Exploring the Episode Order of Season Three

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Here’s the place for us all to share our thoughts on the order of season 3 episodes, discuss, ask questions etc.





[Okay I know Three Little Spies isn’t where Season 3 ends in the original airing order – I’ll replace this image with the final capture of the two of them together in All the World’s a Stage once we are finished walking through that episode! ]

This discussion has been spread out over the walk also, hopefully we can gather together everyone’s thoughts here and find them in future! Smile Feel free to join in or to sit this discussion out – there’s no pressure!

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Anyone like to share the order they’ve gone with?
And if you like-why??
I’m trying to finish writing blog posts for ATWAS and then I’ll start getting my head around episode order for season 3 (ep order after the first 5 episodes)..  so you may not hear my thoughts on this for a bit yet. But I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts Smile 

As I’ve said before – on JWWM, we are free to think what we like about the episode order without someone telling us we are wrong!!  Smile we may just disagree.. That’s okay – we can still enjoy smk together!! Looking forward to hearing different ideas on this! byee for now!

13 responses to “Exploring the Episode Order of Season Three

  1. I have finally completed my Rewatch of S3..and it is safe to bid goodbye to it. Inspite of all the weird plots the writers came up with,i like S1 the best. I enjoyed Amanda’s cuteness and she was really funny at times😊. Most episodes in S2 somehow did not really work for me,except the European Episodes,maybe. S3,hmm,was the hardest to piece the order..too many things to look out for🤷‍♀️I sort of put an order…very similar to Norma’s ,i think.

    (These episodes i felt there was some level of getting to know each other phase..and also where Amanda starts getting assignments on her known)

    P.ENGINEERS(this is on odd episode)
    (Episodes when Q bureau comes in)
    I could not place THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING before ATWAS..it seemed really odd seeing them soooo close..all that “finger playing”🤷‍♀️They were just too close for comfort. Like they had passed that KISS in ATWAS could be wanting more😂😂I feel S4 should have started with THE BOY WHO COULD BE KING..Anyway..i bid farewell..this was indeed a nice avenue to get to away from whatever that’s going on now…bye.

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  2. Wow! Norma, you are the queen of the SMK gymnastics! I know I play with episode order, but I don’t know if I would ever have conceived of reordering so much. Wow! It would be fun to re watch it all in your order.
    I guess a big part of how we think of the order has to do with what we think is going on inside of Lee and Amanda. Because the show lets us have our own thoughts on that (which is one of the reasons why I love this show so much) we can each put together our own version of the story, and playing with episode order can only facilitate that.

    I guess I try to work a bit with what TPTB might have intended and I watch things like Amanda’s hair, believing that for some odd reason the producers screwed up the order in the first place. (LIke those stupid miraculous hair extensions in season two and Amanda’s shorter hair in Welcome to America in the beginning of this season). In light of the hair argument, I do think that Amanda’s hair is a bit different in Dead Men and ATWAS than it seems to be in Three Little Spies. Its straighter and shorter in the two I mentioned and still rather permed in the Spies episode.

    Well, you all know how I ordered the first five of season three, because its how we walked through it here on the blog.

    Welcome to America Mr. Brand
    Over the Limit
    Tale of the Dancing Weasel
    We’re Off to See the Wizard
    A Lovely Little Affair

    I like to put Utopia Now before Sour Grapes. Then
    Reach for the Sky
    JE Ghost
    Flight to Freedom
    Wrong Way Home
    One Bear Dances (I think I switch the order here too)
    Fast Food for Thought
    Playing for Keeps
    The Pharoah’s Engineer
    The Eyes have it
    Wrong Number
    And here is where I put Three Little Spies
    The Boy Who Could be King
    Dead Men
    And Lastly, ATWAS

    So I played a bit with the order, but not too dramatically ( I think). It makes sense to me in terms of the inner development that I like to focus on for Lee and Amanda. And if you want to follow where I take them, I wrote a whole series of stories about it which is on Fan Fiction.net called Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections. I got a bit waylaid in real life for a bit, so only half of season three is published. But I am only five stories away from finishing the season’s stories and then I will put those out there too….

    This is the beauty of the kind of story telling that SMK used and maybe why we are all still so intrigued by the show 30 something years later. It just wasn’t all told to us, we get to experience it as we each see it and at the different stages we are all in at the time we are engaging in the story. I think that is FUN!!!

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  3. Interesting thoughts by each of you. My thoughts on ATWAS will also have to wait a bit. I may be in the minority on that one, but we’ll see. I’m intrigued by the thought of moving Triumvirate later as Norma suggests. Also thinking about the script version in 3 Little Spies like Cindy points out. Either they’re just flirting as they were in Triumvirate or they’re keeping quiet about the kiss in DMLNT until they’ve had the chance to figure things out. Sort of leaning toward moving 3 Little Spies up a bit (earlier). All of this is making my head spin so I’ll have to come back to it. 😉

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  4. Okay … here is where I think all the episodes might have been originally intended (based on the feels I get from where Lee and Amanda’s relationship is) along my reasoning as to why (if I have any).

    Over the Limit
    Lovely little affair
    Flight to Freedom
    Pharaoh’s Engineer
    Tail of the Dancing Weasel
    Welcome to America Mr. Brand
    Wrong Number
    One bear dances, one bear doesn’t
    Reach for the Sky

    I put a space here because this IMO is where I saw their relationship really take a change, not just like … moments and whatever but a real, tangible change.
    We’re off to see the Wizard
    Three little Spies
    Fast food for thought
    Utopia now
    The eyes have it
    J Edgar’s Ghost
    Wrong Way Home
    The Triumvirate
    Dead men leave no Trails
    All the world’s a Stage
    The Boy who would be King

    Whew! there, please forgive me if I left any episodes out LOL, I dont think I did, but just in case.

    Yes, that’s right, I dont think that ATWAS was the “real” season 3 finale because at the end of TBWWBK makes me feel like that had already taken that step into Relationship town.

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    • OOOOOH! Very interesting about TBWWBK. Hmmmmmm. Though I do like the payoff of ATWAS for the season finale, I see your point (maybe TBWWBK should have been the opener for season 4. How’s that for a reorg?)

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    • Whooo hooo! Thanks for sharing Norma 🙂
      Very exciting to see there are a few of us around who are interested in exploring this!

      Yes, that’s right, I dont think that ATWAS was the “real” season 3 finale because at the end of TBWWBK makes me feel like that had already taken that step into Relationship town.

      I’ll hold off responding to your full list for now – till after ATWAS is done, but I’ll just share that at the end of TBWWBK I felt the vibe was season finale too!!
      Especially that line from Amanda about fairytales coming true.. such a finale summing up of the season, and looking forward to the next season kind of line IMHO of course!

      Relationship town.

      Love it! 🙂

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    • I never thought of putting TBWWBK there at the end- very interesting thought! I think I agree with you on that one. I would still put Three Little Spies after the Triumvirate though, simply for the open staring part of the tag vs. the not wanting to be caught part in the other.

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    • Vasugi Vasugi

      Really intrigued by your order. Have watched this season but now i’ve started to rewatch with your order..Awesome…i must say,i agree with you on TBWWBK being the last after ATWAS…BUT where is Sour Grapes and PLAYING FOR KEEPS?🤔


  5. Just focusing on what the script version would have given us, I would have been content to keep the airing order of Three Little Spies the way it was. I am not sure why TPTB decided to change it. Silly writers.

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    • yes you make a good point re the script Cindy.
      There are a few orders at play I guess:
      The order of what was originally intended.. (script only – heck, fun to explore!)
      The order of what was intended when it was filmed.. (scripted maybe and maybe not, changes to script could have been due to production restraints, location availability, and according to the media – Kate Jackson’s demands 😉 whahahaha.. who knows but fun to explore!!)
      the order of the way it was aired.. (major events, holidays, major ratings nights, breaks in airing -all impacted this etc. again fun to explore!!!)
      and lastly, the order of how we think it works best for us 🙂 (this order is IMHO an individual thing 🙂 )


    • Can you tell me what the original script said? Or direct me to the episode segment where it was discussed? I missed it!


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