Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts? Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I’m loving our walk through the episodes, but since I no longer source dialogue from transcripts, I am finding including dialogue to be too time big a job to sustain! 😦

I’m wondering if some of you might like to lend a hand..
hey gurl

I thought I’d throw this out there to you all and see what you think.  There are a few options for how to continue with the walk – (if you can see others let us know!)

  • I can include much less dialogue from episodes in episode posts
  • I can no longer include dialogue (who likes it? who doesn’t care?)
  • I can include as much dialogue as I usually do and just publish episode posts much less frequently
  • I can get a bit of help from fellow smk fans in transcribing the dialogue of a certain scene and we can cover the dialogue in small amounts together.

get on board

So what do you think everyone? Anyway interested in transcribing a scene from an episode? If you’ve ever transcribed for Operation Sandstorm, I will just clarify that I only need dialogue- I don’t need descriptions of scene settings or what characters are doing. It’s very straightforward: I just need the dialogue.

If you guys are interested – it could be a fun way for readers, followers etc. to have an input into the episode posts, to keep the blog walking along at a steady pace.. (And there would absolutely be credit given to whoever has transcribed a scene’s dialogue)
dialogue transcribingI’d love to hear your thoughts on this everyone.

I am also happy to keep going as I always have, and just take things more slowly.. so there is no pressure here that the blog will stop if no one can help out.

I’ve gotta face reality and be fair to you all..eek! I can’t keep up with the workload anymore doing things the way I always have… Sad smile This blog will keep walking.. but how, requires a little bit of a rethink…no biggie! Just thought I’d throw it out there to see what you all think..

Do speak freely, everyone here is free to contribute or not – of their own free will – just as I am free to run a blog eh! Winking smile

Byeee everyone!thanks



For Part 2 see HERE

43 responses to “Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts? Part 1

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  3. I would gladly have a go at transcribing the dialogue for an episode a little further ahead of the ones I see mentioned here. I could either do all needed scenes or, given enough time, all the dialogue. What’s still needed?


  4. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for responding so promptly!

    Thanks Learjet for offering to contribute some dialogue!
    Learjet and I have sorted out over email that learjet will start transcribing dialogue from some scenes in A lovely Little Affair.. as she has a bit more free time than usual at the moment. I’ll see how Learjet goes and I might be able to fill the gaps myself. thanks so much learjet!

    Thanks also to Kiwismh for offering to transcribe some dialogue!!!
    Again, Kiwismh and I have chatted on email and I’ve asked Kiwismh to start transcribing dialogue from We’re off to see the Wizard – since she has a bit more free time on her hands than usual at the moment also, I’ve left it up to Kiwismh to decide how many scenes and which ones she’d like to transcribe.. and I’ll fill in the gaps- thanks sooooo much Kiwismh!!!

    Hiya Bitsybeans (Jenbo!) oh boy!!! Yes Sherlock must be a shocker to transcribe!!! I hope you are enjoying it though, I bet you are getting more out of that dialogue than you ever did! Don’t worry that you can’t help out with transcribing SMK – but thanks for the support – right back at ya!!

    haaa yeah.. maybe transcribing just big scenes for Sherlock? but then I imagine in all scenes there is something important in that show.. it’s not like 80s smk where you go- err why did we have to have that scene?!! 😉 Hang in there!!!! Hope you have some regular visitors stopping by to spur you on!

    Hi Debilyn- thanks for the support! a bit of transcription in August would be fabulous thanks! Lets see how we go and let me know if you have more time and are able to take on a little more..
    Would you like to start by transcribing one or two scenes in Sour Grapes? How does that sound?
    Debilyn, can you please transcribe both the scenes early on where Lee and Amanda go to the Charity HQ to get the list of what’s up for auction? (in the middle of this scene there’s a quick cut to the baddie but never mind him!) Thanks!!!
    Lets see how you find that and let me know how you go.. and if you’d like to do more 🙂 thanks again Debilyn!

    Hi BJo – thanks also for your help! Since you are already working on Reach for the sky.. maybe we should just leave you to do that?? Maybe what you could do is transcribe the dialogue from that episode that you haven’t already done, for the big scenes, and then you can go back and add in later the scene descriptions and character’s descriptions of their actions –
    All I need is the straight dialogue. Which doesn’t take as long to transcribe as what operation sandstorm requires. does that make sense?

    Thanks Cindy! I understand completely.. maybe just a little scene here and there – anything helps really and any amount I will really appreciate the help with! Do you want to hold off being allocated a scene for now?
    Or if you like.. how about you transcribe the first IFF scene in Sour Grapes? (with Lee, Billy and Francine)

    Hey Morley- don’t worry.. I appreciate that no one wants to over commit, even though they may be very willing! Let’s start out by giving you one or two scenes from Sour Grapes and we’ll see how we go okay?
    Can you please transcribe the first scene where Lee and Amanda visit the McNeil’s and meet Penny? up until Lee and Amanda leave? [skip all the action.. you just need to transcribe the dialogue alone so shouldn’t be too large – but if it is let me know!! ] Thank you!

    Hi Jestress – thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy the dialogue too!!
    How about we start by giving you one or two scenes from Sour Grapes and see how you find it okay?
    Can you please transcribe The scene where Lee and Amanda visit Plato (where Amanda meets him)
    and… the next scene where Lee and Amanda visit Escoffier as a cover couple ? (just up till they cut to the wine case again)

    Lauren!!! Welcome! Welcome to JWWM!!! So glad you have stopped by and joined in the fun!!! and what a way to join in!! Just jumping right in- I love it!!! good for you ( you can tell I love it, just look at all those exclamation marks 😉 ) haaaa.. anyway..
    Great to have you along for the journey!
    Do you have access to all season 3 episodes? [I’ll just check before I allocate you a scene!]

    Jule thanks so much for offering to transcribe a little!
    How about we give you a scene from J Edgar’s ghost?
    Could you transcribe the IFF conference room scene at the start of the episode? Lee’s first meeting as Q bureau chief? Thanks!!

    I’m going to double check with Jaemie who has been assigned a bunch of season 3 episodes see if she has started on any of those yet.. but figured we could get started on sour grapes anyway.. when I have a moment I’ll get over the yuku and try and figure out who’s already done what.. I like to offer that whatever dialogue is transcribed on JWWM can reduce the workload for operation sandstorm transcribers too. Everyone wins!!

    Hi KC!!! wow!!! you are a transcriber extrordinaire!!!!
    Can you have a go transcribing a few scenes from J Edgar’s ghost and let me know how you go?
    Can you please transcribe the scene where Lee and Amanda go to M street and the bar there.. right up until they head back to IFF?
    And maybe the scene where Lee and Amanda visit Agnes to interview her?
    Thank you!

    Gosh have I covered everyone?? If not let me know.
    Thanks everyone for offering to help out!
    I’ll try and get a handle on what’s being done already and what’s ahead and try to get a bit of a list up here of scenes (with as little description as I can get away with!!) so people can choose what they transcribe in future depending on what they like and what time they have..

    Thanks again everyone! Sounds like sticking with the dialogue is the way to go.. though maybe trimming the odd scene here and there won’t do any harm. We’ll see how we go!

    Don’t forget there really is no obligation here.. if you can’t fit in some transcribing don’t worry… or if you just don’t want to lol- that’s also fine 🙂 I can get posts published at whatever pace it needs to be.. 🙂

    Oh and by the way, it’s the nature of the beast that I have to look at upcoming episodes and list the scenes..but I’m not watching the episodes or taking anything in.. I’m just listing the scenes/characters/location – so while it’s unavoidable to list upcoming scenes – please make sure not to discuss the content of the episodes or the scenes here – Thanks again!!! 🙂

    I must head off now!
    Thanks so much for your generous offers to lend a hand.. or just offers of support in general! You guys rock!!!

    Byeee for now,


    • First IFF scene in Sour Grapes. Your wish is my command!


      • I am almost done the first IFF scene in Sour Grapes. I am searching for the appropriate cow font for Francine’s dialogue. MOOOOOO!


        • And I’m well into A lovely Little Affair (transcribing is excellent way of occupied the insomniac!). Finding it hard not to comment on the dialogue as I go. And looking up all the interesting references to things along the way. Actually quite fascinating…


          • I understand so much better why IWSOD wanted to keep the commentary going throughout the recap. I had a short little scene to do and it was soooooooo hard not to put the snark in. 🙂


            • Hiya Learjet and Cindy! I’m suppose to be doing an assignment.. lol but ugh.. sooo not in the mood!

              Yeah! Welcome to my world!!! haaa! I understand it must be very hard to transcribe the scene and not be able to talk about it yet – hang in there!!! Yes, Please don’t discuss the content of the scene just yet – maybe if you write down your thoughts on it now to refer to later it might help? sorry to torture you!!

              Yes!!! totally Cindy. it does flow to add the snark haaa…. if you want to.. you can always repost the dialogue of the scene you are transcribing in comments – once that part has been published, and insert your snark into the dialogue – go for it! whatever is fun!!! I know you would be hilarious!!!

              I’m wondering if maybe now this is underway I should switch to email to organise..
              what do you think? My email is: iwsod@optusnet.com.au

              I don’t want to be making it harder for people to not look forward on the blog- and unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast that when divying up future scenes a description of the scene is required eeek!! That’s great for getting the transcribing done, but not so great for the flow and focus of the blog- eek! I didn’t realise this would be the case.. but I am learning as I go with these things..
              So maybe from now on- email me when you are finished the scene you are doing and we’ll discuss on email from now on?

              Anything I’ve looked at in future episodes I haven’t been taking in I just skim over it and don’t think -but that is much harder to do if transcribing.. sheesh.. I really have made it hard for you guys now haven’t I?! sorry about that!!
              maybe we will only need to do this for a little bit and we can then take a break on transcribing..[though if you were enjoying it and wanted to transcribe the dialogue only for a late season 3 episode for fun- please- go for it!!]

              Transcribing dialogue is a very cool way to gain insights Learjet I agree- I love it! just wish I had more time!! 🙂


    • I can do that, no problem.
      BUT… I have one question. No where in your list of episodes did you mention Utopia Now! Maybe you are saving it for yourself, which is totally and completely fine. If you are, you should feel free to. But the silly episode order person that I am just wants to ask where you are going to put it, before or after Sour Grapes… can I ask that?


      • Excuse me for being badly worded at the mo lol- ive got no internet except on my phone- I’m away for the weekend- long story!
        Anyway- glad u asked re utopia now Morley- I didn’t suggest it to anyone because Jaemie may have already started on it (shes allocated to transcribe it for operation sandstorm) and it is far enough away that it’s okay not to start on it yet. J Edgar- no one has claimed it for operation sandstorm. So figured not wasting people’s time by allocating scenes from that ep. Sour grapes, wizard and allaffair are soon enough I thought it worth starting work on regardless of operation sandstorm.
        I’ll try and get online soon and get to yuku and email Jaemie and sort it all out. Hope that makes sense it’s late here!
        If you want to just start work on utopia now dialogue Morley feel free:-) if u r loving it then not a waste if time 🙂 but I also figure u r v busy and may need to not commit to much- lol like me- we may be very willing but sometimes there is no time in the day!
        I hate 1 finger typing!! I’ll sign off everyone and get back tomorrow and respond to some of the fab comments then- sorry in advance for any weird auto correct activity! 🙂


        • Oh, I have no need to actually do the transcribing, and I figured you hadn’t forgotten about it (who could) I just thought it funny that is wasn’t mentioned so I thought I would ask.

          I am off on a tour this weekend, but when I get back home I will hop over to Ned’s and make a comment about UN placement in episode order.

          You are right Iwsod, I am one of those very willing people, only wish the clock was as willing to give me more hours in my day. I am learning to say No and let others have the fun, I will enjoy their work as well as mine.
          Sleep well!


        • J Edgar’s not claimed yet? I might as well claim it and just concentrate on dialogue first, action later..


          • Correct KC! That would be fabulous!!!! yeah doing the dialogue first and then going back to fill in the gaps would be brilliant- thank you!!!!
            I’ve only allocated one J edgar scene to someone so far and that’s to Jule- who I asked to do the first scene at IFF in the conference room if you are keen – I can maybe ask Jule to do a different scene if she hasn’t started already?

            J.edgar is a bit of a way off which gives at least a month or two to get it done. plenty of time.. but if you are happy for Jule to keep doing that scene we’ll leave it as is.. and I won’t allocate any J.edgar scenes to anyone.

            I think it is much faster to transcribe just dialogue than to also have to include all the setting info and descriptions of what characters are doing – with the blog sometimes including a picture does the same thing and so can cut down on the amount of description needed 🙂

            Good work getting FFFT done KC! wow!!!

            I have emailed Jaemie to see how she is going with Sour Grapes and Utopia now.. and to offer she lighten her load by copying dialogue from JWWM – I figure we can all help each other out and get it all done more easily together..
            I’ll hold off allocating anymore until I’ve heard from her as I don’t want to be asking people to do transcribing thats already been done and wasting people’s time.. I know it’s precious!

            Okay.. I’ll try and get back later today to respond to Weasel comments! but must head off for now


            • Either way – if you want Jule to do it, she can, or if it makes more sense for her to work on something else I’d be fine with the whole episode. (Sorry – I hadn’t seen that you’d allocated that to Jule.)
              FFFT Isn’t finished yet, but it’s near to needing beta. Won’t be done while I’m away, though… 😀


              • KC, why don’t you go ahead and work on J Edgar’s Ghost. Iwsod, you pick another episode and I’ll be happy to work on it!


                • Thanks Jule! Okay.. we’ll leave J Edgar’s Ghost to KC to do the dialogue – that way it is simple!
                  Thanks KC also!!!

                  So Jule.. what can we get you to do? Umm.. I might hold off until I’ve heard from Jaemie about whether she has done any transcribing for Utopia now and get back to you if that’s okay?


                  • Okey-dokey, just let me know what episode you would like me to work on. If there’s one towards the end of season three that hasn’t been claimed I’d be happy to lend a hand. I know there’s a lot of work going on in operation sandstorm and I can’t quite figure out what’s unclaimed.


                    • No worries Jule, I’m thinking that you and Happy Camper could do some dialogue from flight to Freedom – no one is transcribing that episode for Operation Sandstorm..

                      You were looking to just do one or two scenes weren’t you Jule?
                      Would you like to transcribe the dialogue in flight to freedom up until Lee and Amanda get on the boat? lol..
                      and happy camper – can you please transcribe the dialogue after they get on the boat? is that okay? If not don’t feel any pressure to do it. totally cool! 🙂
                      This episode is 2 or 3 months away..
                      Happy Camper and Jule, are you guys okay with this?

                      I think I’ll hold off allocating anymore for now – as I should be okay for the next few months.. and we’ll see how we go – you guys have all been amazing. thanks so much for jumping in to help JWWM continue it’s walk at more than a snail’s pace ha! 🙂
                      Incase you are wondering at the moment the following season 3 episodes are not allocated to be transcribed for operation sandstorm:
                      Pharoah’s Engineer
                      Playing for Keeps
                      Wrong Number
                      The boy who could be king
                      Three little spies

                      Also- J Edgar’s ghost and Flight to Freedom have not been allocated, but these episodes have been allocate to people here to just do the dialogue for JWWM. If you’d like to continue on and finish an episode there is this thread over at yuku about it:
                      The first comment in the thread is the main listing of what’s allocated and yet to be allocated and is updated by Petra.
                      I see KC has volunteered to complete J Edgar’s – thanks so much KC!!

                      I think I will be able to fill in the gaps up until Flight to Freedom now, I can do some transcribing too – I just can’t do it all right now! 🙂
                      I’m waiting to hear back from hardworking Jaemie on if she has started on Utopia now.. that’s the one episode I don’t have any dialogue for yet..
                      If Jaemie hasn’t started working on it, is there someone who would really like to do the dialogue for that episode? I figure this one might be a real fave for someone.. and if that’s the case and you’d really like to do it – let me know.. but for now, I’ll wait and see if Jaemie has started on it.. I’ll be in touch when I hear back – but no hurry!

                      Huge thanks to Kiwismh who has transcribed all the dialogue for Wizard – the next episode up.. WOW!!!! that is a huge help! and takes the pressure off- thanks Kiwismh!!!

                      And Thanks Everyone!!


                  • No problem. Flight to Freedom dialogue up to the boat, got it! Enjoy your fall weather!


                    • Thanks Jule!! Hope you enjoy it!.. lol us Aussies never experience ‘fall’ only Autumn! 🙂

                      Thanks to everyone for your help! I hope you enjoy or have enjoyed your transcribing of the dialogue! I am still waiting to hear back from Jaemie but I think for now I’ll stop allocating scenes or episodes for dialogue transcribing and leave everything the way it is allocated for now.

                      But I’ll come back here and post if I could use a hand with Utopia now.

                      Kiwismh’s magic fingers are busy transcribing the dialogue from Wrong Number, Playing for Keeps and The boy who would be King – a huge effort! thanks so much Kiwismh!!! I’m about to start writing posts for We’re off to see the Wizard and your dialogue transcription for that ep is going to be a huge load off -thank you!!! and thanks again to everyone!!! 🙂

                      Don’t forget there is a blog post on Operation Sandstorm, explaining what it is and how it works if you are interested.. there are still lots of season 4 episodes up for grabs ( alas nightcrawler is already completed lol! ) Here’s the Link – enjoy!!! bye for now..


                    • Sure thing, from the boat to the end. I’m looking forward to it — I haven’t done any transcribing for Operation Sandstorm because I get so muddled up in trying to portray what’s going on, but doing just the dialogue is much easier. And I volunteer to stand in line if you find out you need someone for Utopia Now — I’m already somewhat familiar with that one and, as you say, it’s a favorite.


                    • brilliant!!! thanks Happy Camper!!! Oh that works really well then! I think Operation Sandstorm works best as a collaboration – in the broader, smk fanbase sense but also between individuals – I think it’s fantastic if you do what suits you, contribute that and leave it to someone else who is happy to do descriptions etc. to finish it off- I am sure there will be fans happy to do that!

                      I’ll get back to you about Utopia now..Thanks for the offer!!! and good to know you would enjoy it!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to walking through that one!!! If I haven’t heard from Jaemie by the end of the week it might be worth going ahead and doing the dialogue anyway.. I’ll let you know!

                      2 more weeks and I am on midsemester break -so while still busy, I might get some breathing space- hope so! – I’ll get over to yuku and update things then, and email Petra to fill her in on what’s been happening!
                      Together we are getting lots of transcribing done!!
                      Which is great for the walk here, but will also benefit the wider smk community as the full transcripts eventually become available.. You guys rock!!

                      Thanks Cindy for sending me the scene I allocated!!!


      • Re episode order Morley? Lets discuss it over at Ned’s! 🙂 I’ll get back to this tomorrow brain v tired! Byeeee


    • Okiley dokiley. Roger will-do. 🙂 I’ll start on it in a week or so….


    • Sounds good. Sour Grapes is a fun episode. 🙂


    • Hey IWSOD,

      Oh yeah I have been lurking for months. I am a big fan of the show, so any excuse I have to watch episodes again…and again….and again…well I am for it. I have all the DVDs. That should be all I need right?


    • Can do. I’ll work on it.


  5. I also think dialogue is important, but it’s your site. Do what works for you. 🙂
    With that said, I’d be more than happy to help with transcriptions.
    I also have DMLNT done, as far as I know Petra Hasn’t put it up yet ‘cos she’s too busy and I’m close-ish to looking for a beta for FFFT… so that’ll be two you’ll have the transcriptions for.
    Thanks again for all you do in bringing us such an awesome place in JWWM. 🙂


  6. I would be happy to help Iwsod. The dialogue adds to the fun. If you can give a fair amount of notice beforehand, that would be great.


  7. I wouldnt mind keeping the dialog with more time between posts. I also wouldn’t mind helping out transcribing if you told me what exactly to do. 🙂


  8. I can help out. The dialogue important so just let me know what you need done.


  9. I am glad that there are offers for help… I would love to jump in, but I am afraid at this moment it would be an empty offer. Maybe come June I can let you know if I find that I have some time to contribute. Can I do that? Just say I have some time this week, throw something at me?


  10. I can help with dialogue transcribing, though if it includes a very swoony Lee, it might take me multiple attempts. ;-). I will be out of the country from mid-June to early July, other than that, I am at your service. But because Captain Chaos reigns supreme here, advanced notice to what scenes you need makes it more likely I can help out in a timely manner.


  11. Hi iwsod! I’m with debilyn – I love the blog so much that whatever you decide to do is fine with me. That being said, I do love the dialogue and how you do the blog now versus very early on when you only did a handful of posts for each episode. I am about halfway done with Reach for the Sky for Operation Sandstorm, and I will make sure to finish the dialogue part of it in time for you here. And since I do love the dialogue, I would be willing to pitch in and help with scenes as needed. I know I am slow to comment on posts most of the time, but if you write your blog posts ahead of time I could plan 30 minutes or so to help make the dialogue happen.

    I haven’t shared this yet on the blog, but I have become a student again. I am studying for a master’s in an online program, and I am very busy – which is one big reason why my stats posts and commenting have decreased. But I am still here, still loving JWWM, SMK, and everyone here! I plan to continue with stats posts and such, but I have less SMK time than before.


  12. Iwsod, I like your blog so much that whatever you do is fine with me. That being said, my class for this semester is finally complete, and I’d be glad to help out through August at least. I might be able to help after that, but it depends on how the next class comes along. I do know that the work involved won’t be quite as time-consuming. Just let me know how I can help.


  13. I guess I really need to finish transcribing The Eyes Have it!!!!!
    I wish I could contribute to helping out this project but unfortunately I can’t (aside transcribing what I’ve already committed to doing). However I feel your pain…..Sherlock has a lot of quick dialogue and I am transcribing pretty much all of it word for word (maybe I need to rethink that…..) anyway big sympathies it’s hard work. I hope some people can lend you a much needed hand x


  14. From my point of view, I think including dialogue for the Amanda\Lee, family and Amanda\Lee\Billy\Francine scenes really enriches the walk. Not so bothered about the baddies’ dialogue. I would be able to offer about 2 hours a week to help transcribing. Sorry not more, but child-free, work-free time without other commitments is scarce


    • Hey learjet – 2 hours? wow!!!! I was thinking 30 minutes max was all I’d ask for.. a scene’s dialogue shouldn’t take two hours.
      But wow- thanks for the offer! Let’s see what everyone else thinks.
      I tend towards not asking for much time of people to keep things fun and I don’t want anyone to feel burdened!!!

      yeah thanks for your thoughts on the baddies’ dialogue… good to know! Sometimes I include their dialogue because it’s easier just to transcribe it than to explain it in my own words.. lol you know what these smk baddies are like 😉 but I hear what you are saying and that is definitely an option.

      I use to only transcribe Lee/Amanda scenes or really important ones. I do enjoy including more dialogue, it helps me to follow the at times convoluted story or lol.. figure out plot holes and why things are confusing. and LOL I know I add to my work load by looking at the script- but it’s interesting!! eek!!

      but.. hey maybe I just need to prioritise here and make more cuts- I’m open to hearing what you all think and look forward to hearing from others too 🙂

      Thanks Learjet!


      • I think dialogue is important, too. There are certain scenes that just need it to show some of the nuances between characters. I’d be willing to help out with some transcription, too. 🙂


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