Happy 3rd Anniversary JWWM!!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my creating JWWM… 3 years!!! I am amazed and feeling incredibly grateful to everyone!!

I never would have imagined how much enjoyment walking through this much loved show with you all has given me!
fans of jwwm
I have totally loved being able to discuss the show, laugh at (ha!) the plot craters, drool over Lee, pay out on 80s clothes etc. with you all!

I’ve also loved the deeper, reflective moments.. SMK has hidden depths that us fans are very skilled at finding Smile or creating Winking smile ..whatever.. the show can have whatever meaning the viewer wants to give it. That’s what art is all about no?

I’ve also really enjoyed this little escape from the stresses of real life.. a place to just relax.. escape.. and swoon..

Thanks to everyone for making this such a welcoming, peaceful place to visit! JWWM wouldn’t be what it is without those of you who stop by and comment. I probably would have given up at least 2 years ago!

thank-youThank you!! Thank you!!! thank-you

[Kind of appropriate given that Thanksgiving weekend is coming up in the USA no?!]

Iwsod ❤

26 responses to “Happy 3rd Anniversary JWWM!!

  1. Sorry to be so late to the party, but, wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years. Seems like just yesterday. Lots of fun, laughter, discussion, and general great-goodieness in this lovely blog. Thanks for getting it started, Iwsod!


    • Debilyn I did a big squee when I saw your comments!! You’ve been catching up!! 🙂 great to hear from you!!

      Thanks for stopping by and joining in debilyn – you help to make this the fab community it is 🙂


  2. Happy Anniversary! You have no idea how this blog and everyone’s contributions brightens up my sometimes stressful day. It’s something I can read and do just for me and it gives me a reprieve from the real world. Many thanks!


  3. Happy Anniversary JWWM !!! ❤
    What a great place to hang out.

    I personally had my first year anniversary rediscovering SMK recently. And what can I say – what a great year! I spent so much time at this blog or in front of TV and YouTube, reading fanfiction and enjoying all the SMK goodness.

    Currently I am swamped with yearend activities very little time left for SMK. I am really upset that I have to spent all my time dealing with real people and real problems where I would rather like to see what A&L are doing. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But I guess I am good company here, that is one reason why I like this blog so much. 🙂

    Keep it up!


  4. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad I found this site. I have really enjoyed “walking through the episodes.” I have had a lot of laughs with the episode reviews, comments, plot holes, and timeline issues. Thank you for all your hard work with this site.


    • Hi Everyone!

      Thanks for all the thanks! but really – I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t still be going if not for you all – so Thanks to each other!!

      Enjoy thanksgiving all you USA smk fans!
      I’m about to publish the next post of JEG.. 🙂


  5. It’s been so much fun walking with you, Iwsod! Thanks for providing us a happy, safe, and friendly playground where we can enjoy escaping from RL from time to time. Here’s to 3 more years, and then some!


  6. Happy Anniversary, iwsod! And congratulations on three years! 3!! That’s flippin’ awesome! And thank you for sharing your love of Lee and SMK through the creation of this blog. I found JWWM during a hard time in my life and it was one thing I could count on to make me smile. Life is good now, and has been for a while, thanks in part to JWWM, you, and all the other friends I’ve made through the blog. JWWM is fab! And thank you for letting me be a contributing author to JWWM, too. This is a great place to come visit and hang out!

    Here’s to at least three more years!

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  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Iwsod! So glad you followed whatever led you to do this, including your love of all things SMK. It has been so wonderful to meet all these others who love and appreciate this show and be able to share and discuss it in so much depth. I also appreciate how this blog has led to others and the creation of Ned’s for further discussions. Thank you, Iwsod! And Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


  8. Happy Anniversary, JWWM and thank you, Iwsod! Hugs to you and all of our fellow walkers who make this such a wonderful place to come to. 🙂


  9. Hear hear! It has been such a pleasure Iwsod! You brought a lot of light and cheer into our lives. This community is lovely to be a part of so thank you thank you to you and to everybody for making it so special!


  10. Oh My Gosh! Three years already!?! Congratulations and a HUGE thank-you! Like my co-horts have already mentioned, this is a amazingl safe place to escape the chaotic and often dark things going on in real life. And a shout out to the wonderful people here — it is great to be able to discuss and poke fun at the show we love without being called out. Big hugs to you all.


  11. Thank you IWSOD! Relax and fun thats what we need in this stressfull live!


  12. Wow! Three years. I am so grateful for this blog and all the fun things it has brought into my life. I am so glad you stepped out there and started it, so glad you keep it going, so glad we all love to discuss everything under the sun. SMK fans are a great bunch of creative and fun people, and I am so glad to have met you all.

    Thank you, Iwsod!!!


  13. Three years? Wow! Congratulations, Iwsod and thank you for all your hard work on this endearing walk…


  14. Happy Anniversary to us! Thanks, iwsod, for a little bit of something to brighten our days.


  15. Happy Anniversary, iwsod! I’m sorry I don’t post much. I am crazy busy and barely have time to enjoy the posts. Keep it up, girl! 😀


  16. Melissa Robertson

    Thanks for all the hard work watching the shows and screen capping them for us. I know having to re-watch those Lee & Amanda scenes to make sure you get the text and pictures right is a sacrifice 😉 I am thankful for your blog and look forward to each segment 🙂


  17. I simply love when I see this blog drop into my email. I get such a real pleasure out of it. I have already started dreading the end……please repost from the start when that happens as I will be very sad if this ends. Such a small thing (if you know what I mean) has become an essential part of my life every week. Thank you IWSOD…..


    • Hello janetpc! Aussie smk fans rock 🙂

      Sooo great to hear from you! I know exactly what you mean about a small thing making a difference.. hearing from you makes my day! 🙂
      The 3 years has flown by..a blur of gags, sniggers, swoons and head slaps 🙂

      What’s next?? well.. don’t worry while I’m alive there’ll be something so long as people are stopping by!! 🙂
      I have already decided I want to do season 1 again – because I didn’t give it enough detail – and season 1 is so funny!!! 🙂


  18. And thank you iwsod for bringing so much joy and a place to escape for us all. It must sometimes be really tough sometimes for you to keep writing the posts, and I appreciate your hard work, persistance and humour 🙂 🙂 🙂


  19. Thank you as I have enjoyed all the work you have put into the stories, photos. I do not pop in a lot but I have there reading, giggling and gushing over photos of Lee….it’s a blast of three years….that is for sure and many more, I hope.


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