Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 3

Hi Everyone! I was thinking.. maybe we should make these voting rounds monthly.. that way we can have nearly a whole month to vote.. Okay?

Yes, it’s that time again- More Tuxedo goodness and SMK whimsy!

Which Tux will be the winner of this round? Which Tux will be the ultimate winner????!!! FYI- the last Round

Sooooo let’s continue our search for the ultimate SMK Tuxedo moment Smile

Drum RollDrum Roll please. This Round we are adding the following Tuxedos to the competition: 
Tux moments from Dead Ringer..
Suave Tux [I think the bow-tie is pointy..but I never noticed because I was blinded by the Tux!]

Dengue Fever Tux

‘I must know you!!!’ Tux

Stripey Bow-Tie Tux

‘Magda’s got it too’ Tux

Soooo which tux will you vote for this week?

***This Poll is now closed***
***Suave Tux won this round and goes into the finals!***
***See comments for full details of the poll results**

Would you like to share with us why you chose the Tux you chose?
Ahhhh… thinking of tux moments.. happy happy thoughts!

I’ll keep this round of voting open until the end of January – and we’ll do Round 4 in February Smile 

Bye! Happy Drooling errr Voting!

***EDITED TO ADD: Due to popular demand!!!
The rules for this competition have changed 🙂

Now that we are into round 3 and it is so sad to see a few real favourites get voted out – Michele suggested all round winners went into a final. I thought this was a fabulous idea.. and others agreed.. Soo I’ve decided all round winners will be represented in the semi-finals.. So you’ll have the chance to vote again for the winners of the earlier 2 round- Show Pony Tux, Happy half dressed Tux and you snooze you lose Tux in the semi finals 🙂

In the heats you can vote multiple times – I’ll limit us to one vote each for the semis and the finals 🙂 

[Hey I’m making this up as I go along 🙂 and all these tux tux tux images are makin me dizzy!]

64 responses to “Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 3

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  2. Hi Everyone. A few days late.. but I finally remembered to get back here and close this round! lol..

    Sooo the winner is Suave Tux..
    Sorry fans of stripey tie but it’s Suave Tux that goes into the final..

    Here’s the full results:

    I’ll try and get round 4 up soon for us to ponder throughout February! byee!


  3. Hi Everyone! where has January gone?? This round will be closing in the next 24 hours so if you haven’t voted yet please do! 🙂


  4. After reviewing more of this episode than I thought I would, I have made my decision. I think the Suave Tux should have been called the Pointy-Tie Tux and the Stripey Tie Tux should have been called the Suave Tux. Lee is much more relaxed and focused on Amanda at the end of this episode (stripey tie) than he is at the beginning (pointy tie). He was all business although there were a few comedic moments, he was a little brusque with her and just telling her she needed to focus on her job. And they both kept being interrupted. Amanda was approached by two guys and Lee had issues with both and sort of blamed Amanda for it. And then this pushy Phyllis shows up wondering where her flowers are and giving Amanda those disdainful looks and then Lee says she’s recovering from Dengue fever. Not too suave for me. Oh, and he only told her she looked fine and that they weren’t on a date.

    But at the end you see that Lee was truly listening to Amanda at the beginning when she said she had never been to an embassy party before and that she didn’t like it that she had to leave so soon after getting there. And then he gives her that look and tells her how long those parties can last and lets her know that he wants to make everything up to her. Even when she queries as to why she was the last one to be rescued he lets her know that he would never not rescue her. And then to think that Lee got all dressed up specifically for Amanda. This was not a business thing this was all done for Amanda and to make things up to her. Even though we may not like that stripey tie, he did pick it especially for an evening with Amanda. He had to be thinking about Amanda as he dressed for this occasion….so I’m going for the stripey tie. There you go, BJo.


    • If you could only see the stupid, silly grin on my face right now…. Jane Austen couldn’t have said it better. If only I could be as articulate as you, valeriejw 🙂

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    • This is so interesting! In the last round, your thoughts on the context won me over – and swayed my voting..
      this round – I am making the decision based on the tux alone – context isn’t swaying me – because I can’t stand that stripey tie (sorry BJo) and I’m not lovin the princess Diana hairdo on Lee either.

      My bad!! My bias is showing huh.. sorry for calling pointy tie suave and stripey tie.. well.. stripey tie! lol.. It was unintentional, but I see what you mean – it may have given Suave Tux an advantage 😉 I just thought Lee’s expression in that moment was very spy like and suave.. it’ s when he’s sent off Amanda to meet Magda finally, and it’s all coming together for him so he’s pretty pleased with himself the superspy 😉 haaaa..


  5. I’ve gone with pointy-bow tie.. I mean suave Lee.. because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for stripey tux no matter how much I love the moment and the look he is giving Amanda 😉
    When it comes to Tuxes I guess I am a traditionalist. No stripey bow ties for me.. though I will make an exception for the odd pointy tie I guess 🙂


  6. hey!!! quickly jumped over here to see how the voting is going before I leave and – it worked!! I was able to remove the two winners from last round after all!!!
    Naughty wordpress- they told me it hadn’t worked and couldn’t be done. haaaaaa.. must have taken a little time for it to be processed..

    Oh well that’s good.. no confusion for others voting. I’ll delete the two winners from the post as options..


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  9. As Lee told Amanda at the end of FFFT, this is going to take some time, some dinner, and a very special bottle of wine. I like a little context with my tuxes and I think I need to go back a view a scene or two before I can make a decision and cast my vote. Still liking the snooze you lose, but could be persuaded by some serious swoon action.

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    • View the stripey tie scene…then tell me you’re not voting for it. It should have been called the all night tux – maybe that would have brought on more swooning 🙂


      • I loathe those stripes!! can’t.. vote.. for .. it!

        lol even with the reference to ‘all night’ BJo! Hope you have fully recovered from that swoon of yours 🙂


    • whooo hoooo!!! I’m so glad it takes some time too 🙂

      yes maybe revisiting the moment for ‘research purposes’ ahem cough.. is a wise decision Valerie 😉


  10. Melissa Robertson

    I voted for the Magda’s got it too, even though I don’t care for the stripy tie, but because I like that both of them are laughing over something. Lee looks so much nicer with a smile than a scowl.


  11. This was never easy but it is getting more and more difficult. May I suggest, ISWOD, to make it a bit easier on us mere mortals that the winner of each round goes through to a final? This will remove the terrible ordeal it is to choose from the favourite from a previous round over the favourite from a new round. But of course, I will be happy with your decision.
    I try to keep to very objective criteria in my choices, ie not influenced by my preference for an episode or the cuteness of the moment (or any blatant hotness ;-)) It is tough work though.


    • Hi guys!!! I will try and get back here later today when I have more time – but just quickly wanted to respond…

      oh no!!! this is suppose to be fun and not cause heart ache! 🙂

      Thanks for making this suggestion Michele – I like the concept! and I think it will help ease the pain 🙂

      A final probably won’t work.. as there will be too many winners of rounds.. but.. I think what we can do is have two semi-finals and then a grand final – how does that sound everyone?

      So happy half dressed tux and you snooze you loose tux and show pony tux will all go into the semi-finals okay everyone? 🙂

      I’m making the rules up as I go along.. and am not especially wedded to any particular way of doing things here -I’ve never done this before!
      – the main idea is just to have fun and ponder Lee and Tuxedos! 🙂

      I won’t re do round 3’s poll as so many have already voted – I’ll just take whichever new tux gets the highest vote in this round into the semi-finals..

      Am I making sense? If anyone is confused let me know..

      Oh and yes you can vote more than once.. I didn’t want to make this onerous so left this option open deliberately. sorry thought I’d told you that!

      You can vote more than once – over all hopefully at the end we should still be able to find a clear winner! 🙂

      Michele what’s your objective criteria? Do tell!!

      gotta run as busy at work- will be back later! Byeeee!!!!

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      • I like the new concept! 😀

        All of my favourite tuxedos (the three you already put into the semi-final) are still available. *Me like a lot 😀 *

        Now I voted for ‘Suave Tux’ and ‘Stripey Tux’. I just like the way Lee looks in them and the way he looks at Amanda. I don’t mind the stripey bow-tie at all.


      • LOL, iwsod – the heartache this causes is sort of like having to choose between Whittaker’s, Cadbury, and Milka when you’re only allowed one. Give me heartache any day!


  12. Ok, so wait. What is the context for that look on Lee’s face in suave tux? I am thinking he was watching Amanda walk away or something and if that is so, I could swoon due to that little smile I see happening and the intensity of his gaze…


    • This requires a little research. I could not remember the context of this cap, so I didn’t find it nearly as compelling compared to some of the others, cough, ahem, stripey tie, cough..


      • did the research (like this is exactly what I should be doing on this Monday morning) It’s the scene where Magda comes out of the bathroom after Amanda delivers the message. So not nearly as swoony. But I can do some mental gymnastics here… hold on… Lee is pleased that his litle prodigy Amanda has delivered the message and I think for season one Lee this pride in Amanda shows on his face. I think it is the beginning of some genuine admiration in our Lee. So I could enjoy this…


    • Gah! Finished my research. He is watching Magda walk away. Not Amanda – she’s still in the bathroom. Makes it a little less swoon worthy IMHO.


  13. Okay, I did it. I picked one and I didn’t smoke up. 🙂 I decided that I couldn’t just use one criteria to pick from, so I used all three: the tux, the look on his face, and what is happening in the scene. That led me to vote for the Stripey Tux. Like everyone else, I don’t like the stripey tie, but in all honesty, my eyes start to blur when I think of Lee saying things like ‘all night’ coupled with that look on his face as he stares into Amanda’s eyes, and I don’t even notice the stripes anymore…. thud


  14. Isn’t that first stripey tie picture from that line Lee had about these things lasting all night in a sort of flirty way?


    • Exactly right Morley! I think watching that scene with the volume turned down changes it completely.. I found it a little bizarre how flirty Lee was all of a sudden (yes ‘Always look a gift horse in the mouth’ 🙂 )

      Okay popped in when I’m suppose to be working! Great to see you stop by Morley! byeeeee! back to work…


      • I think I created an explanation for the flirtatiousness in my story for that episode, but that was a long time ago…. I am so glad to have had a chance to get caught up on the blog again. Life is still taking me down some twists and turns, but I want to be ready for the posts as Triumvirate heats up… I think it does, right? (Just kidding, I wrote Lee’s thoughts for this episode today….)


  15. Call me shallow but I went for half dressed 😉

    Still prefer the 3 piece suit over a tux any day though.


    • I also love a 3 piece suit. It’s so deliciously posh 😉


    • haha – I voted for that tux last time…this time I’m afraid I stayed in the shallow end and voted for stripey tux. I was lost when I remembered that Lee had just uttered the words ‘all night’ to Amanda.


  16. I just can’t get past the hideousness of the stripey tie to pick the “Magda” tux. Suave it is.


    • That stripey tie makes me feel more than a bit sick. I’m for Suave too.


    • 100% agree Janet. I find stripey tie should be fined for bringing the tux into disrepute!!! ugh!!!

      whoo gotta run – bye guys!!


    • Really? Of all the deliciousness of that picture, I don’t see how any of you can even still see the stripey tie? hahaha I guess for me it’s like an optical illusion, once you stare at it long enough it turns into something else – or maybe it just explains why I’m mesmerized by the picture 😉


  17. The “I must know you” tux comes with a sash! 😀

    I’d say that I’d like to see Lee wear a sash, but those are usually reserved for noblemen and vampires.


  18. Oh my gosh! This is getting harder! But not in a bad way. I just can’t decide. Am I voting for the tux, the look on his lovely face, or what is going on inside of him at the moment in the picture??? I almost wish we had more than one vote! Aye! I sort of feel like a robot who can’t make a decision so my circuits are about to fry and smoke – hahaha! If I survive, I’ll be back to vote later.

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    • Hiya BJo, yes I left the criteria wide open didn’t I?! I wanted you guys to be free to choose for yourself how you would choose 🙂

      This is no scientific process rofl! 🙂

      How will you choose? for me, so far the criteria I’ve based my vote on has varied- because for me it’s about weighing up what I like about each tux moment… (including the tux itself).. I’m not going to rush my vote I’m going to ponder it for a while.. after a few weeks which one really stands out for me I’ll go with.. awful thing to ponder the tux right?! lol!!
      I love to hear how everyone else is choosing and why too..

      Yes you’ll survive 🙂 haaaaaa


  19. I’m almost willing to overlook the stripey tie, because he makes it look good anyway. That suave tux… Oh yes…drool. I’m going with the thought that it’s not a pointy tie, that’s just the angle. 😉 I still like Show Pony but I think the Suave tux gets my vote in this round. 😀


  20. So tough, if it weren’t for the stripey tie, I would vote for ‘Magda’s got it too” tux, because of the happy moment shared between them. Suave tux is also in the running, but I had to give it to “You snooze you lose” (my favorite from last round didn’t make into the finals 😦 )


    • Awh sorry your fave got knocked out Cindy! Hopefully another favourite is ahead for you!!

      Yeah I have to agree about the stripey tie. I am pretty sure it’s not going to get my vote.. no matter how Lee is looking at Amanda in that close up and no matter how they share a lovely together moment there about Magda!

      Suave, You snooze you loose or Happy half dressed….these seem to be my three I’ll chose from.. going to ponder this one some more (tough work!! not!!)


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