Merry Christmas 2015!

“A Bit of Christmas Magic (Bus)!” picasion.com_cff845be0a1b324f154cef8c5bc2abcd

Here’s a little SMKy Christmas Story I put together to wish all my lovely fellow SMK fans a Merry Christmas..I’m sure you guys could put something together that’s even better if you wanted! But.. here’s my little contribution to a SMKy Christmas!

I’m in a meme mood.. I might create a few new ones and share them on Neds.. Merry Christmas Everyone!



25 responses to “Merry Christmas 2015!

  1. Loved the SMK Christmas story! Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a joyous New Year! I’ve finally got most of the unpacking done and can once again play around on the computer. Looking forward to the continuation of the walk.


  2. Happy New Year to everyone ! 😀


  3. I had fun with that one, Iwsod! Thanks!


    • Awh!! Thanks Morley!

      Hi Everyone! I’ve been taking a break from being on the computer at all – and it’s been just what I’ve needed!
      So sorry I haven’t been around and restarted the walk yet – but hope you are having a fabulous holiday season!!

      I’m aiming to continue the walk on 1 January 2016 – Hey.. it’s a good date to start again!

      I’m monitoring things.. but will be keeping online time to a minimum till 1 January.. then.. look out!!! can’t wait to get into the triumvirate!!

      Happy New Year Everyone!!! the walk in 2016 is going to be covering a mighty swoony part of the Lee and Amanda’s journey.. hope you’ve stocked up on smelling salts, drool buckets and swooning helmet – Here’s to a fabulous year of the walk for 2016 with you all!!!!!!! 🙂

      Back on 1 January! 🙂

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  4. Melissa Robertson

    Haha!! Merry belated Christmas and a Blessed New Year 🙂


  5. Hahahaha! Cute and clever! Thanks, Iwsod! 🙂


  6. Hi Everyone – Merry Christmas!!!!!! Hope you’ve all had a very special time!!! 🙂


  7. Merry Christmas to everyone from Germany!

    Anyone who’s got a white Christmas? It’s waaaaay too warm here. Now it’s 11ºC warm at 12:40 am !!!! Usually we don’t call THAT winter… (perhaps spring or fall?) L&A scratches her head


    • Today’s high temperature was 59F here near Detroit, Michigan. Definitely not Christmas weather for this part of the US. Hope Santa’s wearing his lightweight fur-trimmed suit this year.


      • Merry Christmas from my corner of Australia. A cool 29C today, mercifully down from 40C earlier in the week 🙂


        • Calgary seems to be almost unique in Canada this year! White Christmas and -14C (6F), My relatives back east tell me the postman was dressed in shorts there today and the temperature hit 18C (65F).
          Merry Christmas everyone!


      • Yes, 2Goldens it was rather weirdly warm for Christmas Eve and Christmas and then we got that strange ice storm that lasted one day and melted by the next. Not sure what January will bring.


        • Sounds like it was very weird for you guys!!!

          It’s funny but for me it was a weirdly cool Christmas day – usually it’s stinking hot and this year we were all cheering at the very reasonable temperatures!!!


  8. SMK…the Christmas gift that keeps on giving! Merry Christmas to everyone in the rabbit hole! Can someone pass me the eggnog, please?

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  9. LOL! Thanks for the total giggle Iwsod! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and everybody else here!


  10. Hahahaha, iwsod!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!


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