Random Blog Post?! Test

Hi Everyone.. HERE’S A LINK  to a random old blog post.
[edited to remove link & avoid confusion.. experiment is done for now- thanks guys! See comments! 🙂 ]

-this is an experiment! See side bar and share with us what you think!
There use to be a random post button on wordpress but it seems to have vanished..
old blog posts... gnarlyWant me to make it a random episode? i.e. so it’s a mini walk through?  Or pluck a completely random post out of the walk?
Or toss this idea completely? Smile
Very open to feedback..
Or I can stick an old post to the top of the home page- which I have done now to show you what it’s like.
Freely let me know which you prefer.. Bye for now!

21 responses to “Random Blog Post?! Test

  1. I often pick a random episode to “walk through” again, so if you are picking one, I won’t have to decide ! Maybe I will make some more comments, although I rarely have the insight of the regular posters !

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    • Great to hear from you again, SilverCorvette. Yes, some regulars are very insightful but I don’t pretend to be and don’t let it stop me 😉 . Please comment away!

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    • Oh, yes please, SilverCorvette…insight is not required to post here…maybe just a love for Lee and Amanda. Or maybe even just Lee 😀


  2. That was fun! I think you should keep the link 🙂

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  3. This is such a fun idea – it’s like dipping into the DVDs when you have a spare hour. And for such a funny bit to show up as the first one is like icing on the cake.

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  4. Melissa Robertson

    Ah, early SMK I do miss the humor! Even sometimes cranky Lee can make me chuckle, like in the casino scene. I like the random random blog post.


    • hiya!
      Oh true!!! yes I enjoy the chance to revisit some early smk humour!!

      You know. when this blog first started – there was no way to like comments – other than to comment and tell someone you liked their comment! 🙂

      Now we can go back and like them! 🙂

      But.. which way to go? Which format.. the actual post? or the link post?
      There’s pros and cons for either..

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  5. LOL – what a great idea! I wonder why anyone didn’t think of this sooner 😉 😉

    I think I kinda like the Random Blog Post where we don’t know which old post it is until we click on it. I love that look of Billy’s. But it doesn’t really matter.


    • Hiya – thanks BJo for sharing your opinion!

      I can see pros and cons for either option – with the random blog post link – it is fun to click on the link and then discover what it is.. However, you won’t know until you click on the link if Iwsod has changed the random blog post or not! I’m guessing this could be a bit annoying if I’m delayed a few days.. and I can’t even say a time because we are all on different time zones. sticking the full post on the home page is the simplest and easiest way – I just have to click one button and its done!
      But .. is having a big post stuck to the top permanently irritating? or.. is it just a matter of getting use to the home page looking like that?



      • Melissa Robertson

        Honestly, I very rarely go to the home page. I have it where it just shows a link to the next commentary when it’s next.


      • lol – I think I misunderstood the question. I thought that the Random Blog Post would appear only when there was a new link. I didn’t think it would be a permanent fixture at the top of the page. You’re right, that would get annoying rather quickly! When you said home page I thought you meant the Home tab at the very top right next to About. Me confused….


        • Yeah I can see I didn’t make that clear!
          It would need to be one static post that is regularly updated or if there is a new post daily very quickly the blog would fill up with these types of posts.. and it would disrupt the flow of the walk.

          If I’m understanding everyone correctly – you guys enjoy clicking on a link and not knowing where in the walk it will take you! 🙂

          Sooooo we just have to come up with a way to avoid the annoying link clicking to find it hasn’t been changed..

          Thinking caps all!!! help?

          What if I [or maybe a moderator if I’m away from the blog?! 😉 ] edit the post and the link daily – but instead of linking the text ‘Here’s a link’ instead I could say Here’s Monday’s link- and hyperlink it to a random post -and you don’t know what it will be…
          The next day I can edit it to say ‘here’s Tuesday’s link’ – and change the hyperlink to a new random post..
          That way – regardless of where you are in the world, and what day it actually is (LOL) you will know the random post link has been updated because I’ve changed the day of the link.
          Okay? Are we happy with this?

          LOL.. Umm I’m away this weekend.. so I’ll aim to start updating this regularly after I’m back.. 🙂

          Enjoy discussing the extra long new post (R.I.P Lee!! wha???!!!) and I’ll look forward to getting back here early next week.

          Learjet and BJo – can one of you keep one eye on the blog please?
          And everyone – don’t create mischief for Learjet or BJo to deal with haaaa! 🙂 (peanut butter?! Pls discuss at Neds.. haaaaaa – thanks guys!)
          have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back early next week!


          • Have a great weekend, iwsod! I would suggest one small tweak – not sure we need a daily change in the link? Maybe Every other day? Or just MWF? Roger that on the keeping an eye on the blog 😉


            • True.. it would be one less thing I need to do daily!
              we’ll start with MWF.. good idea! Thanks BJo!

              I had a fabulous weekend catching up with friends.. but of course have paid the price and come back to much work to do.. eek!

              maybe I can aim to publish walk posts Tuesday and Thursday..

              and update the random blog post link on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.. err roughly (due to time differences this won’t be exact but I refuse to bother worrying about it haaaa) bye guys!


          • Hope it’s a great weekend, Iwsod! 🙂

            I had a thought about this. I really don’t have much experience with WordPress, but I wondered if you could put the random blog post in another tab? (i.e., like “Topical SMK”)? Then just change the link to a different post page anytime you want to use that and send that page to our emails? Then it’s not on the main page, but it links the old pages. It would have to be updated with a different link each time. Would that work? You sent us Topical SMK recently, so I thought this could also work as its own page.


            • Hiya Sara, what a great idea!
              I could do that!!

              The only concern I have with that is that I don’t want to random post to be tucked away where people won’t see it.. It would be great if small groups of us were reading the previous posts – so if someone comments on it there will be others reading the same blog post kind of thing.. does that make sense?
              I think a small post stuck to the home page is going to work best..
              But! I’m always open to revisiting this – and doing what works best.. so let’s try my small post at the top.. and we’ll see how we go…
              Thanks so much for the suggestions Sara and everyone!

              And thanks also for the feedback that you enjoyed the idea!


  6. This is a great idea, Iwsod! and hopefully will feed our JWWM obsession while giving you a bit more breathing room.
    I like the link idea. I think that would work best for “regular” JWWM’ers (I hardly ever go to the home page, but follow the new post link from the emails I get) but visitors are more likely to look at the “Home” page. So it depends who is targeting. (That isn’t a very helpful observation, sorry!)


  7. Nice that you linked to Lee-tux post! Always a good move in my books. I’ll be back to leave feedback when I have a chance to ponder…..


  8. Share your comments here – I’m looking for feedback 🙂

    The blog will continue to walk through the episodes – this won’t be stopping!! This random post just supplements the walk- which I can see will need to slow down due to RL commitments.. but have no fear – the walk will continue! 🙂

    If I’ve thoroughly confused you – please feel free to let me know if this isn’t making sense. .bye everyone – it’s off to work for me!


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