Taking a short break from the walk!!

Hi everyone!

A huge thank you to all who the help keep this blog going! Transcribers – you guys rock!!!!! Reluctantly however, I’ve decided I’m going to need to pause the walk till Christmas. pause the walk gif2

I thought it was kindest to the JWWM community to pause now before we start the Triumvirate, and then begin walking through this wonderful episode when I can give it the love and attention it totally deserves and actually participate in the conversation more.

So sorry I can’t keep the walk going right now. A long story, all is fine with me- just hitting an extremely intense period of training (think Medical intern busy and that will give you an idea of my workload) due to end at Christmas.

In the meantime – we will be enjoying two posts from Learjet about one of our favourite topics: Lee Stetson… wet Lee Stetson.. hooo haaaaa..

Now is a great time to share any guest posts you may have been working on.. though of course there is no obligation! Also, you are free to use any images on JWWM for your posts.

I have one post I am hoping to share soon – just waiting on the mystery contributor to confirm they are happy for me to publish their smk surprise!! stay tuned on this one Smile It’s something you’ve never seen before!!!
Hmm and… I may publish a random post or two I can quickly throw together while I have a moment.. you never know! haaaa!

Don’t forget – all posts on JWWM are free to comment on at any time.. if you go back to a previous episode let us know your thoughts or add the conversation as much as you like.

Just please don’t jump ahead on JWWM (jump ahead as much as you like at Nedlindger’s SMK forum) and please discuss fan fiction over at Ned’s too.

I’ll be around – just not writing the walk .. Let’s vote on when you’d like to start back on the walk everyone! I’m flexible..

Thanks for sharing this journey and your vote! byeee!

17 responses to “Taking a short break from the walk!!

  1. Hiya Everyone – thanks so much for voting and sharing your preference..
    Here’s the final results:

    This poll is closing now..

    Not certain when the walk will start back yet.. but most likely before the start of 2016.. 🙂 Hmm… maybe it will start back Christmas day 🙂


  2. Hey guys.. someone voted ‘other’ in the poll but didn’t share with us what the ‘other’ is?? now I’m curious!
    Let me guess.. maybe it was – don’t start till June 2016?


  3. Seeing as I have been away for so long, I totally understand needing to slow down or take a break. I say do what you feel most comfortable with and are capable of handling with your schedule. I appreciate that the blog is still here and will continue to read and comment on whatever is posted.


  4. Really looking forward to the Triumvirate walk through. One of my favorite episodes. A couple of my favorite small moments in the entire series.

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  5. Speaking of going back to read the whole walk again, did you know that “The First Time” stops as Amanda heads to her club and there’s nothing for the rest of the episode? If you’re looking for random things to post, that might be a good one to dig up and find! LOL

    Take your time and post “Triumverate” when you can – this should absolutely be a fun thing for you as well as us!


    • Pssttt… that got me when I started looking at the earliest episodes too; a few of the early episode posts were set up with a different format to the current one. –> If you scroll down to between “RELATED” and the “RESPONSES” section (comments) you should see “Pages: 1 2 3” — click on “2” to get to the second page of The First Time post or “3” for the third page. Have fun visiting early JWWM! 🙂


      • Bless you!


      • Thanks KC for helping out Janet 🙂
        and sorry Janet that it is confusing. maybe I should take a look at changing the format of that post into one massive post.

        Oh how far JWWM has come. If I had done one post per episode we would have had hardly any posts to comment on ! lol!!! and maybe a new post once every six weeks lol!
        So glad JWWM has evolved into what it now is..

        and I do intend to go back to season 1 and do it again in depth once the full walk through is done!
        …. it just might take me a while to get there 🙂


  6. Whenever is fine. Of course, I’d like it to be sooner rather than later, but you’re busy — and JWWM should be a work of love, not obligation. Wait until you’re not crazy busy, so you have the time, and until you feel ready to come back.

    (If I’m still jobless after I move back home to NZ, I’ll probably have time to continue working on some of my posts that have been on the back-burner [e.g., SMK insults]… but we’ll see what happens.)

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    • Thanks for the encouragement KC. Yes.. JWWM is for fun 🙂
      All the best with your move KC.. and anytime you finish your posts I’ll be excited to read them. I think that smk insults post is going to be hilarious!!


  7. If I were you, I’d start the Triumvirate with the beginning of the new year (3 Jan. 2016) but I wouldn’t mind a little “Christmas present”either… 😉
    Whatever works for you best will be fine with me. Just take as much time as you need. I know RL really sucks sometimes… 🙂

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  8. I love these posts and the discussions, but I’m probably in the same boat as the rest of you with the busy time at this time of year. If I wasn’t so busy, I’d be diving into past walk episodes. I’ve read through a few, but I haven’t commented yet (I’ll be back). Can’t wait to see what Learjet has in store for us on our handsome, (wet) Lee Stetson!!! 😀

    VERY excited for Triumverate and the next few episodes, but by all means, do what you need to! I hope the rush time goes well for everyone! 🙂

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    • (Sara’s comment:) “Can’t wait to see what Learjet has in store for us on our handsome, (wet) Lee Stetson!!!” – I’m totally with you here, Sara. 😀

      I’m up to “Life of the Party” in S2 since some weeks now and wasn’t able to read it… 😦 So I’m gonna use this break to catch up with some of the past walk episodes and even comment on them.

      I’m also VERY excited for Triumvirate and the next few episodes – wish we were already there… 😉 But as we say in German “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude” – meens “anticipation is the greatest pleasure”.

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  9. Maybe this is the push I need to work on that JWWM glossary of terms 🙂

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