SMK Banners by KC!!

Hello Everyone!  Check out the new header!!!
Congrats KC on doing such a fabulous job!!!
KC_S1E1_banner1finalrevIf you think you could have some fun creating smk artworks like banners, I can give you the dimensions if you are interested.. just comment here.
– I love to revel in all the talents of smk fandom!!  🙂

Kudos to KC! errr.. KC we salute you!

Here are the headers that KC has created for us all to enjoy:




There’s one more that hasn’t been shared yet.. and I’ll publish that one after we are finished walking through Utopia Now!

34 responses to “SMK Banners by KC!!

  1. In my rush.. I forgot to update!
    Have updated the banner with KC’s latest creation- the credits of season 3 – love it KC! thanks soooo much for sharing your talents with us 🙂

    Hope you are well!


  2. Trank you KC for another beautiful banner. I really like it.
    Amanda with the umbrella always reminds me of Mary Poppins 🙂


  3. Another lovely banner, KC!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Just updating to share that I’ve just published a very ‘natural’ sidebar picture by KC..

    And her lovely Always look a gift horse in the mouth header 🙂

    Beautiful!!!! thanks KC!!!!


  5. Love this ACMK banner, KC!! Great choices on the pics for it! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  6. Hi Everyone! Just updated with KC’s The ACM Kid banner..

    KC I love love love the panda inclusion!!! too cute!!!

    And Lee .. I mean Ricky Joe with a face full of drink is never a major disappointment 😉

    Thanks KC! Keep your eyes peeled for KC’s pictures in the sidebar too.. You’ll see they’ll have ‘KC’ in the corner as per usual when they appear! byeeee!!


    • Wow, another great banner!
      Is there a Place were all the collected works can be admired?


      • That’s a great question MarA, I’ve asked KC about this.. and will get back to you (or KC will). Sometimes these things start with no idea of how many you’ll do- so not sure where KC is at on this idea!

        Will get back to you! and glad you enjoy the banner 🙂


      • Hello MarA! Thanks again for asking about this!
        After discussing with KC, we’ve decided to put all KC’s banners created so far in this post.
        I’ll update with this soon.. and depending on how many more banners KC makes, we may in future make other arrangements.. but for now this is good enough..

        And nooo pressure at all KC! If the mood strikes you- we’d always love more banners (headers) but.. if not – it’s all good! SMK is for FUNNNNNNN!!!!
        Thanks again for creating these blog headers for us all to enjoy!


        • WOW – Thank you iwsod and KC !!!
          They are so beautiful and having them all at once is almost to much for me. I underestimated the full force seeing them together 🙂
          Probably that is why I need to ask this silly question. What would be the easiest way to navigate to this post?
          I will for sure come back frequently to admire the banners, but not sure how.


          • Hi MarA!
            An easy way to navigate to this post would be to type ‘banners’ into the search in the sidebar- it will bring up this post and the other post on Whisper romance’s banners also.. 🙂 they are indeed brilliant!! So many talented SMK fans!!! 🙂


  7. Hi Everyone!!! just updated with a new header from KC – KC once again – you Rock!!!!!!
    The new header is: Ship of Spies!!!
    yep! swoony swoon swoon!!!!!

    I am temporarily without thought. Unable t typ.. ahbaba;bahbabab

    (slap!!) okay..
    I’ll try and get back here and respond to comments tomorrow- hope you are all well.. and be careful -don’t staring directly at the header too much- it’s a very powerful header!!! Don’t operate heavy machinery within an hour or so of seeing it.. stay safe! byeee! 😎


  8. Hello! I’ve just updated the header with KC’s new Service Above and Beyond Tag themed header… Wonderfully sweet KC!!!! Great job!!


  9. Terrific job KC! Thanks for peeks back at the first season 🙂


  10. Hi Everyone! KC strikes again!!!!!

    I’ve just uploaded another KC banner from Saved by the bells!!!!

    Lovin the Unabomber Lee moment KC! and the Amanda’s lipstick on the tape?? hilarious!!! Love them!!! Keep em coming!!!! 🙂


    • And Lee and the broom-rophone :D. KC has managed to find the classic moments in this great episode


    • LOL. Unabomber Lee is classic!

      There’s also a SAAB tag banner ready… 🙂


      • whooo yeah!!!! I’ll give the SBTB banner a few days in the spotlight.. and then I’ll update with the new SAAB tag banner when I publish the next instalment of Sour Grapes.. 🙂 Thanks KC!!! -btw- KC I have made ‘god’ status at Nedlindger’s – looks like 500 was it! 🙂

        I’m signing off the net now.. or I don’t get any work done! eek!! I’ll try and get back during my lunch break! byeeeee everyone!


  11. Melissa Robertson

    Thanks KC…I really like your banner!!


  12. Lovely. Just lovely. Thanks, KC!


  13. Awhhh… thanks, guys!

    GIMP makes it surprisingly simple (but still requiring patience), and I have to thank Lovesmk for her wonderful banners which provided inspiration. (And, of course, Iwsod’s wonderful blog!)

    :mrgreen: 😎 😉 🙂 😉 😎 :mrgreen:


  14. Awesome banner! What did Bogey say in Casablanca? “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” Beautiful indeed!!


  15. I Love Season1, I Love ” The First Time”, I Love beginnings, I Love your banner!


  16. Holy Crap, KC!! That’s totally awesome!! I love it! I’m “in hiding” for a few more days with school work and then I’ll have time to get caught up on the blog, but I just had to come check this out!

    Great job! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


  17. KC, you are a woman of many many talents! Great banner 🙂 and love the curly “KC” signature too…


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