Are We Ready?! The Walk will Recommence Next Week!!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know I’m looking at re-starting our walk through the 88 episodes of SMK next week. It’s been a loooong break – and I’m looking forward to hopefully reconnecting with you all as we continue the walk together!!

Brace yourselves1

I’ll focus on recommencing the walk and writing the blog posts, then once that’s underway I’ll aim to get back to the posts and comments I’ve missed over the last few months – that way you guys don’t have to wait for me to catch up on things and we can jump right back into things.

I’m thinking I’m going to need to re-read the part of Dead Men Leave No Trails that we’ve already walked through it’s no longer fresh in my mind! How about you? Here’s the link to the last post published before the break- post 10. Or here’s the link to Post 1 in the walk through Dead Men Leave No Trails.

A huge thank you to BJo and Learjet who have been updating the random blog post and keeping things chugging along – I’m so grateful for your help!

Bye for now and I’ll be back with post 11 of Dead Men Leave No Trails next week!  Squeeeee!!!

18 responses to “Are We Ready?! The Walk will Recommence Next Week!!

  1. Christmas is coming early! I will now reread the other DMLNT and watch the episode again to prep. Doing my happy dance right now!


  2. This news just makes makes the season bright and something to look forward to.


  3. It’s been nice getting emails from Just Walk With Me again because of all of the comments. It puts a smile on my face.

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  4. Just the other day I was wondering when we would begin to walk again. My mind has been turning to SMK often these days and I sure hope I may have more time for it now too. I am ready!!!


  5. I am ready!!!! This is great news. I look forward to the return of the walk. I hope Iwsod (and everyone else) has been keeping well. My internet browsing has been all the poorer without you.


  6. Hi Everyone! Squeeeeee!!!! I’m so happy to hear from you all and that you are ready for our walk to continue! I’ve missed you guys! 🙂

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  7. Great news Iwsod 👍🏼😄.

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  8. YAY!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!

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  9. Yay, what a treat to see this on my reader this morning!!

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  10. Yay ! Although I did love the Random Blogs, I do miss moving forward through the episodes.

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  11. Well, everyone already said what I was going to say. So nice to get a JWWM email today! Exciting news, can’t wait to jump back in.

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  12. YAY!!!! Welcome home, iwsod!

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  13. An early Christmas present!! Yay!

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  14. Great news 🙂 🙂 I have missed JWWM a lot!

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  15. Woohoo! 😀 Very excited to continue! We’ve missed ya, Iwsod! I’ll be going back through some of this too. Hope everyone is well!

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