Looking for Feedback- time to slow down a bit?

Now the Northern Hemisphere is into their summer season.. things are getting a bit quiet around JWWM.. as seems to be the case the last few years.. (While us poor Southern Hemisphere folks tuck ourselves in for our winter!)

I’m thinking I may slow the release of new posts down a bit over the Northern Summer.. what do you all think?
I’ll definitely keep the walk going.. but maybe I should slow the pace and make it easier for people in the North to follow the walk?

I’m happy either way.. so I’ll throw this out there for your comments.. What do you all think?
Feel free to say what you think – I’m looking for honest feedback here and am open to listening to what the majority of ‘walker’s’ prefer! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your views!!! 🙂 

25 responses to “Looking for Feedback- time to slow down a bit?

  1. Haha, does the fact that I am just now only seeing this poll suggest my vote? 🙂 But I too agree that the blog pace first and foremost needs to be right fo you! Now back to the end of FFFThought to play catch up.


  2. Iwsod, Jane is from Oz too-I log on in different ways and whatever way it is seems to write my name differently.
    I echo everyone-I LOVE the mail in my inbox-a real highlight of my week, but I don’t want to rush you if YOU are too busy. I just adore your blog. Thank you!!


    • Hi Jane! OH I didn’t recognise the name -sorry! I remember you very well 🙂 And I am thrilled to see you pop in and say hi!!!
      Hope life is going well! 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words – this blog is a highlight for me too! Hearing from you all is the highlight of my week!!!

      Thanks for the reassurance. I am confident that you guys will allow me to take a break or slow down or do whatever is needed to keep the walk going. That’s really encouraging!

      I think I can reassure everyone – please feel free to want more posts it’s okay 🙂 I promise I won’t feel pressure (no one puts more pressure on me than I do anyway) – and if I need to slow down I will and if I need to take a short break I will 🙂
      I’m determined to see this through to The Khrushchev List at least – the walk can slow down or speed up at various times- things are flexible..

      I’m also flexible to slow down if many who share this walk are busy with holidays and it is no problem at all.
      Which is why I put it out there to see what you all thought 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

      At the moment the poll has:
      20 votes for sticking to the current pace,
      2 votes for 2 posts a week
      1 vote for 1 post a week
      and 2 votes for ‘other’ only they haven’t commented and told us what the ‘other’ is they are voting for? lol.. 🙂
      If you voted other and are reading.. would be great to hear what you think!

      I think there are lots of readers who haven’t voted.. which I can only guess means they don’t mind – and that’s cool.. 🙂 You have the option of sharing your feedback if you wish y’all- but there is no obligation!
      Okay byee for now!


  3. I am back after needing to drop out altogether for a while due to RL. I definitely echo the comments cautioning you Iwsod about your RL responsibilities. Please pace yourself at any speed that is optimum for your enjoyment of the Walk so that we can continue to enjoy the journey with you.


    • Welcome back, ruthp221! One of the best things about the blog is that it is always ready and waiting for you to return and enjoy it!

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    • Hi Ruth- thanks for sharing your input and for encouraging me to keep things sustainable here for me in balancing the demands of life. Good you took a break when you needed to – but sooo glad you are back 🙂

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  4. Thanks to all, who welcomed me here so warmly. I’m new at the blog, just started reading JWWM about 2 weewks ago. I finished reading TFT, TGTN (S1), UN and FFFT (S3) by now and I’m looking forward to reading all those SMK-Episodes. Wonder, how long it will take me… 😉

    I’m NOT a native-speaker, so please, be patient with my comments. And YES, please correct my mistakes. I won’t learn otherwise, would I?

    I was 17 when SMK aired in Germany for the first time (back in October 1984) and I always ♥ Lee.

    Btw iwsod, what’s a DOOZIE – something like a double-name? I didn’t find a translation or even an explanation for that word… 😦


    • Hi Lee&Amanda – your English is amazing!!! enjoying smk? what a great way to practice!

      What is a doozie? Hmm.. Oh yeah I said your handle is a doozie.. I think it can also be spelt doozy. Sometimes I spell things slightly differently because there are variations between American/English spelling.. sorry!
      great question! I was saying your handle is an interesting, unusual choice that could make things interesting because it is the names of our fave characters and your handle 🙂 It’s a fun and.. outstanding!


      • Hi iwsod – thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I like English and it’s wonderful to be able to practice it by watching SMK in the origin version (not the translated German version – which by the way is often very wrong). I’m really happy I’ve got all DVDs now, so I can watch them over and over again and practise my English at the same time. 🙂

        Thank you for the explanation of doozie/doozy. I tried both ways when I was looking for a translation, but I came up empty. Now I know what it means.


  5. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me about how we are going with the current pace of things. – I’ll just like all your comments in this thread and on the poll in one big swoop! : LIKE!!!

    It’s good to hear feedback..

    To Lauren and Jane Edwards who commented in the poll – Lovely to hear from you both! Have you commented here before? Your names are familiar.. ??
    So glad to hear you are reading the blog, following us all on this lovely walk.. feel free to comment and share your experience of Lee and Amanda’s story with us all – you are very welcome!

    Thanks to everyone for being so encouraging. I put up the post because I really don’t mind if we slow down or stay the same – so why not check with you all about it – because if you preferred to go a bit slower, I would be happy to!

    From the sounds of the votes and comments, most seem to be okay sticking with the same pace.. so okay – I’ll just keep roughly to the same pace then! 🙂
    I’ll try and keep my posts smaller – and that way those of you who would like a slower pace will maybe hang in there with things…

    Thanks KC, Learjet, BJo and Jule for looking out for me 🙂 Yes work and life has been too busy.. lol.. It’s reassuring to know you guys will be okay if I decide I need to take a short break with the walk! I do want to see this blog through to at least the end of season 4 – so I’m trying to pace myself and not get burned out.
    All the transcriptions of dialogue have been a HUGE help – no exaggeration there – thanks to all of you who have assisted with the transcribing – I salute you all!! I guess it will be time to sort out Season 4 transcriptions soon huh??!!! Oh my goodness!!!

    As for guest posts – I am always open to commenters doing a guest post anytime 🙂 You are very welcome!! they are always warmly received.. and I’m still grateful that people just stop by and read much less want to contribute a post or two! wow!!!
    There is no obligation, or pressure to write a blog post – but I for one love them.. and.. if you wanted to do one I am sure we would all look forward to reading it:)
    I think others who have published posts will confirm that it’s a lot of fun to hear feedback on your posts and to have people interact with it!!!

    Valerie if you are doing a post that would be fantastic!!!! Feel free to email me about it if you are not sure what’s involved..
    KC, no pressure to do a tie patrol post – but if you do one we’ll all love it 🙂 but heck.. if you’d like me to apply pressure.. tee hee.. email me! haaa!!


    • “I guess it will be time to sort out Season 4 transcriptions soon huh??!!!”
      I guess I’d better get my butt moving to finish working on the Stemwinders… 😛


      • Hey KC! Nahhhh don’t panic.. we seem to be covering roughly one episode a month and we are only one ep 12 of season 3. With 22 episodes in season 3 we have 10 more to go before season 4 which means.. eek roughly another 10 months before we get to season 4!!!
        I’m in two minds – I don’t want to wait that long till I get to season 4.. but.. I don’t want to rush season 3 either.. oh boy.. what a mess I am 🙂 tee hee..
        10 months will be here before we know it I guess.. life has a way of doing that!


  6. Whatever works for you Iwsod! It’s a big job being guardian of the SMK rabbit hole and you do it so well. Love seeing a new post in my box even when it’s difficult for me to respond but I always throughly enjoy the discussion!


  7. I also agree -the current pace is just great, but please don’t overdo it.


    • Welcome to JWWM Lee&Amanda! Thanks for sharing your thoughts –

      I’m heading out now and will respond to everyone’s comments later today
      – just wanted to say a big welcome to you Lee&Amanda – lol your handle is a doozie 🙂


    • Yes! Welcome. Love it when lurkers say “hi”!


    • I second iwsod’s welcome to the blog, Lee&Amanda! Glad you put in your nickel – inflation 😉

      And I love your clever handle! Makes me want to change mine….


  8. Agree – the current pace is great! Especially since there’s a few interesting episodes coming up next. 🙂


  9. Hi iwsod! No matter what the pace you decide on, I’ll still probably be in “binge-mode” for a good long while yet. I wish I could have participated in all the awesome Francine discussions in this episode, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll chime in as soon as I can though.

    I agree with KC – go with the pace that works for you. I’ll be here to read and comment and binge as I can!


  10. I’m fine whatever the frequency… I might not write many responses any more, but I’m always reading the posts.

    Iwsod — I think a crucial part of the question is also how often you will be able to post without feeling overloaded. It’s not like you don’t have a job and, well, real life to deal with — I know this is probably a fun escape for you, like it is for many (all?) of us — but don’t burn yourself out just ‘cos people want frequent posts… 🙂

    (Maybe I need to get off my butt and write another Tie Patrol…)

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    • I’d like to second (third?) KC and BJo’s comments about you doing what you can (and not overdoing it) given your non-JWWM responsibilities. And agree with Valerie that some guest posts could give you a break.


  11. I am ok with the pace as well. We just had a birthday party to plan least week and a college reunion right before that. I should be on board now for a bit. I can always read the blog on my phone and if I can’t post a comment, I can catch up. I sure hope my summer isn’t any busier than this past year… that would be way too much.


  12. I’m good with whatever the pace is. I know that people are vacationing and on trips. I used to worry that the places I went to were so remote that I wouldn’t have wifi access and not be able to keep up. But now even some campsites are adding wifi. People just don’t want to be that far off the grid anymore. I tend to have more time to be on the computer now.

    Maybe the summer is a great time for some guest posts. Yes, I’m still working on one, as well as some other stuff. It would be nice as we see Lee and Amanda getting closer and closer to savor these changes a bit more. But as I said, I’m good with whatever.


    • As one of the few representatives of the Southern Hemisphere, I’m also good with the pace as it is. And I still follow JWWM when I’m on holiday. Or busy. Or stressed. JWWM is very helpful during hard times in RL 🙂


    • Ooooh! Guest post, valerie-j-dub? 😉 You go girl! Can’t wait!


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