A Big Shout out to Transcribers on JWWM!!

Ta Da!!!!!

Okay.. now that I’ve got your attention Smile 

It looks like Petralit has been busy revamping her site SMK-Land, and Operation Sandstorm is being reviewed & revitalised.. with the assistance of Moderator AlaskaFan over on the Yuku forum. What a fabulous idea! I’d like to send to AlaskaFan (See the forum post on Operation Sandstorm HERE) any of the transcribed dialogue I’ve been sent.

So I’d like to check with all transcribers: Are you happy for me to pass on your work so it contributes to Operation Sandstorm?

If your work is utilised by someone else to complete an episode for Operation Sandstorm, you will be acknowledged as a co-transcriber on the episode. Or, you may want to go ahead and complete it for Operation Sandstorm yourself I guess! See the post on yuku for a listing of what’s needed.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to check what episodes are already completed for Operation Sandstorm, this may not apply to all transcribers –Just let me know if you are not happy to pass on your work (iwsod@optusnet.com.au), no obligation! If you prefer, I will not pass on your work. Please let me know by November – I’ll start sending them to Alaska Fan then – once my big uuuugly deadlines have passed. No time for SMK at the moment – BOOO!!! but I thought I’d at least get this process of giving you a chance to opt out underway – I really appreciate your help with transcribing dialogue everyone!!

How are you wonderful season 4 transcribers going? [Season 4 Transcribers] I guess my hiatus is giving you guys a break! Or maybe, you are itching to get into smk – and some transcribing might help? Smile 

If anyone is unsure of what Operation Sandstorm is all about see HERE. Or you can post a question in this post’s comments. I’m sure someone will be able to assist you.

One more for the road..Cheers!

Bye all! I miss you guys! I miss SMK! I miss JWWM!!!! Bring on November!!!!!!!!!!woohoo-022



22 responses to “A Big Shout out to Transcribers on JWWM!!

  1. Iwsod — which ep is that tuxedo photo from? He looks incredible!


  2. Hi All, just an update on this post – due to real life stuff, Alaska Fan is not currently working on co-coordinating the Operation Sandstorm project. I’ll publish a new blog post very soon so we can figure out where we are at with this.
    [Sending well wishes your way Alaska Fan!!!]

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  3. Petra already has my transcriptions – except the Stemwinders which I’m still working on… 🙂


    • Hello KC, thanks for all the transcriptions you’ve done.. and a big thank you for transcribing Dead Men Leave No Trails – which I’ve recently been writing blog posts for.. You have been a massive support in keeping the walking going and it is really appreciated!! 🙂
      Hope you are well!

      How is stemwinder coming along? I cannot wait to get to those eps!!! It won’t be long till I start writing blog posts for that.. I’ll let you know when I’m a week or two off starting it – but no pressure.. I’ll work with whatever is available and we’ll get there! 🙂


  4. Whoo-hoo, just now got FINISHED with PHOTO FINISH transcript. Will send it off to Learjet in the next few days to clean up for Iwsod and also to send off to Operation Sandstorm. Found it very unsettling to jump so far forward ahead of the Walk, will share why when we get there. Glad it’s DONE!


    • Hello Ruth, so sorry I wasn’t around to respond when you posted this – Thank you soooooo much for transcribing Photo Finish and for sharing it with us all!!! We Salute You!!!! 🙂

      yeah I can understand the ‘unsettling’ – hope all is more comfy again now 🙂

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  5. Hi Everyone!!!!
    If you’d like to be involved with Operation Sandstorm, and want to know if any episode is needed etc.

    Can you please email AlaskaFan on the email: offthegridinak@gmail.com

    AlaskaFan will be able to co-ordinate what’s needed.. sorry I’m snowed under and have no time for this till November.

    But! I’ve had a silly smile on my face all morning from having heard from you wonderful people!!!!! 🙂

    And thanks so much for your generosity!!! Hope you are all doing well..


  6. I have the dialog done on mine and I’m finishing the scene change descriptions and other necessary action descriptions. I will send to Learjet to clean up and I would be happy to contribute it to Operation Sandstorm. I will admit, I felt like I had a breather when the Walk was paused.

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  7. No problem, send mine in. Wish I was able to do more. Cheers to everyone!

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  8. Hi iwsod – you can pass on any transcriptions I’ve done. Thanks for asking!

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  9. Hmmm, let me re-read what I transcribed but I think I have to remove the snark.

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  10. Just because of that picture of Lee in a tux, Iwsod, you can post it anywhere! 😉

    Also feeling guilty that RL has been a little hectic for me and I haven’t finished my two episodes yet. But I will do so soon and yes, I would be happy to post it on Operation Sandstorm or see that it gets uploaded there.

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    • Just because of that picture of Lee in a tux, Iwsod, you can post it anywhere!

      Muahahahaha!!! part of my cunning plan!!! 😉

      I can’t tell someone how to feel Sara, so I’ll just encourage you that: SMK is for FUN!!!! Nothing IMHO to feel guilty about. We all understand and we all have our limitations – we just do what we can.
      I try and keep SMK as a guilt free pleasure!! 🙂

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  11. Yes, I’m happy for you to pass on my transcriptions. I’ve been feeling guilty about not having time to do the episodes I promised to do on Sandstorm so would be good if someone could take a transcription and co-author the episode on Sandstorm.

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