Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 2

Hi Everyone! Brace yourselves..
Time for some SMK whimsy!
Let’s continue our search for the ultimate SMK Tuxedo moment Smile [who are we kidding? we all know it’s going to be a Lee tux moment right?!].

The winner of the last round of voting was Show Pony Tux with 64% of the votes.. Will a new Tux eliminate the Show Pony Tux???

Here goes.. which Tux moment will you vote for this round?
We have last round’s winner:

Show Pony tux…
[Edited to add – the rules have been updated in round 3 – see the bottom of the post for more details 🙂 ]

and.. drum roll please..
Joining the competition for best SMK Tuxedo moment this round we have:

Happy half dressed Tux swoon emoticon


Begging to be scene framed Tux


Nice Try Tux


Quickie Chickie Tux


‘You snooze you lose’ Tux


Exotic…Mysterious Tux


Evil Tux

What will it be this week?

Rofl.. I’m guessing three of these tux moment’s won’t get a single vote Smile Haaa haaaa.. they do miss the essential ingredient: Lee!
Care to share with us why which Tux got your vote?
I’m wondering if I should randomly pick episodes with tux moments.. I don’t want to give later eps an unfair advantage.. what do you think? Oh well.. it’s just plain fun! Smile bye! 

***EDITED TO ADD: Due to popular demand!!!
The rules for this competition have changed 🙂

Now that we are into round 3 and it is so sad to see a few real favourites get voted out – Michele suggested all round winners went into a final. I thought this was a fabulous idea.. and others agreed.. Soo I’ve decided all round winners will be represented in the semi-finals.. So you’ll have the chance to vote again for the winners of this round- Happy half dress Tux and you snooze you lose Tux in the semi finals 🙂

In the heats you can vote multiple times – I’ll limit us to one vote each for the semis and the finals 🙂 

[Hey I’m making this up as I go along 🙂 and all these tux images are makin me dizzy!]

21 responses to “Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 2

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  3. Hiya everyone!! It’s now time to close voting on the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment!
    Drum roll please..

    We have two winners this round!!! lol!!!

    Here’s the final result of voting:

    So two Tuxedos head into round 3!! A very very close voting round – and I notice no one voted for the 3 non Lee tux moments 🙂 tee hee!!

    A little sorry to see Show Pony Tux go.. but.. Valerie’s comment about how it isn’t really Lee being Lee – it’s Lee putting on the scarecrow persona was a decider for me.. and happy for that iconic moment to give the tux spotlight to some other moments now..

    That smile in happy half dressed tux is hard to pass up..

    But.. the realisation hitting Lee in the guts in You snooze you loose is equally hard to pass up! (Happy Camper there you go jealous Lee survives to progress to the next round 🙂 )

    Sorry begging to be scene framed tux hasn’t made it through Kiwismh and Learjet – a truly swoony location.. but the majority has spoken 🙂 Just one vote!!! gah!!!

    And sorry Janet – bye bye to exotic mysterious tux too!! this competition is mighty difficult!

    I wonder if either will survive round 3 voting?

    I’ll be back with another vote soon – thanks very much for participating and as always – I’d love to hear your thoughts on the voting outcome! byee!


  4. hi everyone! FYI I’ll close voting on this round on 9 January!
    It’s looking very close!!!! Be sure to vote in time 🙂 byeee!! and happy Tux New year!!


  5. I was torn between the “snooze you lose” and the “exotic, mysterious” tuxes, but finally settled on the snooze one. It’s an eye-opening moment for Lee and one that he wasn’t prepared for. It’s sort of a defining moment that he does not yet realize and it’s poignant in its own way. He’s having a gut reaction without thinking about it. In the other one he is being forced by Billy to see Amanda another way, but he already had, but didn’t know it. So I went with the gut reaction over the forced reaction.


    • Hi Valerie – great to hear from you!

      I’m really enjoying pondering the tux. haaaa.. but.. I’m really really enjoying hearing why people choose the tux they choose.

      Valerie I was tossing up between you snooze you lose and the exotic mysterious tux.. and your explanation has made it clear for me which I want to vote for! I love this!!

      When Happy Camper said she loves Jealous Lee moments I thought – I’m not a fan of Jealous Lee in general.. but! this moment IS brilliant!! So why do I love it when I usually don’t go for jealous Lee? I think you’ve nailed for me why the moment is soooooo spectacular!! and show pony is iconic.. I couldn’t go past it last round.. but it is Lee wearing is scarecrow persona to dazzle Amanda.. so for me it doesn’t compare to the visceral moment Lee is having when he finds Amanda dancing with the quickie chickie tux!

      so.. I voted for you snooze you lose! Wow!!!! this round of voting is extremely close!!! I guess if we have a tie I’ll have to send them all to the next round?! lol. I don’t know.. I’m making this up as I go along 😉


  6. You snooze you lose tux — love the jealous Lee moments!


  7. Love the scene framed one because he just looks soooo good! Yes, I’m just imagining him standing there looking cute (and silent). I went with the Show Pony just because it’s always been my favorite. 🙂


  8. Hi Everyone! I’ll leave open this round’s voting till a week into 2016.. so everyone can have a chance to vote 🙂 lol I still haven’t voted yet! can’t choose yet!!! 🙂



  9. Always making me make a decision! Well I really like screen frame tux, and half dressed always gets my attention 😉 I have checked it out many times just to make sure but somehow the you snooze look always gets me. runs to get her helmet and drool bucket


  10. Hands down for me is the “Happy half dressed” tux. Anything involving Lee and the phrase ‘half-dressed’ is bound to be a winner…. Plus he’s sporting quite a grin 🙂

    My second choice was “You snooze you lose” tux. I love the serious look on his face and the realization that Amanda is literally dancing with danger – and that scares him.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. “Begging to be scene” is a work of art , so I must vote for that one.
    Was tempted to vote for “evil tux” because he was a really good baddie. 😈


  12. Screen frame tux wins for me because it’s so atmospheric – the background just adds to the whole romance of it (until he opens his mouth…!)


  13. Scene Frame tux is a close second but is improved a few seconds later when Amanda walks in. So exotic mysterious gets my vote because it makes me laugh every damn time.


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