A Short Hiatus For Our Walk… and Seeking Feedback Please :)

Hello Everyone! I have loved loved loved walking through episodes for the last four years with you guys! However, I need to take a bit of a break from writing blog posts in our walk, so the walk is going on hiatus for the rest of August.. and it will recommence sometime in September – watch this space!!!picasion.com_3c423699cdd319a3bd6b1d284bd8daa4
While on a break, I’ll still be around – reading and commenting. Feel free to revisit walks through previous episodes.. previous debates.. previous theories.. previous discussions.. previous swoons…  now is a chance to either catch up with the walk, or finally get back to episodes you were wanting to revisit but because the walk continued you didn’t have time!

When looking at older posts – feel free to refer to any of the episodes we’ve already covered on the blog.. Just please be sure not to go ahead of where the walk is currently up to –One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t. Smile 

During Hiatus, myself and the JWWM authors will be reviewing how the walk is going, any possible changes, additions etc.  JWWM is always looking for ways to increase the fun! So we would really value your opinions, suggestions etc.

To help us in our review we’d like to ask you a few questions.. Please answer the questions below, but if you have any further comments or feedback you’d like to give: it is always very welcome- please email it to: iwsod@optusnet.com.au and I can share your feedback with  the authors (anonymously if you prefer Smile ).


To answer the next poll please note:
A short post is 500-800 words
A medium sized post is 800-1100 words
A long post is 1100 –2000 words

As a guide- see this post 17/19 OBDOBD – this post is 1100 words.



A few more questions to answer if or when you like..

1. What do you like about JWWM?

2. Any suggestions for improvements?

3. Anything on JWWM you really wish would not be changed?

4. Would you like to see more guest contributor posts? and would you like to write one/some?

Everyone’s voice in this little community is equally valuable!  – please speak freely: All views are very welcome!

Once the review is finished, I’ll publish a post to let you know what’s happening Smile 

If you have any questions about anything – feel free to ask in comments.. or send me an email if you prefer.

Lastly – a little announcement! With BJo and I so busy these days, Learjet has kindly joined us as a moderator of this blog – Thanks Learjet for joining the team, and helping us to keep the blog humming!!!

Thanks for a wonderful 4 years everyone!!! I’m looking forward to hopefully another 4 more years!!! Smile Byeeeee!!


112 responses to “A Short Hiatus For Our Walk… and Seeking Feedback Please :)

  1. Sorry to comment so much on this one, but after reading all your experiences, I got curious about how long I’ve been here and how long I lurked before commenting so I went researching! Looks like I started at the beginning of the walk about three months ago (Aug 2019) and lurked for about a month before commenting. Before finding this blog, I was reading at least a book a week, but for the past three months, all my reading time has been spent here, going through the walk post by post, and I haven’t read a single book! So crazy!

    You’ve all been so kind to me despite my being about five years late to the party. I’m hoping to be caught up by the time you start walking through Nightcrawler and I’m really looking forward to actually being on time to that party! It has been no hardship though to have the Nightcrawler picture at the end of every single post I read, that’s for sure!


    • Yep, the JWWM rabbit hole is pretty deep and twisty for sure.

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    • You don’t need to be active here very long to realize that none of us are ever “late” to the JWWM party because it just keeps going and going!

      My purchase of S&MK S1-4 DVD set arrived in early February 2017 and immediately re-kindled my love for this show. A couple months later, I went searching for more S&MK and found JWWM. I posted my input on the discussion of S4 order on 5/28/2017, but my first comment was at There Goes the Neighborhood 2/3 on 7/3/2017.

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  2. So fun to read how you all found JWWM. I think I’m twice the crazy of all of you because not only am I obsessed with fictional characters from a show from 30 years ago, but I’m also joining vicariously in conversations that happened about said show 5 years ago and feeling like I know all of you and you are my best friends! 🤣🤣🤣

    If you don’t hear from me again, assume I’ve been taken to the loony bin! 😬😬😬

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  4. Hello JWWM followers! As I have a slight obsession with lists (call me the Lady of the List 😉 ), I’ve offered to start a list of guest posts that people are planning to do and who has volunteered to do them (so that we don’t have 2 people working on a similar post without them realising it).

    If you want to do a specific post, and haven’t mentioned it by commenting in response this post, please could you email iwsod or me (emails in sidebar), or you could let us know at Neds at a thread that Iwsod has created Ideas for Topical JWWM posts – brainstorm and dream away
    Thanks 🙂


  5. Hiya Everyone
    when I was reading through SOS I noticed that it seemed to have been not long since BJo and Morley had joined in with the walk..
    This is a great illustration that you can join the walk whenever – you don’t need to have been on the walk from the start to comment and get involved.

    In fact now I think about it – I don’t think anyone who comments regularly now was here at the start??! lol!!!
    [wish those lovely fans who helped me get started with my first few posts would return 🙂 you’re always welcome!]
    This got me curious – what episode were we walking through when you joined??

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    • Hmmm, I think it was first half of season one, if I recall – I’ll have to go back and check (and I think I was posting as CIndyDee back then until I was lazy and used the ‘log in with Facebook short cut’. Maybe it was that Damned Duck Episode, 😉

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      • Looks like I was a little off – “-Cindy Davis | December 7, 2011 at 9:13 am – There goes the Neighborhood.”


        • haa haaa!!! so close!!! yeah I knew you were very early Cindy: forever in your debt for helping me get through blogging Lost and Found!!!! 🙂

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          • Oh yes, SMK Solidarity! (That was a difficult one, but looking back, I think I would rather watch “Lost and Found” again than “Class Act” — Have we come up for an acronym for Amanda’s counterpart to Lee’s G.O.L.D.?)


            • I don’t think so, unless I missed a couple comments somewhere. I remember that people were saying something about how difficult it was to come up with something as good as GOLD for Amanda. I considered Defenders of Amanda’s Dignity, but DAD wouldn’t sound right. Amanda’s Dignity Defenders would be ADD, which has different connotations. Every so often, I try to think of something better, but I’m not coming up with much. 😛

              Citizens for Amanda’s Reputation and Dignity (CARD)? Anyone want to get to the GOLD CARD level? 😀

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            • whooooo I’d prefer A class Act to… duh duh duuhhhhhhh…. The Artful Dodger!

              That episode had zero redeeming features.. Lost and Found and A class act both had good stuff in them aside from the cringe – err IMHO of course 🙂


            • There was an attempt for a while to do P.O.A.D (Protector Of Amanda’s Dignity) but it didn’t seem to catch on as well — not quite the acronym that GOLD is or even CARD.

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    • You know, I think I read your blog for at least a year before I commented. I lurked and was afraid that I couldn’t put together a coherent comment for that long! And then during SOS I just couldn’t contain my thoughts and I said “what they heck” And the rest is history… LOL

      Maybe that would be great encouragement to draw out any lurkers? Go for it, Make a comment. You never know what it will unleash, or even what fun friendships it might start.

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      • I lurked around for awhile, too, before I started commenting. 🙂

        The first one I commented on was Odds on a Dead Pigeon. I remember because I think the first thing I said was that Billy was great for being righteously offended at the idea that one of his agents would cheat on his wife. Really, when you think about it, it’s almost a contradiction in terms for a spy to be “indiscreet.” 😉

        I wasn’t sure at first whether to just put out a comment or if I should introduce myself first somehow, but putting out a comment worked out fine. So, if any lurkers are out there, feel free to jump in anywhere! 😀

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      • soooo glad you decided what the heck 🙂 wow!!! The rest is Morley history 🙂


    • OK, so I had to go back and look through numerous posts of numerous episodes to see when my first comment was. It was such a sacrifice (to skim over them quickly, I mean). I was curious enough to spend several hours on it, and I am supposed to be studying for a class, too. (Bad happycamper!) The first time I posted a comment was July 31, 2013 in ALSALS, but I know I was reading considerably before that — at least about 6 months, and maybe up to a year. For a while I was reading current posts and catching up on old ones at the same time, and I know I was reading currently at least by SOS/Spiderweb time. I think I was here when the rabbit hole was first mentioned, and the hair don’t, and I know I helped to coin the fashion nonsemble phrase. I’m a word nut, so maybe I should do a JWWM vocabulary post sometime. It’s getting like the military, with all those acronyms and everything, like a secret language only we can understand!

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    • Well, this took a little digging but it looks like I started commenting in August 2013 during The Times They Are A Changing. I know I had been lurking for a few months before then and laughing hysterically because the posts/comments were so much fun- so much that my husband really thought I was losing my mind (not a hard stretch at all)! And Iwsod, my hats off to you with major “Thanks!” JWWM encouraged me to try creating a blog for my jewelry using WordPress and you help me with that. (It’s been exceedingly useful especially for galleries who want to see my stuff. Plus fun!)

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      • And I encourage all JWWM followers to look at (and follow) Jule’s blog (see link in the sidebar). Her jewellery is just beautiful and amazingly creative. I’m loving the silhouettes!

        I think Mr Brand was my first comment episode. Was very scared to comment. That is no longer the case 😉

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    • I think it was Sour Grapes. But I did not comment until Utopia Now.

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    • It took a lot of digging, but I joined on July 1 2013 – post 4 (of 12) of A Little Sex A Little Scandal. 🙂


    • I just went back and had a look-see. My first comment was in March 2013! Holy cow! 2.5 years ago! You were in the middle of Savior, I think. I just remember being so excited because it was a current thing on the Internet. I didn’t realize it was current at first and as I was reading posts, I saw a date for one. I did a double take, I just could not believe it! After some careful research and double checking, I realized it really was! I was so excited I think I dove right in and commented. I can’t even claim lurker status – maybe researcher or analyzer or is that analyser? 😉 Of course my first comment had to be at the very beginning, so I posted first on the initial post for TFTime and then went right back to Savior. But hey, at least I was able to skip ahead to Savior and not make myself do every post in order first! hahaha!

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  6. Hi Everyone, during the Hiatus I’ve taken a break and read through ship of spies..
    I’m curious – has anyone else gone back to read through old walks through episodes? and if so.. which episodes did you read through? 🙂

    I was chuffed to find as I was reading SOS that Morley made a comment about how great it would be to have a fan fic sharing Lee’s thoughts – and now here a few years later: Morley has created those stories!! that’s so wonderful!!!!
    Byeee 🙂

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    • Yes! That was funny. In fact I am finishing up the stories for OBDOBD right now. I wonder what it will be like to write for the episodes that our walk hasn’t covered yet on JWWM.
      When I was working on stories I often went back to the episode for the one I was writing. It really is helpful to have the blog posts to refer to. And sometimes I can see things and remember nuances that I don’t pick up while watching. Sometimes even other’s comments can be helpful because we all lend different understandings and that helps me think about things in many different ways. JWWM is a wonderful SMK resource, so true!

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    • Yes, since you mentioned going back to Ship of Spies, I also re watched it and went back through the walk, and then I just had to start through the other eps on that Dvd and have been walking through Spiderweb, ALSALScandal and ARSituation too. Tickled to notice quite a few future references, Iwsod, you indeed have become so much more strict now, but they are all spot on and enjoyable.


      • LOL I umm.. didn’t actually watch SOS. I just read the posts and comments.. Hmm.. I might watch it tonight! Why didn’t I think of that!

        Yeaaahhh!!! I’m tempted to go back and delete it -I don’t like to give mixed messages.. it was 2 years ago..
        But I haven’t got time to anyway..

        I think I am able to focus on the journey without thinking ahead now Ruth because since I started this blog I haven’t watched future episodes (except maybe triumvirate once when the new dvds were released and santa’s got a new bag at Christmas 2 years ago when I was hunting for memes) – and before I started the blog it had been a few years since I had watched many of the episodes…. Soooo we are now walking through episodes I haven’t seen in over 3 years- possibly up to 6 years for many eps- nowadays I don’t remember future events! [Well.. except the massively important never going to forget events! I mean I knew WWH was where Joe came back but that was about it!]
        Thanks for avoiding spoilers y’all I really appreciate it!! 🙂

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      • Oh I forgot.. as soon as I finished SOS I went back to that hug I OOADP- I really wanted to see it again..
        Aside from the hair don’t.. I’m looking back on that second half of season 2 as super important in their growing together 🙂

        Whoooo Spiderweb is soooo good!!! ALSALS and ARS? Wow.. after SOS everything changes! 🙂 Nice Ruth!!!
        oh man.. I gotta go back and read those too!! 🙂
        I think I’m going to need to start reading these on the bus so I can squeeze it all in sigh

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    • I’ve read though — and enjoyed — all the old walk posts (but not all during the hiatus — LOL!!!)… but I only commented on some of them.


    • I’ve been reading some of the season 2 episodes — it got started when I was looking to find out when I first began commenting. I did Car Wars and A Relative Situation; those are two I don’t remember much about the walkthrough, and haven’t seen yet (maybe to be amended soon).


      • Happycamper, do you mean you have never seen those two episodes? I love it when people watch an episode for the first time. Oh, do watch them and tell us what you think (especially ARS)


        • No, I have never seen them (unless as a 5-year-old). Although the walkthrough is so thorough, that it often makes me feel as if I had seen the episodes, and even seen them in slow-motion, as it were. If I watch them, I will be sure to put up a comment or two in that episode’s post.


  7. I’m OK with whatever frequency can best be managed. This is a real stress-buster for me as well, and it’s good to have people to laugh with over things that are just pure, simple fun. And we get to use our imaginations, right? — so this is good for the brain?

    I just got my computer refitted, and have returned to this site for the first time since. I realized that I’m used to typing “justw” into the address bar and hitting enter, and the computer knew where I wanted to go. Since the computer’s insides are all new, I had to type out the whole address. Darn.

    Another thing, Iwsod, is that this blog is a really good resource for people who remember the show but want information on specific episodes. That was how I originally found the blog — I was looking for some sort of episode synopses, so I could identify an episode I remember from when I was a 3-year-old. There really isn’t anything else of this depth online. JWWM shows up on about the second page of a Google search of Scarecrow and Mrs King. I don’t have the time to watch all the episodes right away, so the walkthrough has helped me prioritize and get the best ones first.

    KC, I can’t wait to see the SMK insults post!

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    • Sorry to hear of your computer woes HappyCamper.. but glad to hear you’ve gotten a new one in time for the walk starting back! 🙂

      A resource? yeah that’s cool! sooo I guess I’ll have to maintain it well into the future huh!

      I agree! KC’s insults post is going to be hilarious – don’t drink and read or you’ll spray your computer me thinks!

      Great to have you back Happy Camper!

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    • Yikes! No pressure… 😉


      • KC, I have no interest in reading your post.. none whatsoever..

        Ummm.. ahem… really!
        iwsod has fingers crossed

        Does that help? 🙂 No pressure here KC.. whatever, however it will be great! Enjoy putting it together!! 🙂


  8. Hi JWWM fans, I mean SMK fans ! Thank you all for responding to the polls and commenting on Iwsod’s post. It’s great that so many people responded and to be able to hear how you feel about the blog 🙂 . I’ve also loved hearing from people don’t comment often, and some new commenters. It’s very encouraging and exciting to see how many people avidly follow the blog.
    Everyone’s comments are very welcome: please don’t feel you haven’t got anything new or profound to say (most of the time I certainly haven’t!); everyone has a slightly different ‘take’ on a scene. Or you could just ‘like’ a comment or say how much you agreed with Iwsod or one of the other commenters.
    To summarise the findings of the poll, more than half of you prefer medium length posts every few days and visit the blog every day or almost every day. Lee-with-dimples is the ‘best’ Lee.
    The JWWM authors (see sidebar) have used this hiatus to think through where the blog is going, using your responses as a guide. As Iwsod has said, she is becoming increasingly busy in real life, and this is not likely to change any time soon. Iwsod will continue to write episode posts (and I think we all agree that no-one could do this as well as she does), but the frequency may vary depending on how busy she is. She may need to take a break every now and again. We’re agreed that we all want this walk to continue to be fun and stress-free for Iwsod and all of us. We’d like to continue to have guest posts. Anyone who wants to is very welcome to contribute in any way. No prior experience is necessary. If I can do it, you can too! If you have an idea, please let Iwsod know, or you can contact BJo or me (email addresses in the sidebar).

    Iwsod has found the dialogue transcriptions done by JWWM followers have been a huge help and timesaver and will be asking for help transcribing some S4 episodes at some point. This is a way anyone can help. And it’s a great method to really get to know the episode (although I may have suffered permanent brain damage from all that swooning while transcribing The Triumvirate!)
    September is near and the JWWM break is almost over. The first post on Playing For Keeps is going to be posted on the morning of 4th September in Australia (that’s the evening of 3rd Sep for those of you in the US)!!! Less than 5 days to go 🙂 🙂 🙂

    In the meantime, don’t forget to visit old episodes and comment, and head over to Neds to discuss SMK or just enjoy chatting to SMK fans.

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    • I love it! Thanks Learjet – this all sounds fab 🙂 I’m so glad you are now helping to keep the JWWM fun running smoothly

      Don’t forget y’all if you’ve got suggestions or feedback about JWWM feel free to share 🙂

      Poor Learjet has brain damage from the Triumvirate.. I can’t wait to get to that ep and see what the Triumvirate is that did this to poor learjet..
      Lee dimples +?+? = Learjet brain damage 🙂

      Hey everyone: “Just walk with me?” 🙂 5 days to gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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  9. Iwsod, Learjet, all of you.. It’s been a long time since I have been active over on the Yuku forums, but I am whiteladyeowynofrohan over there, (or whiteladyeowyn, I can’t remember which). A couple of weeks ago I was doing an internet search for something SMK related and stumbled across the Just Walk With Me blog, and have been spending HOURS every day reading every single blog post and all the comments.

    I simply cannot get enough of Scarecrow and Mrs King, and Bruce was my first movie-star crush, and I still melt at the sight of him. When I met him at DragonCon a few years ago, I turned into a lovestruck 13 year old all over again.

    I have no real insights or special thoughts to add, except that I have loved EVERY SINGLE blog post you have made, IWSOD (is that “I want Scarecrow on DVD”?). And I certainly look forward to more.

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    • Hi Eowyn! Sooo glad you found us! I remember you from Yuku!
      yes.. I was originally on that forum but for I decided this blog was a better fit for me..
      Yes! I am ‘I want SMK on DVD’ – that was my original handle.. me thinking it was never going to be officially released on dvd about 8 years ago now – lol!!! Very happy to be wrong 🙂 and thus.. I converted my name to IWSOD!

      wow.. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience this blog with such intensity! You would have noticed things I never would have!

      Thanks for joining us and for letting us know Lee Stetson made you melt 🙂 you are among like minded fans here!

      LOL it’s probably just me but I like to think if I ever met BB I would behave like an adult.. not sure I’d have much to say to the guy… lol!

      However – I think if I ever met Lee Stetson I would behave like a school girl!!! 😉
      – for me there’s a biiig distinction between the two! Does that make me sound nuts? ! ah well.. I’m nuts! 🙂

      But I’m glad BB still turns you into a big puddle 🙂 and that you got to meet him 🙂 that must have been an amazing experience for you!!

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      • Thanks for the welcome ISWOD!! (it’s funny to make a name out of it, iswad is how i just said it to myself when typing that). I am so glad that you spent all these months, years, doing these posts for the rest of us Scarecrow fans. Glad and amazed!! I nicked one of your screencaps (Lee’s smile to Amanda after her forgiveness in BurnOut) and posted it on facebook the other day, remarking how Lee could make me fall in love with him all over again!

        BB is very gracious and wonderful with his fans (as I am sure you have heard many times, it’s all true). I had a custom SMK tshirt made by a friend of mine that is a screen printer, and I made sure to wear it when I met him, he loved it! I had honestly not realized how tall Bruce is (forgetting that KJ was pretty tall herself), and so he towered over me (as I’m only 5’4.). He was wonderful and I hope I can stumble across him again.

        I thought about leaving a couple of comments on a couple of the posts about some of the episodes, but I feel like I would just be repeating things other people have said. I may still decide to, because I certainly plan on reading through the “Walk” again at some point.

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        • Thanks for joining us and commenting Eowyn-Jo! I also struggle with how to ‘pronounce’ Iwsod in my head – and struggle to type it!

          Please add your comments – even if you feel like you’re repeating yourself, you’re adding your personal stamp to our reflections and it’s great to be reminded of episodes that we’ve already walked through 🙂 .

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          • Hey Eowyn-Jo (can I call you Eowyn alone is that okay? if not please tell me 🙂 )

            and hey Learjet!

            Just quickly wanted to add that I pronounce my handle in my head as: “Iwa-sod” lol! weird huh!!

            Yeahhhhhh share your thoughts Eowyn if you like.. everyone loves to have someone respond to their comments :0 even if it’s a few years later!

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    • Welcome Eowyn-Jo! And you met BB? – Awwwwwwwwww! I know I would be tongue tied (and probably embarrass myself like Amanda did with Arlene Francis). 🙂

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  10. I love this blog and am a long time reader. (I don’t really comment as usually what I want to say has already been said only far better). While I would really love a new entry every day as I enjoy the entries so much, I do realise that you have a life to live and that we are very lucky to get any of these insightful witty and totally absorbing entries at all. So whatever you can do, I will be happy with. I can’t emphasise enough how much I enjoy this blog (more than I do the series at this stage although I am still a big fan). Most entries are more detailed and erudite than college thesis. I love the humour, the attention to detail, the photos, the criticisms of plot holes, the analysis, the necessary meanderings down discursive avenues, everything, in fact.
    And then there are the posters! You all write so well. You see things that I never notice, you are so funny and so interesting and you are all so nice. Differing views aren’t criticised, offence is not taken, no body gets on their high horses. I really love the endless discussions and analysis. IWSOD, you are so courteous to all the posters and you respond so regularly to peoples’ views that it makes this blog a very welcoming place to visit. It sets a great tone. And I really love that fact that while everyone loves the show, nobody is precious about it.
    I only wish that a quarter (or even a tiny fraction) of the intelligence and humour and attention to detail that goes into this blog was available on the forums of other shows I watch. Seriously, this blog is an example of what a blog should be.

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    • A very warm welcome to you Michele!!
      I’ll be back later to respond to your comments properly itching to now..but gotta run!
      – just wanted to welcome you – so glad you’ve decided to jump on in 🙂

      BTW- I was able to edit your name so it’s all good 🙂
      Now your first comment has been moderated you should see future comments of yours appear immediately- magic! Bye!!

      [just realised I spelt your name wrong- fixed now- sorry Michele bye!]

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    • Hello Michele – again! so glad you’ve found your way to this blog – and introduced yourself to us all..
      Sorry it has taken me a while to respond – I really wanted to respond to your comments!!

      Firstly – you don’t usually comment because what you want to say has already been said? I can only encourage you that no one has yet said what Michele thinks!!!! and.. No one could express that better than you!!! 🙂 If you agree with what someone has said- please feel free to tell us all..
      I’m pretty confident that most who comment here are thrilled to receive a reply, or just a little word from someone that they agree 🙂
      Of course, you are welcome to share the things you disagree with too! 🙂

      Awh thanks for sharing your thoughts on the frequency of posts – I feel the same way! I wish I could do a new one every day!!! 🙂
      thanks for being so thoughtful and understanding about how I need to balance real life responsibilities (drat!) – and for rolling with whatever pace the blog will proceed with 🙂

      Double Awh! Thanks so much for the lovely compliments! lol.. I sometimes worry I’m a bit too focused on the details or plot craters at times.. lol.. but I figure when we walk together that this will be balanced out by the broader insights of others!

      How wonderful to hear this is how you view the community here – (we are free to disagree/ no offence is taken) – this is what I have hoped for!!!
      I must say, it’s not down to me though – it’s down to all of us together as a collective!!!!! 🙂 Everyone who comes here and comments contributes to that vibe/culture.

      I think that everyone should be complimenting each other (not me rather the ‘we’!) – because without you all being on board with having fun, and hearing different views – this would not be possible!!!
      Soooo I thank you all very much for being such a welcoming, supportive and inclusive little community!!! You’ve welcomed me and this blog – you’ve been very patient and kind toward me – without you guys I don’t know that I would have continued this far!
      I agree Michele, walking together through the episodes has made the show even better for me – and again, that’s thanks to everyone who stops by here and joins in the fun – so thanks from the bottom of Iwsod’s heart for joining in on the fun, and being such a lovely group of people!!

      Oh and Michele have you stopped by the Nedlindger’s forum? whatever doesn’t fit in with the walk tends to get talked about over there! Maybe we’ll see you there sometime. byeeee!

      [edited typo]

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      • Thank you for the lovely welcome. I will definitely try and comment when the walk starts up again.
        I have looked at Nedlindger’s – I love the memes! Sheer brilliance


  11. I love JWWM! It has given me a place to indulge for the first time in my life in a a fandom and it has even launched me into writing my own little ditties. But I get the need for breaks. As much as we would all love to live down here in this lovely little rabbit hole, RL calls and tugs and consumes our time. Kids and families and meaningful work is real and it is important and fulfilling… but so is JWWM! So I think what is most important is that we find a way to make it all work and it is fine if we have to walk more slowly… we will get there eventually. Actually I don’t think any of us wants to get “there” to quickly anyway, right?

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    • Hear hear! Total heartfelt agreement!


      • Hiya Jule! Lovely to hear from ya! 🙂


        • You’re sweet Iwsod! Been rather limited by health and RL but so very very much enjoy the community here- very few people understand the rabbit hole like this lovely group! Even if I don’t comment often, I read it all and think of responses in my head LOL! And I always have plenty of chocolate to share 🙂

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    • LOL.. JWWM isn’t right up there with family lol.. but errr.. it’s pretty close 😉 tee hee..

      I figure JWWM is about self-care.. it’s a little destresser- an antidote to real life’s stresses!

      Own little ditties? I love it.. such fabulous little ditties too!

      Agreed! we’ll get there eventually.. we’ll be fine – and yes lol we don’t want to get ‘there’ too quickly! good point!! haaa!


  12. I love this blog. I don’t get to respond as often as I would like, but it is fun reading your commentary on the episodes and then all the comments. It is fun to read other people’s thoughts on the episodes and characters. I appreciate the time and energy you put into this blog, therefore as for the length of the posts and how often they are updated, I feel are up to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jo! wonderful to see you stop by and say hi – if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see now or in the future please let us know 🙂 I think it’s really exciting to think of what more fun we can be having lol.. yes even once the walk has gone through the whole show!
      I’m keen to swoon err walk through season 1 again – in much more detail!! 🙂

      Thanks for being supportive of this blog – and going with the flow 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. There is so much that I love about this blog, JWWM. It was so great to find a place to relive this show and it was even more awesome to discover all these wonderful people who love this show as much as I do. This has become a part of my day, even when I can’t always respond or don’t have the time to respond. And it has been a place where opinions and ideas are respected and supported, even if they might be opposites or differing. I appreciate the time, effort, and care put into each post and the amount of work it takes.

    Iwsod, you have a unique and wonderful perspective and a special love for the show which is what led you to create this blog. It is you and your work that keeps us coming back and keeps us engaged and enthralled and your efforts are truly and greatly appreciated.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Valerie!
      I agree this blog is visited by wonderful people 🙂
      I’m missing having new posts be a part of my day! but.. forcing myself to take a break!

      thanks for your support Valerie so glad you joined us on this walk!!


  14. Oops, late again. Keep up the good work Iwsod. I like the walk as it is – a couple of new posts a week. The length of current posts is good too. You seem to have pretty good judgement as to where to split the posts during the scenes that will generate the most comment. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Although I don’t comment, I look forward to reading all the posts. This blog adds some fun to my day, and it also brings back good memories for me of watching Scarecrow on Monday nights, after my homework had been done. Thanks to all of you who contribute!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I started following this blog because of my (strangely overwhelming) interest in all things SMK. But I’ve kept following because of the humour and quirkiness of your writing, Iwsod and the other authors. And because of the warm and friendly community that’s developed here and at Neds.

    I like posts to be long enough that I can keep the context of the whole episode in my mind while I read it. If there is a gap between episode posts, a quick recap would help my little brain. Also a “where are we now” post after a block of connected episodes.

    I enjoy guest posts, and having a variety of different contributors is fun because everyone’s got her own style and a talent for noticing something unique.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. You’ve created a really special environment here Iwsod, warm and friendly and inviting. Whatever works for you works for me, just delighted to be here! Enjoy your time off!

    Liked by 2 people

  18. I’m on board, wherever the blog heads. I might not respond as much as I used to, but I always read. 🙂

    I’ve starting working on an SMK insults post, but it’ll take some time for me to get it together. (Both me and the post. Wah hah hah…)

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Hi iwsod! I love that JWWM is a place where I can come and discuss, drool, poke fun at, and analyze every minute detail of SMK with others who love this show as much, if not more, than I do. Thank you for creating it and sharing your time and talents with us.

    I also love that there is no time limit on responding to posts. I end up bingeing on posts after brief times away due to RL stress, schedule, and my quirky behavior of digging in and spend hours at a time rather than short, daily bursts. Not getting ahead of the walk is also what is great about this blog. It keeps up all on the same page when discussing characters and their progression, and it makes for more focused discussion. And I know Cindy mentioned this already, but I’ll second the love of the environment of the blog – it is very welcoming of all people, views, opinions, etc. You have created and maintained that, and it is one of the things that makes this blog so much fun for me.

    I don’t think there is anything that I would want to change about the blog, but I am also open to things changing and will continue to walk with you through all 88! episodes of SMK no matter what changes may come, if they do come. 4 years is a long time to be doing this, and I only discovered the blog about 2 years ago, so I can imagine how a brief hiatus would be good. I love all the posts – episode, guest, fashion, character, stats, etc.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. I love it all, just the way it is now, at any pace that suits your continued ability to write it, Iwsod, thank you so much for all your hard work that brings such enjoyment.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks for the feedback ruth – if you come up with any ideas of possible posts please share – you may inspire someone.. if not myself 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by Ruth – hearing from you .. and from all the other smk fans who stop by brings lots of enjoyment!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  21. I love discussing characters (well – you know which one … cough) with other people here on the blog because it really helps me gain more insight in how they “work” – which is very important for me as a fanfic writer cos if there’s one thing I HATE about fanfics it’s characters that behave out of character for no apparent reason. It’s also fun to read everyone’s comments on an episode.

    I also really like the character profiles. If there’s no one else already on it, I’ll gladly volunteer to do one on Francine – however, that one would have to wait till we’re through season 4, too, because the second to last episode is a very important one for her …

    I totally think we should have a general “fashion police” (guest) post! Of course Francine’s the principal offender here but sometimes some of the others are wearing outfits, too, that are just ugh. 😀 Or did we have one already? If so, I missed it. 😦 Link, please? 😉
    Maybe a “Best and worst outfits on SMK” post? That would be fun!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Knell, Learjet has done two fantastic posts on Francine’s fashion faux pas – see here: Post 1 & Post 2

      Great idea to have some more fashion police posts Knell!! I love them too!! There is certainly plenty of fodder! 🙂

      If anyone has ideas for possible posts feel free to suggest and dream away!!! Just because you suggest something doesn’t mean you have to write the post – there’s no pressure.. but of course – if you want to that’s fine too 🙂

      I love the character posts, guest posts, topical posts too! Yes go for it Knell – you can write about Francine, there is plenty of room for more than one person to write about a character too – I think we all see characters differently and/or will have different things to share.. I’ll look forward to your Francine post at the end of Season 4 🙂

      I’m away at the moment… so will get back here to respond to you all as soon as I can. Byee for now!

      Liked by 1 person

  22. For the “Which Lee do you prefer” I answered “YES” 🙂

    I like guest posts and am willing to do a “Golden Teacup Award” Season Three.

    I think the length you have now is great and understand some posts might cover more episode time, and some (when there is a really swoony or dramatic part) might cover less episode time. I like your pace now better and find it easier to comment on all the SMK goodness/silliness/greatness.

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BLOG (well, except when there was moving ‘snow’ on the screen last Christmas — I kept thinking I was getting migraine auras, ha ha)

    You have made a safe inviting place for us to indulge in our quirky obsession. I really appreciate how we all can express our differing opinions and we are chill about it – it’s all good (and for the record, I know you are sometimes worried that you have offended some with an alternate point of view, but in my humble opinion, you have never ever even come close.). I like we can all discuss SMK in the way adults should act but usually don’t.

    And even though I sometimes get excited and discuss future events (I am getting better, honest!!) I like the ‘stay in the present!” rule to allow this wonderful love story to unfold slowly.

    And any swoony pictures you capture and share are greatly appreciated.

    Liked by 5 people

    • rofl.. at your answer to which Lee you prefer.. sounds like you chose the same as me – everything!!!

      whoo hoo!!! thrilled to hear you are happy to bring us more golden teacup awards!!! I love those posts.. pure smk fun – it’s smk at it’s best 🙂

      I love to read other’s posts about smk – we all have such a different slant on things – it’s loads of fun!!!! 🙂

      oh no!!! No more snow at Christmas time – it’s not essential.. we can be christmasy in other ways 🙂 snow is forgotten!

      Thanks for the feedback Cindy I too love how we can all express our different views without worry about others disagreeing.. we can disagree – but at the same time we all agree that we love the show 🙂

      Awh thanks for reassuring me.. I’ve stepped on toes in other online lives.. so I try to be careful (I’m sure I’ll stuff up one of these days though- so I’ll just have to seek forgiveness 🙂 )

      you do great at staying with the story as it happens! don’t know what you are talking about! 🙂

      swoony pictures should continue? Check!!

      Hiya everyone! I went on hiatus, went away for a bit and came down sick.. meh.. always the way.. but I’ll get back here to respond to other comments when I can.
      I’m thinking I’m going to go back and walk through ship of spies- hooo haaaaa.. swoony swoon! Anyone want to join me? I’ll be reading post 1 tomorrow!!!
      night all!!

      Liked by 1 person

      IWSOD get well soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Love these posts -I really look forward to them every week. I may not contribute a lot-but the love is there. I will be gutted when we get to the end of season 4. Let’s hope we can start again at that point!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks for responding, Jane! It’s great to hear from you and get your input 🙂


    • Pssstttt… Jane… don’t despair. There was a mention a while back of revisiting Season 1 after Season 4 was done, since it (S1) was covered relatively briefly previously (compared to later posts/seasons). We’ll all just need to keep the momentum going. (And allow Iwsod regular breaks. LOL.)

      (I don’t want to think about the walk being over. :p It’ll just have to be a circuitous path…)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Even though I know we are in hiatus I can’t resist stopping by for my daily fix, and in rereading KC’s comment here about possibly revisiting Season 1 again when we reach the end of the episodes, it just occurred to me how wonderful it will be if we can then discuss each episode in light of the entire series, knowing what we will know then. It would give us the opportunity to do what we have probably all said in RL to go back to being young again and know what we know now!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I like that idea. It’s been difficult sometimes, not mentioning things from episodes we haven’t covered yet. I’m a serial offender. 😉

          If we go back over the episodes from the beginning, I won’t have to worry about resisting the temptation. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jane! soooo glad to see you are still stopping by..
      I love to hear a fellow aussie is on board 🙂

      awh you are very welcome Jane – thanks for sharing your thoughts and the encouragement to continue – it means a lot 🙂

      Ohh don’t worry- I suspect we’ll have a plan to keep going by the end of walking through the 4 seasons on JWWM.. I’ve always thought I’d like to go back and walk through season 1 again – in as much detail as we’ve walked through seasons 2 and 3 so far..
      soooo much funny goodness in season 1!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  24. I know you’ve been busy lately, Iwsod, and sorry that you haven’t had as much time as you’d like to devote to JWWM!

    I like talking over the episodes with other people who are enthusiastic about them and notice little details that I might have missed. Guest posts are fun, too, because they are good opportunities to talk about things that might not get much discussion otherwise, like the clothes/disguises people wear, their vehicles, etc. I like character profiles, too. I’m working on one for Billy, but I was hoping to save it for the 4th season because there’s an episode in the 4th season where Billy talks more about his past.

    Just for the record, even though I said “What the heck is this quiz doing here??!!!” for the question about Lee, I totally knew what it was doing and approved. 😉

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks jestress 🙂
      correct.. not as much time as I would like 🙂
      thanks for sharing your thoughts here.. I’m listening to what everyone is saying and taking it all on board 🙂

      rofl for the question about Lee – I selected all the answers!!! whahahahaa!!! So yeah.. I selected the same answer as you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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