Activity on JWWM in 2015..who is the top commenter?!

Hello Everyone! Yes it’s that time again!!!! A year has gone by and it’s time to share some 2015 JWWM statistics. 

Okay.. Drum Roll!!!! JWWM Stats for 2015!


Kudos Kiwismh!!
Our top commenter two years running!!!!!!

Sorry Cindy – you were just 3 comments off!!! gah!!! Man that’s close!!! But hey.. kudos to you too!!! I remember last year Kiwismh was miles ahead – everyone’s catching up!! Smile
Who will be top commenter in 2016?????

Kudos all around!!!!

Thanks Jestress, Raffie and Sara for commenting so often Smile
Thanks to everyone who commented and joined the discussion in 2015 – it is no exaggeration to say without you the blog would probably be snoozing!!! heck.. I’d probably still be only up to Lost and Found in the walk haaaa!

Here’s  a few more blog statistics for those interested!

Blog’s Busiest day for 2015

The busiest day of 2015 was May 20th (with 1190 views! wow!!). The most popular post on that day was:
10/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food for Thought – Scarecrow and Mrs King. Yep, the scene where Francine comes and gate crashes Lee and Amanda’s quiet evening in Lee’s hotel room Smile

That was way back in May?! gah!!! I am shocked that we were walking through FFFT in May.. we’ve been going sooo slowly!!! Oh well.. the main thing is  – we are going! Smile 

New Posts

There were 145 new posts published in 2015… so it was a quieter year than 2014 (191 new posts were published).. but- that’s okay: the walk continues!!! Smile 


This year people from 117 countries stopped by for an SMK read!!! (last year we had 109). The top three countries this year were the United States, Germany & Canada (Canada has taken over from the UK this year!).

Top 5 viewed posts in 2015

1) 1/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Season 1, Episode 1: The First Time
[the popularity of this episode never wanes! Smile but then.. it is one episode in one massive post.. I’m looking forward to re-walking through this ep in much more detail one day!]

3) Discussion of Lee and Amanda’s Love Story-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Yep… any excuse to post a wedding pic!
[wow!!! another post that never wanes!!! and it only goes up to mid season 2!! Anyone like to write the next part?!]

4) A Short Hiatus For Our Walk… and Seeking Feedback Please 🙂
Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback and taking part in this discussion – it was really helpful to hear where you are at!

Thanks also for your patience – 2015 saw the blog take two breaks in the walk.. thanks for sticking around and being so lovely about it!! Smile 

5) 1/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

A post with no Amanda in the top 5?! shocked!! I guess Amanda is there…. she’s just not physically present Winking smile

Top 5 most clicked on SMK images


2)  LOL!




Surprising no?! LOL.. I guess we don’t always click on an image because we like it – but because we want to have a bigger look.. lol at No 1! I never would have guessed that..
I would have guessed the Utopia Now image was No 1 Smile 

Well hope you’ve enjoyed this little burst of JWWM navel gazing!!! Thanks for keeping JWWM going everyone – it is what it is because you stop by and join in the fun.. so Iwsod is very thankful to have you along for the walk!! Smile

Here’s to a fabulously romantic 2016 on JWWM!!!

24 responses to “Activity on JWWM in 2015..who is the top commenter?!

  1. What a fun way to end 2015, iwsod. There really are some shockers here – especially the pictures. I wonder what search terms led people to that first picture – how bizarre!!!

    I am hoping for a much better 2016 than 2015. As far as years go, 2015 will be one I think I’d like to forget most of. There were a few bright spots – this blog and the people on it, but I’m looking ahead from here on out.

    Bring on the Triumvirate! Off to check out that post 🙂

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  2. This is interesting to know! Thanks for putting this together, Iwsod! Never knew I was such a frequent commenter. 🙂 Hard to keep quiet when it comes to SMK though. 😉

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  3. Woo hoo! I’m on the list! 😀

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  4. Those stats are very strange, especially the pictures. But it is interesting to look at. Hey, if there was a category for most words in a comment I might be in the running, huh?
    I am looking forward to what is ahead on the walk, now that we have the clunky season 3 episodes out of the way (we do don’t wee? Are there other clunky ones coming up?) there should be some great vistas for us to describe in detail. I finished writing the stories for PFK and PE just yesterday, so now I too can completely sink my teeth into Triumvirate. Can’t wait. RL continues to throw our family some rough patches, but I am counting on spending decompression time here with you all on the walk… I hope…

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    • I know, right? But I loves me the stats, LOL. Is there anyway to tell if the images were clicked from within the blog, or from a google search?

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      • Hiya Cindy, there is no way to tell if the images were clicked on from one of us or someone on the www – you’ll notice I said top SMK images – the top images were actually not SMK images at all.. the oompa loompa image was v popular lol.. and a sound of music image also..
        It’s only natural that there are more Charlie and the chocolate factory and sound of music fans roaming the net than smk fans. we are a specialised and very special little bunch of fandom! 🙂

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      • I wondered if it was one of those images where Iwsod had asked if anyone else could see something more clearly in the background, but I can’t imagine it’s that now that I see it. Hmmm.

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    • Hi Morley – yes it’s very strange haaaa…..

      Yes you would win comment with most words award 🙂 love your comments however long they are 🙂

      What’s coming up in season 3? I only know the eyes have it is after the triumvirate because Jenbo just finished transcribing it and learjet just finished putting it into blogging format to help me out (thanks ladies!!) – I actually don’t know what ep is after that lol.. don’t tell me.. I’ll only look it up once I need to 🙂

      Oh hooray! Great to hear you are still writing and that you are at the same place as us here on JWWM, this will maybe make for some interesting discussions.. I love it when you try out your story ideas here 🙂

      I replied to your comment on Neds BTW – I hope SMK is a lovely panacea for you Morley!
      Don’t worry – do what you can when you can – and we’ll take you however and whenever you can stop by!

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      • Well, I won’t say anything about what is coming…except that I have some episode order thoughts coming up in a bit… not yet, but soon. And I will be glad to try out some story ideas on you all, if I get the chance. I am looking forward to these discussions as well!

        Our family is in a peaceful lull because we are in a waiting stage. Odd times for all of us. But it is good. Acknowledgement of the seasons of life is a good thing. And acknowledgement of what brings me joy is also a good thing. And SMK and this blog continues to bring joy.

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  5. Bizarre top 5 clicked on images, especially #1 – what’s that about? Maybe those two actors have been checking in at JWWM and clicking on their images multiple times. 😀
    And I guess for #2 everyone has been trying to figure if it is BB getting a face full of fire extinguisher gunk.
    #3 is hard to figure too – maybe we’ve all been feeling slightly crazy in 2015… o_O
    #4 – no surprises there. 😉
    #5 – another strange one – what was the interest here? The Amanda-band, the Georgetown sweater, the grey and white sweater, Amanda with her motor-mouth taped up? ❓
    Anyone else got any theories/explanations?

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    • lol Kiwismh.. two comments in a row? aha!!! Now I see how Kiwismh gets to the top of the list!!! 🙂 whahahhahahahaa 😉

      Yes the thought flashed to my mind that either david or victor’s relatives were all visiting the web to see where their kin had been famous for a day haaaaa..

      There was one day where all images of the guy shot at the start of OOADP (you know, by Karen through the pillow) were all clicked on – remember him? I figured he or his mother (lol) had stumbled onto this little site and had then clicked on the images and saved them.
      They are welcome to – but would have been wonderful to hear a little hello or a few tidbits from filming (hint hint for anyone who acted in smk who stops by!).

      Oh you’d be surprised what some of the searches for KJ are (yes I can see search terms)…

      2015 was an unusual year on the blog – 50 or so less posts.. and I know the posts that were published were much smaller – because RL has been so busy.. so really we’ve covered much less of the show in 2015..
      this will affect the number of comments and how many images were shared..
      Will certainly be interesting to see what happens in swoony 2016!!

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  6. What?! No way!
    I seem to remember having about 600 comments attributed to me in 2014, which I thought was gratuitous, so I’ve been trying really hard all 2015 to keep my comments to a minimum (plus I’ve been uber-busy with work so haven’t had much time to comment anyway). Usually I don’t have to work so hard at under-achieving as it kind’ve comes naturally to me.
    Sorry Cindy. If it’s any comfort, I think if comments were measured by quality you and a few others would far outrank me.
    Anyway, it’s all good fun. I hope we all have more time to comment and discuss this year. 🙂

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    • In 2014 you had 647 comments kiwismh! 🙂
      sorry I meant to link back to the 2014 post.. I forgot!

      Usually I don’t have to work so hard at under-achieving as it kind’ve comes naturally to me.

      Hey! I doubt that!!! but lol this cracked me up Kiwismh! 😉

      However comments come and how often they come is not important to me – I just love hearing from you all and having fun with it.
      Spot on Kiwismh! “it’s all good fun” – and it’s fun to joke and wonder who can top Kiwismh in 2016 🙂 tee heee..

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  7. GLARES AT KIWISMH I keed. I keed. And here I thought I was out of the running, because real life has been kind of a roller coaster this year. I want to thank you for maintaining this blog where I can escape the crazies for awhile.
    (I never noticed Francine’s 3-D sweater in picture #5 til now.)

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  8. Thank you for doing this ‘walk’. I don’t comment often but I promise you it is my very favourite email when one arrives with a new blog/post. Truly a highlight I have never tired of looking forward to.

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    • Hi Janetpc, sorry site for some strange reason won’t let me ‘reply’ to your comment.. just wanted to say hello and lovely to hear from you!!

      Thanks for letting us know you are still reading 🙂

      No pressure.. but if you feel like commenting on posts I’m sure we are all always happy to hear from you 🙂 Happy 2016!!

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