And Now a Word from our Sponsors

Hiya Everyone!   While iwsod is on a brief break from posting more of OBDOBD, I thought it might be fun for some comic relief from some of our favorite SMK characters.

I’d like to send out a HUGE thanks to KC, Mistress of the Meme, for all these lovely and funny creations!  And a BIG thanks also to learjet  for helping to make this post happen.  KC and learjet, just like it says at Ned’s right under your names, you are Gods!

Well, let’s hear what some of our sponsors have to say…

Remember those Mastercard ads that started in the late 90’s?  Well it would appear they’re making a resurgence…


Seeing his backside while bowling that bowling ball might have been worth a little something too…just sayin’ Winking smile  What do you think?  How much would you pay?!?


Now that’s funny right ‘here…channeling my inner Larry the Cable Guy – or is it Mater?  Just look at that smooth skin on Lee’s cheeks!  No wonder he ended up an Estee Lauder model!



Love it!!  I almost don’t mind those ear buttons!!  Rolling on the floor laughing  Is this not one of your most favorite Amanda Francine moments?  What do you think – do you like Amanda better here or in the Freezer in FFFT?  What other “Amanda bests Francine” moments have we had?


And let’s hear now from a few of our other wonderful sponsors.


Bob, I think those cost $5,000!   Bwahahaha!  That’s two poison gas canisters…ha ha ha Lightning



Want fries with that?  I think Billy does.  Or maybe he’s stumped…wondering just how Amanda read his mind….

Just what do you think he is thinking or looking at in this picture?  Amanda, Lee, and the Russian guy whose name I can’t remember at the moment seem to be very keen on something off to their left.

And from our final sponsor of the evening…



I bet you’re all craving a glass of milk right now, aren’t ya??? Winking smile

Have to say I’m glad he’s not sporting the milk moustache – even though I know you’re a big fan of the ‘stache, KC!


Well thank you everyone for tuning in!  Now go get out your Mastercards so you can buy some milk from Lee to make your own chocolate milkshake while watching The Price is Right!

Our sponsors thank you!

Did you enjoy these memes?  If you did, there are tons more to see over at Nedlindger’s.  Nedlindger’s is a place where SMKers can hang out – just like on the show Winking smile  I’ve yet to see Lee over there though…drat! 

Anyway, I’m not sure how many people have made memes, but I do believe that the memes thread is by far the largest one there.  And you do not need to be a Ned’s member to view it.  The SMK Talk section is open to guests. 

And KC has come by the moniker Mistress of the Meme quite honestly.  Apologies to anyone else who may have made lots of memes themselves!  I think iwsod has made a fair share as well.

Please take a moment to share which of these memes you like best!  Do you have alternative wording for any of them?  Thanks again, KC, for such great work!  JWWM salutes you!

Stay tuned…we may have another commercial installment coming up next, or perhaps Lee will make a surprise visit?  You never know!  Do you have a preference?  Vote now in the comments! 

23 responses to “And Now a Word from our Sponsors

  1. Thanks for making this post BJo, it made for an interesting look back while the walk is on a break!


  2. Love these, Bjo!


  3. Thanks, BJo and KC! Great job. I’ve always loved the Playing Possum sequence of the 4 of them saving the world in a station wagon. Perfect meme for it!! 🙂


  4. BJo, you made my day! Thanks for putting this together 🙂


    • So glad to hear that, Jule! And so glad you could stop by! It was a fun post to do – but KC had already done all the heavy lifting 😉


  5. One of my favourite Amanda and Francine moments is in “Reach for the Sky” when Francine’s trying to find out from Amanda where Lee is and harps on about how she’s managed to crack even the most clever liars from the KGB and Amanda just looks at her and goes “Francine – do I look like a clever liar?” – and just leaves Francine speechless. XD


  6. Awesome! I wonder what is the price of the guyliner Lee was sporting in the milk cooler (Bad Makeup and Wardrobe people! Bad!)


    • Good point, Cindy! Maybe the Estee Lauder people provided lots of free samples and the makeup folks felt compelled to use them.

      I’m still craving that glass of milk though 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ll choose Lee in the milk fridge any day of the week 😉 Who else goes grocery shopping/recruiting Amanda for a job in a tux? Does he visit the yoghurt section too?

    (What is that green thing around him? Some strange jacket lining?)


  8. Pssttt… “the Russian guy” is Valov. 😉

    (And I think that’s what [who] Billy is looking at… maybe after Valov asked for the 59th time “Are we there yet?!?” and Amanda had to distract him with the Marvelous Marvin’s before Lee broke into yet another round of 100 bottles of beer on the wall…)

    Uh, sorry… I was remembering my roadtrip meme “series” from this ep — not the episode itself. 😀 (But the Russian is Valov. Yuri Valov.)


    • Head slap! Duh! Thanks, KC – was just too lazy and or tired to look it up last night before publishing the post.

      hahaha – yeah Billy does look like he could be shooting daggers at Valov! Love it!


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