic question – how do I bookmark a page. It’s probably obvious but my brain is just not up to it today after all my computer hassles.


  5. Oh thanks so much for the info Iwsod! It will be a help on my site 💡 😀


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