Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts? Part 2 (update on season 3)

Hi Everyone!

I thought it best I update everyone..share what wonderfully generous smk fans have been up to, check with you all that I’m correct – and give you guys the opportunity to sign on to transcribe a still needed episode if you like (but really- noooo pressure!!)
hey gurl
So far season 3 looks like this:
Wizard – Kiwismh has completely transcribed  – thank you!!!!
ALLA – Learjet has completely transcribed – thank you!!!
Sour Grapes – Debilyn, Cindy, Jestress, Lauren and Morley  have all contributed scenes – thank you!!!!
Utopia now– Kiwismh has completely transcribed – thank you!!!
Reach for the sky – BJo has completely transcribed- for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm  – thank you!!!
J.Edgar’s – KC is transcribing now..for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thank you!!!
Flight to freedom – Jule and happycamper have completely transcribed this episode – thank you guys!!!!
The wrong way home – Kiwismh has completely transcribed this episode-thanks Hugely Kiwismh!!!!
Fast food for thought – KC has transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thanks KC!!
One bear dances – Karyn has completely transcribed for Operation Sandstorm & JWWM  thank you!!!
Playing for keeps – kiwismh has completely transcribed – for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm -huge thank you!!!!
Pharoah’s engineer – Happy Camper is transcribing – thanks!!!!!!
The triumvirate -Learjet has transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thanks Learjet!!!
The eyes have it – Jenbo (bitsy beans) is transcribing now – thanks Jenbo!
Wrong number – Kiwismh has completely transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm -thankyou!!!
The boy who would be King – Kiwismh is transcribing
[Kiwismh is also completing for operation sandstorm (whoo hooo A valiant effort!!] -thanks!!
Dead men leave no trails– KC has transcribed for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm –  Thanks!!!
Three little spies – Melissa R has transcribed this episode for JWWM – Thanks Melissa R!
All the world’s a stage -Transcribed by Karyn for Operation Sandstorm – thank you!! 

EDITED TO ADD: Seems all of Season 3 has been allocated! Wow!!! thanks everyone!!!
Don’t forget: if your circumstances change and you find you are no longer are able to do this – please don’t worry (life happens!) -just comment here and let us know –  that’s perfectly okay! So don’t put pressure on  yourself (SMK is for FUN!!!) and just give us a shout out if you need a hand!!!! 🙂

dialogue transcribing
Thanks again everyone for all your help! thankyou2if I’ve gotten anything wrong here let me know please!! You guys rock!!!!

I hope you have found the transcribing fun!!
Okay byee for now!!

(part 1 of this post HERE)

Edited 12 June 2014 to update.. only one episode’s dialogue is  left needing transcribing for season 3!! 🙂
Edited 13 June 2014 to update Operation sandstorm info.
Edited 28 July 2014 to update completed dialogue transcripts – huge thanks guys!!!!
Edited 28 Jan 2015 to update completed transcriptions – you guys are amazing!!

45 responses to “Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts? Part 2 (update on season 3)

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  2. Hello everyone!

    I’m trying hard to get as far ahead in writing blog posts for the walk as I can – so when busy times hit we won’t need to pause the walk.

    I’m just wondering – Kiwismh how are you going with the boy who could be king? Is that coming along okay? or lol have you sent it to me already and I’ve forgotten? It’s possible – I’ve lost a couple of computers in the last six months..

    Can you please let me know? or if you’ve already sent it to me – can you please resend it?

    I will try and get season 4 transcription requests up soon.

    Thanks soooo much to all of you for helping out with transcribing – you have kept this walk going and I could not have kept going without you guys!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi Everyone!! Just updated this post with where all the episodes are at – you guys have been amazing!!! truly- thanks sooo much for contributing!!

    there are now only three episodes left of Season 3 that need transcribing..
    Pharaoh’s engineer ( being transcribed by Happy Camper)
    The eyes have it (being transcribed by Jenbo)
    The boy who would be king (being transcribed by Kiwismh)

    How are you going guys? there is still plenty of time till I’ll get to Pharaoh’s Engineer – no pressure!! but don’t forget.. if you find you have too much going on in life and can’t transcribed it as you’d hoped to.. Feel free to post here and let me know.. someone else can transcribe it.. and share the load maybe?
    Just make sure it’s not a burden for ya.. SMK is for Fun!!!

    byeeee and thanks again everyone for your generosity!! You’ve kept this blog walkin!! 🙂


  4. Hi Everyone! I thought I’d share this message I got from Petra with you all. [Petra runs http://www.smk-land.com -where all the episode transcripts are being made available- the group project to complete all smk episode transcripts is called ‘operation sandstorm’ ]

    Here’s Petra’s message:
    “Just a short but heartful thank you to you and all the people over at your blog for doing such a wonderful job transcribing episodes and dialogue. Thanks to that the list of finished transcripts on my fanpage grows longer and longer! Please say hi to everybody!

    Some lovely encouragement!!! thanks to everyone who is helping to contribute to the transcripts, and ultimately to Operation Sandstorm 🙂


    • That’s awesome! Are you still in need of any season three transcribing? Have we started divying up season four yet? 🙂


      • Hi Lauren! yeah it was really lovely of Petra to acknowledge everyone’s hard work!! 🙂

        Yeah we will need transcribing for season 4, but I haven’t written up a post to divvy up who would like to do what yet. I’ll get a season 4 transcribing post up sometime in September. If you are interested in transcribing a season 4 episode for Operation Sandstorm, See this post for a listing of what’s already been allocated, what hasn’t been allocated and how you can let Petra know what you’d like to do (if you want to transcribe one).

        I hope this helps! And thanks for helping with the transcribing!! 🙂


  5. Hi all! So great to see how far the transcribing has come in the past year or so! I’ve REALLY appreciated all the hard work that goes into this, both as a transcriber and especially as a fan! Thank you all so much for keeping one of my all-time favorite series alive and kicking!

    A long time ago I had offered to transcribe The Wrong Way Home–and I had all of it completed and almost ready for a beta too, before life got in the stinkin’ way. I’m now in the process of giving it the final going over so I can send it off to be beta’d.

    On that end, I’m so sorry Kiwismh!!! I hope you didn’t put too much effort into it yet! If you want to cyber-smack me I’d totally understand! MANY apologies!

    I intended to do Triumvirate next because that’s the other one that I had to buy on Amazon, back when the others were free. And I see that Learjet has stepped up to the plate on that one–way to go! Thanks!

    Like I said, I really appreciate how alive this series is, thanks to all of the loving fans who refused to let it die. It’s such a great thing to know that there’s a fandom out there like this!

    Eternal gratitude!


    • Welcome Jaemie to JWWM!! so great to hear from you!!!

      I’ve sent Jaemie the dialogue transcripts for any episodes we’ve transcribed the dialogue for and that she is working on for Operation Sandstorm, plus Jaemie will use the blog’s dialogue that I’ve done too to complete the transcripts of some season 2 episodes.. Jaemie has reassured me that she will be giving credit to everyone for their work 🙂 Just thought I’d reassure you of this.
      Good on you everyone for pitching in!!!
      And good on you Jaemie for keeping on going!!! It is a bit of a lonely job transcribing so feel free to pop on here and tell us when you’ve done some!!
      Hey this goes for everyone transcribing by the way! go for it!!

      kiwismh, I’ve sent you an email – I hope you have not done too much work on wrong way home 🙂 but I’ve emailed you about it.. if you’d like to let me know where you are at.

      Thanks again everyone! What an awesome team of transcribers!!!

      We Salute You!!! 🙂


    • So, Jaemie, would you like me to take over the Triumvirate for Operation Sandstorm as well? I’m happy to do it. I have almost finished transcribing it. I needed hourly neurological checks because of multiple swooning fits throughout the episode 🙂


  6. Lauren Mitchell

    Ok – I have my scene done! Sour grapes – Amanda sneaking into the office until the crash. How do you want me to send it? Also – I took me like maybe ten minutes (and only that long because Amanda talk REALLY fast!). Lol. So now that I am off for summer, if there is anything else you want me to transcribe, let me know. It was fun!


    • Hi Lauren! Great! thanks so much for doing it! and It’s great to hear you found it fun!
      Can you email it to me as an attachment please? (iwsod@optusnet.com.au)

      Gosh.. are people wanting something to work on over the summer (your summer! for me it’s winter!) – maybe we should start on season 4 transcripts.. and we can take as long as we like to do it.. I’ll do up a post on season 4 and figure out what’s already done etc. Sooo watch this space! thanks again Lauren!


  7. Iwsod, If you need another scene somewhere, let me know. I’ve still got some open time in the schedule.


    • Oh thanks Debilyn! I might take you up on it.. I still haven’t finished sour grapes.. some scenes have been transcribed and I was going to finish it myself but I’ve been too busy to get to it..

      I’ll check what I don’t have from sour grapes and post another comment here to you later in the day – I have to go out this morning and am short on time – so will get back to you soon!
      Thanks again!


    • Hi debilyn.. how much are you looking to transcribe?
      I have sour grapes dialogue transcribed (or allocated to be transcribed) to the end of Lee and Amanda leaving Escoffier at about 26 minutes..
      Would you like to keep transcribing from there to the end?? or tell me where you want to stop and I’ll finish the rest if you like – we have at least another 3 weeks.. before I would start writing sour grapes..

      I don’t want to blog in a different order to the airing order anymore in season 3 – we might decide we like a different order as we walk through, but I’ll blog in the airing order.

      If this is too much please let me know.. do as much or as little as you like!
      Hope you are well,
      thanks so much for your help!!!


      • That’s fine, Iwsod. I’ll be glad to take it from there and go to the end. I should have the time to do that. If it appears to be getting away from me, I’ll let you know. However, I have a good bit of time the weekend of July 4th (due to US holiday) so i should finish then if not before.


        • Awesome! thanks Debilyn!!! Hope you have lots of fun with it!!!

          it’s really late here.. time to head to Bedfordshire! 🙂 have a great day you people in different time zones!


  8. Melissa Robertson

    I can do ‘Three Little Spies’, but please tell me what it is exactly that I’m suppose to do and when do you need it by.


    • Thanks Melissa!
      If you could transcribe the dialogue only of the episode that would be great. No need for descriptions, scene settings or anything.Just the straight dialogue – I fill in the gaps when I’m writing the blog. If you can write the dialogue like this:
      Lee: What are you wearing?
      Amanda: What do you care!!

      In that format, that’s really all that tis required. it’s very straight forward.
      Three Little spies is ages away!! sooo I won’t need it until I’m a few episodes away from it.. Maybe by the time we get up to walking through Wrong Number? (If you keep an eye on the blog)
      Could be November – ish??

      Thanks Melissa! my vague recollections of the episode are that it’s v sweet! Looking forward to it!


      • Melissa Robertson

        Okay, doesn’t sound to complicated. I’ll get started on it because things seem to take a while to complete with real life 😉


        • Thanks Melissa! I know others have said they’ve found it a fun new way to experience the show – I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂


          • Plus, it’s a great way to get revenge on a certain spouse who drives his wife nuts with the 7 second repeat button on the remote when he is watching sports. I would much rather play, pause, back up, play again, back up, play again with the subtitles on and repeat as often as necessary with SMK. 🙂


  9. Petra – in case you have stopped by to see this post and read comments, I am also transcribing Reach For the Sky for Operation Sandstorm. I’ve half way done with the transcription. I’ll complete the dialogue portion first for JWWM and then will go back and add in the rest!


    • BJo, I’ve let Petra know about this as I had to message her about ALLA and Any number can play. She updated the Operation Sandstorm list yesterday


  10. I’d like to help with One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t. There’s a lot of funny parts in that episode. 🙂


  11. Hi there I am almost done with One Bear Dances.  Karyn


    • Hello Karyn! Wonderful to hear from you!!! It’s been ages!! I’ll put your name on the list – I gave up trying to chase up people transcribing for operation sandstorm because I didn’t want to be putting pressure on people.. hope you are enjoying transcribing!


  12. I’ll do the Triumvirate


    • Cooooooolll.. that is one I would jump at doing too Learjet.. A lovely little affair and triumvirate? whooo you are getting all the super swoony ones!!! 🙂
      Thank you!!


      • Am I being a tad selfish?? I’ll take another episode if someone else wants the Triumvirate


        • Ahh sweet learjet! but nooo I’m sorry I didn’ t mean for my comment to make you doubt yourself it’s perfectly cool for you to do it. You got in first! Don’t worry all smk episodes are fabulous in their own way! 🙂
          [I sent you an email btw!]


  13. I could do a later one when I get back in early July.


    • Hi Cindy! I understand completely! Don’t feel you need to sign up for one now.. even if all the season 3 eps go.. we’ll be on to season 4 eventually!!!

      Enjoy your summer break – let us know when you go.. or we’ll be wondering where you’ve gone! 🙂


  14. Hi Everyone! Kiwismh has just asked to be allocated Wrong Way Home – thanks Kiwismh!!! You are on fire!!!! whooo hooooo!!! 🙂


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