SEASON 3 Quick Links

Listed below are all Season Three Episodes in original airing order, with the following information:
1superhappy!The original airing date in the USA
1superhappy!The episode’s blurb on the DVDs (some are dodgy!)
And a direct link to the blog’s first post on that episode.
Below the original airing order listing, you’ll also find the listing of the order Season Three was blogged for the first five episodes. (after the first five, JWWM went back to the airing order)


1- A Lovely Little Affair  (23 Sept, 1985)

Business vs. pleasure. Amanda’s assignment is handsome, charming, and may be linked to the deadly Red February terrorist organization.

2- We’re off to See the Wizard  (30 Sept, 1985)

Female agents are dying! Lee has connections to them all, so Amanda and Francine investigate his little black books.

3- Over the Limit  (07 Oct, 1985)

Amanda thinks something stinks when a caring mom- and political activist – is accused of assassinating a corporate fishery CEO.

4- Tail of the Dancing Weasel  (14 Oct, 1985)

In a case of spy versus spy versus spy, Agency founder Harry V. Thornton asks Amanda to spy on Lee.

5- Welcome to America Mr Brand (21 Oct, 1985)

Meet Brand. James Brand. Amanda babysits an unusual British accountant who claims a prominent businessman is actually a Soviet spy.

6- Sour Grapes  (28 Oct, 1985)

Amanda and Lee investigate when three officials are found dead from a heroin overdose after drinking rare French wine.

7- Utopia Now  (04 Nov, 1985)

An outspoken tax reformer who has more than political reform on his agenda gets a visit from Amanda and Lee.

8- Reach for the Sky  (11 Nov, 1985)

Agency chief Billy Melrose goes rogue to investigate a banker friend’s death. Now Amanda and Lee are tracking Billy.

9- J. Edgar’s Ghost  (18 Nov, 1985)

A former agent who preys on women seems to have found the famed secret files of J. Edgar Hoover.

10- Flight to Freedom  (25 Nov, 1985)

A Central American country verges on chaos unless Amanda and Lee can locate a correspondent who’s been reported dead.

11- The Wrong Way Home  (02 Dec, 1985)

Lee is on Amanda’s case when her ex-husband arrives in DC on the lam and suspected of being an assassin.

12- Fast Food for Thought  (16 Dec, 1985)

This bun’s for you! Amanda and Lee pose as patty-slappers to foil a poisonous plot by a fast-food chain executive.

13- One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t  (06 Jan, 1986)

When the Agency hides a charming Russian defector in Amanda’s neighbourhood, Dotty decides to keep an eye on him herself.

14- Playing for Keeps  (13 Jan, 1986)

Lee partners with Francine to protect a beautiful tennis brat whose father is being threatened by Soviet agents.

15- The Pharaoh’s Engineer  (27 Jan, 1986)

Lee and Amanda enlist retired agents to help with a case and come up against a disturbing top-secret project.

16- The Triumvirate  (10 Feb, 1986)

When Amanda receives a pay check for above her regular rate, her snooping uncovers some very dirty laundry.

17- The Eyes Have It  (17 Feb, 1986)

An invaluable pair of contact lenses is stolen. With Lee hostage in the hospital, Amanda becomes his eyes and ears.

18- Wrong Number  (03 Mar, 1986)

Dateline: Afghanistan. The KGB kidnaps Francine to force a trade for a mathematician whose theories could jeopardize security.

19- The Boy Who Could Be King  (10 Mar, 1986)

Billy gets called in to duet on sax with a trumpet-playing king whose country has one valuable natural resource.

20- Dead Men Leave No Trails  (31 Mar, 1986)

Amanda’s fender bender with a generous man leads her to believe he’s a terrorist whom the Agency thinks is dead.

21- Three Little Spies  (07 Apr, 1986)

Rivalries flare when Amanda and Lee work with Russian and Chinese agents to retrieve stolen nuclear detonators headed to Pakistan.

22- All the World’s a Stage  (12 May, 1986)

When the KGB backs an American play, Amanda and Lee must prevent deaths in the final act: their own!

As an experiment, the first 5 episodes of season 3 were blogged in Morley’s Season Three order as follows:

1- Welcome to America Mr Brand

2- Over the Limit

3- Tail of the Dancing Weasel

4- We’re off to see the Wizard

5- A Lovely Little Affair

I’ve chosen a different preferred order for myself.. see this Blog post ‘Episode order of the first five episodes of season 3’ for a discussion of this if you are interested. Here’s hoping you’ll find the order you love 🙂 feel free to share it with us if you like!

We’ll discuss the episode order on JWWM once we’ve walked through season 3- but if you’d like to read how both the orders here came about, the thread at Nedlindger’s can be found HERE

3 responses to “SEASON 3 Quick Links

  1. Vasugi Vasugi

    Hi morning😊I have just completed reading all your pages on S3 and it was really wonderful. Gave me a chance to rewatch certain episodes which i didn’t care much before… infact, i was searching thru your pages for a complete list of the S3 REORDER episodes but coudn’t find any😟
    I realise that S3 is something you watched a long long time ago but would really love to see the reorder episode list…this time around,when i re-rewatched it..i actually looked at it differently. I went with
    1. OTL
    I know it may look weird but i did not focus on any other things but LEE and AMANDA’S relationship. I realise FLIGHT TO FREEDOM,WRONG NUMBER and REACH FOR THE SKY could be in this order but it sure would be awesome to check out your list.
    I found PHAROAH ENGINEERS just not sitting well in the order..
    Totally confused🤷‍♀️


    • Hi Vasugi, ahhh this is one of those things that I think I’ve come back to.. aaaaand I haven’t!
      Looks like this is the only post on JWWM dedicated to Season 3 episode order HERE.
      You’ll see people have shared their views on season 3 episode order in the comments..
      There is no definitive order – other than airing order.
      I can’t even remember what I’ve said about it now. lol someone who has read up on this more recently could probably know better than I do what my opinion about it is. LOL! I feel like I’ve lost my focus on the order of episode 3 – maybe this is a project for the next walk through the episodes together?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Vasugi Vasugi

        😊 no worries..i have sort of put an order myself and rewatched S3 in that particular order..Fortunately i was on a 2 month break and completed my rewatch on all 4 seasons. I cannot believe what an amazing journey it had been for me to rewatch SMK..i know,i might still re rewatch it if i have the time😂😂😂Amanda and Lee’s journey and the different shades to their character never gets dull. Being an 80’s show,it didn’t really have much of an arc for the plot but who cares🥰They were such a great pair.

        Liked by 1 person

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