Season Three is approaching! Two changes coming to the blog..

Hi Everyone! In preparation for Season Three there will be a change in post format. And I will be changing the order we walk through the first five episodes of Season Three.
New Post Format
Starting with Vigilante Mothers, the final episode of season 2,
I am going to start blogging in a different format. I will be really interested to hear your feedback (both positive and negative) on this!

I think around this time in the story our ideas on Lee and Amanda’s journeys could vary greatly. Whether or not you view Lee or Amanda as being ‘in Lee likes that!love’ now or how you define that can dramatically alter your view of the episode and the actions of the characters.
I think there is no right or wrong answer here and we experience the story the way we experience it. I am looking forward to hearing about everyone’s experience of Lee and Amanda’s love story as they see it Smile and maybe discussing if you like!

I think eventually we all meet in the same place – with Lee and Amanda in love Smile When that point will be I don’t know yet.. ‘‘but I’m sure going to enjoy 1thuddytrying to find out’’ [thanks BJo for ensuring My Lee quote from ATWAStage is accurate- it’s been a loooong time since I heard it Smile]  I want people to be able to follow the story they see happening as I recap, without being influenced by my commentary (and since your view may vary greatly from my own that could be very distracting3_ImNotListening).

2this just in!Here is what I will try starting with Vigilante Mothers: I will recap the episode as usual, but I will hold off till the end of each post drawing any conclusions about what things mean for the characters. If you disagree with me, you can read the post without my interpretations interfering with your own understanding more easily.

2thwelcomesmilieHopefully, you will be open to sharing your own interpretations of what is happening in comments with us all – confident that many different views are welcome-  I think there will be many!

I want to foster open discussion, and while I blog what I think, I don’t want it to dictate to anyone what they should think 😎

So let’s give this format a go as we walk through Vigilante Mothers -hopefully we’ll find it better welcomes very lightbulb momentdivergent views of Lee and Amanda’s journey as we head into season 3. Also if you have any suggestions please let me know! thanks!

1yourockI’d also like to send out a huge hooray to everyone who stops by and comments, for making this community a safe place to share 1tiphatour thoughts, to disagree and discuss our ideas knowing there are no SMK experts- we are all equals regardless of whatever Francine may think Winking smile haaa!

May I encourage you as we head into season 3- to continue to respect the views of other fans who may see holding hands thuddythings completely differently. We can disagree and that’s more than okay!1_bouncy-smile5_thumb I’m expecting to see new and different ideas on what’s ahead- I’m looking forward to this journey with you all!!

To those of you who comment here- a huge thank you from me!! I love smk and this walk, but I don’t think I would have gotten this far, this quickly without you guys walking with me- I love to walk this journey with you all- please don’t underestimate how valuable your comments are!! I don’t think this blog would be what it is without you!!! It really does make a difference to hear from ya!
Thank you!! 🙂

If you haven’t commented yet- there is no pressure to, but (!) maybe season three is the time for you to take that leap and join in the fun!!  1BIG GRIN

Episode order for first five episodes of Season 3.
What order to blog the first five episodes of Season Three in has been a bit of a challenge. While I did conduct a poll where reader’s voted for Petra’s episode three order rather than the airing order [thank you for voting!], I think this was because we don’t like the airing order. It is clearly plain wrong due to the Q bureau being introduced after we’ve already seen it! Huh!
A discussion took place over at Nedlindger’s about it – and I’m relying on the wisdom of others to determine the order for blogging them – I have only skimmed these episodes briefly – so I can blog them fresh..

Looking at big happenings in the first five episodes, and the progression of Lee and Amanda’s relationship it seems that Morley’s 2Fireworkssuggested order for the first five episodes is a winner! 2applause-applThanks so much Morley for sharing this order with us!
Thanks also to Jule, Valerie, BJo, Misty and kiwismh for joining in and helping to discuss this order! thankyou2
We can blog in Morley’s order, and then discuss the order later once all five episodes have been covered.
Here is Morley’s order [the blogging order]:woohoo-022

1- Welcome to America Mr Brand
2- Over the Limit
3- Tail of the Dancing Weasel
4- We’re off to see the Wizard
5- A Lovely Little Affair

If you’d like to read how this order came about, the thread at Nedlindger’s can be found HERE

FYI the original airing order was: 1facepalm

1- A Lovely Little Affair,
2- We’re off to see the Wizard,
3- Over the Limit
4- Tail of the Dancing Weasel
5- Welcome to America Mr Brand

I’m thinking after the first five episodes, I’ll pick up with the airing order again..from the looks of it, it doesn’t deviate from the production order anyway. Unless anyone can give me a reason not to? I’m always open to ideas!  1BIG GRIN

I’ll look forward to exploring this order with you all again after we’ve looked at the five episodes.. we may want to tweak it.. or it may be simply perfect! Or heck a number of us may come up with different orders we like: that’s cool too!

Get ready.. Season Three is coming!!!! Smile byeee now.. Iwsod

29 responses to “Season Three is approaching! Two changes coming to the blog..

  1. I just want to say how much fun this walk-through is to read even five years after the fact. I 💯% agree with you, iwsod, that the comments of this community are so valuable and help to make the blog the greatness that it is! I feel like all of you are friends and I look forward to my visits with you whenever I get some reading time!

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  3. I’m looking forward to season 3. I’m not very familiar with those first episodes, but it does seem like there are some continuity issues, so I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks should be the right order!


  4. I never had a problem with the commentary all the way through. Almost ….almost makes up for no commentary on the DVDs lol

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    • Hi Karyn! Lovely to hear from you!

      Awh that is very sweet of you to let me know 😳

      I’m glad you’re happy with things!

      Just to be clear though- no one has complained or anything 🙂
      -these changes are my attempt to be proactive, and simplify things in preparation for opinions that I am guessing opinions will vary greatly. I wanted to make space for that to be explored.

      I’ve never done this blogging gig before 😕
      – so will give this new format a go and see if it works better for everyone 🙂 Hey- you never know! 🙂

      I’ve nearly finished writing the posts for Vigilante Mothers, using the new format. It feels different! but I’ve found that I’ve still made little comments throughout such as: ‘what is Francine wearing??!!!’ 😉 tee heee.. digs and jokes will remain firmly in place!! 🙂 haaa..
      but interpreting a look or line of dialogue from Lee and what he could be thinking (for eg.) and discussing that?- I’ve left until the end of that post to share my thoughts- as maybe others will interpret the meaning differently maybe.. I’ll publish the first VM post later today and you’ll see what I mean- I hope – haaaaaa 🙂

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  5. I really don’t care how you choose to blog IWSOD, that’s not to sound flippant but anyway you care to stick your thoughts down is fine with me.

    I am rather excited at the start of season three fast approaching BUT also a tiny bit despondent that it won’t last forever, especially as we are nearly half way through. Am I mad for thinking this? All good things do come to an end I suppose……

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    • I know what you mean. Like coming to the end of a good book. Sigh

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      • Great to hear from you all.. we’ll see how this goes huh!

        Jenbo and LASinLA.. I hear ya!!! I felt great sadness watching the Kruschev list for the first time on dvd.. (when I got hold of the anniversary discs years ago) – I almost had to grieve that there would be no more new episodes!!!

        I guess that’s what fan fic is for huh?!

        For now, I’m trying not to think of how this walk has to come to an end one day – and just trying to enjoy it 🙂 I am thinking it will take another few years at least before we reach the end of season 4 at the rate we are going.. and if the rate slows down due to real life?? it could be another 3 or 4 years. who knows? [Plus I do want to walk through season 1 in more detail before I consider finishing a walk through the episodes- I didn’t do them justice!]

        Heck, I might die tomorrow.. nothing is guaranteed. [Before you say- don’t say that- I was once a very small part of a large tv show forum where the moderator was murdered in real life. A truly shocking and sad event and she was a really lovely lady]
        – so I’m just gonna enjoy today!!! Sorry to get morose.. I guess smk explores this- loss and sadness… but there is also happiness, love and joy!! So.. while we live.. the show must continue right? Let’s enjoy the walk together 🙂

        I hear Remington Steele beckoning when all this is complete- but for now I don’t have time for it.. Hmm maybe we could discuss this more at Neds! For now.. I’m focusing on Today! 🙂 Or.. if I were to be like Amanda.. I’d focus on getting the washing off the line before it rains.. haaaa.. or .. just the next thing that needs to be done 😉

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  6. I think this will be wonderful!
    I do have one more though about episode order. I wonder if Sour Grapes should come after UN…? That is how I watch it and I will head over to Ned’s to discuss it more, but I thought I would put it here to flag the idea 😉
    Of course I change up the order of the last part of season 3 as well, but that is a long way off isn’t it.

    And as for the weather talk, we are having snow again here in New England.


  7. I’ve been spoiled, the few blogs I hang out in are populated with absolutely wonderful, funny, smart and respectful people. Thank you IWSOD and fellow SMKians for making this such a wonderful site. I was reminded how special it is here when I recently had to navigate through some news blogs. UGGG!


    • Ah yes so true Cindy – I don’t take it for granted at all, having had a few not so nice experiences myself..

      It’s a very valuable thing to know an online community is full of such fab people with the wonderful attributes you described Cindy 🙂 online can get a bit scary at times huh!


  8. Oh boy, season three!! dances happily in the rain! (yep, it’s finally raining in California!!) Thanks for all your hard work, Iwosd; it brings so much joy!


    • It’s raining in Morro Bay?!?!? JEALOUS!!! (Doppler radar shows a rain band heading across/to LA County, but nada for Sandy Eggo. :p Maybe O’side might get some, but not central…) whines


      • I will do my rain dance for you KC!! dances frantically, chocolate and wine in hand! Since it has been so dry, the dirt is more like dust. I am a bit afraid the soil is floating down the street to the harbor. Fingers crossed.


  9. Huh, it will be interesting to see how this changes things in the discussions. I’ve been awol for murder between friends had sick kids and just got exhausted but really looking forward to starting season three and just recently watched the first 5 episodes of season three in the order we are going to be doing them and I have to say they really seem to flow a lot better in that order.

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    • Hi Misty!!! I’ve been hoping you’d pop up again!! Great to hear you are still around – I’m looking forward to heading into season 3 with you!

      Sorry to hear things have been tough.. maybe you can catch up on Murder Between Friends when you have time to enjoy it – let us know your thoughts!!

      Hope everyone is back on the road to wellness and that you are getting some rest!

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  10. “*Here is what I will try starting with Vigilante Mothers: I will recap the episode as usual, but I will hold off till the end of each post drawing any conclusions about what things mean for the characters. *”
    Just to clarify, for wombles like me, is that the end of each “daily” post, or the final installment for an episode? I’m guessing the former, but I’ve been wrong before… many times… (but I keep on trying!)

    Wheeeee… thank you Iwsod for bringing JWWM to us–you rock!!!


    • If you are unsure- best to ask 🙂 good thinking!
      Daily post? lol! I wish!!! I don’t think they will be daily once my studies kick in.. but.. you never know – when I was doing my thesis writing for the blog was very therapeutic- I never expected that! 🙂

      I meant at the end of each post. If I left it to the end of the episode, then I’d miss out on all the discussion throughout the episode.. and sometimes sharing a view can aid in exploring an idea.. so we want to do that throughout the episode.
      Simply put: It just means I’ll put my ideas on what a scene means for the characters not throughout the scene – as I have been doing- but at the end of the post the scene is in. [this way you can skip my ideas and come back to them]

      I’m even thinking sometimes I might hold off and just put my thoughts in comments along with everyone else -we’ll see how it all goes.. this is new and I’m keeping an open mind so we can go with what works best 🙂
      Thanks KC! You rock too! 🙂

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      • Thanks for clearing that up for me. (Cater to the lowest denominator, you know… i.e., me.)

        BTW–I did put inverted commas (quotes) around daily, to signify that I didn’t really mean every day… but, of course, every day would be awesome. LOL. No pressure. None at all… (Kidding. I don’t at all expect daily.)


        • Don’t worry KC I knew you were joking with ‘daily’ and having a bit of fun 🙂 all is well..

          Gosh.. I do hope you get some rain soon!!!! You could always move back to NZ, I hear they get rain there 😉


          • You could always move back to NZ, I hear they get rain there
            Now, there’s a thought… rolling eyes 😀


            • tee heee! We’ve had a very dry summer here in north new south wales.. but not as dry as for you.. you got bushfire danger? Hope you get some rain too! gotta run byeee!

              BTW-Vigilante Mothers is going to be 11 posts 😉 the ending has more to discuss than I thought! whooo hooo!!


              • Oh, yeah. Wildfire danger. Not as extreme as when we’re having Santa Anas, but still extremely dry…
                Yup–you Aussies have been suffering with bushfires this year. 😦
                I guess it’s all about where you’re at… generalising: Midwest=tornadoes, Australia=bushfires, NZ=earthquakes…


          • No rain in NZ today just wall to wall blue sky. I was tempted to take some photos but ran out of time with my crazy schedule today. My easy way out is just to tell people to go to – much better photos than I could take anyway.
            We haven’t had very much rain at all this summer. Has been windy though, which is unusual for my part of NZ – that hopefully has gone now too and the next couple of months will be settled Summer weather.


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