SEASON 2 Quick Links

Listed below are all Season Two Episodes in original airing order, with the following information:
1superhappy!The original airing date in the USA
1superhappy!The episode’s blurb on the DVDs (some are dodgy!)
1superhappy!And a direct link to the blog’s first post on that episode – hopefully this will make it fast and easy for you to find the episode you are after..
If you find any errors with the links please let me know!

Season Two

1- To Catch a Mongoose (Oct. 1, 1984)
Is Amanda’s old school friend an international terrorist? Lee and Amanda jet to London to find out.

2-  The Times They are a Changin’ (Oct. 8, 1984)
Amanda wins the family a trip to Munich, which of course propels everyone deep into foreign intrigue.

3- Double Agent (Oct. 15, 1984)
An ex-agent writes a book that names names, including the one that belongs to a certain suburban DC housewife.

4- The Legend of Das Geisterschloss (Oct. 22, 1984)
The lady vanishes. A frumpy middle-aged spy goes missing in Salzburg, leaving sketches as clues to her whereabouts.

5-  Charity Begins at Home (Oct. 29, 1984)
A charity event is the cover for a multimillion-dollar conspiracy. Guess what amateur spy is refreshments director.

6- Brunettes Are In (Nov. 12, 1984)
A vicious white-slavery ring nabs Amanda’s pretty blonde friend. Next on their list: Amanda.

7- Our Man in Tegernsee (Nov. 19, 1984)
“I’m in jail. In Germany. I’ve never been in jail before.” Amanda does time for passing counterfeit money.

8- Affair at Bromfield Hall  (Nov. 26, 1984)
Amanda discovers jolly old England isn’t when she’s identified as the other woman in a sizzling sex scandal. 

9- A Class Act (Dec. 3, 1984)
Amanda’s classmates at an Agency training session include a ringer (Lee) and a covert Soviet assassin.

10- Playing Possum (Dec. 10, 1984)
No furniture, no files, no people. The agency is deserted. But Lee knows exactly what to do: take Amanda bowling. 

11- The Three Faces of Emily (Dec. 31, 1984)
British agent Lady Emily Farnsworth is back, leading the team in a bid to recover stolen plans for a high-tech plane. 

12- Ship of Spies (Jan. 7, 1985)
A mission sends “sweethearts” Lee and Amanda on a wedding cruise, where they end up tying the knot.

13- Spiderweb (Jan. 14, 1985)
A security leak compromises a top-secret operation, and an agency honcho is sure he can name the source: Amanda. 

14- A Little Sex, a Little Scandal (Feb. 4, 1985)
Bang! Amanda witnesses a hit on a senatorial aide who dug up dirt on a politician with a yen for call girls.

15- A Relative Situation (Feb. 11, 1985)
Spying is a family affair when Lee’s uncle, a steely Air force colonel, helps bust up a conspiracy within the military. 

16- Life of the Party (Feb. 18, 1985)
Amanda and Francine go undercover as maids to clean up a crime syndicate.

 17- Odds on a Dead Pigeon (Feb. 25, 1985)
An ex-con wants Lee dead. So he hires a ruthless Amanda look-a-like to get close enough to pull the trigger. 

18- Car Wars (Mar. 11, 1985)
With her station wagon on the fritz, Amanda borrows an Agency car… and drives into danger.

19- D.O.A.: Delirious on Arrival (Mar. 18, 1985)
Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. King. Amanda accidentally downs a mystery drug and takes a trip to bonkersville.

20- You Only Die Twice (Apr. 1, 1985)
“Amanda King, Age 34. Died of apparent suicide.” Dotty and Amanda find today’s obituary section a must-read.

21- Burn Out (Apr. 8, 1985)
A stressed-out Lee is demoted to desk duty. Then a mystery man offers him a very stressful job: kill Amanda.

22- Murder Between Friends (May 6, 1985)
Movin’ up. Amanda leaves the Agency for a big-money security firm. Too bad it’s a front for a hit squad. 

23- Vigilante Mothers (May 13, 1985)
A terrorist has a foolproof way to recruit accomplices; find lonely women, romance them, use them, kill them.

9 responses to “SEASON 2 Quick Links

  1. I have just finished watching Season 1 in the recommended episode order, which was great, but I can’t find the order for Season 2. Could someone please let me know how I find it.
    Thanks C


    • Hi Carol – if you look at Neds, there is an episode order thread in SMK talk. The first couple of pages discuss the season two episode order. Also if you look at Petra’s SMK-land web-site, she has her own alternate season two order (and alternate orders for other seasons). Hope you enjoy Lee’s season two hairstyle 🙂


    • Hello Carol! glad you liked the order!

      the JWWM post on the Season 2 Episode order is HERE

      (you’ll see one of the categories is ‘episode order’ so you can also find JWWM posts about episode order specifically under this category)
      Hope this helps!


  2. Yeah, sorry I don’t mean to jump ahead. I mentioned it on the season 2 post cause that’s when I really started to notice how ridiculous I think it is as season 2 is when she officially starts working at IFF and she would have coworkes. I know they aren’t officially socializing in season 2, but instead of Lee popping up in the back window couldn’t he just knock on the door and say he needs to talk to Amanda about work. It’s not really respecting her private life any more to show up at her house and lurk around in the back yard.


    • Again I am really sorry I Mentioned it still going on is season three. Didn’t mean to give anything away and I’ll let it go.


      • It’s all good Misty! I make slips into the future at times too.. and kick myself! We’ll get there together! 🙂

        I was thinking maybe once this walk is done – we should do the walk again – only in the completely revised order – and being able to refer to future episodes.. again it would be a different perspective!

        I like to not jump ahead because it helps me understand where the character is at – as they don’t know what we the audience know having seen the whole show – and they are fictional so what do they know anyway right? rofl!!! tee hee.. well you know what I mean! I’ve also found not looking forward encourages us to look back on previous episodes – and take into consideration things the characters have already experienced and which could inform the current episode being discussed.

        All good Misty – I really am glad you found us! 🙂


  3. You know what I never understood about season 2 and season 3 for that matter. By season 2 Amanda has given up the whole I take care of pets and plants cover and has told her mom she works for IFF. Why does Lee still lurk around in her back yard and the two them have to hide it every time they are together. Why doesn’t Amanda just introduce him as a coworker. Dotty knows Lee Stetson exists once they start talking on the phone why not just let her meet the person. It seems to me that would be less suspicious then Amanda sneaking out in the back yard all the time and having this mysterious co-worker Dotty never gets to see. I know one look at Lee and Dotty would immediately start pushing Amanda to get with him, but I would think Amanda could handle that better than all the sneaking around with him. Then again maybe not. Maybe having to deal with her mother would make it harder for Amanda to deal with her feelings for Lee and that’s more terrifying than anything. That’s all that I could think of. I use to think maybe Amanda didn’t want Lee around her family because then baddies could connect Lee to them, but as we continuously throughout season 2 pretty much everyone has connected Amanda to Lee anyway which already indirectly exposes her family. How much more would they be exposed by just getting to meet him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya Misty- ahhhh you have such a questioning mind!!! I love it! 🙂
      I would direct this train of thought over to Nedlindger’s – Just Walk With Me aims to not jump ahead – the purpose of the blog is to walk through the episodes and experience the journey along with the characters – rather than discussing themes which are ahead for us in the series – these great questions of yours will come up eventually in the walk – so feel free to raise them later here.

      For now though, as we are up to Burn Out -I think we could say Amanda doesn’t introduce Lee because Lee and Amanda don’t really see each other much socially at this stage – or LOL if they do they won’t call it that.. that doesn’t come till later – which I don’t want to get to now LOL! But I think they have separate private lives – Lee and his ladies.. etc. You know how Amanda was apologetic for coming to his apartment at all in A little sex a little scandal? they aren’t at that stage where they are truly melding their social lives..these are just my ideas on this topic you raised..
      Following with the episodes and not jumping ahead has it’s frustrations.. but it offers a unique view of the show – if you’d like to discuss this Lee/Dotty idea from a more general point of view moving beyond Burn Out and where we are up to – I’d suggest you head over to Nedlindger’s and start a thread there about it- feel free to! 🙂 The link is in the links section. So glad you found us here Misty! 🙂


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